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CrimeStoppers  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 24, 2019
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Lexy H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 28, 2016
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Wow, this show was fantastic! I had a blast. The guys were gorgeous and talented. Something for every taste! Saw a lot more *personality* than I was expecting but it was tasteful, sexy, and fun! They come out in the crowd a lot, dance on your tables, pull girls onstage, everything. The music is good - but loud! The host Marcus is hilarious. Even the staff are super nice and courteous. I talked to several who were very nice and helpful. Answers to questions I had: they do not accept tips. They DO touch you, and you CAN touch them too! Woot-woot! It's a smaller room that gets pretty warm, so dress lightly. Absolutely worth it!

Lexy H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 23, 2016
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Wow, this show was fantastic! I had a blast. The guys were gorgeous and talented. Something for every taste! Saw a lot more *personality* than I was expecting but it was tasteful, sexy, and fun! They come out in the crowd a lot, dance on your tables, pull girls onstage, everything. The music is good - but loud! The host Marcus is hilarious. Even the staff are super nice and courteous. I talked to several who were very nice and helpful. Answers to questions I had: they do not accept tips. They DO touch you, and you CAN touch them too! Woot-woot! It's a smaller room that gets pretty warm, so dress lightly. Absolutely worth it!

Kathleen G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 21, 2016
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Great show!!! It was so much fun, entertaining, exciting and good time. Meet and greet after guys are nice you can get pictures and autographs!! Best show to see with your friends. It's an INCREDIBLE SHOW!!! Full of energy!

Lisa P.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 4, 2016
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My gfs and I had a blast for my bachelorette party. I was surprised by the talent; they are all excellent performers! We didn't have seats all that close to the stage, but the performers really do mingle into the crowd so nobody misses out. The acts were all entertaining, and there wasn't one guy who wasn't really really REALLY attractive (I mean, ladies....they were all godlike). Aidan was my personal favorite so I was ecstatic that we were able to pose with him and the rest of the guys for a photo at the end. It's worth the money!!

navid  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 13, 2016
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A great show! Above my expectations! Will definitely go again when I'm in Vegas next time. The guy with the white suits was the cutest! They are all good looking and big smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

danielson  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 6, 2016
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The dancing was amazing the men were incredible and the music was good. However the drinks were over priced, slow, servers: nonexistent and the ones you could find were rude. The bathroom for women, WOMEN at a male strip club so almost everyone, the TP was out, the paper towels were out. Not the wonderful experience I was expecting. Should be able to focus on the male dancers instead all that stands out is the crappy experience

Katie E.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 3, 2016
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Now...what can I say about this show? lol Not enough because you canNOT fully understand the excitement and energy and fun this show has to offer UNLESS YOU GO! Me and my friend got complimentary tickets from playing the MyVegas slot games on Facebook and our phones. So we just played till we had enough, redeemed the points, and booked our tickets online. No processing fees, no tax, NOTHING! So we got to see all the glorious, beautiful Aussie men for free! From beginning to end, it was such fun! The men were so incredibly good (God like) looking that it somehow has to be illegal. And what was even better, all of them were such gentlemen too. They were all smiles and were so polite. Edward was definitely my favorite. Probably had to do with him coming up to me at our table and he had me run my hands down his Adonis quality torso slicked with baby oil xD But he was incredibly nice and so so handsome, my heart stopped a few times this night xD Pictures after are $20 a person, but totally worth it! And if you stay after at the bar just outside after the last show of the evening, the boys will come out and mingle and sign autographs and take individual pictures with you! And nothing makes your night complete by being called "Baby" by multiple gorgeous Australian men in a Las Vegas bar. Pitter patter my little heart! lol Can't wait to go back!!

Hope D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 15, 2016
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Best male strip show in Vegas! All the guys were excellent dancers, super attractive, and surprisingly very nice!(we got to meet them prior to the show!) I've seen all the male strip shows in Vegas, and this one by far has the best energy and choice of songs!

timmykilla  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 27, 2016
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We had so much fun! Great for a ladies night out. Try to get seats as close to the stage as possible. People in back did not get as good of a show as us. Marcus is an awesome host.

Jeanie A.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 7, 2016
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Worth every penny! The guys are so nice and are actually attractive (no butterfaces there!). Went for a bachelorette party and our bride-to-be was chosen to go on stage. It was a good time to let loose with the girls and scream our voices away.From entering, I noticed the tables were bolted to the ground. I knew that meant something important - come to find out they run all over the place on top of the table! So make sure to hold on to your drinks, ladies! Lol. The beginning video to intro the guys in needs to be updated -- it was like VHS footage of the first Thunder guys ever. But I'm sure that's supposed to add to the whole appeal that this isn't their first rodeo.It's easy to pick a favorite...and since there are so many of them - there's one for each girl in your party! I must say, my group really loved screaming Alexander's (broad backed, long haired Tarzan fella) name and he even responded to our catcalls! My group was pretty wild and I actually felt bad for the women behind us because they were such prudes! I mean c'mon, who goes to a strip show and expect it to be a Downton Abbey tea party? Let's be real - we went for hot, hunky, naked men. My personal faves were Ryan [Paki] and if I remember correctly, Edward [Brandli] was there as well (but wasn't in our photo, unfortunately). Trust me, I only remember their names because we screamed them out so much!There was a segment when we were allowed to take our phones out during the Uptown Funk song. That song is forever ingrained into our memories as the Thunder song! On Instagram though, you'll find that some women snuck in some recording time during unpermitted segments! We were wild, yes, but we followed the rules.The photo at the end cost $20 for each person. The whole point of a show like this is that it's an experience so I say the photo is completely worth it. The guys are awesome, they performed their pandesal abs out and all actually have accents! If you're Filipino, you'll understand pandesal abs LMAO. We yelled Alexander's name one last time and he rushed on stage so he could be in photo. I got my prom pose down with Ryan and the rest of the girls got to be with their faves bwahaha.Overall, worth the money. We've read reviews that some other shows are have awesome performances but lack in the face area. Also some other shows are just too large of a crowd. We sat in the front side (table 7) and it was a great view! And the guys run around like crazy so there's no real bad seat in the room. These guys have a balance of beauty and grace...well let's just say if you're looking for the Magic Mikes, you'll definitely get the Channing Tatums, Matt Bomers, and Joe Manganiellos in this Kevin Nashes #sorrynotsorry :)

M T.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 21, 2016
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First, allow me to disclose that this was my first male revue. I saw this show on two separate occasions. The show is very similar to watching some of the dance scenes from Magic Mike. However, you cannot help but feel somewhat out of place if you do not belong to a bachelorette party. This is not to say that, as a gay male, I didn't have a good time. However, the routines are predictable and make use of the cliche stereotypes that you come to expect from a male strip show. You know what you're going to get. There are few surprises. You know that there is going to be a firefighting sequence, a construction worker, etc. All of this is well and good, and if you are just looking to see some bare skin, you will not be disappointed. However, after the first 45 minutes, you begin to wonder "How many more of these routines am I going to sit through?" Perhaps this is due to the fact that while the dancers may change themes, the dances themselves seem to all be very similar. If you are part of a bachelorette party and sitting in the priority area, you will most likely have a better time. However, if you are not, your interaction will probably be limited to the after show photo op if you're willing to pay the extra $20, which I will confess that I did. Thunder from Down Under is a fun show for those who enjoy the stereotypical male revue show but will not be as embraced by those who are not just wanting to see some bare Australian butts. For what it's worth, I enjoyed going and seeing the bare Australian butts. ;)

Debbie H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 5, 2016
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The male performers were beyond excellent. Sadly, the staff was NOT. The female employees were downright rude, obnoxious, and unprofessional!! Their discourteous, disrespectful behavior was bewilderingly shocking, especially considering the fact that we were a party of 16 women who had each paid $75++ to be there. I would recommend firing the female staff or taking your bridal parties elsewhere. It was a shockingly rude, hostile, disappointing experience, and frankly, an utter waste of money given the despicable manner in which we were treated by female staff. The male performers, in contrast, were beyond fabulous and I would give them 10 stars were it not for the abhorrent manner in which we were treated by the female staff.

