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samsmith  on Treasures

posted on 4 November, 2017
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Treasures allows a dancer named Ally to give blow jobs, have sex, and sell coke for multiple vips everynight. This club takes 20% from all the dancers they hook up.

She works everyday. The managers don't care.

Weedman420  on  Treasures

posted on 13 September, 2016
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So this place plays the worse music. Where is the hip hop? I'm convinced this is why no one makes it rain on stage. The whole vibe was off. Felt like the twilight zone. PLAY HIP HOP!!! And those poor girls could make money

Anadi M.  on Treasures

posted on 8 September, 2016
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Waste of time and money. Congested and really small place. Girls were giving lap dance right on the public floor. No privacy for paying extra. Going to try a new place but not coming back here again.

kenston12  on  Treasures

posted on 4 August, 2016
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Beautiful environment, prices for drinks are ok. It gets quite crowded during weekends. The dancers are not pushy and quite lazy. It took me a while to catch one girl's attention to get her give my bf a lap dance. It's better to sit around the main stage because the side one is quite lame.

Bill  on Treasures

posted on 13 July, 2016
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This club was awesome and a great place to dump my winnings before leaving Vegas. I had the best dance of my life with Roxi. Find her! Big tits, black hair face of an angel. Booty for days. Strong and sexy but soft. I would take her home to mom if she let me, but she claims to be a bad girl, and she was. Find her.

danielson  on  Treasures

posted on 7 May, 2016
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Cozy atmosphere, was forced to buy two drinks before being allowed in even though I'm a problem business is business.....the girls were pretty but seemed distant.

anthony1  on  Treasures

posted on 7 April, 2016
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We all have our own taste. If you enjoy blondes with barely any breast this is the place for you. If you are female avoid. None of these girls have the confidence to approach you. Very sad. Only stayed an hour before I uttered the words' " I'm bored at a strip club" So bored I'm writing this review in the strip club.

williamr  on  Treasures

posted on 5 January, 2016
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Booooo I lost my jacket and wallet (maybe lost) but I now no longer have my wallet or my jacket after visiting this establishment. Sucks too cause that was my favorite leather jacket - I can get the credit cards and ID back fairly easily but that jacket has all the right scuffs in all the perfect places. Ugghh - management totally has their heads up their ass unless your VIP.... Blah blah blah - I never have these problems at sapphire or rhino.

Erin G.  on Treasures

posted on 2 December, 2015
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One star is too generous. I was literally dicking around in our own little solo corner. Paid 35$ to get kicked out. Don't go. Aging old men bouncers. Brainless inadequately stimulating people.

ryan123  on  Treasures

posted on 18 August, 2015
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The limo free ride (LMAOROTF ) looked like it came from a junk yard (inside), it's an negotiate to get back to your hotel. The club was dark and nothing exciting to look at. Beware of prices for drinks $18 for a beer

Chad C.  on Treasures

posted on 27 July, 2015
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Total waste of time. $35 drink cover, the girls spend more time yapping rather than dancing. Lap dances are ridiculously over priced with a mandatory drink charge. Free limos.. I don't think so. they want to charge you to leave. Sadly this was probably the worst excuse for a club that I have ever been to.

yanard12  on  Treasures

posted on 4 July, 2015
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Small compared to sapphire. Limited seating, not enough women walking around. Low lighting, to dark. wouldn't come back here. NEEDS MORE SEATING AND GOOD LOOKING VARIETY WOMEN instead of just black and white.

timmykilla  on  Treasures

posted on 18 June, 2015
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First time in Vegas... Every day on the streets there are hundreds of people trying to convince you to go to these clubs. I was with a group of friends and we decided to go. The "promotor" said that the entrance was free plus 2 free drinks. We got there and was said that we had to pay "taxes" which was $35 each to get in. We did recieve a voucher of 2 free drinks. But when I asked for a blacklabel the blond bartender said that it would be more $ for that drink. The place was way full. I could hardly find a place to stand. There were a lot of girls but they werent that great looking. The third round was about an $15 drink so... bring lots of money. I totally understand that in a strip club you have to spend alot of money (I get it) but why the hell do the promotors act like if I'm getting a major discount and then surprise us with charging us at the entrance? Be honest people.... the drive there and back felt kinda unsafe. Beer bottles on the floor. No seat belts. Driver driving extremely fast. I do wished they had better music. Overall it was an OK experience.

Brenda H.  on Treasures

posted on 13 June, 2015
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Completely awful car service. The people were so rude! And the guy taking us back to the hotel dropped us off nearby and made us walk the rest of the way! Not re commended. Plus the drink cover charge. Ridiculous. Only go if you want 1 star service. Horrible. Will not go again or recommend it, ever.

