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CrimeStoppers  on Palomino Club

posted on June 24, 2019
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livinlikelarry  on  Palomino Club

posted on December 9, 2016

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We were in Vegas for a week and on our last night thought we would try the Palomino. We bought a package that included pick up, cover charge, front row table, and some drinks. The driver was right on time and very friendly. We did have to pick up two other couples, but not a problem!! Got to club and took us right to our table. Waitress was right there and got us set up. The driver had called ahead and told them what we wanted to drink so that made it nice. Atmosphere was nice and being close to stage is a must. Girls were very pretty and had great bodies! Most were very good dancers, best we have seen in a while. Wife's favorite part was that most were all natural breast, a big plus to her. After about an half hour a very pretty girl came to our table and started rubbing wife's back (she loves that). She ask if we might want a private dance. We said "Sure". Her name was Lauren and omg she was so hot. She really showed wife a good time. Lots of nice contact. We would love to do it again. Thank you so much Palomino and Lauren!!!

Argo F.  on Palomino Club

posted on November 4, 2016
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Love this place. The girls are by far the most talented in Vegas - truly spectacular talent. Take it from a guy who's been there and done that the entire world over, this is the BEST STRIP CLUB IN VEGAS. And to be honest, I've actually never seen that kind of pole work anywhere else in the world. 10 out of 10.Drew's the best. Call him up and let him organize everything you need before you stumble in there half drunk and start slurring non sense. He's a gentleman, a scholar, and an MMA ground and pound professional... so behave, and have a blast!

navid  on  Palomino Club

posted on October 4, 2016
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Had a night here that I will never forget. We got there around 5pm on a Wednesday and weren't charged the $20 cover, as long as we each got two drinks. Of course, prices are jacked up. Water is $6, juice is $6, beer is $8. So prepare for that. But according to my guy friends, Palomino's is awesome because of the full nudity, and because they allow you to drink and smoke. I loved seeing the strippers strip (first time!!!), but also enjoyed seeing them hang out at the bar and talking to the little people. Strippers, they're just like us. FYI Vanessa was super hot and awesome, both at her lap dances and in the VIP lounge. Go to Palomino's. Take your friends. Prepare to spend money because those girls deserve it. Treat yourself to a lap dance. Enjoy it. Have an unforgettable time.

Jim S.  on Palomino Club

posted on August 24, 2016
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My new bride and I went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon and wanted to check out some gentlemans clubs while we were there. After checking web pages I contacted Andrew at the Palomino and explained wat we were looking for. He suggested a two of a kind package and arranged transport to and from our hotel. The driver was awsome. When we arrived it was about 10:00p on a sunday and was fairly busy. Things started off slow with no girls approaching my wife and I which I can understand because the girls never know if the wife is really into being there or not. After my wife called over a dancer to talk to her( she was from the ukraine...I cant remember her name) things picked up tremendously. The girls were beautiful and plentifull after that. We had a great time and my wife and I received some very quality dances. We spent sometime in the VIP room wit a few ladies. When we were ready to leave, the transport was quick to respond and got us back to our hotel. We ended up going to no other clubs while we were in town because we felt we had seen the best already.We will be rturning to Vegas in Nov and again next year. We will definately make the Palomino a regular stop for us every time we are in town.

danielson  on  Palomino Club

posted on June 17, 2016
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Completely disappointed with this spot. I feel completely robbed. I visited this strip club in March for my 1st time. It was my g/f, a friend of mine and myself. I was emailing back and forward with a promoter or marketing guy or something. He told me there was only one table available and that I would have to buy a bottle in order to get it. He said the place was pretty packed already. Upon arriving I see that was not true. Don't get me wrong there were people there but it wasn't close to full. As I get seated and wait for my bottle. I notice not 1 other table has a bottle purchased. Whats the deal here? No one has to buy a bottle for a table but me? I kid you not when I say not one person had a bottle. I was just jipped into buying a bottle Smh. Next bad thing. Not one time in our entire visit did we get approached for a dance by any strippers. I even had to ask some that were dancing if they could come after they were done dancing (which they didn't).I never had such a bad experience at a strip club. EVER!The only good note I may add is that our waitress was super sweet and attending to us.