Charlotte K.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on April 20, 2016
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Crikey!It was absolutely exhilarating to see so many women of all different ages, ethnicities, and walks of life being there to celebrate sexuality -- both the hunky, muscular Aussies' and their own. Besides being absolutely GORGEOUS, the men were incredibly respectful and treated EVERY lady like a queen. Unfortunately, I had a seat all the way in the corner, so I was mostly hidden, but they did a phenomenal job of working the room and providing as many opportunities for interaction as possible.If you want a picture with them, get your butt up there as quickly as you can at the end of the show, because EVERY woman in the audience is going to want one.

Lia C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on April 10, 2016
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Great show but I give it an A rather than an A+. The "African" part was a disgrace and misrepresentation of subsaharan African men and was a turn off early in the show, but the rest made up for it. Last I checked, Subsaharan Africans were still black and up-to-date with their fashion. I believe Greek Gods or Ancient Roman Men better describe this part. Everything else was great.

Rhiana S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 24, 2016
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11/14/15 is the date I saw this show last. I have also been to Thunder Down Under in Las Vegas back in 2010. IT IS THE BEST! Me and one of my best friends absolutely love it and we go whenever possible. The music is great (the 2 songs that stick out in my head from the show is Justin Timberlake's Cry Me a River and Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk. There were other recognizable songs and a few songs I didn't know. The choreography is really good. Overall, the show is better than the Chippendales.The guys have amazing bodies of course, some more attractive in the face that others. Just go! You will not be disappointed!

justinlk  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 15, 2016
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Very disappointed. I saw more of the MC than the guys. They maybe spent 20 mins total on stage. They did more cheerleading than dancing. Didn't engage the crowd in the upper area unless u were the bride to be. Be careful on buying tix. We paid for the lower level and were sat in the second level. Totally bummed!

Alexis H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 15, 2016
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this was one of the better nights of my life. I didn't think that I would enjoy this show as much as I did. I was entertained the entire time and the guys were sexy AF. It wasn't overly vulgar but definitely kept your attention. Pricing was reasonable for a some great entertainment. Highly recommend

yanard12  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on February 5, 2016
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Yuck, just yuck! My boyfriend and I came down to Vegas for a weekend getaway. There were 3 of us girls and 3 guys. The boys wanted to hit a few stripclubs without us so we went to A thunder show. Way, way tom much raunch, it was kind of gross. I have no desire to touch or be touched by strippers and there was way too much contact, I know some women are desperate for that kind of attention from men but not all of us. Didn't want to go anyways but will not be back.

dopeboy19  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 10, 2016
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I'll preface this review by saying that I adore Australian men which is why I've seen Thunder From Down Under twice in one year. The first time was when they were on tour and came to my home city and the second time was in Vegas just earlier this month for my birthday. The tour version is just ok and a 'sanitized' version of the Vegas show. The Vegas show is definitely better value for your money as the show is longer (at least I thought so) and with more elaborate acts and routines. I give kudos for the the performers working the room and trying to give every one attention and for making it fun and entertaining. A big thank you to Matthew for making my birthday eventful my bringing me up on stage for his fireman routine. I've read other reviews which say that the blokes aren't that friendly after the show, post photo time. I didn't have the chance to chat with them in the lounge (unfortunately) so I can't comment. But yes, I did a sense that some of them seem a bit 'jaded' and that's probably only natural when you do this night after night. I'd love to see them again in Vegas again with the chance to meet and talk to the blokes after the show (post photo op) but the vibe I got makes me think twice. Plus I've read reviews elsewhere about the arrogance of some of the performers which is sad because the one thing I admire about Aussie men is the lack of arrogance. However, a few of the blokes on stage during the photo op were friendly and engaging. Apparently there's a new Australian male revue on the Strip called Aussie Hunks and those blokes are very friendly with everyone. They know how to treat the audience and hopefully they won't become jaded or arrogant. Thunder men: take note and don't rest on your laurels. If you want to stay on top of your game, don't take your audience for granted and be friendly with all of them. And yes, thank you for an excellent show too!

curtis17  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on November 30, 2015
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Great for bachlorette ! All the guys are too hot but Matthew is too cute,all my girls had a crush on you Matthew haha

Jannie L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 15, 2015
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I just have to say, I really didn't know what to expect. Went to this show for my sisters bachelorette party last month. We were able to snag the last 6 tickets for all of us gals, so yes the seat was in the very back near the entrance. It really wasn't bad because the room was not so big. No offense but the choreography could have been a little better lol. Needless to say yes! All the men are just HOT with great bodies. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and had a huge smile plastered on my face the entire time. I was a little disappointed that we didn't get much involvement with the dancers because of where we were seated. Everyone else seemed to get more involvement. I loved how they brought random girls on stage, that was really fun. I would not mind coming back to see more shows! It was a great night.

Cella W.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 21, 2015
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FUN FUN FUN!! Went with a bachelorette party and enjoy every second of the show!! The guys not only were hot, but they were funny and had great personality! The bachelorette had a great time and it seemed like all bachelorettes got their turn of attention! Overall a great, funny show!

Rob G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 8, 2015
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I won't deny that these men had nice bodies. But I don't think the show is worth the price. Strip shows with the ladies shows more skin.

Ashley B.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 28, 2015
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Best show for a bachelorette party hands down. I've been to chippendales but thunder is wayyyyyy better

Niccole F.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 10, 2015
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5 stars, no question. We came for a bachelorette party. We were at the very center table in the second row of tables and it was incredible. Our table (full of noisy, excited girls) got the most attention by far, so I highly suggest aiming for that table. This show was worth every penny and now I want to make the trip to Vegas just to see this show.

Desire D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 7, 2015
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Sound: sound was great but they could add speakers in the back to get a more surround sound. The host mic seem to mumble his voice so not all of what the host said was not clear. However the things that were understood were very funny. Hostess: Our party were separated and we asked the person who seats people if we can sit together. She worked very hard to get us to sit together. I'm the end we had center seating and we were able to sit together. Host/announcer: The gentlemen was funny, lively and by the end of the show we did see how good his body was. Music: Great music. From hip hop, rock and classics the music was worked in well for the routines. Maybe the company can add a little Latin flavor. Dancers: Physique: All of the gentle men except 1 had awesome bodies. Attitude: Very fun and out going. I was glad to see that the girls they brought up on stage we're not always those skinny white/Asian girls(no offense). Dancing: half had very good rhythm and can really dance and had smooth moves. The others can dance and perform the routine but it wasn't as smooth. Routine: The dance routine went very well with the music. Atmosphere: The lighting seemed to be too much sometimes because we could not see the dancers faces. If the person is sitting in the back they will not see the dancers to well because the stage is too low. They may need more Dancers or keep track of which Tables were visited. It would be nice if each table had a little personal attention.Photos: The person who is photographing should tell the girls how to pose when taking a picture with the gentlemen.

Kate E.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 24, 2015
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Went this past Saturday for my best friends bachelorette, it was amazing! I purchased tickets months in advance, for the seven girls and we sat at table 4, front row. My bride got on stage! I recomend having the bride wear a tiara, boa, sash and anything else that will stand her apart to get her up there! I also highly recomend the jello shots, delicious! The show was full of energy and the dancers were great! If you are having a bachelorette or just a girls night in Vegas, this is a must go!

Sheyla D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 22, 2015
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I love love love this show!! I've seen this show twice, the first time was for my bachelorette party about 8 months ago and the 2nd time was just last night. On the day of my bachelorette party I wore my bride to be flare and it definitely got the attention of the dancers. This is not the kind of strip club where you tip the guys for a lap dance, so don't bring your dollar bills. It's a tasteful Australian strip show where they do amazing choreography and who is MC'd by the funniest host Marcus Deegan. There is no frontal down south nudity but lots good looking buff Australian men in g-strings and butt cheek action through out the show! The dancers go around picking random girls from the audience, brides to be, or bday girls after each performance and give the girls some one-on-one attention and it varies from a hug, small dance, a kiss on the cheek or a quick dance on your table. Nothing too crazy to make you feel uncomfortable. One thing that did change from the last time I came to the show was that video or photos were not allowed but NOW they actually give you about 5 min towards the middle of the show to take pictures or video while do they a group strip dance on stage and also on the floor by the audience but they do encourage that you hashtag #thunderfromdownunder on your social media. And after they do their group dance they also go around and interact with the crowd. I highly recommend this show, it will not disappoint!!