StripClub431  on  Treasures

posted on 8 June, 2015
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This place is a huge scam. We were just walking down the strip then this dude offers us a complimentary limo ride and entrance to a strip club. He says all I had to do is tip the driver and buy two drinks. So we get their and the driver is already pissy because I only handed him a $10 (all he did was drive two blocks and picked up twenty people), then I walk in and I had to pay $24 for the two rail drinks that I agreed to buy. Now I don't mean to degrade women, but when I women takes on that kind of job it's like modeling, they are judged on their appearance &&& these ladies wouldn't be judged very well. Not to mention the girls were extremely trashy, I mean I know they are strippers but more than normal. This happened a little while ago, but I doubt things have changed.

Phero V.  on Treasures

posted on 8 May, 2015
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Ghetto place, ghetto people, ghetto service. Just go to spearmint or rhino.... Don't even try here

Cris A.  on Treasures

posted on 30 January, 2015
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One thing fuck this place!!! Never coming back!! do not come here unless you wanna get ripped off.!!!!

Feltrockni ..  on Treasures

posted on 11 December, 2014
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1. Only good part was the girls. A few were very interesting and intelligent on top of being hot as hell. Though most were nothing but manipulative. 2. Drinks are$28 for a DOUBLE WHISKEY AND 7UP. If you ask for anything bigger they charge extra and if you ask for a simple double rum and coke they charge you extra and it's not even a decent double.3. The bartender tried to stiff me on my drink by asking for my drink ticket when he already took it. Then instead of admitting his mistake acted like I was the one being a dick.4. Do not make this your first strip club. Even with the "free" limo service it's going to cost you 3-10 times what you should be spending. Go to another club. Pay your cover. Enjoy a reasonably priced drink instead of having your cover hidden in the drink cost. It may have you looking for treasure but they're going to rob you of yours.

Johnson12  on  Treasures

posted on 22 November, 2014
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If I could give this place zero stars I would. Came here last night after the club with my two sisters. Thought it would be a fun way to end the night. It wasn't!!!! We requested lap dance and got sent a girl that was unenthusiastic, flat assed and busted. After standing in front of the birthday girl and shaking her butt for one second, she got "offended" and huffed off with the $20. Who knew strippers were so prudish?! Guess she'd rather be groped by an old fat dude... Complained to management and got comped one drink. Big whoop! The only plus were the bathroom attendants who were actually sweet and helpful.

Christopher M.  on Treasures

posted on 13 November, 2014
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Girls are average at best. Promoters are pushy and demand a tip even though they are being paid for you to go in. Dances are same as UK but with a little bit of grinding this applies to upstairs dances. Not worth the money. 100 dollars mysteriously disappeared from my wallet and not in a good way. Got caught up in a dispute between waitress and dancer about a missing tip. Waitress said dancer had taken tip i left even though i left it on card. Managements suggest solution was i tip another 10 dollars which i refused to do. This place is best avoided completely.

Angela F.  on Treasures

posted on 19 October, 2014
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I visited the club. On the outside there were many Security other personnel, making sure that we and everyone's cars was safe. I like that. When we walked up to the entrance, we were greeted nicely and was treated with kindness. This was a world class club.

Ashley W.  on Treasures

posted on 26 August, 2014
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Went to eat only on a Saturday night. Had to pay $70 to get two girls and one guy entry. $10 went to a shirt because tank tops are allowed. The three stars is going to the incredible service from Sici (an older women from NY) who made the whole experience worth it. The steak was alright. The 400 dollar dinner tab was not. Entry should have been free. Overpriced food.

El T.  on Treasures

posted on 6 June, 2014
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This spot is great the women are alright..theirs a couple of them that i kinda question.but for the most part, the girls will do their job and the drinks are alright..eventhough tge security took 2 full bottles of patron in the entrance..bitch ass foos!!

Brittany W.  on Treasures

posted on 24 May, 2014
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A lap dance was pretty much forced onto my boyfriend. Not worth the $20 that they charged. I had found a deal online saying free limo and drinks and free entry. yes the limo was free, and the entry was free in theory. We ended up paying $33 for two drinks a piece, which excluded drinks with more than one alcohol. Needless to say we were there for less than an hour and we would not go back.

fuckery12  on  Treasures

posted on 24 April, 2014
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We went here on a Friday night thanks to a strip promoter. Free limo ride, no cover charge but had to pay for two drinks upfront (we would've bought the drinks anyways,so that wasn't a big deal). $20 for a decent dance in Vegas...not bad! Girls are pretty, not too pushy, and nice. The music was good but the drinks were a little weak. Is recommend this place and would definitely come again.

