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Adam  on Southern Comfort

posted on May 5, 2012
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Your atrcile perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!

Ripoff Joint  on Southern Comfort

posted on May 16, 2007
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$25 for one lapdance? Bitch please.

Jonathan  on Southern Comfort

posted on February 3, 2007
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Contrary to popular belief, Soco is still open and still a damn good time!!!! I was there last night, some bad ass chics, man!! If you haven't been out there you gotta go!! If you have you gotta go back, frickin, nuts man, just crazy!!! Girls I am coming back for you all!!!

Angie  on Southern Comfort

posted on January 28, 2007
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Went out to SoCo last weekend, and what a great time!! I will definitely be going back. I heard the cops were trying to close them down for having to much fun, so if you have been there, you know how hot the club is, so go out and support them!! And if you haven't been there, you need to go, it is the best time! Remember to bring your own alcohol, however!! Friendly staff, sexy girls, and ladies lots o guy customers to check out!!!!

PRECIOUS  on Southern Comfort

posted on July 14, 2006
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Hey Miguel and Gunny and all the ladies that know me I will be swinging bi on weekends coming all the way from Va so look for me cant wait to see u. O yea look out for my girl Yasmina i sent her to u lol

patron  on Southern Comfort

posted on June 16, 2006
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This is a pretty dirty club, but if thats what youre looking for than make the trip out there!

tim  on Southern Comfort

posted on April 23, 2006
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Since Cherrys doesn't have it's own page on the list I guess I'll have to post a comment about it here. I went there for the first time on friday. It is a pretty decent club. Not the biggest club I have been to, but not bad, had a good layout. All the girls were hot and very friendly. I want to say thanks to Rachael. I really enjoyed talking to you and I enjoyed the dances. If you go to this club you should get a dance from this girl, she is so hot. I can't wait to see you again Rachael. I will defiantly be hooking up with you later.

Cherry's  on Southern Comfort

posted on April 6, 2006
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Is directly across the street from this club. I dont know why its not on the list. I was there this weekend. There wasnt alot of girls but the club was nice but small. They have full bar, vip, pool tables, and the dancers were really frisky. They play alot of old school rock. The dj started talking to me while I was tipping. Ha ha.

Katiebeth  on Southern Comfort

posted on March 27, 2006
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Always been the best club in Jacksonville area with the prettiest and best dancers. Great atmosphere, great VIP dances and great drink specials. I have a blast every time I go. Love all the girls.

weekender  on Southern Comfort

posted on August 22, 2005
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I have heard about a new club in Sneeds Ferry called Cherrys. Does anyone have any info on this club and how to get there.

Kevin Wallace  on Southern Comfort

posted on April 18, 2005
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Great club, haven't been there in awhile, ran into a soco dancer turned lawyer. I thought she was a tough dancer, nothing compared to her tactics in the court room. So to some it may be a red neck joint, but obviously they have had dancers with brains. For those of you who know who I am talking about, she is more beautiful and still has a mean streak that fits her so well. Everyone should check this club out.

Curious Web Guy  on Southern Comfort

posted on April 7, 2004
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Sounds like a great club. We do the sites for some of the clubs in Martinsburg Wv area and would be glad to take a trip to NC and discuss a website with management if they would be interested. please take a look: vixensclub, the millennium and legzclub in Martinsburg WV Someone please ask SC management to check out the sites, THANX!

beenthere  on Southern Comfort

posted on March 27, 2004
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This is a great club! Pretty girls, nice staff, and oh yeah GREAT couch dances!!! Definately a must see when you go out!!!

No Offence  on Southern Comfort

posted on March 26, 2004
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No Offence, For a redneck club its pretty nice. Kinda out of the way to get there. But worth the trip.

ANNOYED!  on Southern Comfort

posted on March 6, 2004
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Thank you to whom ever had all of the childish comments removed! That needed to be done, and I hope that it doesnt happen again in the future. Those things show the immaturity of the people involved and make the rest of the club look bad.

SOCO LOVER  on Southern Comfort

posted on March 5, 2004
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I love this club!! they have the best girls that give the best lap dances!!! this club is so laid back and they let you have a good time and the girls party with you!! and on monday and tuesday, march 8th and 9th they are having free beer and free entry all night long, that's right free free free!!! so go check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dabomb  on Southern Comfort

posted on February 25, 2004
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Southern Comfort Rocks! They got pretty girls and their nice! They have the best drink specials! And when they open the other club they will kick jacksonville's ass!

Kellie  on Southern Comfort

posted on February 9, 2004
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Looking for Mandy! Does anyone know if she is still in Jacksonville area and what club she is at now?