Leann M.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 18, 2015
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Yeah they're hot they can dance but afterwards for the pictures the guys were total dicks.

Tat T.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 1, 2015
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Such an awesome show, and pretty full of HOT guys. Can't beat it. Can be a little pricey if you wanna sit where the action is, but hey it is Vegas right? The host is engaging and entertaining. Will definitely go back to see this show.

Rheanne C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on May 8, 2015
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Jetzen, is the absolute BEST when purchasing tickets for the show. I had brought my mother in law, her sister, and her mother during their visit to Vegas about three weeks ago. My grandmother in law was brought on stage and wow, what a memory for all of us ladies. The show was just AMAZING! The guys are such sweethearts! Love, love, love! Thanks Thunder!!!

Christine L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on April 23, 2015
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Sure did see this show. Our merry group came to Vegas with the intention of going to a Chippendale's show, but quickly changed our minds when we saw the poster for these men. Hello. We bought our seats through a Tix4tonight booth, trust me go there! We went to Excaliber early to choose our seats and when we showed up that night somehow we got upgraded. As in... 2nd and 3 rows. I don't even know how that happened, but I'm not complaining.This show was so much fun and I felt like the guys were all a little different to cover your tastes. Humor and sexy bodies, what more could you want!!

Reminton J.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 27, 2015
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So fun! Very interactive and super cute guys! 18+ so you can bring the youngsters! Entertaining and overall a great time!

Sheryl S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 14, 2015
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Wow!!!! What a night my hubby and I had at the Excalibur Hotel and three cheers for my hubby to be such a good sport and go with me!! We were recently married and the girlfriends and I were supposed to hit Vegas but stuff came up so stayed local... Than get the offer to join hubby on business trip out here to vegas and my answer was hell ya!! Now we've been to strip clubs here in the states as well as Canada clubs but never to a male strip club let alone to see HOT Australian male strippers! What a night!!

Kerri L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 8, 2015
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Actually this show is really good. Super entertaining.I would recommend it to any of my friends.Whether you are drinking or not...this show is entertaining for any age above 18!Speaking of of the dancers actually drank half of my drink during his performance! hahah!They don't just stay on be prepared for them to be right up close and personal with you if you are sitting on an isle! or at the middle tables! (Good thing those tables are built really sturdy ;) ;) just saying!!!)I would totally go again!- Kerri -

Elysia R.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 5, 2015
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My second party vacation in Vegas. Last year was about clubbing, new friends, & too much eating haha. This year is family & more chill. My best friend works for MGM so she got complimentary tickets, thank you wifey :) I was not expecting anything interesting as I have never been to male stripper show so I did not know what to expect. Honestly, I was not as excited as if you were to tell me lets go to a female strip club or go clubbing instead. I was 3 Sailor Jerry shots in before I left the house, walked in and waited to be bored. But 5 minutes into the show, I never wanted to shut up, move, or leave HAHA. My eyes were glued to the stage, searching in the dark, and screaming. Mind you, I had a stuffy nose from the cold weather & sore throat from coughing so much. Coming here, it's something the doctor should prescribe because it cleared my throat and my sinus in that moment. The show was awesome! Okay, I must admit, they are not the best dancer in the world but come on, do you really care about which way their hips are moving if every 5 minutes they are in their man-thong and shaking their ass better than you? NOPE! Jesus Christ! Lol.Think of Magic Mike! Seriously thats what it is! Like I said, minus the best dancer haha. But The Host Marcus, zaaaaaaaaammmmnnnnn boy can he dance tho! He ruined a poor 21 year old granddaughter's eyes that night by grinding up on her grandma. Poor girl hahaha. If my grandma had been in her place, I would have died...... of jealousy hahahahahahha. Ambience: +1 starSmall, dark, and more intimate. Stage is small so everyone feels like you're "front row"Performance: +2 starOkay not the best dancer like I said BUT they do interact with everyone. Jumping on tables and always smiling. Lots of ass shaking, raunchy, and ALIVE! Price: +1 Star$60/per person which is worth it. We did get complimentary tickets, so it's better ha-haOverall: +1/-1 starThe show was too short waaaahhhh!Tip;-75 minute show of pure heaven on hell LOL-No camera use during show-$20/per person CASH ONLY for a group picture with the guys-Wear your bachelorette & 21st bday outfit to get picked or just start jumping up & down haha-Located in the Excalibur, up the escalator to the left -Wait outside after the show to meet and greet the guys for autograph and personal Selfies

Amanda A.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 8, 2015
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As good as everyone says. I would take my Gramma without blinking. The men were very respectful as well as hot. Worth every penny.

Lara D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 2, 2015
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No pictures no videos :( Chippendales let us take pics and videos near the end of the show. But you can still take pics with the guys on stage for $$.Show was great. Too short. A lot more raunchy than Chip. Audience participation was great hilarious. Beautiful blonde back right. Wish he came off the stage too. Check in for free poster !!! Show is in Excalibur.

Lisa D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on December 16, 2014
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Make sure you sit on an end seat or you'll be ignored. The guys are gorgeous and the show is fun, but if you want contact be on the and. They don't pay attention to you if you're not.

Ashley D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on December 15, 2014
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This review was for the showing on December 5 in Honolulu, and all I could think of was: Estrogen, estrogen EVERYWHERE, but in a good way ;) The guys of course, were definitely in shape and knew how to work it on stage. I definitely had my favorite one out of the bunch! I definitely wanted to get memorabilia before I left, but I couldn't -____- I definitely would have loved a free calendar with all the guys autographs for a belated birthday gift. Lol. Can't wait to go back to Vegas for round 2, especially to see my favorite ;)PROS:- The men of course! ;) - The MC, Dylan was especially hilarious! That definitely contributed to the show.CONS:- Drunk women.

Melanie M.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on November 17, 2014
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I went with girlfriends for a bachelorette party. I felt totally ripped off. Definitely don't spring for the VIP-it's expensive and you miss half of the show because you're too close to the stage when they run around. Drink service is terrible. Given the opportunity to go again, I'd skip this show and go straight to one of the actual strip clubs. Cheaper and way better dancing.

Hae A.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 7, 2014
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Have you watched Magic Mike? Well this is exactly like that, in the sense that there is not enough stripping and way too much dancing. There has to be much more shaking the booty in a thong. There was one guy who shook his booty a lot but he was kinda older... aka not really eye candy.I guess if you want to go to a male dance show, this will fit your needs, but if you're looking for something a little more raunchy, skip this show.If a guy paid $50ish to see females doing what these guys did, the guys would riot.

Weedman420  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 12, 2014
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WHY HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOO THERE !!!!!!!!!! This is a VEGAS MUST if you're here for a bachelorette! I haven't been to Chippendales, as this was my first time seeing a male revue show however it won't be my last! YES you will enjoy this experience, and you will NOT be let down!!! Make sure you bring some rowdy, loud girls, so that you can get the attention of Marcus, or the guys to get your bachelorette pulled up on stage! They normally pulled up the girls from the largest, loudest groups, at least for our night! THIS ENDED ALL TOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNN. P.S. the guys are not as hot as you think they would be, I think some of the originals or better looking more popular ones go on tour! BUT don't let that get you down my friend, because there is plenty to see at the thunder from down under wink! I smile still thinking about this experience, it was truly a hoot, I'm just glad I didn't faint from excitement!CHIPPENDALES I"M COMING FOR YOU NEXT!

Alice C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 5, 2014
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Three short words... Ew... Oh.. Yawn... My friend the birthday girl liked it and got some personal attention. Five stars for her.

Jason D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 18, 2014
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I've seen the show twice now with different friends and it's an enjoyable show. The host makes a point to welcome gentlemen,I thought that was nice. The dancers don't spend much time in the audience , it's not a strip club and it shows.I enjoy the dancing and music the only thing that prevents me from giving five stars is the dancers spend far too much time wearing costumes with the occasional flash of their chest (and less occasionally they flash more)There is a bar outside the show room with male go go dancers that wear sexy underwear, its great but it's not really what you are going to see in the show room.The guys themselves are all pretty great.

D R.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 11, 2014
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You have to laugh at the patheticness of this show. The super creepy guy who leads the show to the dancers...Bleh!! And then the crowd goes crazy every time one of them takes their shirts off. Really? We set such low standards. Don't do it!!