Laurie N.  on Treasures

posted on 24 April, 2014
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we enjoyed the atmosphere and the staff was very friendly.. the dancers there were very friendly and not pushy like some other clubs we have visited.. we left after a few hours of a great time..

Jimbo  on Treasures

posted on 21 March, 2014
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Decent time at this club. Spent more than planned but at least most of it was sams town winnings.

Cody F.  on Treasures

posted on 18 March, 2014
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Finally! Something I agree with Sarah Jane W. about. 5 stars. Once upona time, a Joe Pesci actalike hustled me and three of the best human beings I know into a limo and saved us from strip hell. A cute blonde I knew back then haggled JP (who it turns out knows East Tennessee pretty well) out of a couple extra drinks and promos. So, at least half of this ???-fated party claimed to have never darkened the door of a boob bar. The questionableness of that claim notwithstanding, I don't hang with friends who lack impulsivity or are not susceptible to peer pressure given the right proportions of booze, drugs, titillation, or shame. I may also hang with you if you can be bribed, extorted, blackmailed, or coerced into letting go of your inhibitions or good judgment. But that wasn't really necessary to drink some libations and flirt with naked girls now, was it? Treasures delivered. We had a blast, one of my friends left penniless after their first night in town, and everyone was able to mitigate their pre-hair of the dog overhangs covered in the afterglow of a good night complete with a coating of stripper glitter and lip gloss. Let me just share this. If you think you don't like strip bars, or you went once and felt so guilty you couldn't admit to enjoying it, get yourself a genuine Las Vegas lapdance and THEN try to tell me how much you didn't like it. I've enjoyed great company, met some really smart cookies, and been treated well. Look, it's all pretty chaste, it just might challenge your uptight American sense of modesty. I'd take my Dad. Hell I'd take your Dad to Treasures. And he'd like it, too.

tonycluber  on  Treasures

posted on 5 March, 2014
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Went here with some buddies for a bachelor party.They double-charged my credit card and charged me for items I didn't order.This place is dirty and a complete scam.When I tried contacting them they never returned my calls or emails.DO NOT go here.

Anthony  on Treasures

posted on 16 September, 2013
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Angelus if your speaking of the same j j I met once when in vegas then your a lucky man. She gives the best lap dances.

james1412  on  Treasures

posted on 8 September, 2013
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Surprisingly good steak. I'd also recommend the shrimp scampi appetizer.We got the crab cakes as another app and had the garlic mashed potatoes as a side but neither were worth writing home about.However, the bone-in-ribeye and filet were both legit and not pricier than any other average steakhouse in Vegas.Beware that it is likely you will get hit up by a stripper in the middle of your meal. This can be a gift or a curse depending on who approaches you or the occasion for your visit.One mistake we made was with the cocktails. Our assumption was that we would get normal restaurant prices for cocktails $8-$10 for a simple well drink but reality was it was more like strip club / night club prices at $13-$14 per cocktail, ouch.

winston12  on  Treasures

posted on 31 August, 2013
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I was not impressed with this club. The girls are just meh. It's very expensive. The decor is nice but that's about it. Don't waste your money there when there are so many other clubs to chose from.

S.C. Hoppin'  on Treasures

posted on 30 August, 2013
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Past 3 visits to Treasures were great and not so great. During one of those trips in Sept 2012, I found a blonde hottie on a Fri night who gave plenty of great dances, but then on Sun night I also got attacked by some crazy skinny-ass black chick with glasses who decided to plant herself down on my lap. She kept arguing on and on and when I tried to nudge her off my lap she grabbed my throat and gave me a little cut.

Jerome  on Treasures

posted on 13 July, 2013
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Sampled many clubs on this trip out to Vegas. Started the trip at Treasures which was nice but couldn't find the dancer that I was looking for. Had a good time with Kimberly and Daisy may.

JR  on Treasures

posted on 28 January, 2013
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We did some club hopping Friday night. Seems like the talent level is down all around, Treasures included. We eventually settle at the Rhino and saw some favorites.