Jennifer B.  on Palomino Club

posted on May 22, 2016
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Me and my Fiancee decided to visit this place last night while in town and this place is GREAT! Party van will pick you up and bring you back to your hotel which is very nice, oh and driver is nice too. Drinks are good. Dont even start with the girls. They are sooooooo damn hot. Rose i think? The asian chick is sooo damn beautiful. I would give 5 stars if the girls would come up to couples. Once i walked away they came up to my fiance. But not when I was around so that sucks. Im more excited to go be there but didnt expect to be ignore :( im really butt hurt about it!;( Im pretty sure that we'll be back once we visit Vegas again and hopefully will get a lap dance with the hot asian! :)

Brain  on Palomino Club

posted on April 30, 2016
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Stay away from dancer Spanky. Yay she is on the website but she does not allow you to touch at VIP even the club rules allow it. She only gest nude at the very end of the dance regardless of you buy 3 songs or 1/2 hour , may be one minute or two.There are many other girls you could have better time at VIP.

kenston12  on  Palomino Club

posted on April 26, 2016
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A little upset after getting a private dance from Kaya. A very friendly and beautiful Lady. She bit me and I have a terrible and painful bruise now. Not cool...I have a total of 2 marks, but one looks pretty bad!! I felt uncomfortable but the dance was paid so I didn't know what to do and waited for her to be done with her 15 min...If you're considering her, be careful....

stripforme123  on  Palomino Club

posted on April 16, 2016
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I was actually going to give this place another try again since I'm in town but when I called, they went back on the free offer and said no other clubs would do that for just 1 guy. However, that is a lie since I was at Spearmint Rhino JUST last night and there was no cover charge, no drink min, and free transport. Should probably do your homework before making such claims.

Colbys  on  Palomino Club

posted on April 13, 2016
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Took my wife last sat to palomino gentleman's club for our wedding anniversary after hearing this was the best strip club in Vegas. So we decided to get a table, got one right next to the stage. I gotta say for having a table and a bottle and buying buckets of beer, and tipping the waitresses very well. My wife and I still got no love! I had to actually approach a few girls to come over. Lol, after that I got approached by a sexy girl from Florida, but I forgot her name. Paid for dance and never saw her again.. We finally got approached by a lovely woman named ARIEL. She was so sweet and wonderful took care of both of us. So I was fine giving her all our money lol. We got 2 vip dances from her then she brought a friend, "who was just as wonderful and sexy, but forgot her name" she was blonde and skinny. So I paid for 30 mins for both and was so worth it!!!! Thank you ladies for saving the night!!! I felt palomino is not so couple friendly. And met Andrew, he was a very nice guy! He was very helpful with the ride there and back. Thanks Andrew. But after all good night thanks to ARIEL.

richard95  on  Palomino Club

posted on April 10, 2016
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EDIT: So eh, it turns out this club is much bigger than I can remember!!! #facepalmHaha, don't be like me - go upstairs, have a dance, explore! LOLGreat, I think. The latter parts of the night are a bit hazy!It's not a massive club, which is good and it's comfortable, clean and drinks aren't that expensive. And dancers are good.

ryan123  on  Palomino Club

posted on February 4, 2016
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Palomino in north town has the best scenic views of titties on this side of town. I've seen more Boobies here than I have ever seen in my life. I like Boobies. And that's not saying much.

dannyboy7  on  Palomino Club

posted on January 7, 2016
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When I walked in, I wasn't greeted. Instead, I was immediately asked for my driver's license, which I handed to the entrance guy.I asked if there was a cover and he said said no, but he said there was a two drink minimum. I asked how much the drinks were and he said he didn't know.That pretty much sums up everything I needed to know . . . Palomino requires that you agree to pay something to get in, but they aren't going to tell you what that is until you've agreed to pay it.I walked out and went to Little Darlings, which was packed for a Monday night.For the record, the entrance guy mirrored my respectful demeanor, and he likely isn't the one responsible for Palomino policies. I'm not sure if management has instructed him not to disclose drink prices or not.

rickywho2  on  Palomino Club

posted on October 9, 2015
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ok this is then number one---it is the best really---everytime I have gone there and that is not much anymore I m treated well--at some of the other clubs they hit on your date as soon as you walk in---oh come with me to the VIP and you girl friend can wait here--yes it happends--I do not want to mention the other clubs---pole dancing you can go to the Olympic games---if I was younger I would be working there---long long story but the palamino is number one-----marcella