Rose G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 3, 2014
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The show was amazing and the guys we're super hot! I wasn't worried about the dance routines or their moves whatsoever. It was fun, light hearted and all around a great time. The guys smiled so much and seemed to really enjoy what they do so that was nice too!

Allyson A.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 14, 2014
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We were here for a bachelorette party and it was perfect entertainment for the occasion. She had a blast and they were very entertaining. The venue is run down and it took awhile to get drinks ordered. They didn't offer opening a tab so I guess that's not an option. Fun time, great for a group of girls.

igor34  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 11, 2014
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On our last night in Vegas we decided to see Thunder from Down Under. It was in our hotel, so it was very convenient to pre-game (had to have a few drinks in you to really let loose and enjoy the show) and get there for show time. If you plan to get drinks inside make sure you set aside enough time, as the bar line is long and, at least at our table, we didn't have a server. The show itself was fun, a bit silly, but just let yourself laugh and enjoy yourself (like I said, a few drinks help) and it's a good time. My only complaints were that the ONE male in the audience was seated right in front of us (really?!) and him and his wife (older couple) didn't seem to know what they got themselves into and left halfway through. Thank goodness, since his wife's hair was so big I couldn't see past it. If you're looking to get pulled on stage wear something to stand out. Most people pulled were birthday or bachelorette girls, but my friend got pulled on stage since her highlighter orange dress was bright enough to be seen from stage. If you want to know more details about what could happen on stage, read some other reviews. If you don't want to know the details, be careful when skimming the reviews! (I was glad to hear the details ahead of time)I'd go back if I was in Vegas, staying there/near there, and friends wanted to go. Not in a rush to return but wouldn't say no to going again. And don't forget to check in so you get a free poster :)

Michelle U.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 7, 2014
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It doesn't matter if you're male or female, straight or gay, these guys and their crew know how to turn your trip to Vegas into a FANTASTIC time! The tour group as well!!! Having been to more then 40 shows now.... yeeeaaah they're THAT good

Tayler S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 26, 2014
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SO SO SO FUN! Best night we had in Vegas started with this show. It's a must see for the ladies. Single or not!! Don't buy full price tickets. We got our tickets for almost half the price in front of Planet Hollywood.

Wild Rice H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 21, 2014
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This was a girls night out. We enjoyed it immensely. How could we complain when we got to oggle 8 hot Aussies up close for almost 90 minutes. I screamed and hollered the entire time that my throat hurt the next day. But it's all soooo worth it. Our VIP tickets got us the first row to the left of the stage where the guys ran up and down. Their show was fun and entertaining. The MC was funny. He's also in great shape so that's a plus. I bet he was an ex dancer. This is not like strip clubs where you wave dollar bills around Although I wouldn't mind stuffing 1 dollar bills in their thong. It's too bad that I only got to grab their asses. At the end of the show, the women lined up to get their pictures taken with the dancers. They charged $20/person. If you and your friend take a picture with them together, that's $40. I'd rather take one by myself w/ the guys. No Sharing for me!

Stephanie L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on November 7, 2013
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Our bachelorette party then crossed the Boulevard to...Thunder from Down Under. Where we sat in the VIP section, tables slightly angled...and watched the men thunder with their down unders, and drank our 7 & 7s. It was exactly what I expected it to be: dancing men with hoops and whips...wait, no that's a circus... well, not too much different. Nice bodies, not-bad faces, and great, great humor. The songs were pop and predictable - but anyone who goes here expecting a surprise and something different than what the program sells, then, my friend you'll be disappointed. I loved it - I thought it was fun, silly, and a great freaking time. The guys reacted to the genuineness of the smiles and good times, making them give you that in return. They know what they're doing - and that's exactly why you should go - they're giving you a good time.

Franklyn  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 13, 2013
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Some coworkers and I went out to celebrate a girlfriend's birthday at Thunder From Down Under. There was a 2-for-1 local deal so the ticket prices were pretty good.As for the show itself, it was definitely hokey but still mostly entertaining. We were seated at Table 13, center, and had an overall good view of all of the action. What bothered me was that none of the guys visited our table the entire show. Every other table got action but not ours. I don't know if it was because another group of girls at the front of the table had their purses and a bucket of beer on top or what but we had no love from the guys. Even when the guys were running around the floor mingling with the audience, high fiving them and hugging them, they still did not come near our table. Even another pair of girls sitting at our table were looking around like WTF.My biggest issue was after the show. So the birthday girl and another friend of mine stood in line to take a photo with the cast. There was one guy that they really thought was cute and they wanted to pose with him and get his signature afterward. They paid $20 a piece for the photo and then we waited for the cast to come out to sign photos.The guy that they were waiting for was one of the last guys to come out. My friends got their signature from the guy and while I was waiting around I noticed some girls were taking cell phone pictures with some of the cast members. When the birthday girl came back, she noticed the ladies using their phones for pictures and wanted one with her favorite guy. She was too shy to ask so I approached him, when he turned to me, to ask on her behalf.His answer was that "He can't do that because of the casino's policy and to check with his cast mate about it." I was surprised by his answer but gave him the benefit of the doubt and explained to the birthday girl. I hadn't even finished explaining to her when we all noticed he was letting this other group of girls take a picture with him on their cell phones! SERIOUSLY? WTF??!! It was pretty low on his part and left a bad impression in my mind. It's not like my friend didn't already dump $20 on a photo and the fact that he turned around and did what he said he "wasn't allowed to do" right in front of us. Not cool at all. And for that, I had to take a couple stars away on this review.So to sum up our adventure, we saw some d*ck but not the kind we were originally expecting.

Ami P.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 27, 2013
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I hear thunder...from down UNDER! Sadly, I had never heard of this exotic show until my friends told me about it. I have been to a Chippendales show in Vegas before, so I assumed this one would be very similar. I was wrong though, this show had more playful acts involving more dancing! The song selection was dead on! However, some of these Aussie boys weren't so attractive. They had great, chiseled bodies, but only a few had cute faces. If I am paying a good amount of money, it has to be worth it. On the other hand, I was expecting to walk into a big theater upon arriving, but this place was very small. When I saw Chippendales at the Rio in Vegas, they had a balcony. If I do ever watch this show again, I will pay the general ticket price and forget about VIP.

Irina S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 5, 2013
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Ladies and [some willing] Gentlemen! Get ready to have a rollicking good time! Hot bods, pretty faces, and a lot of whoops and laughter! Very interactive and a total crowd-pleaser. The show itself could use some tweaks and improvements, but, from what I could see and hear around me while it was going on, all the drunken, rowdy bachelorettes and their menagerie of rowdy, drunken friends would disagree. Overall, thanks to the insane positivity in the (mostly female) crowd, I would say that Thunder From Down Under is an awesome way to spend one of your nights in Vegas.

Harrison69  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 21, 2013
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It was boring! Sorry guys, you're pretty but this is the most boring show I've been to in Las Vegas. There were some cute and funny parts, but overall it was a bore and a lot of it was terrible dancing in clothing!Be prepared to be treated very poorly by the staff, they are absolutely horrible, all of them. If you're part of a bachelorette party and wasted then this might be the show for you. Don't sit in the back, you'll be completely ignored. Make sure they know you're a bachelorette though or you will also be ignored.Pre-game since crappy and small drinks are $10 a pop. Honestly, Zumanity is much more erotic and is immensely entertaining. I would recommend that over this "show" any day. I'm sorry I didn't go see that again instead.Overall I was one very disappointed lady at the end of the night. I had more fun gambling at the penny slots, it was much less expensive too.

