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2251 Route 73

Pennsauken, New Jersey 08110

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The Go Go Rama  on Club Can-Can

posted on April 14, 2009
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is the rip off club of the year. They totally sucker customers into going on so called party days when the experience is worse than any other day of the year. They promised a huge list of dancers for the XmAS party and it refreshments..nothing.


posted on April 14, 2009
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Because they have no respect for their customers and exploit them every which way but loose.


posted on April 14, 2009
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Here you go! This does the job real good. Its like he is there, but has no impact at all and is just spinning his wheels in dirt again.

Is that  on Club Can-Can

posted on December 17, 2008
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club xxxv advertising here? I heard they were closed due to being in a very dangerous area and they did not pay the workers enough or promptly. Beware before making plans for a night out.


posted on October 29, 2008
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Js/jp promotions is hosting a "dance pole contest" grand prize $500.00 cash november 19th at xxxv gentlemen's club 7090 route 35 north sayreville, nj 9:00pm sign in for all girls that want to participate - all girls from neighboring clubs welcomed to compete. call for more info 201-803-5165


posted on October 23, 2007
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New "all nude nightclub "byob" is opening up in sayreville, nj. it is going to seat about 400 people, new vip rooms, new lap dance rooms. it is going to be similiar like scores!!!!! looking to hire girls if interested call 201-803-5165 xxxvclub@aolcom grand opening 11-7-07

Friend of customer  on Club Can-Can

posted on July 10, 2006
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Hahahahahaha do you know that Club Can-Can won the "prestigious" title of #1 Worst Strip Club on the east coast according to one website I browsed a few years back? My guy friend Rich C. used to come to this place when he was 18, in high school, and couldn't get into any of the better clubs...he didn't mind it too much, because they had shower shows and stuff where he could put the sponge on their backs & asses, but hey he was 18 then! Not to mention the place was a big eye sore. No wonder it got demolished! :)

re: joiseyguy  on Club Can-Can

posted on April 9, 2006
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I was here bot once, late 80's and it was a total piece of shit and ripoff back then. I ran into this board and saw this listing to see what's up, given the bulldozing and it's funny to see all of these posts cheering the demise of this place. It tells you what kind of shit it was. There are places to have fun without getting ripped the fuck off as if you were a total fool.

an ex employee  on Club Can-Can

posted on March 22, 2006
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'Dozed to the GROUND! Good Riddance!

ahahah  on Club Can-Can

posted on August 10, 2005
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Mt. Ephraim dodge should buy it and use the parking lot thats about all its good for

kc  on Club Can-Can

posted on May 23, 2005
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this place went staright to hell in a handbasket before it even started the parking lot is like your riding in baha, pot holes deep enough to swallow up your car, place is a dump it should be leveled to the ground

joiseyguy  on Club Can-Can

posted on October 15, 2004
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was here on weds oct 13 - place was a morgue. two dancers, both kinda skanky. when are they bulldozing this place down? i miss the mid 80s when this place was halfway decent.

Chris  on Club Can-Can

posted on May 10, 2004
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Is this place still open?? Afternoons?? Last few times i drove bye there wasnt even 1 car there. To get into a booth with a girl do you first need to buy a LD? How much should it cost to get into a booth?? Is it possible to get any extras?????????

vato  on Club Can-Can

posted on May 8, 2004
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maraschino, PH is a fine place, no doubt, and I'm a frequent visitor. However, in spite of the other comments, Club CC is a rather spacious uncrowded bar on a Saturday night.

dancer  on Club Can-Can

posted on May 7, 2004
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I used to work here. It was fun when I was here. I remember being in my booth watching guys j**k off, why I played with myself. There was three places we had to work at.Do thay still do that?I havent been in, by the sounds of the postings it sound like it done. All you guys should go to the playhouse. Maraschino

Col. Couch Dance  on Club Can-Can

posted on April 9, 2004
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This club as well as the Fantasy Show Bar in Mt. Ephraim are owned by the same people. Both clubs are AWFUL. They feature "Texas Style" lap dances. Texas Style means that you sit on a cushioned chair and the girl stands and dances with her feet on either side of your legs. Absolutely no touching above the knees, and it's a giant waste of money. For people in the area, this or the 710 are the first clubs you probably experience when you turn 18, RUN across the bridge. Show N Tel is the next club to experience. Just fend off the girls who promise to get you off in the back, and get a lap dance or 2. Now compare the styles, and you tell me which one is a better deal. After you're 21, Philly has more clubs that put SNT to shame.

Jaded  on Club Can-Can

posted on March 9, 2004
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I was in a couple of weeks ago it was the first time I was there. I meet this one dancer her name was Sunshine she was so nice and so sexy. I got a couch dance with her and she rocked my world. When I went in the club to see her this weekend but i noticed that she wasn't there. If anyone knows what club she went to please let me know.

Good Riddance  on Club Can-Can

posted on February 22, 2004
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It was amazing this place remained open as long as it did. This place will not be missed.

scumbag  on Club Can-Can

posted on January 29, 2004
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an end of an era. remember when it was a peep show. that place had such potential.good location. everything. an they blew it. just like fantasy showbar. same shame.

Bored Driver  on Club Can-Can

posted on January 28, 2004
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Me And My Buddies Drove To Can-Can on a Boring friday night just lookin for some cheap entertainment, but you'll all be happy to know when we arrived it was sealed up tighter the a dolphins but. It lookes like this palce went down the the can-can.