Terry C.  on Treasures

posted on 31 December, 2012
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What can you say? A few months ago I was there for my batchlor party and it was just me and three other guys.All the girls clamored to my friend who obvouisly was better looking than us apparently. "Oh my friend (points to me) is getting married in a few weeks"Girl: "Oh that where are you from?"Me: "I'm from Portland."Girl: "I mean him (points to the friend who she sitting on his lap)"Friend: "Portland"Girl: "Your so hot, I want to fuck you."Gee if I was gay I probably have sex with him too.So that's how that night went, plus it was really dark. A girl complained that my friends smoking was irritating her. Earth to girl, your in a strip club...Eventually I had a decent time there. Take advantage of the limo service they have to avoid covercharge. The driver was really cool and told us how he lost like $2000 in one night. I'm thinking Damn...I should have been a limo driver."It sucked that the ride back the limo driver told all the patrons in the car that he was dropping us off at PH and not at the Tropicana because he had people to pick up at PH...

adamrod  on  Treasures

posted on 15 November, 2012
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This review is solely on Treasures Super Bowl party!! What an amazing deal!!! Limo service, unlimited premium drinks and shots, wine, great food which was changed out at halftime. One dollar half time dances. Great viewing to watch game. It is the best deal in Vegas bar none to watch the big game at. The service was second to none!! Our party of 25 will NEVER go anywhere else. The bar staff , perfect, the wait staff , exceptional, management totally has their stuff together and organized. It was classy, fun , and an incredible value! thank you Treasures and we are looking forward to 2013!

J  on Treasures

posted on 29 October, 2012
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Went to Treasures after a not so good night at Sapphire. Decent time. Will be back.

Jacque Y.  on Treasures

posted on 26 October, 2012
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They were a little hesitant to let a table of women in at first, but the service was impeccable after that. Our waitress (CC) was awesome. She was very personable and fun and even though she was busy as hell, she still took the took the time to make our dinner memorable. As women in a strip club, if you want girls to come to your table, be prepared to ask for them. They won't automatically come over to you.The food was incredible. Typical steakhouse fare with great flavor. Meals are ala carts but sides are big enough to share.Would I go back? In a heartbeat!

S.C. Hoppin'  on Treasures

posted on 5 September, 2012
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Another Vegas bust regarding strip clubs this past May, but the time spent at Treasures did beat out Rhino, OG, and Little Darlings.

Jel  on Treasures

posted on 11 June, 2012
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Pretty good time the other night with a Rubio

Frank  on Treasures

posted on 3 June, 2012
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Has anyone tried out Girls Girls Girls yet? (Vince Neil's club). Any reviews?

gh  on Treasures

posted on 23 May, 2012
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I met Mariah and she is damn sexy, and cool. Does anyone know where I can see more of her?

Elizabeth H.  on Treasures

posted on 14 May, 2012
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I've been debating this review, as those who know me also know I'm not a "gentleman's club" sort of person. However, the level of service, attentiveness, and professionalism I encountered here definitely warranted at least some sort of acknowledgement. This was several months ago and I've forgotten nearly everyone's name. But even so, I will still treasure the Treasures experience, and I think that's what matters...So toward the end of last year, a group of us took a close friend's brother to Vegas for his 21st. Yes, we did the normal 21+ staples. Hit up the pools, gambled a bit, even entered him into a silly game of beer pong. So, after mulling around on what to do for his last day, and after hearing Treasures repeatedly recommended to us by other friends, at the last minute we decided on treating him to their steak.As the designated "planner" of pretty much everything, I jumped in to call ahead and make reservations. Unfortunately, the kitchen would not open until much later in the day, when we'd already be heading back to California. For shame!! I had pretty much given up at this point, but the manager on the phone had another idea. He assured me he'd take care of everything and he'd see us later for an early dinner.Ultimately, about half our party left to drive back down to the OC. But our small party still held to our plans for steak at Treasures. The birthday boy was a little wary of entering his first gentleman's club, given the seedy surroundings and less than stellar exterior. But we were happily and professionally greeted at the door with no cover, an offer of a coat check, a small tour of the restaurant (closed at this time), buffet, "sports corner," etc. The bouncer even asked if we were the "birthday group," cluing me in to the fact that the manager did indeed inform staff that we'd be coming.After touring us around, we were led to our "dinner table," which was set up by the main stage. It was an elegant white tablecloth set up complete with white china, silverware, and low lighting ambiance. It was incredibly classy and far from what I had expected. The manager then stopped by to let us know that he'd given the Chef notice of our intention to eat some red meat, and that the kitchen was almost finished being prepped for us. The fact that the manager prepared for us in advance, and that the kitchen was being opened before hours just to accommodate us was far beyond any level of service I've encountered in Las Vegas.Our waitress was fantastic as well. She was knowledgeable about the food, attentive to our table, and even asked us if we'd like her to bring some of the women over to chat with the birthday boy. Of course, we obliged her offer, and had some lovely ladies stop by to chat with him in between their short stage sets. Every woman we spoke with was professional, casual, nonpushy, and very well put together.Of course, the steak was perfectly cooked and the entire meal was a dream. In summary, my experience at Treasures far surpassed anything I could have envisioned. The treatment is five stars, the women are gorgeous, and the cost is a remarkable value. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to experience Vegas class.

