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369 Bloomfield Avenue

Montclair, New Jersey 7042

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Harrison69  on  Diva Lounge

posted on January 30, 2016
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The worst manicure I've ever had in the city ...Dash diva is using old OPI nail polishes which are not stored properly.The nail polish they used was very liquid and the color was not as it's supposed to be ...the day after it already started to peel off !A waste of time and money !

yanard12  on  Diva Lounge

posted on January 13, 2016
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Super nice, caring and helpful staff and technicians. Facility is super clean and the services are as advertised and top-notch! They have some awesome magazines and sweet shows and movies on while you relax. Highly recommend!

P P.  on Diva Lounge

posted on December 8, 2015
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Really happy I made the trek to Greenpoint to visit Dashing Diva. I'm usually a cheap mani/ pedi type of girl, with a few events coming up including my birthday decided I was going to finally make an appointment at Primp & Polish as I have been wanting to since I moved to the neighborhood. After a rude front desk girl and so so reviews I decided if I'm going to spend the $$$ might as well go somewhere worth it, so ended up at Dashing Diva. Upon entering I was told 30 minute wait, I was in no hurry so decided to wait (they do take reservations), I was offered water or tea and taken back to let my feet soak. Just about 30 minutes to the dot my pedicure and gel mani started. I was extremely pleased with the attention to detail and "extras" I.e. Foot scrub, oil and new sealed/ sanitized utensils + awesome movies playing (who doesn't love 13 going on 30?!? ) . I was looking for a design on nail and did not realize that this place did not hand paint but offered tons of nail stickers and designs; luckily the sweet lady who did my nails free handed what I wanted (as it was simple). Overall very happy with my visit and will DEF be back when I am in need of a good mani/ pedi- thanks Dashing Diva

Jennifer F.  on Diva Lounge

posted on November 4, 2015
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Recently made this my go to place for nails! Love the ambiance and sleek look, and the owner is very attentive of his customers. Will continue to come here!

larry1  on  Diva Lounge

posted on July 10, 2015
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I've had nothing but great experiences here. A real pampering/ spa-ish experience. You indeed get what you pay for. The staff is friendly, properly trained and certified by their corporate chain, extremely clean with their tools 1x per use with each customer, they take their time with meticulous detail with a quality job and the ambiance is adorable. I love their refreshing hot green tea offering and their Girls Night Out events with cosmos on Fridays. Worth phoning or checking out to see if they are running any specials. Even though I'm prone to my mani chipping sadly, there's no comparison with ridiculously cheap and unsanitary rush jobs at most of these near by nail shops. Hard to compromise going back to that... after you've been here! :) I would go here more often if there were more specials but thank you Dashing Diva!

Alyssa W.  on Diva Lounge

posted on June 17, 2015
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I really love this location! I've been here 4-5 times and have always left feeling satisfied with my service. The nail technicians are attentive and super sweet. They do a great job with both my hands and feet and take their TIME. The part that I appreciate the most is that if something is wrong, I've never had their technicians give me attitude about redoing a nail or going back to fix something. I also love that they give you a massage while you dry your hands! This is my go-to spot!

timmykilla  on  Diva Lounge

posted on May 24, 2015
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Go to Bela. She is extremely precise. I have had my French pedicure for over two weeks now. It is still perfect. She did such a great job with my gel manicure as well.

StripClub431  on  Diva Lounge

posted on May 4, 2015
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I'm SO bummed! I just went in and discovered they raised their prices. I knew that was going to happen. Now they are just as much as Primp & Polish. I guess I need to find a new, affordable nail salon. Suggestions welcome!

Cassandra S.  on Diva Lounge

posted on April 25, 2015
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I went to this salon about 2 weeks ago for a gel mani/pedi. I opted for a gel mani + nail guard for the fingers and a regular gel pedi. The nail guard is almost like a sticker that is meant to protect the nails from any damage that might occur when taking off the gel mani. To start off, the salon is BEAUTIFUL! The staff is super friendly and are eager to help you/offer refreshments. The salon is very very clean-one of the cleanest salon I have ever been to. The couch is comfy and the pedicure stations were so great. They use yummy smelling oils and lotions to rub down your feet and hands as well. I loved it!I gave this salon 4 stars because my mani did not stay on for 2 weeks as advertised. Although the mani was gorgeous and done with A LOT of care (It took about 2hrs for the gel mani & pedi but it was done beautifully) - it started to chip the next day around the cuticle. Most people didn't notice but since I am such a stickler when it comes to my nails- i was a little annoyed. The following week I went to the beach. The second day on the beach my polish was already coming off. The polish of my finger nails came off like press on nails. I was disappointed. I was not disappointed, however, with the pedicure! Two weeks and lots of beach time later - the nail polish is still shiny and perfect! It is as great as when I first got it done. All in all, I would definitely go back and even bring my friends and mom!Next time I would opt for the regular gel mani instead of the gel mani + nail guard only because the mani didn't last as long as I had hoped. Either way I definitely think everyone should try this place to pamper yourself or pamper someone you love.

