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CrimeStoppers  on Green Door

posted on June 24, 2019
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Johnson12  on  Green Door

posted on August 18, 2015
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Husband and I were told to visit this swingers club, as we've been in the lifestyle many years, and we were excited to go since we were vacationing and staying just a couple blocks away. We paid online before flying out, for a Saturday night, thinking it would be best. Sooooo very disappointed to have paid $70 for nothing!. Yes, we were there early evening, but that's because at "home" the parties get started early. The "girl" at front was rude, saying "I'm a mom, so i don't party and wouldn't know how the crowd should be, the type of people there are", when we asked if it was BYOB (NO), because it's 18 and up. 18!!! Oh my gosh, what a joke! Not one of the two young people offered a tour, the music wasn't allowed to be turned up for dancing, no sheets, and still no one showed up hours later. THIS IS ONLY A PLACE FOR TEENS TO HAVE SEX SINCE THEY'RE NOT OLD ENOUGH TO RENT A ROOM! The staff didn't offer any option to alleviate our disappointment , not even a damn smile. I'm giving one star only for the shuttle driver who drove us back for free, had nice conversation and SMILED! We went next door to Fantasy, a real lifestyle club, and had a great time!

joseph1k  on  Green Door

posted on July 10, 2015
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Met a couple of couples, but a lot of creepers and people that didn't understand NO! Still had a decent time with the other couples.

Adam G.  on Green Door

posted on February 18, 2015
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My girlfriend and I found everyone super nice friendly and chill. One of the guys took us on a tours because it was our FIRST EVER sex club. Everyone was non pushy and we just dove in and played. A ton of people came around 12:45 and there was a lot of moans to be heard. Don't be afraid to chat with any couples, there all there to have fun. Def must go when your in town.

Nicole L.  on Green Door

posted on December 15, 2013
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First ever trip to a "lifestyle" club. My boyfriend and I didn't know exactly what to expect and the green door surprised us. It was very dimly lit and had a certain smell to it. We asked for a tour, the place is huge and you can get lost if you don't know where anything is. The rooms are very nicely themed and have tissues for you to clean up after yourself. The biggest problem I have is that the designated couples only area is not patrolled enough and there were a lot of single guys that had not been invited, inside. There were a few couples getting frisky and two couples that were having a foursome. For a Saturday night it wasn't as busy as I had hoped it would be. I would go back to the green door but I wouldn't get my hopes up, make sure to go at a later time, it doesn't get busy until late. Call ahead of time and ask for the complimentary pick up from your hotel to the green door it's very nice!

richard95  on  Green Door

posted on June 16, 2013
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This club is definitely a fun time! Me and my girlfriend both don't drink or do drugs (we're 22 and 21) so we go to Vegas mostly to hang out, dance a bit, gamble, and eat out. I have been "joking" about going to one of these though for awhile and we were bored in the hotel room around 1AM and decided to bite the bullet and go. It is just a 10-minute ride from any strip hotel. Price was around $70 for both of us to get in, and the club is really big. Unfortunately even it being a weekend there were only about 20 people there and about 3 other couples "getting it on".We were a bit creeped out by all the single guys walking around so we went right to the "couples room" and we had fun right away! ;) It was definitely a fun first-time experience. If you have been to clubs like this before, I can't really gauge it to what other clubs offer only say that I do wish it had more people in it, but I would definitely still go back. I know there's another club right next door so that probably splits up the traffic. I recommend this place though for sure if your looking for something alternative to do in LV! Safe and clean no doubt as well.

fritter17  on  Green Door

posted on May 22, 2013
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So this is a sex club huh? This is the first one I have been too so I will keep objective. The rooms are spacious and there are many to choose from. I wish my girl friend and i came when it was busy, we heard its busiest between 10-1 on Friday and Saturday night. We arrived at 8 on a Monday and the place was empty, so we had a chance to explore the entire location and upstairs rooms. We tried out a few rooms ( especially love the swing), on the third time we had a couple as an audience. Deciding to take a break, we took a shower and rested up. It would be nice if they turned up the a/c. It started to get busy, but we had to get going.The rooms smelled like a strip club, if you've been to one you know the smell, sweat, love, perfume and heavy chemical cleaner. Like I said, we came early so everything still looks clean but never trust the place. Wear proper foot protection and something to sit on, we brought a blanket because rolling around is fun. There is a ton of UV light, so its kinda easy to see odd spots and splashes. Alcohol wipes are nice too, use regularly. It will take some getting use to performing while others watch. Many like to just watch and nothing more, couples and singles. There isn't anything shady about the place, just alot of awkward silences. Outside the location is shady as hell at night. Its dark, deserted, and many prostitutes walking around. We took a taxicab back and counted 8 prostitutes on the way back. And about taxi cabs, there are many cabs waiting right outside the business so getting a ride out fast is guaranteed. The taxi cab guy that picked us up services the area regularly and he had some useful knowledge of the club.So in short, this club is what you think, so come prepared, come sanitary. Stay aware and stay safe. Its fun, and exciting, its real and I will totally be back.

