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Still not open  on Mermaids

posted on August 6, 2011
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The same sign as last year (see below) indicating that an OBX location for Headlights will open in Mermaids old location, but no evidence of activity.

Was in the area in August  on Mermaids

posted on September 7, 2010
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According to a sign out front it is going to reopen as a Headlights (same as in Elizabeth City) . . . but no indication of when.

T  on Mermaids

posted on October 7, 2008
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What A Dump!!! Save your money, or go to hooters instead? I've been to some shitholes and this is right up there!

Thomas  on Mermaids

posted on May 30, 2007
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I'm arriving to the OBX on 6/3, is this place worthy of a visit on a friday or saturday night?

Steve  on Mermaids

posted on May 26, 2007
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this must be the worst nude clue in the world, thi place should close down and nnot be allowe to open. this place is a rancid toliet! please do north carolina a favor and close down

Cliff Whal  on Mermaids

posted on August 20, 2006
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I'm planning on a trip to Kitty Hawk in a couple of weeks. Can anyone give me an update on this club? Is it worthy of a Friday or Saturday night visit?

Trevor Snopek  on Mermaids

posted on June 17, 2006
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I visited this club on 06/08/06 and was disappointed to find three girls working this night. All the girls were of the "Whiskey Tango" variety, and only one was modestly attractive. One girl should have retired from dancing 15 years ago, another needed to drop 30 pounds, and the third was modestly attractive if you like a woman with sunken tits and stretch marks on her boobs, stomach and ass. Sorry ladies, if you've pushed out a couple of children, please don't become a stripper

NeXtMArylNMonRoE  on Mermaids

posted on March 30, 2006
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I was wondering if there are any job openings or dance contests?

ManfromVA  on Mermaids

posted on January 24, 2006
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Yes this clubis still open. However, with it being the off season it is closed until somtime in Feb. Club is pretty lame for the 10 cover however it is better than sitting at home. Lap dances can vary from girl to girl. NC law states that they cannot touch you but most of the girls know that in order to make money they have to do a little touching. If you are looking for something more take the trip to Portsmouth, Va there they have topless "grinding" lapdances at three different clubs. However, you better get your drink on first because there is no alcohol sold at these three places.

visitor  on Mermaids

posted on June 13, 2005
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What happened to the link?

mc  on Mermaids

posted on January 3, 2005
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the girls are either older and ugly or the younger ones are ok looking.all the hot ones quit to go work at the new hooters. so i'd recommend hooters over this place. usually only have 4 girls on staurdays anyways.

traveler  on Mermaids

posted on September 21, 2004
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Not Much, wasted time and money. Granted, I went on a weekday night and it was early, two dancers, just ok. Not worth a $10 cover, scary bartenter, girls are not interested in making money. Had a better time at Hooter's, definitely better looking and a lot friendlier.

Jay  on Mermaids

posted on April 7, 2004
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I agree, it's the only game around. I'll be down this weekend and plan to visit. Sometimes quality is sparse on certian nights but they have some quality dancers here as well. They gotta tell a couple fat chicks to stay home or loose some weight. Nothing against a pound or two but I've see a couple who need to loose 50!

anynomous  on Mermaids

posted on March 29, 2004
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Better than the places I have been. You get to see boobs. Wish you could see pussy. Got a lap dance there. Another stripper got jealous. A little pushy, but ok place to go.