Rizky  on Treasures

posted on 5 May, 2012
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Have to say, it hasn't dated too??? badly at all. Strength of melody and a good heavy bass line. But the Dave Wheels I met all those years ago would be a bit gutetd to have it just called new age' music. Mew age ism is an excuse for believing in all kinds of highly unlikely bullshit. This was ambient dub at it's finest. Though I always thought the name a tad arrogant, and friends would joke of forming the lower intelligence agency, or even the average. Oscillate, ah, good days. Lee, Leicester.

Jerome  on Treasures

posted on 16 April, 2012
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For some reason I can't have a good time at Lil Darlings. Thankfully Treasures made up for it.

patty r.  on Treasures

posted on 10 April, 2012
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yes, it's a strip joint but it's also a Steakhouse and the girls keep their bottoms on, I personally wanted to experience it but they made us wait over 30 minutes for a table and we had a reservation so we didn't get the peep show or to try the steaks. too bad.

S.C. Hoppin'  on Treasures

posted on 31 March, 2012
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I know this place looks fairly decent and spacious from the outside, but its fuckin tiny and crammed when visiting at the wrong time - such as primetime Sat night. Walked around to scan it out and unfortunately, didn't see any hotties during this very brief experience.

JR  on Treasures

posted on 22 March, 2012
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Most of the clubs in Vegas have gone down. Treasures however has stayed pretty consistent. Good not great.

Angie C.  on Treasures

posted on 19 January, 2012
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Went here last Monday to top off my Las Vegas vacation with my 2 girlfriends and 4 guy friends! This place was so dope considering we didn't have to pay cover because our limo driver hooked it up. We did pay for bottle service though, a bit pricy but well worth it and better than buying drinks at the bar (well, for groups of 5-6). The service was good, our cocktail waitress was beautiful and really kind. Dancers came up to us and gave dances and even stayed to talk. The girls were really nice and funny, not to mention hot! I think we were just a talkative group and made them laugh so they stayed with us for fun. One of the girls gave me a lap dance and she was so beautiful and sweet! I even got her number, crazy stuff! I would definitely come back here, it was so fun!

Jerome  on Treasures

posted on 17 January, 2012
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Rough night at OG lead us to Treasures and surprisingly ended up having a good time.

Louis R.  on Treasures

posted on 21 December, 2011
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DAYUMTalk about sweet girls that can be brought home to meet ya mas.mas = mattress and sheets (seewhatididthere)Seriously, this place is a fun spot for a bachelor party or even for couples. The dancers are very relaxed and aren't all over you for lap dances every second you are in there.About 98% of the dancers look like lingerie models...the other 2%...well..they should stick to dealing cards at the casinos.I was more than happy to donate funds to this gentlemen's club...although...those nekked ho's weren't so happy to have me make them do some crazy shit on that stripper pole...cuz...I AIN'T NO GENTLEMAN.yea I said it.

Jessica  on Treasures

posted on 30 November, 2011
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BETTER than a Strip Club!!! Call me and my friend Angela for private in-room bachelor party entertainment! Also available for birthday parties and more. We bring sexy outfits, whipped cream, music, toys and games! Best rates in Vegas. (702) 628-0286

JR  on Treasures

posted on 20 October, 2011
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Not much has changed at Treasures. Nice club, fairly attractive women, and average laps. We ended up leaving for the Rhino and I met a hottie that looked like a younger Meg Ryan that rocked my world.

Ernest T.  on Treasures

posted on 19 October, 2011
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I am not going to lie, I was a little buzzed when I went here, but I had a great time. I went here for a bachelor party. They were super helpful. I called in advance to get the free limo and the driver was awesome. The workers there are super cool, and the happy hour there is awesome. Buy one, get one.... that will get you...Dancers are cool and talk to you.. I never felt like people were getting pressured to get a Dance. It was fun, and the bachelor was taken on stage for a little bit of cost, but it was worth it and not to expensive. I would definitely recommend to people are looking to have a good time, that is more of a jovial atmosphere, not so much a sleezy, weird vibe.

Kasey H.  on Treasures

posted on 2 October, 2011
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$25= entrance fee, 2 drinks, and taxi ridenot bad for a first time-curiousity trip. $20 for 3 minute lap dances- jeez. and the women were amazonian-sized.