Eunice L.  on Diva Lounge

posted on March 6, 2015
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I'm a beauty editor and very stickly about where I get my glam done, especially my manipedis. I was a regular at Dashing Diva in my hometown so when I saw that they opened in Bk I was all too happy to give em a try. They obvi didn't disappoint -- 2 weeks and my gel still looks fresh, even after a) moving into a new place, and b) scrubbing and cleaning said new apartment. And not too many nail places offer cocktails on tap... A fun detail! Def found my new go-to.

fritter17  on  Diva Lounge

posted on March 6, 2015
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It was my birthday, so I decided to treat myself to a special mani/pedi. I didn't get gel, tips just my natural short nails. I have to say that it wasn't so special but it was very expensive. My bill came to $63. I chose this place because the reviews said how clean it was. I went on a Sunday and when I arrived at 10:30 am, I was told to wait about 5--10 mins. Because they had to clean up a bit. I was the only one there and they opened at 10:00 am. The nail technician assigned to me was "LINDA". She did the mani/pedi okay, however, she lacked the ability to communicate in English. When she spoke, it was barely audible and it sounded like she was mumbling (very irritating). I just didn't feel like complaining....heck, it was my birthday! She acted like she had no energy when she massaged my legs and arms. Needless to say, I was not satisfied, and will not spend my money at that salon again. Oh by the way, I enjoyed the music!

billtheguy12  on  Diva Lounge

posted on January 27, 2015
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I wanted to love this place and I did maybe the first time. But it's not worth the money. It is clean which is a major plus but the quality is not worth the money. Gel on my nails always lasts a pretty long time 3 weeks or so with out chipping or peeling off. Well I got 2 gel manicures from them..1- I got the basic gel manicure without the protective nails guard. Under a week it was chipping and it was also done unevenly. 2- again not even a good paint job... Has done with nails guard which they claim does not affect how long it will stay on ur nails, I got it and it was the worst idea. I had a wedding that weekend and within 24 hrs it was chipping like crazy and by day 3 they were peeling off. Not worth the time or money. Over priced for the quality you get.

Weedman420  on  Diva Lounge

posted on December 21, 2014
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So glad Dashing Diva opened near my house! Because I don't make appointments ahead of time, different techs provided me with manicure services and I feel like all the staff are very well trained and know what good service is all about. I tried Prim & Polish few months ago beause it looks new and modern compared to smaller nail salons in my neighborhood. I got Shellac service but it was awful - I feel like the nail tech rushed my service without making sure my nails had good coverage of color. She sort of left me on my own under UV light and moved on to her next customer. Dashing Diva will be my new "go-to" place for me!!!

igor34  on  Diva Lounge

posted on November 7, 2014
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Great service! Dashing Diva is an inexpensive, beautiful, clean salon. Friendly service. My nails look amazing. They even wash your hands at the sink for you! I feel like a princess. Love this place.

eddyL  on  Diva Lounge

posted on October 28, 2014
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Thank goodness for the new management!! I knew this place had potential after my first visit here.. which was not good. They recently changed their management team and have really turned this place and their quality of service around. Seems like the technicians here are now really well trained and the new manager made sure each of my requests met and exceeded my expectations. Verdict: recommended for mani/pedi/gel manicures/facials - technicians were careful, didn't feel rushed- abundance if colors available in all brands and types - salon was exceptionally bright and clean

Pinnie L.  on Diva Lounge

posted on September 29, 2014
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I went in yesterday night and was excited since I have a wedding Saturday. I was the only client, the place was beautiful, clean& comfortable. I asked for a basic mani pedi, as I sat there I wasn't sure if the lady working on me had needed glasses? She kind of stood very close to the nail rack, that had me worried. I sit on the cushions ready for my pedi and she started to work on my feet, all new products opened up in front of me. Cool. Then she starts cutting into my toes.....ouch. it felt like she was taking a chunk of my toes off! I screamed out and they all looked up. I asked her to be careful, yet she went back to do it some more.Fine , I go for my mani now and I feel like a rag doll. She did a sloppy job, I had to ask her to cut my cuticles , then ask her to take it easy bc she was hurting me. Polish on the sides of my nails and then it felt like after I paid $47 which she tried to upscale me some bs oil to rub on me, she basicly rushed me out. Great decor, not sure if the staff was talking about me in another language but I wouldn't waist $50 on a mani pedi.

joseph1k  on  Diva Lounge

posted on July 24, 2014
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Started going here a few weeks ago, just happened to walk down Manhattan avenue and decided to have a mani pedi. The place is clean and they do an amazing job. After coming back from a long vacation my feet were in desperate need of extra care, Erika made my feet look brand new. Despite higher prices than other salons I will only come here. It's worth paying a little extra to get top quality service.

maxxy1  on  Diva Lounge

posted on May 25, 2014
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Great experience. Came in with a group of friends and was able to get whatever my little heart desired. I went with stickers, some of the ladies had gels, they were super accommodating and treated us so nicely. Will definitely go again and I highly recommend you try this place out, too.


posted on October 30, 2008
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Dancers?  on Diva Lounge

posted on April 25, 2007
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Any in shape women in this club?

tasha  on Diva Lounge

posted on July 17, 2006
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seeker  on Diva Lounge

posted on April 2, 2005
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I am looking for the hot short blonde barmaid that used to work here. Think her name was Maura...

Rev C  on Diva Lounge

posted on October 31, 2004
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I live near Diva's, and it has not opened it's doors or turned on it's lights since July or August of 2004. I cant find out why it is closed, but I heard there was some sort of political rukus regarding the fact Divas had male strippers on occasion. There are no signs on Divas saying anything about why they are closed or when (if ever) they will reopen.

Dennis  on Diva Lounge

posted on August 19, 2004
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Is Diva's still open-There was a dancer there (Stage Name: Roxanne, Real name Victoria) She is very beautiful, Great figure, Very tall, long hair) Does anyone know where she works now?

frank  on Diva Lounge

posted on February 9, 2004
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who owns this bar now?