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631 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

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CrimeStoppers  on Showgirl Video

posted on June 24, 2019
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PeekShow  on Showgirl Video

posted on September 18, 2017
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So...this is a peep show and video store? That soooooooo 80's.

eddyL  on  Showgirl Video

posted on October 16, 2016
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If you have ever seen the old sci-fi movie Battle Beyond the Stars and most people havent, this place reminds me of Johnboy Walton landing on a shady seedy planet to recruit Robert Vaughn, heck the girls here even look like the ones in the movie. This place is the Business equivalent of hanging out in a dark alley at night in a bad neighborhood. Germophobes beware, this place is your worst nightmare. But if you would look to explore the scumbag side of yourself, than this place is a great start. I tried it, but now I am paranoid that someone may have filmed me inside and might send pictures to friends or family members to out me as a compete Douche. You have been warned!

Harrison69  on  Showgirl Video

posted on March 28, 2015
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Came here after I left from a meeting with a bankruptcy attorney and I have to say that the place is what I thought it is inside they have thousands of adult videos and then the main event where you can watch the girls in the booths from what I was told by the guy up front who was friendly was that there was 3 girls working a black girl white girl and an Asian girl I was lucky to get the Asian girl you put a dollar in she does a show and you pay more and she does more for me time she also does a private show for a little more and it's what you expect. The Asian lady was okay looking didn't do much for me but I still enjoyed myself even if it was to kill time and I plan to check this place out again whenever I get another chance hopefully they have a different lady and not the same ladies when I went. Also besides those booths they have booths for adult movies and Webcam booths to see those girls overall this place isn't bad and I recommend if you haven't been here to check it out at least once.

Phil R.  on Showgirl Video

posted on August 26, 2013
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I can handle the the fact the place is run down, smelled of cigarettes and is a adult orientated business, heck I choose to go there "check it out" but, I do expect some customer service. I stopped in in the middle of the day and didn't even get a hello from the clerk. I browsed around looked at the various items all while the clerk watched. He then went back towards the Peep show area when lunch for one the dancers arrived. Seeing that costumers where invisible to the staff I left. There are much better and more friendly places in the Las Vegas area to go.

Sarah Jane W.  on Showgirl Video

posted on April 20, 2012
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If you want to experience the REAL Vegas, go north on the Strip til you pass the Stratosphere. That's when the REAL fun starts: strip clubs, porn stores, pawn shops and derelicts! Don't be a puss -- check it out!The jewel of this portion of LV Blvd is Showgirl Video, an adult store with a moderate-to-severe case of the grunge. Bare concrete floors, rack and racks of DVDs with titles like "German Piss-Orgy," dirty magazines and an assortment of dildos, dongs and pocket pussies to enjoy them with.The walls are lined with ass- and tit-imprints from some of the world's biggest names in porn -- just like at Hollywood's Chinese Theater! Even better, in the back of the store, you can pay $1 to go through a turnstile to a little peepshow area. A marquee shows you who's dancing today -- usually about 4 different girls. Then enter a booth, insert $5, and the shade goes up to reveal who's on duty at that particular moment. It's like a crapshoot -- will it be a scabrous Russian? A meth-addled Floridian?? You never know at Showgirl!!If the girl really turns your crank, you can pay extra and take her down the hall to the Private Peep area: a series of little booths where she will dance for your eyes only. A menu is posted out front: "Anal $60, Anal w/toy $80," etc. It's a riot!All in all, a truly unforgettable experience. And, girls -- if you're down on your luck, they'll let ANYONE dance here...even just for a day or two. On my visit, the manager told me about these two co-eds from Colorado on Spring Break, who had lost all their money gambling and needed to earn cash to get home. They wandered into Showgirl with their bikinis, and in three short days they had earned bus fare back to Denver.This little parable tells me one of two things.. either the bus is a LOT more expensive than I remembered... or there ain't much money in peepshow dancing!!!

blowboy  on Showgirl Video

posted on March 21, 2007
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I always drop by when in Vegas.Girls have good attitude and the arcade is packed full with a variety of nasty movies.

Secret Treasure  on Showgirl Video

posted on March 13, 2007
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Come and Swing into action with Mariah and Scarlett and the newest beauties of the new millennium visit ("wetandplenty") This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to sprak your memory or pique your interst to see more..

David  on Showgirl Video

posted on June 8, 2006
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I was there yesterday - what a disappointment ! Good place if you want to buy a video, but the "Live Girls" were anything but. You pay $1 to get through to the viewing booths. $1 opens the blind so you can see any girls. The viewing window is small and the plastic all scratched. The window opened, an average girl showed me her "hoo-haa" then banged on the window for $1. Had higher expectaions being it is Las Vegas. Should have spent my $3 on a slot machine.

montana guy  on Showgirl Video

posted on June 3, 2005
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Nude club? Bed dances? It's a glass partition between you and the girl, you feed dollar bills in to see her. This place has viewing booths.

eiffel  on Showgirl Video

posted on August 22, 2004
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Anybody know what happened to Cheyenne? Kate is great!!!