Belly And Kiki B.  on Palomino Club

posted on September 30, 2015
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It was a very nice club but the reason why they didn't get all 5 stars is because we never got a waitress to come to the table my husband ended up going to the bar to order drinks other than that I love the club we even had a bus pick us up from our hotel and take us to the club and take us back to the hotel we also got in free for using the pick up service

brandonresh  on  Palomino Club

posted on September 25, 2015
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Pole dancing should be an Olympic sport and the ladies here would probably medal. Have you ever seen a person securing themselve to a pole with only their upper thighs and hang parallel to the stage floor? Lots of naked athletics up in here!You'll notice after riding the free shuttle service (we tipped the driver 5 bucks a piece) that 1) it's way off the strip, about 15 to 20 mn. 2) it's not in the best neighborhood 3) it's small and not as flashy as most Vegas gentleman's club. It's worth the trip, just don't drive there because you'll end up paying the cover charge and maybe your car will get broken into.There were 6 of us and we almost declined the bottle service. If you come with a group: spend some money on bottle service. You get seating and it's cheaper than buying individual drinks: 15 to 20 for weak mixed drinks. We chose the least expensive bottle service which included 8 pitchers of beer and free sodas. We were there for 6 hours. It was that much fun.Lap dances are 20. The ladies sell ya hard on (see what I did there) the private dances. I did not partake. I had a budget. Bring cash and leave your CC at home. There is a cash machine in the building so leave your debit card at the hotel to avoid draining your kid's college savings account.Did I tell you that we were there for 6 hours.The girls are, uh friendly, and not overly aggressive. The ladies are warm and welcoming. The pole dancing was amazing. In Minnesota, we go to a classy gentleman club that doesn't have a pole. So this was a treat for me. These ladies are athletes!I'll bring the wife next time! Tip the bathroom attendant. He has mints, cigars and if you need a couple sticks of cigarettes, he'll offer that gratis.

mathewater12  on  Palomino Club

posted on September 21, 2015
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Best strip club ive been too. My husband and I are from los angeles, strip clubs are common out here and there fun but nothing compared to palomino. We called ahead and they informed us if we drove there, there would be a $10 cover if we got picked up from them it would be free. We decided to drive there just for convinience we werent sure how long they would make us wait incase we wantes to leave right away. arriving there the gentleman at the door said not to worry about the cover just buy some drinks. The dancers were young and pretty hot. Servers and bartenders were good lookin too. Drinks were greatly priced. One of the dancers sat with us we bought her a drink because she had just turned 21 (at least thats what she said) she was such a sweet girl we talked a good while she wasnt pushy about a dance at all. Two of the girls put on a nice little show for me, which was amazing. Definately check it out! I know ill be goin every time we go to vegas.

J C.  on Palomino Club

posted on September 10, 2015
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What can I say, but the best stripclub I have ever been too. Andrew went above and beyond to ensure me and my party was taken care of, and the girls and staff are all 10's, they kept checking on us through out the night to make sure we were ok, and there were an endless supply of girls that are real chill and not pushy at all and all about having a good time. If your in Vegas looking for the best stripclub , this is the place to be. And shout out to the attendant in the bathroom, you rock!

maxxy1  on  Palomino Club

posted on July 13, 2015
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F#cking WOW! If you're into women, this place will not disappoint!The women in here were absolutely gorgeous and, through the door, instantly make you feel welcome. Very attentive but not pushy on the privates. Over 4th of July weekend, first night in Vegas for brothers bachelor party and 3 of us took him here. That was our only mistake; hitting this place the first night which set the bar for the next 4 nights!We got bored of the casinos and got here about 8pm. A little early but didn't drag ourselves away until around 2am. A few hundred bucks VERY well spent and impossible to walk out without a smile on your face!Never hit any of the other strip clubs in Vegas and have no desire to even try out any other club. Carmilla (spelling) made me feel like it was MY bachelor party. Not only ridiculously beautiful, conversation was fun and non-stop. Same was said by my brother and friends about all of the ladies they spent time with. And they spent time with quite a few of them.If anyone asks for recommended places to go in Vegas, Palomino Club will be the first words out of my mouth! Huge thanks to Carmilla and all the ladies who helped to show me and my brother a great time in Vegas. We will be back!

