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506 1st St NW

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

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BRUIN  on Ice House

posted on November 8, 2009
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I agree i worked during its heyday bob wasstarting to cheat dancers and guards he should have kept things the way they were from 1994-1999 .he would have still been open

instant rockstar  on Ice House

posted on August 4, 2006
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the city finally painted over the mural on the building and removed the neon sign (despite the place being closed for some time). Part of a movie was shot inside prior to them remving all the strip club decor, the owner was running an escort agency out the building for a while....the building was the original ice house in ABQ long long ago, lots of history....too bad its gone....i've been to strip clubs all over the country and a couple outside of the country....the VIP dances here were better than any other!

dom  on Ice House

posted on May 26, 2006
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This place is closed

dan from chicago  on Ice House

posted on February 26, 2006
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can anyone tell me if tabetha works here. she is from wi via new mexico. last time in i had a great time with her.

the manager  on Ice House

posted on April 26, 2005
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i don't know who is managing this place but when i danced there the guys name was bob is if he is still there he needs to grow up and quit dating the dancers youn fucking pig !

downstairs  on Ice House

posted on April 20, 2005
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does anyoneknow wha is downstair there is a full service bar downstairs for all the employess and a car garage. I worked at the ice house a couple years ago and the managers have a hoar huse going othat is al that it is. so if you want nasty girls who have been with the owner, stds, and bad time go to the ice house

midwest dancer  on Ice House

posted on March 23, 2005
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i've been dancing full time for three years. I'm looking to move into the area. I know that dancers don't like talking about how much they make, and I know it varies. All I need to know is if I can afford to live in the nicer apartments down there. Your nicer places rune about $400 /mo cheaper than up here. Should I expect over or under 5, 000 a month in income? I don't need details.

bobroberts  on Ice House

posted on March 13, 2005
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Went last week. I got a nude friction dance that got me off. Not bad for $40.

bob  on Ice House

posted on January 9, 2005
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this place is a total rip off. there was no one inside. the dancers were not good at all.

Out of towner  on Ice House

posted on August 31, 2004
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Nice place if they hired a few nice looking chicks ..and realized that $ 40 for a VIP private is TOO MUCH These guys need to WAKE UP and ..make the cover $ 10 ..the drinks about $ 3 or $ 4 and the VIP nude dances $ 20 and there will be more than just a few guys there $ 40 it is a RIP OFF ..just go to TDs and get 4 top less dances for the $ 40 , guys !!!

Joey  on Ice House

posted on April 13, 2004
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The girls were down right ugly. I mean scary and ugly. No one was there, the girls are hounding you for lap dances because customers were few and far between. There was one little latina chick who gave some great lapdances. They hook you up with a good deal since they are less popular than fantasy world. So if you go, find one hottie, and focus on her. Despite the horrors of the night, I did get the best lapdance of my life.