Johnnyboy123  on  Green Door

posted on December 28, 2011
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We went Friday, August 13th and it was 98% single black dudes. Hey if that's you thing cool, but it aint mine.The Green Door website says "#7: THE COUPLES LOUNGE - The Green Door has an area clearly marked for "Couples Only". You are NEVER allowed to enter that area. Additionally, if you're part of couple and your lady leaves the area, you must leave with her. You may not be without her at any time.WRONG!!! Total Bullshit! Outside of my girl and two other couples, Upstairs was ALL SINGLE GUYS.You know the moment when the night takes a turn? Well here it is. We got all fired up to see some dastardly Vegas shit so we headed to the infamous Green Door. We didn't know what this place is all about but we figured it was something shady. Actually it was lame. Just a bunch of black dudes walking around trying to see some titties. There was one couple f-ing there but not the kind of people you want to see f-ing and since we were by far the best looking people in there (maybe ever) we felt "stalked".I read all the negative reviews and went anyway. Don't make the same mistake.

maxxy1  on  Green Door

posted on September 26, 2011
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What do I do after a long night at the club and I can't sleep? I review Green Door! Haha!I got the night off work on a Saturday (rare!) for my birthday this past March. I did dinner at STK and then headed to Marquee. As my lady friend and I are standing around having some drinks I came up with the idea to hit the strip club next. Then that idea morphed into taking it to the next level and going to Green Door. My friend is the fun open-minded adventurous type so she said she was in!When we arrive I paid $61 cover charge and we asked how many couples were inside. The door guy said there was about 40 people upstairs and there is usually a rush between 2:30 and 3:30. It was 2am so we went a few doors down to have a couple more cocktails and play some pool.We finally went in at 3am I was totally disappointed! There was no one in there! Just 2 chicks and a guy having a 3some in a semi-private room and an older fella running around in a towel jerking off whenever he sat down. And about 20 other single guys just walking around.We went to the bar and sat down. There are nice bar areas but no booze just bottled water and energy drinks. It was about 3:30 and we started talking about it being a bust and we were going to leave. Just then the cavalry showed up to save the night! About 30 people came walking in (mostly couples). These must have been the regulars. At least we could leave with some stories now! Haha!Story time aside, to actually review the place I'll give it 2 stars. It's exactly what it advertises being so I can't knock it for being a sex club. If that's not your scene or "lifestyle" or you don't like to watch then I'd avoid this place at all cost. But if you're curious then check it out at least once. I'll warn you, the place smells horrible! Like a mixture of jizz, moldy carpet, and cleaning products. The single guys walking around can get a little creepy too! My friend was the hottest girl in there by far and there was always a pack of 4-5 guys floating around just waiting for us to do something. At one point I pulled her into a semi-private room just to see what would happen. As soon as I slid the door shut there were 8 guys standing outside fighting each other to sneak a peek through a tiny crack. Go watch some porn, fellas!

Lindsey B.  on Green Door

posted on July 18, 2011
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Gross. So many words to describe this place. It is in a shitty location for one. You have to pay to get in to use there stripper pole and pay more to go up stairs which I am way to afraid to see what goes on up there after what I seen down stairs. There was no girls at all maybe like 3 but i'm not even sure if they even where girls. Guys following you and jacking off to your every move ya I know this is a sex club but thought down stairs you weren't suppose to jerk it. It has been years since I been inside I don't know if anything has changed.

larry1  on  Green Door

posted on July 16, 2011
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Went to the green door this fourth of july weekend. The bad:No alcohol allowed even if you bring it yourself.You can get drinks three doors down at the Gay Tim McGraw bar.Many couples go there before going to green door and they wear a green wristband so you can identify them and size them upLocation-ugly strip mall and yucky lighting throughout the place.Smell was awful. A mixture of the smell of jizz, pinesol, musty BO, and sweat.Lighting is bad so you really can't see who you might want to hook up with.Crowd: On our nite, was pretty bad, but swinger clubs can be really hit miss, with some nights being awesome with a few couples, and other nights sucking with a ton of couples. Good:The place is spacious with a whole bunch of rooms.Easy to get to. Staff was okay.Wouldn't return.