Lina O.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 19, 2013
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we went here last month for a bachelorette party. it was all in good fun. funny to watch all the ladies reactions and older ladies getting all crazy and then to watch the cheesy routines. the guys danced pretty good individually. but i was a little disappointed when they did their group routines. they seemed like they were half-assing it and needed more practice. i liked Hollywood Men better in LA. i would probably preparty before, because drinks are expensive. you also dont want to put anything on top of the tables because they sometimes jump up on the tables and one of the guys poured a drink all over himself. the guys ran through the audience and stopped and hugged some brides-to be along the way. you can also take a pic with some of the guys afterwards for $20 per person in your group. it was nice because they make a copy of the picture enough for each person in your group. the guys were really nice and friendly :) next week... chippendales! review to come :)

Malu Y.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 25, 2013
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Saw this show during a girls' weekend in Vegas and am so glad since it was the best time I've ever had in Vegas! The guys really cater to everyone - tall, short, fat, skinny, young, old, female or male - in the audience and don't focus only on the pretty girls (which is what most people would expect). However, bachelorettes and birthday girls seem to get a little more attention than everyone else so if that's what you want, plan your attendance around one of these events. The show is a lot of fun, the guys are super hot, and you won't be disappointed. I think the best seats are actually not the VIP section (tables 1-8), but the preferred section right behind it. And if you can, grab seats 1 and 2 (which are at the head of the tables) as they place you right on the aisle giving you plenty of access to the guys as they walk through the crowd. Even if you don't get to sit in either of these sections, you'll still have plenty of opportunity to interact as the guys make their way through the entire room. I recommend spending the $20 to get a photo with the guys. However, if that's not in your budget, stick around anyway as the guys do a meet and greet/autograph session in the lobby after they're done with the photos. I went on a night when they only had 1 show, so some of the guys even hung around the bar right next to the showroom and had drinks with fans. Extra perks: You can get a wristband for LAX nightclub which gets you free drinks till midnight.

tonycluber  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 11, 2013
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Saw this show with my 2 girl friends during a group family trip to Vegas. So glad that we decided on this show because it was so much fun! The guys in this group are hotter than the group of Thunder guys back in 2006.

Kristi W.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 3, 2013
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Check to see how you get your special girl a little extra treatment. I had $50.00 in my hand and was waving it around to try and get one of the guys to come over to my friend, but that didn't help at all. They focus on brides to be. So it might be a good choice if your friend is getting married, but call and check ahead of time, and make sure to sport one of those shoulder sashes across her! The guys are all good looking, there's no doubt about that. But whatever you do, DO NOT PULL YOUR PHONE OUT! I just tried to text my friend and some bouncer chick came over to me and made me move to the back of my table because I wasn't in the "right" seat. Well we had two tables and I didn't argue. But needless to say, this didn't add to my enjoyment at this establishment. You might want to check out some other shows in town before going to this one.

Kim-Anh P.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 13, 2013
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Came here on a bachelorette trip for a friend. If you're coming for the same reason, you HAVE to go. It's great entertainment, lots of fun, and very interactive (esp. for the bride-to-be's). Sure some of the dance moves are a little cheesy, but the guys are great to look at, have humor in their acts, and really get the crowd going. On our group of friends, we had wild friends to very tame shy friends (who almost didn't want to go), and everyone had a good time. Tip - sit in sections A and B to get more in on the action, and even more so if you pick the tables the middle of each of those sections. ;)

fuckery12  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on April 19, 2013
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I think any man could be a member of the Thunder from Down Under... As long as they can do a wicked pelvic thrust and don't mind grown women grabbing their backside. Yes, I'll admit it... I went to see the Thunder from Down Under last Thursday night. I think every woman should see a show like this when in Vegas. These guys know how to make women lust over them and have a great time away from their significant others. And for single girls like me, they give us the male attention we've been missing... Yes the show was cheesy, but it's a must see when in Vegas. The show is even educational. I learned the difference between a French kiss and an Australian kiss.... An Australian kiss is just like a French kiss, but they do it down under!!So ladies, grab your favorite gals and book tickets to see this show.

Arica T.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on April 6, 2013
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I'm not necessarily into this kind of thing, but my sister and I went for the laughs and for the experience of it, and we ended up having a pretty good time, although we didn't quite get what we paid for. We paid over 70 bucks for VIP seats when it seemed the 40 dollar seats behind us were getting way more action - they jumped up on their tables and did all sorts of stuff but they never once came to ours, even though we were in front. Bummer.Also, if you're not in a big group, get ready to probably be seated near a bunch of crazy women in bitchy heat. There's something about these kinds of shows that makes women territorial and weird. The girl in front of me kept pointing to the guys and saying, "That one's mine! That one's mine!" I understand she's just having fun but it got kind of tiring and uncomfortable after a while, considering it's a group show and at that point, the men belonged to everyone in the audience. :) It was cool to see some of the women on stage getting touch the boy's butts as they gave them lap dances - I was happy for them, but still, I wish we had gotten more action at our table, considering what we payed for. At the end in order to get pictures with the boys you had to pay an extra 20 dollars per person. What a rip, considering what we already payed! I think VIP tickets should come with a friggin' photo. We did it but the picture came out terrible, as they didn't tell us when they were snapping it, and we weren't allowed to have a re-do.I almost gave this two stars just because of what little was given to us for the price, although I recommend it for big groups of straight women who want to have some crazy fun, and I say big groups just so you can be surrounded by your friends screaming their heads off, and not strangers. And you're also REALLY CLOSE together - if you're claustrophobic or dont like being really close to other people, skip this. And don't get VIP, it's a waste of money. The theatre is small and regular seats have just as good a view.The guys did some dancing with cute costumes although half of them couldn't dance, you forgave them. :) Although sometimes the dances went on too long and all you wanted was for them to take their clothes off. Lots of butt wiggling, but no penises, ladies! Although some of you might not want to see junk and if thats the case then this is your show.We came out kind of the theatre kind of stunned, and the men themselves were quite the sight. But still really wish we could have gotten what we paid for.

Jennifer D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 20, 2013
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I've seen Thunder and Chippendales now. I would say that Thunder was less classy but a ton of fun. We got a table- front and center and screamed our heads off to get our bachelorette on stage. I would say many more bachelorettes had a chance to get on the stage when compared to Thunder. And yes, these men are hot hot hot.

Alexis K.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 29, 2013
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Oh. Hellllllllllll yes.I had previously been to Chippendales and had fun. Thunder is slightly cheaper, so for my friend's 30th birthday, we took her to the show.First of all, the room is very small so ANY seat is a good seat. Literally, we sat in the farthest back row, but still were close (unlike Chippendales where the stage is raised and there are two stories of seats). And I really enjoyed the fact that there were tables and it wasn't just plastic chairs stuck together (like, *cough*, Chippendales).But let's get to the show. This.Show.Is.Bananas!!!! It is super interactive, with the guys actually picking up women from the audience, hoisting them over their shoulder, bringing them on stage and then doing naughty things or legit acrobatics with them. At one point, a guy somersaulted a girl over his head. The guys all get up on the tables and dance right there in front of you (or rather, on top) of you. The host was HOT, but sadly, it was his last full time show. The guys were all great, but my particular favorite was Aiden.Where as Chippendales is kind of like the classy Playboy, Thunder is the dirtier and more fun Hustler of male revue shows!

J C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 2, 2013
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So we went here for a girl's night out and we had a great timeThe area is pretty small and the chairs and table are nothing fancy or comfortable. Anyways, we got VIP tickets and we sat up front to the left hand side of the stage. Once the show started, the girls went crazy. It was insane in there. The guys came out and the girls just started screaming even louder! haha. The dancers were ripped and in amazing shape of course. Maybe it was because I was up close, but some of them looked a bit old.... Also, some of the dancers seemed bored and didn't seem to interact with the crowd too much. It was fun but it was cheesy at times. At the end, you can take pictures with the guys for $20.

Monique N.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on December 19, 2012
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You should expect half naked to 90% naked men when you're going to a "show" that's called "Thunder From Down Under."A majority of these guys look around the ages of early 30s and mid 30s who are in quite great shape. FOR ME, I felt like these men were not as good looking as I thought. Its their accent and their bodies that made it great. Oh, by the way, this is more of a show than a male strip club although they could easily be strippers (which I thought they were initially). Overall experience was fun. Lots of women in their late 30s and 40s here. Loads of bridesmaid parties and plenty of screaming women who seemed like they were in heat.Also... just to get some women alll RILED up. I was one of the few women chosen to be up there with the "sexy" Australian. Unlike every other women that came up and freaked out. I simply played along. haha Oh, to save yourself some money and fill your day with joy I HIGHLY recommend to get the package deal that comes with a pole dancing class. I believe it was called "A girl's night out" or something of that sort.

Eileen K.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on December 17, 2012
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so much fun. seriously. too much fun. just...go.