Sharon S.  on Treasures

posted on 15 September, 2011
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My husband and I came here on a Sunday night. The crowd and selection of girls doesn't get going till around 11. The dancers on stage were mostly looking bored, but there was a couple who knew how to dance.We never felt pressured for a dance. Maybe bc we were there as a couple. The girls are very personable and will sit and talk for a while. Prices are about average for a strip club. We did VIP with Mary Jane, had a lot of fun. But that story belongs on another forum....If you are a couple looking to have fun without the pressure go here. Just remember to not be uptight about it :)

Toronto SC specialist  on Treasures

posted on 24 July, 2011
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SCN free club pass was accepted after the girl checked with the manager. I like Treasures. They make you feel welcomed.

dave k.  on Treasures

posted on 25 June, 2011
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Pretty nice looking building, inside and out, but not a cool place at all. Weird set-up, rude drunk girls, bad service. No way.... on a separate note, the majority of dancers here are usually Latinas, (which is fine), but wonder why there isn't a nice mix?

S.C. Hoppin'  on Treasures

posted on 20 June, 2011
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Visited this spot 2 years ago and had an alright night thanks to one particular dancer. Visited this spot again last year and had a pathetic time. Visited again last week but made the the mistake of entering between 11pm-12am on a Sat. night because it was standing room only for a rather small club. Paid the entrance fee, got approached by an ugly asian girl with too much make-up, couldn't find a seat, and was out of there in less than 10 minutes.

OutOfTowner  on Treasures

posted on 8 May, 2011
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I was planning on checking out this place but heard that it is one of the more expensive clubs. What is expensive? The drinks? The girls?

AssnTits5  on  Treasures

posted on 7 May, 2011
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The girls here are great. better than the rhino and sapphire.

Jimbo  on Treasures

posted on 28 April, 2011
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We hit Treasures and the Rhino after a good night at the tables at the Luxor. Treasures is a nice club and some hot women can be found. However, it was a notch below the girls at the Rhino and we found that the dances were also better there as well.

Matt H.  on Treasures

posted on 10 March, 2011
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I have been to this club twice. The girls here are attractive, but very predatory. Like most clubs of this type in Vegas, the girls make the most money giving private dances. I wasn't interested in lap dances, I just wanted to have a couple drinks and do some people watching. There isn't much time for that here. There was a constant stream of girls asking for (err, offering) lap dances. If you are here for that I can attest that there is a wide range of types and ages from which you can chose. Also, take the limo service from your hotel in order to avoid the door charge.

Van O.  on Treasures

posted on 5 February, 2011
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Went here with several friends from out of town.Paid 25 dollars cover each person only to find out that the club was closing in 30 minutes. They robbed us for 175 dollars. No girls danced and received no drinks. Asked for a refund and we got kicked out. Terrible establishment. Dont GO!

John Q.  on Treasures

posted on 12 December, 2010
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I "accidently" found this club when asking a cabbie where to find a good steakhouse. He suggested Treasures which was a strip club also and instantly I thought, "Dinner in a strip club? Cheesy!" Boy was I wrong. As it turns out this is a 4 Star Steakhouse and it sits inside the club but you don't see the dancers unless to enter the strip club itself later on, which we did. The girls get the hottest after midnight and the crowd seemed to pick up then too. Our waitress at the steakhouse had mentioned that this club had a late crowd, so don't come expecting it to be busy at 11pm.

Some young guy  on Treasures

posted on 16 November, 2010
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I had a blast. This is one of the best club I've ever been to in Vegas with lots of hot girls and good looking waitresses who are too sexy to be serving drinks and should become dancers themselves. Great round trip transportation service from and to the hotel with no cover charge.

Jerome  on Treasures

posted on 20 September, 2010
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After not seeing my girl at Cheetahs, decided to check this club out in the afternoon and it was very slow. The best thing about it was the free buffet.

Pinky T.  on Treasures

posted on 12 September, 2010
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I haven't been here in quite some time, so this review might be a bit dated.Even so, though, I highly doubt they caught up with Sapphires or the Rhino in the past couple months.It was a nice change from the norm, but I doubt I'd come back. The girls just were not that cute, a couple of them that approached the table I was at were stumbling drunk, and it just wasn't the best time ever. I'll stick with my old standards... you can never really go wrong at Sapphires!

Carolyna  on Treasures

posted on 10 September, 2010
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sorry baby......u should of told me...i just meet so many people...very sorry....whats your email? xoxo

luckyone  on Treasures

posted on 29 August, 2010
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That's hilarious. I actually went up there just to see Carolina, saw that she was there, tipped her on stage and she just ignored me the whole time. Wasn't even busy that I could see. Guess she didn't remember me which isn't that surprising I suppose. Still looked real good and would have gladly spent some pretty good money to hang out with her. Oh well, maybe next time.

re luckyone  on Treasures

posted on 13 August, 2010
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i told carolina someone was looking for her. she wanted to know when you were gonna be there.