Revelle W.  on Palomino Club

posted on June 22, 2015
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Let me start by saying we had a really good time. The dancers are very talented. It was also very appreciated that we got a ride there and back as well as well as no cover. I did unfortunately have a few issues although they were nothing major compared to other places that I've visited. The chairs were unfortunate. They made it difficult for me to get close to my date, they were uncomfortable and worn. I understand it's kind of silly to complain about but it would have made our time there more enjoyable. The biggest issue I had was the so called "bar". In the club's defense this seemed to be a consistent issue for nearly every bar we went to during our stay. Every drink we got was watered down. To the point of where it was pointless to drink let alone pay 12 bucks a piece for. A dancer suggested we get shots instead...the shot was so watery I couldn't even believe it. So knowing this now, next time I'll have to just stick to beer for the drink minimum. Otherwise it was good and I'd like to go back....but it always sucks to feel like you were completely ripped off and taken advantage of.

Dana O.  on Palomino Club

posted on May 16, 2015
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I had a great time here with my boyfriend on 5/9/15. Special thanks to Julio for round-trip shuttle service. He was professional and responsive to texts for pick-up and return. He warned us, "You can't miss it!". Yup...can't miss a shuttle that is essentially a full, in your face advertisement for Palominos. The girls are attractive and skilled dancers. I only came across 1 chick who gave more of a floor show vs pole show. Most of the girls are not only athletic, but "natural", which is a plus. We had a VIP experience ($100 for 3 songs) with Carmella and my boyfriend had a great experience. The girls are professional and not pushy to the point of annoyance. There was another dancer who really stood out. She did the inch worm and managed to jump up from her knees onto her 5 inch heels. Great dancer. I would give this place 5 stars, but the smoke is an issue. Despite the smoke, I could feel a cool breeze blowing through occasionally, which helped freshen the air a little bit. Will recommend. Had a better time here than Olympic Gardens and the Spearmint Rhino.

nickstrip  on  Palomino Club

posted on April 11, 2015
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My husband and I first fell in love with this place because of Moment, and we made a few visits specifically to see her. I heard she's the house mom now, and I'm happy for her.But her absence was definitely felt last night.First of all, I want to say that Sasha and Noelle (spelling?) were great. I know a lot of girls are intimidated by couples (although for the life of me, I'll never understand why), but they came and talked to us and were absolutely lovely to talk to and to get dances from. I would love to see more girls like them.However...Noelle was the second girl to talk to us, and she politely excused herself after my lap dance to make her rounds. This was about 11:30.My husband and I finally got disgusted and left around 2:30. Not a single dancer, in that entire time, came to speak with us. 3 hours. I even tried flagging a particularly talented dancer down, after her time on stage, but she wouldn't even make eye contact. They all kept walking past us, refusing even to look at us.Seriously. There's got to be security footage somewhere. Time it. Three hours. And count how many women walked right by us, refusing to look at us, even after I tried to smile and make eye contact with them.Yes, I know I could've walked up to any number of women standing against the wall or sitting together at the tables next to us and asked for a dance. But 1) I feel like a creep going up to a random hot chick and saying, "hey, can I pay you to put your ass in my face?" And 2) boobs are always great regardless, but they're even more awesome when they're attached to a genuinely cool person, like Sasha, Noelle, or Moment. I don't want to have to troll for attention. And in the past, we've never needed to.Perhaps I was spoiled by finding a woman like Moment on my very first visit to a strip club. She always took amazing care of us, and we loved spending time with her in the VIP area downstairs, or the private rooms upstairs. Maybe part of my disappointment is because my expectations are too high.But even my husband, who has been a regular customer of many different clubs for many years, was surprised that, in three hours, not even a single woman smiled at him or said hi. At one point, I even went outside for about fifteen minutes, hoping that a woman would feel more comfortable approaching him on his own, without me there.No luck.I was completely disgusted. As we were leaving, I made a bit of a nasty comment to the doorman, which, now that I've calmed down, I feel a little bad about. But in the moment, I was pissed. We were expecting to spend around $500, with the small possibility of going up to $1,200 if we found the right woman to spend time with. We ended up spending $40 on lap dances from Sasha and Noelle (which were awesome) and about $120 on drinks.I was hoping to have an awesome night out, with some amazing women. Instead, I left in a horrible mood and have nothing but a hangover to show for it.But hey, at least now I have extra money for jewelry.