Augustine G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on December 4, 2012
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First time ever seeing a male revue. The show was definitely entertaining although I assume you know what you're getting yourself into when you choose to go. The men are hot. They're not "dancers" per se, but very talented, entertaining and stimulating performers. ;) Well maybe 2 of the ones at the night I saw them had professional dancing experience. There seems to be up to 20 of them actually, with 8 performers per night and 1 MC.Extra props for being gay friendly. The MC Marcus was awesome, he gave my group of gay guys multiple shout outs throughout the show and made us feel welcome. And the performers were absolute gentlemen and very friendly and polite when we met them.Have fun and enjoy!

Kate K.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 16, 2012
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Alright, not going to lie, I was a little afraid of all the middle aged women hooting and hollering at the men on stage... it was kind of scary.Additionally, the host reminded me of an old boss I once had that was super creepy. so it didn't help me get into the spirit.Overall the show was pretty funny, and the women who they brought on stage were hysterical-- the fact that they would jump on the table in a thong and then only take the back down and everyone would go nuts was HILARIOUS (SEriously, all they did was move the tiny piece of fabric not covering their butt down to below their butt so that, shocker, their butt was still showing)Nice butts.Nice abs.Some of them are cute.When they dance I giggle a lot.ha

Rho T.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 16, 2012
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Oh hai boys!Hearts to all of you.You guys were like a first date compared to other male strip joints I've been to.A breath of fresh air.You kept your junk where it belonged.Not like those other joints,Where they're ALL UP in your face and lady parts and you're doin next day E.P.T. tests (positive)But you guys? One swift humping move and you're like, NEXT.A feather stroke in comparison.Leaving the women all confused like, that's it?And those dance moves -CLASSIC.Backstreet Boys x *NSYNC x NKOTB x New EditionAnd to the Aussie who performed to Ginuwine's 'Pony', I'd like to shake your hand, sir.You picked the most gyrating song in history evar and by golly,it was g'dang entertaining.4 stars cuz I didn't feel violated.-1 star cuz I kinda wanted to.

Johnnyboy123  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 25, 2012
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Sooo fun! A must see for any woman going to Vegas! Went here with a bunch of girl friends and we were all screaming like 12 yr old girls at a Justin Beiber concert. The men are HOTThe Atmosphere is crazyEveryone there just wants to have a good timeDefinitely go!!!

Shannon G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 14, 2012
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I think my expectations of these kinds of things were elevated by Magic Mike and these aussies were certainly not dancing on a Channing Tatum level but it was still a great time. The dance routines were a little ambitious and some of the dudes seemed like it wasn't exactly their calling but it might be asking too much for everyone to be buff, Australian, AND excellent dancers. The drinks are also absurdly expensive ($10 for a mixed drink) and the line for the bar was ridiculously long. Cheap jello shots, though! The music selection was a little strange (Come Together? They Don't Care About Us? God Bless Texas? Okay!) and there was a weird abundance of routines involving guns (playing up that whole "Australia is just an island full of criminals" thing I guess?) Also, they would regularly pull they manties all the way down in the back for full butt view which is nice if you're into that (no thong line blocking your view.) They came out in the crowd frequently and brought people on stage (but not MY bachelorette, sadly!) It's not cheap and there doesn't appear to be discounts very often but I'd say it was worth the cost of admission (but I might sneak a flask in or be rip roarin' drunk when I get there so as to avoid the drink prices!)

Ashley F.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 2, 2012
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I went to Thunder From Down Under for a bachlorette party and I have to say I actually had a really good time. I was honestly expecting the show to be super cheesy, with a bunch of marginally attractive guys singing "it's raining men". To my surprise most of the guys were actually very cute and the music in show was somewhat current (ex. one guy danced to Usher). The venue is much smaller than I expected though. For some reason I thought it was going to be more of a large auditorium type space, nonethless, it was probably better that the venue is kind of small so everyone can see the show better. However, if you really want to get in on the action and see the guys up close and have a chance of getting on stage, it's best to get good seats closer to the stage.My friends and I were somewhat in the back but the guys did come over to our area and surprisingly my friend was brought on stage so that was fun for us to see! She swore up and down she was nervous and freaking out but she was like a pro up there! LOL.Overall, it was pretty fun and wasn't as corny like I expected. I totally recommend it to a group of girlfriends that want some fun on a Saturday night in Vegas.

Jennifer A.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 2, 2012
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So much cheesy Vegas fun!This is one of those things that everyone (or woman, I suppose) should experience once. I was here with a bachelorette party, as was probably 90% of the room. The women in here were going NUTS! They were screaming so loud that my ear drums were throbbing. The show is pretty funny because the guys do choreographed N'Sync type dances in corny costumes. If I had one complaint, it would be that there was not enough nudity! I mean, guys in thongs are not sexy and I'm not a perv, but most of the show was just shirtless which I can see at the beach for FREE. Tickets are a bit pricy - we paid $50/person and were way in the back. I hope the dancers get paid well because they deserve it for the way they worked the crowd. The show only ran about an hour, but really it gets kind of repetitive after the first 10 minutes. Like I said, definitely something to check out once (and trust me, once was enough for me!).

Jamie M.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 2, 2012
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Cant say I loved it cant say I hated it, but can say some fun was had. $60 bucks and some pocket change a ticket (non-VIP) We attended this show on the last night of our girls trip. I suppose I expected a little more. Though most of the "action" was on one side of the room. I almost felt slightly sorry for the ladies that had paid more to sit in the VIP seats on our side of the room. There is/was tons of audience involvement even more so if you were on the left side of the room, ha. But had to admit its one way to get the ladies cheering and screaming even more than the already had been. A handful of the guys each have their own choreographed routine, always ending with some booty shaking, and again causing a huge uproar from the women. The MC was probably the highlight for me, entertaining, damn gorgeous, and he throws a little twist into the show towards the end. Overall its not a horrible show and was a great way to end our girls trip (The birthday girl of our group got motor-boated twice so I think we accomplished what we came for, haha)

Cassey D.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 9, 2012
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I don't understand why the reviews are so low! It was so entertaining that I lost my voice from screaming so much!I came here for my birthday and me and my girls were so into the performances! It's like ever girls fantasy come true! The drinks are $1.00 more than what you would have to pay for at the club, so if you're really careful with your money, just pre-game before the show. There's a bar right outside of the place, so it not really a big deal.In the end of the show, they let everyone take pictures with the guys, but it's $20 per person. I honestly don't believe you have to spend too much to enjoy your time there. We sat towards the back right next to the bar and had a blast! One of the boys even ran up to me and have me a hug and a kiss. I was in too much of a shock to do anything cool, so I choked. Ladies, always be prepared! They don't just pull up the girls in the front row, so wear undies unless you're okay with the whole crowed seeing your v-zone!

Smigor r.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 22, 2012
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If your looking to blow a whole lot of money to watch buff men struggle to remember the very simple dance moves set to cheesy music then this is the place for you. Out of the about 10 guys on stage only one looked like he was actually enjoying what he was doing, the others just looked upset that they had to be doing their routine again (we went to the second showing)... that or they were struggling to count inside their heads. On a brighter note the bachelorette I went with seemed to have a great time and ladies of all ages (seriously I saw women there pushing 65) were screaming their heads off and looked like they were having fun.

Lisa S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 11, 2012
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I just saw the show tonight and I was hoping to give the show 5 stars after all that I read about it but sadly this is not the case. We paid for VIP tickets (table 5 2nd row) but were treated anything but that. For the most part the guys ignored my table (they went all the way to the back where we could barely see them). Afterwards we were told there would be a meet an greet but only a few came out to quickly sign autographs then left (one was not even that nice about it) and the others skiped out the back door. This is my last night in Vegas and I was hoping to end it with a bang but to my disappointment that was not to be. My advice to the guys/people who run the show (should they happen to read this) would be to make sure that you pay equal attention to both the front and back of the room. It is really bad form to ignore thevpeople who paid top dollar to see you.

Tina T.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on May 28, 2012
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I usually consider myself somewhat reserved but of course, I turn into a shrieking female when I see some of these guys on stage. Yes, it is a little cheesy at times but so much fun! If you can appreciate the campiness, you won't be disappointed. I enjoyed the skits. The only annoying thing was how they pretty much only catered to bachelorette parties and only brought bachelorettes on stage. A little cliche for me but they did bring an older lady on stage and the MC was hilarious with her. I laughed alot with that one. My girlfriend and I paid approx $75 I think for VIP seats. She and I were in the front row at the end. Pretty good seats considering we purchased them same day. I would go back. Guilty pleasures are therapeutic!!!!!