Tangerine S.  on Green Door

posted on November 1, 2009
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After reading the other reviews I had to write my experience and also some helpful suggestions for those who are not "swingers." First, I'm a Swinger of 10 years, second a Club owner, and last, a player, not a voyuer. I first went to the Green Door when it just opened. The social area was a great mix of places to sit a converse as well as music and dance floor. There were a variety of play areas, clean and creative, as well as showers, and condoms. I have been back since, during a regular Saturday night. The people were friendly and the place still was clean. Suggestion to those of you visiting Las Vegas, don't go to a Swingers Club if your just in Las Vegas and want to do something "fun," "exciting," and/or, "to tell your friends to show how "out there" you are. Go to a Gentelmans Club or Strip Club and pay for a Lap Dance in private. You can watch and have fun and still tell the friends how sexually "out there" you are. If you don't watch porn or think that is even to "OMG," than don't expect to walk into a club and see perfect bodies having sex and think you're really going to have a good time. Get an Andrew Blake porn video and watch it in your room. If you're looking for a place in town to explore your own personal sexuality or to meet other swingers then this is one of a few. I do always suggest if you're going to a Non-member Swing Club like the Green Door, that you go with a group. It's difficult to meet other couples and feel comfortable to play in a strange place. If you're a single woman, don't go to a club by yourself. It's just even more difficult and even though the premises might be safe it's just a good idea to be with other people you know. Also, don't drink if you're going to a swing club for the first time or even most of the time. Thanks for reading and have fun.

Tyler W.  on Green Door

posted on February 5, 2009
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Ok, so I didn't realize there the Green Door was listed as both The Green door AND Green Door. So, I thought I'd repeat it under this listing:I was willing to forgive this place being in a rundown strip mall because my girlfriend and I had been excited about checking out our first (last?) swingers club. At 3:00 am in Las Vegas on a Sat. night; this place should be off the proverbial hook. I had visions of debauchery of the highest magnitude as we were planning this evening. I hoped to be able to "boil holy water with my finger", as my friend Tom puts it; no such luck. There were maybe 20 people in there including the impressively creepy, fast walking, loud, cartoonishly evil laughing, be-pony tailed employee that was gathering used towels (he should get a raise BTW) while looking much like a 12 year old boy who just ran into the girls locker room after school. WHOA! Now I have a high tolerance for most things of the naughty persuasion. I walked into this place with no qualms, but 7 min. into our visit, "A" and I turned to one another and muttered a mutual "hell no". There was one very unattractive couple abusing a vibrator that I swore was screaming "help me. help me" in a little nook in a little hall while a less-attractive couple gawked (watching is fine, gawking is awkward) and in a another room a pair were going through the fully clothed motions with all the enthusiasm one might muster while buying new tube socks. Other than that, is was almost all creepy (even for a seedy place) guys waiting for a good looking woman to wander in. Much to our dismay, that girl was my wonderful girlfriend, "A". Much to their dismay neither of us were having any of it. The Green Door had all the charm of a rundown roller rink from the 70's and all the sexual energy of the History Channel's "Civil War Week". This piece of advice is coming from a guy who had just been lucky enough to watch a gorgeous stripper maul my alarmingly beautiful girlfriend (and vice verse) for an hour before we went - we were BOTH ready for a wild evening. So here is the tip: DO NOT GO TO THE GREEN DOOR! You are a lot more likely to have a wild night by waving a $20 in the air at your local Denny's. One plus, the guys working the door seemed really nice, even when we left 8 min. after arrival. Even when, in a slip that would have made Freud proud, I answered his "leaving already?" query with "Yes. This place is LAME". He would have been within his rights to call me a jerk, but was far too professional too do so. This place (and the place next door from all appearances) where a huge disappointment. Whatever it is you are looking for, you'll be happier if you look elsewhere.

SSTEVEOWENS  on Green Door

posted on April 26, 2007
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total waste of time, my wife and i went there and there was NOTHING going on $80.00 for a walk around a laime sleazy club, a couple of single guys that was it no girls at all.

Credit repair  on Green Door

posted on March 22, 2007
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Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!  on Green Door

posted on March 13, 2007
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Behind The Green Doo  on Green Door

posted on November 7, 2006
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it was actually behind... the green door

Stripclub  on Green Door

posted on April 18, 2006
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This place is terrible. The woman here are gross or with someone. Ive had more fun in the VIP room at a stripclub.

big joe  on Green Door

posted on May 23, 2005
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anyone seen little mary lou with the tight ass and sweet pussy????

what??  on Green Door

posted on March 24, 2005
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to the first comment...what are you talking about. this isn't a strip club, it is a swingers club. there is no champagne, let alone any alcohol there at all. you must be confusing this club with a strip club. I just moved here a few months ago and drive a limo here. I checked out the rooster and the green door and the green door was much better by far, in every way. they have moved a few doors down and have very nicely remodeled.

lv regular  on Green Door

posted on February 2, 2004
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I went to this dump and they wanted $40 to enter, I laughed and started to walk away. They came down and as I was leaving I was invited to "look" inside. There were a couple nude girls that came up to me. They said I could go to the Hot Tub with them if I bought them each a bottle of Champain. They Wanted $2000 for each bottle, I laughed and they wanted to know How I could afford. As I left they went to $1000, $500, $250, and $150 as I left the building. Don't waste your time here.