Nat E.  on Palomino Club

posted on March 31, 2015
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Terrible they make women pay and the driver will lie to you to get u to go here...DO NOT I really want to give this establishment no stars!

Rachel D.  on Palomino Club

posted on February 20, 2015
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This place was fun! I wanted to take my boyfriend to a nude strip bar and this was it! The women overall we average them to be a solid 6. But there were plenty of tens and then plenty of zeros. The ones who dances there hearts out walked away with lots of cash while some who danced like they were bored or hated life they got maybe ten bucks. There was one lady who stuck out and that was because she had personality. She stopped by to just chill. There was zero pressure. I politely informed her that I didn't want to waste her time because I wouldn't be interested in a dance and she laughed and said no bogie she was chillen and enjoying the conversation. Boyfriend had free reign to do what he wanted but he chose to enjoy the dances on stage. I slipped the VIP guy a twenty and he got us the best seats within ten minutes. We were right up close to the pole that spins which seemed to be the preferred side for the dancers. We spent about 6 hours there and time flew! Drinks are pricey but that's expected. The waitress will break your bills into singles for you as well. The place was very accommodating without being intimidating. Ten bucks for cover is cheap!!! Everywhere else that offers either Boise or nudity not both wanted 45$ a person! I want to spend my money on the girls not on entrance. They offer free limo ride but we opted to drive ourselves just in case we weren't happy with the place we wouldn't feel obligated to stay over a free ride. The dancer who hung out was open and super chatty. She answered many of my questions without batting an eye ! If I come back to Vegas I will def enjoy Atleast a night or two or three here!!!!! Women - if you are not comfortable in your relationship - don't come. Many women got drunk and seemed to compete for there mans attention- either by grinding- trying to get on the stage- or straight up fighting. So odd.

Nick A.  on Palomino Club

posted on February 13, 2015
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First off let me start off by saying Andrew was very helpful in setting up our package deal, he is a class act. Myself and 5 of my friends went in to palominos on Friday at about 11PM, they picked us up from our hotel which was great. We walked in paid for our deal at the door, and were immediately seated at our private booth/ table. They had our bottle of vodka and all our mixers ready for us as well. We all poured our self's a drink and surveyed the talent. Which by the way was very very good. About midway through our first drink the girls started coming over. Boom! 3 of my friends were already up in the private rooms. A friend and my self sat at the stage with about 300 in singles each and enjoyed the show for awhile. It took us about 2 hours to finish our first bottle of vodka. We were not ready to leave yet so we ordered another bottle and also got our 2 free pitchers of beer. Over all it was a great night. I have been to pretty much every club in las vegas and this one ranks near the top. Now the only thing I have to gripe about is friend gave me his credit/debit card to hold because he spent a shit ton of money and didn't want to spend anymore, well one of the dancers found out about this and was PISSED at me for not giving him his card back. She got in my face and told me she was going to make the rest of my night shitty. Every time I got up to go to the stage or get a dance she would take my drink. I saw her do this 3 times with my mixed vodka drink and twice with my beer. I was kinda pissed. One of the girls I had dancing for me told her to stop taking my drinks, (she saw it too) and they had an argument right in front of me, so that kinda rubbed me and my friends the wrong way. We were done in the club around 4:30am and they took us back to our hotel. I tipped the driver cause he was nice and on time each time.