Katie L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on February 6, 2012
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Such a memorable night! So fun for celebrating a birthday with the girls, especially when your friend gets chosen to participate in a contest onstage! The picture purchase with the cast afterwards was worth every penny!

Mel L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 28, 2012
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I used to come to this show a lot with friends back in college. It's been about two years now since I last went an a lot has changed but it's still a great time! Know what you're here for; it's a male revue, after all. As long as you're here with a good mindset, it's a lot of fun. It's a fairly laidback atmosphere and always interesting and funny. I've known some of these guys for about five years now and most of them are really sweet, down to earth, and friendly. There are some great local specials too, so if you're entertaining friends or just looking for a girl's night, check out the local deals. The theatre is a lot smaller and more intimate than Chippendales and the show is on a smaller scale. It's almost like being at one big bachelorette party in someone's really really big living room. I wouldn't even really compare it to Chippendales because while they're both male revues, they're completely different (and no, the guys from the shows don't hate each other either).

Nela V.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 6, 2011
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I just came back from my girlfriend's bacherlorette party and wanted to leave comments about this show. It seems like this show is a must for bacherlorette parties. It was very memorable and since we screamed our lungs out we were able to get our girl friend up on stage! It was very entertaining and hot! One thing that would make it even more memorable is if the hot Aussies would have a number where they do a little dance wearing mighty whities and Uggs!

Bailey M.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 12, 2011
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Most people who spend a weekend in Vegas have only one or two nights to see a show, and you want to make the most of it. If that's the case, you're better off going to see either a real show (like Circque du Solelil) or going to a real strip club. This show consists of an hour of pretty boys leaping around on stage to worn-out songs. There is no real talent on display here except for some exquisitely chiseled abs. Its pretty tacky but if you're going with a bachelorette party you can still have a good time. Be sure to bring an extra $20 in cash for the over-priced photos at the end.

Kim G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on April 11, 2011
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Loved it!!!!!!! Went last year and had such a great time! The guys were all super nice and funny! They werent grabby at all, which is huge to me! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going this week again!!!

Leena N.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 6, 2011
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Oh the MILK MAN... and the sexy FIREMAN... You can lean you body on me any given nighT!! Haha. This is like burlesque, but with men. Men with chiseled abs, tight @ss, cute smile, and their sexy eyes... accent helps too!I have to say I was taken by surprise. You would think this is one of those cheesy shows where to swing their schlongs in your face (unless you want them to!) Drinks was good. Entertainment was good. The pictures was hot, and damn the milk man got me all worked up... Firemen smooched me on the cheeks...For those who are skeptical, give them a chance. :) It's Vegas. Live a little.

Nha H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 27, 2011
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LOOOOVEEE IT! The girls and I were really there for the guys not really for a show. If all they did was stand there with the shirts off, it would have still been fine. We got seats really close but then again, the entire place was small so no matter where you seat, you can see those rippling abs of theirs. It was very entertaining.

Christina H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 29, 2010
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I don't care what anyone says. This show was rad. The drinks were expensive (but in line with the rest of Vegas drink prices)and sure I could have used a full frontal flash or two, but one of the best things about Thunder from Down Under is the perfect walking the line of taste.The guys were all ripped beyond belief and most actually had rather attractive faces as well. The host was the hottest and pretty funny to boot. The entire show was high energy good fun and at a little over an hour the show wasn't overdrawn or too short.A lot of horny women screaming in delight at the sight of some bare male-flesh really is my kind of Las Vegas.*yeah the 20 dollar fee to take a picture with all the guys was a bit steep but I got away with paying 15 bucks without getting attitude and the picture is worth a thousand words.

Whitney S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on February 7, 2010
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Where can women single and taken alike go to scream like banshees at half clothed Australians? Thunder Down Under of course! This was the only show that my sister in law wanted to attend. Since she was a chill bride and that was her only request for her party of course I happily purchased tickets for the gang of (partially) single ladies! Needless to say we had a blast! I got us tickets close to the stage where we sat with other bachelorettes and newly divorcees. A weird mix if you ask me. but everyone there was loud fun and ready for a great show. The drinks were cheap and easily received even with a packed house. This show was all women which made it a lot more fun! And let me tell you...When the show started it not only was extremely entertaining, but the MC was so funny! It had everything (except nudity which was more then Ok by me). So if you are looking for a great show for you and your girls...come to this one! It is a must see and I can't wait to take a new crop of ladies!

Emma H.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on October 9, 2009
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Hot guys with buff bods and Australian accents, who do choreographed dance routines with fireman themes? Please, and thank you! Maybe not the most polished dancing from males on the strip, but it was obviously clear from their moves that most of the guys were into chicks. Also, 3 jello shots for $5 was a saweet drink special. I enjoyed watching the show. I was really glad that I wasn't at the table that one dancer climbed and then poured a drink all over himself (ala Flashdance), but it was totally awesome/hilarious to watch. Also, it was totally worth the $20 to get my picture taken on a couch with 6 of the dancers. (who were all very friendly and chatty & totally dug my hair, bracelet and shoes........ wait a sec... I may have to rethink my previous stance on how straight the majority of them were....) Honestly though: I totally had a real connection with a couple of them...... Call me guys! :)All in all, I totally dug the show, and would def go again if I got the chance. So, was the show dank or not? It was definitely Dinki-di dank!

AssnTits5  on  Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 26, 2009
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I want my money back! What a waste! $45 for 4 dances... Chippendale's was WAY better.I was super disappointed that there was hardly any chest exposure. They should have been dancing the whole time shirtless. And, we only ended up seeing about 4 of them for longer than 3 minutes. Lame sauce for sure! I could have gone to Olympic Gardens for $45 and saw some real booty shaking!

Kristin B.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 12, 2009
This comment was posted anonymously was ok. My friend and I had heard good things, so we decided to buy tickets for our second night in was very cheesy and most of the guys couldn't dance at all!! Some were very ahead/behind the rest of the group and it just looked like they haphazardly put the routines together...for what it was, it was entertaining, but would I go again? No thanks....some of the guys were cute, but some were kind of scary looking (the long-haired guy that got wayy too into it, for example)...the best part? The host/announcer was hilarious and made the show much more tolerable. If you ladies are out for a bachelorette party, this really is a good place to embarass the me!!

La C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 16, 2008
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Only impressive thing in the show was Matt, he stands out as the most gorgeous and the best body. I was not impressed with the venue, it was very small and it smelled like beer. I also wasn't sure why grandma and grandpa were sitting next to me, I guess they gotta get their motors running so to speak. It is fun with a group of girls and my ATL friend got up on stage and got her freak on. The host guy was totally full of himself and he was short and burnt looking. This is one of those places to go once and that's enough. I did like that the dancers exiting stopped for photo ops and what not.

Diana G.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 4, 2008
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I've been to the show 3 times! No I am not a stalker!Hi Marty! =)

Ari C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on September 3, 2008
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Top 5 things that kept running in my mind while watching the so-called #1 male revue on the strip:5. That's so gay. Just get on top of each other already!4. That's so gross!3. Please don't come here... please don't come here...2. I'm so cold.1. I gotta go peeeeee!I guess I would need to provide some explanation for the list, huh? Well, here goes.The guys were indeed good looking, but I can't help thinking that they'd get all over each other behind the stage. Maybe they're straight and love pussy, but I like my fantasy version better. Gay porn is hot.Some dudes would occasionally pull some chicks from the audience, make them touch and/or rub the dude's chest, abs, and even crotch, and I just thought that was the grossest thing ever. I mean, they've been dancing their cheesy, ridiculous, not-even-synchronized dance routine, so they must sweat a lot. Nasty. One of them actually came over to one of the VIP table, poured beer on himself, and shook his head to splash the audience. I was so glad he was too far away from our table to splash us with anything.The showroom was small, the sound system wasn't good, the stage seemed too small for the performance, and the AC was on full blast. I was shivering during the last half of the show. So I guess the show wasn't as "hot" as it claimed to be. Seriously, they kept flashing their upper body, and then put the shirt back. Flash again, put it back again. Just fucking take it off, goddammit! I was amused and entertained (the butt cheek flex was funny), but this show's not for me. I went for a bachelorette party, and just like you should get married only once, you should see this show only once in your life, no more.Note: The last item on the list has nothing to do with the show.