Milt  on Treasures

posted on 13 July, 2010
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Came here twice, early and late in 2008. Thought it sucked. Have heard some promising things lately, how is this place now? Coming in August.

Jenny  on Treasures

posted on 11 July, 2010
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Thank you for all the love . Much appriciated but Treasures just didn't feel the same about me =( One mans loss is another mans gain !

re luckyone  on Treasures

posted on 11 July, 2010
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long legged, russian carolina's still there. saw her wed.

KS!!!!  on Treasures

posted on 8 July, 2010
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Only lame management would fire there best waitress over crap started by some HO thats dating the head lameasses child! . Rock On Jenny!!!

luckyone  on Treasures

posted on 7 July, 2010
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Looking for a hot Russian dancer (brunette) that I spent some quality time with earlier this year. Think she might have gone by the name Carolina or something like that. Anyone have any info? Heading back that way and would like to see her again.

Bud  on Treasures

posted on 31 May, 2010
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Spent an evening here with Marissa. Very hot girl and will reconnect next time that I'm in LV.

Reagan W.  on Treasures

posted on 3 May, 2010
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Right now this club will get two stars. Mainly because of the 10.50 beers. Some of the girls were decent, but there is too much of a hustle going on. Could get a higher rating if they have a decent steak at a reasonable price.

Angelus  on Treasures

posted on 15 April, 2010
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Had a really great time with J.J. the last time I was in, time really flew by...

Katie M  on Treasures

posted on 7 April, 2010
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Does a cute blonde named Katie work here?Used to work at silk in milw.wi with me and I'll b in town next week.thanks! P.

Saturday guy  on Treasures

posted on 7 February, 2010
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What time did you go on Saturday - I want to go when it is full? What are the dance prices and options? Is the VIP room booths or open couches? Las time I went I had trouble waiting for a cab to come and it turned me off.

Happy Man  on Treasures

posted on 3 February, 2010
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Wow. Was in on Saturday and the place was rocking. So many gorgeous girls to pick from it was a challenge. My lap dances were up close and personal. Nadia rocks. Don't miss Kirby or Frosty. I'll be back the next time I am in LV.

Tim  on Treasures

posted on 13 January, 2010
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The twins Shawna & Jenna are the best

Suggestions on blonds  on Treasures

posted on 31 December, 2009
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Preference is for tall 6' + blonds - not looking for extras. Any suggestions or maybe who to ask for/look out for?

Night shift start time?  on Treasures

posted on 28 December, 2009
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What time does the night shift start? Should you bother going before 10pm?

Question about Website and Cab Fee  on Treasures

posted on 28 December, 2009
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I was reading the VIP section on the club's website and it mentions that there is a $30 additional fee if you arrive by cab or limo. Is this true? What's the total cost to enter this place if you come by cab? Is it $30 + the club cover?

Eric  on Treasures

posted on 11 December, 2009
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Love the MNF, great food, big screen, hot girls and Freddie! can't ask for morethan that!

Mr G  on Treasures

posted on 6 November, 2009
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Vivian is the hoteest looking redhead I've found . What a body and a face to match.

Ted  on Treasures

posted on 9 October, 2009
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Went upstairs to the Skybar with those glass booths. I was in heaven with Baby Blue. That girl can work it

Jimbo  on Treasures

posted on 1 October, 2009
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Other clubs, you mean the slezey ones where hookers work.

Jimbo  on Treasures

posted on 22 September, 2009
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There's just something about Treasures that doesn't work for me. Hot women can be found but they just don't give good lap dances compared to other Vegas clubs.

Stan  on Treasures

posted on 19 September, 2009
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This place rocks. Hot women everywhere. The upstairs glass VIP booths are the shit. Treasures just went to the top of my list.

Thankful  on Treasures

posted on 10 September, 2009
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Heard Walter FINALY got fired. I can come back and work there now. What an asshole!

Nugent  on Treasures

posted on 2 September, 2009
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Dude did you guys know that Walter the D.J. moonlights at Flex! Wow! Hes really gay!