Kuhuh K.  on Palomino Club

posted on January 29, 2015
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For those with short attention span TL;DR we had a blast, even though club outside was a little outdated in what seemed like a bad neighborhood,inside was awesome and Andrew took good care of us.Threw my buddy a bachelor party this past weekend with 9 guys. We have had bad experiences with some other clubs previously. I emailed Andrew and told him what I was looking for he quickly responded back. Putting a name and having a phone number made me feel more comfortable with the situation. We got the big ass bucket of booze package. it lasted us from 10:30 pm till 3 am. I called Andrew multiple times just to confirm since I was going to pay at the door really had no confirmation. He didn't seem to be bothered by it. Anyhow, the driver Julio picked us up at Harrah's on time in their party bus and took us to the club. Guy was pretty chill. He walked us in so they knew we were on the bus and we walked right in. We had a VIP suite in the corner. Could watch both poles and could see all the talent. They had the mixers ready for us and once we paid the package fee the alcohol came out. Andrew, came over introduced himself said call him over if we needed anything. At first the girls coming over were not our types. We asked Andrew to send over or type and bam it was done. The only negative I have was that the server wanted $20/ mixer to refill but I just sent it back and made nothing else of it. I know its a business but we were spending enough $$ to get free mixers. We just drank the alcohol straight after that which is fine. To recap Andrew took good care of us and we had a blast. Girls were good. They even made sure we got back to the hotel free of charge too. Hopefully, this is a helpful review as I had a hard time deciding where to go since all the comments for all the strip clubs here are hit and miss.

billtheguy12  on  Palomino Club

posted on January 22, 2015
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Easily: Las Vegas's Best Strip Club. The only club in Las Vegas which servers alcohol and shows you pussy! This club is packed with girls, and the stage has more 10's than I've ever seen walk a stage. Among the girls are several angels and several whores, whatever you want. And best of all everything's cheap: Lapdances: $20, VIP: $75, Alcohol starting at: $5! I can't recommend this club more highly.

Johnson12  on  Palomino Club

posted on December 16, 2014
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Well TBH...I dont remember much of the evening as i was drunk ... But my friend enjoyed himself and said i was having fun too.

tonycluber  on  Palomino Club

posted on December 13, 2014
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Wanted to go somewhere fun with my husband & this place had good reviews. We went and had a blast. The place is intimate so be prepared to possibly catch a seat right up front. The girls are gorgeous & fully nude. What more could you want? My husband & I got the "special" of 4 dances for $100 plus a shot. Well worth it. The girl was talented as well as hot. Great place for couples. The girls respect that you're with someone & really don't bother you. The first night we went only 1 girl approached us. The second night the girls did not come over at all although there was a huge bachelor party there as well. If you drive yourself let them know & they wave the cover and just require a 2 drink minimum. My husband & ordered a beer & mixed drink & it was $17 (to give an idea on prices).Long story short, visit the club & enjoy the view.

Scott G.  on Palomino Club

posted on November 26, 2014
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Went here late night, 5 am. and it was still a blast. Did I mention I went with my girl the girls were very nice to her, we had a great time. The drinks are reasonable and strong everyone was friendly great atmosphere. We just moved to the area from the DC, so this is a lot of fun we are now new locals! and we'll be coming back. To all wondering this is a grat place better than anything you'll get it this strip. can't wait to go back!

Ravon H.  on Palomino Club

posted on November 12, 2014
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Started off as a 1 star night but ended betterIn vegas for my birthday, my sisters birthday, and one of my friends birthdays. Had a group of 8 and we wanted a place that was full nude and had alcohol so Palomino seemed like a good idea. I pre purchased a package and scheduled a 1:30 pick up at my hotel off the strip on Tropicana Ave for Thursday 10/30 halloween eve. and confirmed it Tuesday So when 1:30 rolled around and no ride was there I called the club and spoke to Andrew. He said he would have the driver give me a call. So at 1:45 the driver calls me and say he will be another 45 min needless to say I wasn't happy with that. Andrew said it was a busy night and with traffic. Had my doubts about that though.Surprisingly The driver got there a little early at about 2:20. But to of our party already rolled out because they didn't want to wait anymore. He got us there quickly too so things started to get better. Not a wait to get in and we were seated fast. Waitress came over a poured out first round but we didn't see her much more than that. Andrew promised us a extra pitcher of beer that we never got. But with the short amount of time we had it was hard to finish off what we had anyway. Most of the girls were pretty hot and some had some great pole work. Seems like many of them were just standing around and not working the room. One came over to our group. She was Amazing and couple friendly. All six of us got a lap dance from her, some even more than one: ). If she is working make sure you tip her she is the main reason for 2 of these stars. The lap dance prices are pretty average at $20.00. The club gave us a ride back, which saved us from a expensive cab ride. All in all its a good place to go for a good time. Just make sure you call them at least a hour before you want to be picked up.