R L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 27, 2008
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Please do not misunderstand me. I enjoy waxed men pantomiming sexy-man archetypes as much as your average gay man. Actually, that's not true. I do like a man in uniform, and I like them naked too. It's just that, well, let's break it down. 6 women, $44 tickets. That's $264 and all we got to see was some waxed & oiled ass and some poorly coordinated dancing. Think about how much naked man $264 buys on the street. I did appreciate that some of the guys looked like they were possibly interested in sleeping with women, and that some of them did really cool flips across the stage! None of them individually stood out as bad dancers but unfortunately they had some real difficulties coordinating their movements the night we were in attendance. I say unfortunate, but I'm not sure I would have had a better time were they more fluid. I might have had a better time were the music and lights not so offensive to my ears and eyes.I did learn a few things about myself, though:1) I do not care for nipple piercings on dancing men. Nipples should not flop around. 2) I do not find the Village People, or Village People impressions, erotic. I am apparently not open-minded enough to appreciate hairless men in costume as sexual beings.3) If women with penis crowns are in attendance, I should not be.

Em C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 20, 2008
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Lame... Had I reviewed this show when I first saw it, I might have given it four stars. It was back in 2003 and my group of girlfriends was deciding between this and Chippendales, but this won over for being cheaper. I had a great time then. One of the guys ran on our table and I slapped his butt. I even splurge for the overpriced Polaroid of me lying across the men's laps. Fast-forward to this year, and a bigger group of us went for a bachelorette activity. There were so many screaming women. It's like this was the best experience they ever had. I really hated the long video that was played before the show of all their guest spots on tv shows. Really bad lip-synching. An experience best had only once.

Elizabeth W.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 19, 2008
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Preface: If you are a regular to my reviews, you know that I have written about this type of establishment before, but know that while I am writing this, my estrogen levels are at 1000%.Review:When the rule to a show is "If it's in front of your face, you can do whatever you want to it", expect me to buy a ticket to the front row.When I went I was a "virgin" to THUUUNNNNDDEEERRRR. I got a last minute invite to join a bachelorette party my friend was attending because I got to Vegas a day before the group I was there to hang out with. They called me up, said there were no if's and's or BUTT'S about it.. I had to go! Here are my rules to going based off of my experience:1. SHOWER- they get very up close and personal.. and if for any reason you are feeling less than fresh, you better pray to GOD you don't get pulled on stage.2. DRINK before- Drink plenty, but they don't have cocktail servers and you don't want to leave your table throughout the show and miss a second of the HOTNESS.3. SIT IN THE FRONT- Grab, bite, spank, and if you're lucky like I was.. you will have the hottest aussie POUR WATER ALL OVER HIMSELF RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.4. PREPARE A WITTY COMEBACK- When you spend $20 to get your poloroid, make sure you have something amazing to say when your hotttttt aussie talks to you. For example, if he apologizes for getting you all wet during his performance, you can say: "That's ok, I'm still wet." in a sultry voice. LIKE I DID!5. IMAGINE THEY ARE GAY- they aren't. We met a few of them after the show at a club. But for your own sake, and the sake of everyone you talk to for the next few months, pretend they are. Your friends will get tired of you bringing up the THUNDER on a regular basis.GO. And prepare to fall in LOVE!

Betty N.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on May 7, 2008
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I was convinced to go here by some girlfriends.Holy gawd, it was the lamest show ever.For the $50 ticket admission price, I'd rather get a lap dance at the Spearmint Rhino.Bad choreography, desperate screaming women, cheesy Firemen costumes and short Steroided Australian men bored me to tears.But then again, you might like it . Not my type.Where's my drink?

Vanessa P.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 31, 2008
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Admittedly, I was slightly embarrassed when watching this -- at first. Then I just got amused by it. Out of the 7 guys doing the show, there were 4 that were smirking the entire time. And that was the funniest part about them. Don't get me wrong, the men were hot and I was entertained. Plus, them dancing to cheesy music and stripping down to their skivvies? Priceless!

Rev Ted Haggard  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on January 18, 2008
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What's going on here?

Elizabeth S.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 10, 2007
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A few years ago, my friends and I made fun of this show. When planning this past weekend's Vegas trip, however, someone jokingly suggested we go to see this show. And somehow the idea stewed in our minds until we realized we really, really wanted to watch guys dance around half-naked to "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy." Pretty much more than anything in the world.And Thunder from Down Under did not disappoint. Granted, we were "ready" for the show (thanks to the cheap bar downstairs), but I think that might have been necessary. We were screaming along with everyone else, and I caught a towel! (Which I promptly gave to my friend- she seemed to appreciate it!) The men were beautiful, and some of them could dance really really well (some not so much)... and while I'm pretty sure that in real life very few of them actually like women, that didn't mean we couldn't appreciate what they had to offer. I'll leave you with a few quotes from my friends and I during the show:"Ooh firemen." "Do you have a firemen fetish?" "I do now.""Hm. They're dancing to YMCA. Does this mean anything?" "Ooh cowboy." "I guess it doesn't matter...""We need to go out and find more cowboys. Immediately."

ebony k.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 6, 2007
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BEWARE OF BACHELORETTE PACKAGES!!! Big rip off!!!!Show was fun, not as much crowd involvement as i expected.The guys were way HOT, but a little cheesy.

Wakako U.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on June 3, 2007
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The men sing a song and the lyric went like this..."Save a horse, ride a cowboy...Save a horse, ride a cowboy." WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA. Its not an erotic show but a highly entertaining show with men dancing to cheesy choreographed dance routine and fun music. In one skit, one guy dressed as a wizard jerked off underneath the wizard hat while his buddy next to him dressed up as a tranny. My sister then exclaimed, I can't get into this one! I'm not sure we were supposed to? All the while, the Le sisters were waving bills in the air all night with hopes one of the dancers will molest the half asleep bachelorette girl.And gosh, I just love saying Thunder from Down Under.

re: Cumming Out!  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on May 30, 2007
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Is this supposed to be some sort of revelation coming from an all male club? LOL

Crystal C.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 26, 2007
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I can't believe I'm writing this.I can't believe I'm giving it 4 stars.My friend's husband got her tickets for this for her birthday mainly as a lark. She asked me to go and I gigglingly obliged. I've never had any interest to see muscly men with accents snap off their rip-away pants. Never. I went to this show with my tongue planted quite squarely in my cheek and, having done so, I enjoyed every ridiculous moment. Brooke and I laughed and laughed and laughed.The guys are terrible dancers, first of all, but dang it they are giving it all they got. They smell of cocoa butter - pervasively so. They throw out their sweat soaked towels which I thought was disgusting but women went CRAZY over them. Brooke got pulled up on stage and got a towel. We threw it on our significant others when they came to pick us up.You can't go see this show without a sense of humor. It's beefcakes dancing in thongs and there's something inherently funny about that. Also, if you think about it, it's nice to turn the 'dance naked for me, monkey!' tables around for once.

Indulge  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 13, 2007
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Come and Swing into action with Steve and Randy and the newest beauties of the new millennium visit ("wetandplenty") This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to sprak your memory or pique your interst to see more.

Ali L.  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 15, 2006
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Nekked Australians? I'm in! Oh yes, they were hot *even with the long hair on some of them*, but I was sooooo disappointed in the show. The dancing was sub par and most of them looked like they were concentrating way too hard on the steps. Worst part? They hardly ever get even close to Nekked! I saw Chippendales last year and it was infinitely better. Much sexier and more Nekkedness. I would go to that one (plus it's cheaper).3 stars because they had absolutely delicious bodies.

Cumming Out!  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on July 13, 2006
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The manager from strip tease, david, will suck off any of you guys!!!!! I know cuz he sucked my dick!

total crap  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on March 9, 2006
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Las Vegas is all about celebrating women. Send these ratbastards back down under.

bill  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 27, 2005
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We are a bisexual couple would we be welcome at the club

seen it  on Thunder From Down Under

posted on August 17, 2005
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who wants to see fags dancing, you need to see the straight guys. not wasting my money on this again!