Don B.  on Treasures

posted on 24 August, 2009
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Billed as "the most luxurious gentlemen's club" in Vegas, Treasures definitely tries to live up to its name. I showed up on a Thursday night for a bachelor party and were greeted with a $30 cover, which is pretty much standard for Vegas. We were able to sit immediately and drinks were procured at the bar. 3 Jamesons on the rocks = $39. 2 shots of Patron = $40. I guess "luxurious" means "ridiculously expensive." While the girls were nice (not pushy, not mean) and the staff was too, I couldn't get past how insanely overpriced the booze was. Even the Heinekins were, like, $12 or $14 (I can't remember because at that point I simply stopped looking, because the only way to enjoy myself was to pretend like I wasn't getting raped by the bartender every time I was thirsty). Overall, it's an alright club. Not a single girl on stage did anything other than strut around (disappointing when you're from Portland and the girls here do insane pole acrobatics) so there's ZERO reason to sit at the rack. Drink before you go, or maybe go for the bottle service? I generally avoid bottle service, but the drinks are so expensive that it might be worth it. You're better off showing up toasted or smuggling in a flask. This is definitely not my first choice for adult entertainment in Vegas unless someone else is footing the bill. The level of "luxury" they offered me (standard strip club chair, standard strip club table, same drinks as anywhere else) is not worth the luxury price I paid. Maybe if a high-roller is rolling with me footing the bill, I'd be into it. It blows the Rhino out of the water, tho.

M. J. D.  on Treasures

posted on 28 July, 2009
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I guess getting old isn't all bad.The last of my college buddies was getting married, and being the smartest one of the lot, he chose to skip the pomp and circumstance of a conventional wedding and got married in Vegas. As the best man, I offered to take everyone out to Treasure's for one last party.Now we're not youngsters anymore. Gone are the days when our money would run out before our desire to drink. A late night now is anything after 11 pm. Now we make plans, rather than fly only by the seat of our pants.The plan - Steak and naked chicks. Some things don't change with age, but now I can afford them. Planning also involves research, and said research turned up 2 for 1 dinner coupons at the steakhouse. 2 for 1 here meant anything on the menu would be 1/2 price - much better than getting the cheaper dinner for free. Using a coupon in a strip club sounds cheezey but hey saving $20 is a table dance, 2 drinks or 20 singles for g-string stuffing. Since there were 4 of us, those coupons worked out to be $80 worth of dances, drinks, and stuffing singles.Research also indicated that Las Vegas has a unique taxi to strip club policy that requires big kickbacks to the cab drivers that bring in customers. The clubs recoup that cost with their cover charge. Since I drove, we all got in for free.We also arrived around 7 pm. It's not prime strip club time, but it is dinner time. It could also explain the free admission. Either way, we got into the club without paying the $120. That's even more table dances, drinks and throwing around money. Being old just netted us $200 worth of entertainment.Despite my research, I expected a typical gentleman's club that had mediocre steaks that would be served at your table, or tucked away in a far corner of the club. I couldn't of been more wrong.The Steakhouse is a full blown steakhouse. From the steakhouse you wouldn't even know there was a Strip club attached. The music didn't bleed through. The waitress was sexy but not anything you couldn't see in a casino. The Steak was huge, the Lobster Tails were bigger than my hand, and 2 sides served all 4 of us, with leftovers. Even when I was 22, a 28 ounce porterhouse was more than I needed to eat. If Treasures was just a steakhouse, it would warrant 4 or maybe even 5 stars on it's own, even from a crotchety old fart like myself.OK, I'm not really an old fart, but I finished college 20 years ago. And I am crotchety.The strip club side was nice. The women weren't top tier, but it was still very early by night club standards, and a Monday night. The majority of the dancers were about 30-32 years old, and naturally stacked. Somehow, this is more appealing to me than an 18 year old that already has implants. If you're 22, you might prefer the younger girls, but when you are planning to celebrate your 39th birthday *again* the 32 makes you feel a little less perverted.The dancers were unusually friendly. I suspect this was also a function of the time/day issue. With fewer patrons, the women could just hang without feeling they were missing out on better paying patrons elsewhere. We also appeared to be closer to the dancer's age, so a decent conversation (no generation gap) could take place.Strip club experiences can be all over the map, from 1-5 stars depending on the hormones and the expectations of the reviewer. Both of mine are much lower now, but excellent value steak and lobster never change. I wouldn't mind going back, but at my age I have to worry about looking like the creepy old guy you always see in strip clubs.

Question?  on Treasures

posted on 27 July, 2009
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Which club has the best looking, friendly, and classy girls? Which club has the least amount of blacks hanging out?

Not sure...  on Treasures

posted on 25 June, 2009
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Who "Sexy" is....but how has this club been?? I thought it sucked??!!

joe  on Treasures

posted on 3 June, 2009
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I met a dancer named Brea who used to dance at Scores and was very nice. Where in the world is "SEXY"---Her real name is Mandy a blond. The management at the club told me she must be on vacation , but some dancers told me she was pregnant. Please let me know the truth. I appreciate it

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