XXXbeast  on  Palomino Club

posted on November 8, 2014
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I have been to clubs around the world for over 30 years. The Palomino has a ridiculous business model. $30 covers and charging for women is dumb.Most of the dancers were beautiful but dull, self absorbed, very good shape for the most part but only two knew what a pole was for and spent too much time on the floor.Too smokey and ridiculously expensive, not a fun at all. When I was in the Navy clubs were a second home, I will not be going back.

Weedman420  on  Palomino Club

posted on May 14, 2014
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I get to Vegas about three times a year and I make it point to visit the Palomino every time I go. Look, you can go to strip clubs for a variety of reasons. One is because there are pretty girls that pay attention to you. Two, because the club makes you feel comfortable whether or not you spend a lot of money. I know that there are pretty girls at the club but I go to the Palomino because I can get a great drink upstairs, talk to some pretty and smart women and forget about life for awhile. Yes, I guess the Palomino is my cheers. I enjoy seeing Moxxie the bartender. It can be months between visits but she knows I want Jack Daniels. And then there is Moment. She doesn't mind that I don't take her to privates. She sits and talks to me. Of course, she is hot and we have been alone but that is not why I go back. I go back because they make me feel special. I have been to many strip clubs but I have never had the same feeling that I get at the Palomino. I enjoy having a drink, smoking a cigar and have a nice conversation with a half dressed beautiful woman. For three hours, life is really good. I highly recommend taking a seat and relaxing upstairs. I can't wait for my next time back.

tom  on Palomino Club

posted on February 5, 2014
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I have never been to las vegas. The vallet at my hotel recomended your club. I couldnt have asked for a better night out. The drinks were good and very reasonablr priced . Thr waitress was right there with our drinks whenever we ran out. The girls were all very gorgeous and very friendly. Not pushy like other places. I had a great night there thanks to your girl rainbow. She was very friendly gorgeous and her vip dance left me breathless. I will recomend this club to everyone i know coming to vegas. Thank you. And a special thanks to rainbow nna

z f.  on Palomino Club

posted on December 20, 2012
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$8 ATM FEE. Fuck this place.Don't fall for their "free" pickup & drop-off scam. They'll pick you up, then tell you that there's a two-drink, $30 minimum. As you read the other reviews, this is totally arbitrary since sometimes they charge $20, sometimes nothing at all. They said we'd have to pay for a table otherwise we'd have to stand. We went in and the place was practically empty (about 10 people tops). And even when you want to go back to your hotel, they only give you rides every 2 hours, so you have to stay there 2 hours no matter what. FUUUUUCK THAT. Stay away.

Jerome  on Palomino Club

posted on June 21, 2012
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Met a dancer that said her name was Patrick? Maybe I heard her wrong. Can anyone verify?

M  on Palomino Club

posted on April 17, 2012
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The club is an ash tray. Did i pick a bad night or Is the air quality always so terrible? The club seems like it hasn't been renovated in years.

Ben  on Palomino Club

posted on April 13, 2012
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1st time in a strip club from canada. my buddies paid for a dancer from shakira look alike who couldnt speak much english. i got full full service and she went in the back with my friends.

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posted on February 8, 2012
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After attending a male revue show on the strip. This guy and me want to see the full jewel and not just a tease. So after calling like five times (to get directions) we finally made it (Vegas roads are weird). Not sure if it was manager on duty or what but due to me calling back to back in a row we were escorted in. Some how we end on the girls side and I walked upstairs-which is the VIP area:). After watching the girls for a few we went next door-omg that's were the men were (or should i say bad boys) were. On the note I can't share everything-so head to Palomino and experience it your self.

J  on Palomino Club

posted on January 31, 2012
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The other night spent some time with a dancer that looked like the girl from Friends. Dances in general were just ok. Left for the Rhino.

JR  on Palomino Club

posted on November 28, 2011
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We had a great time with Anna. Can't wait to go back.

AssnTits5  on  Palomino Club

posted on October 22, 2011
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Horrible place, expensive cover ($50+), ugly girls, terrible smell, bad service. Will NOT come back.

Trinity  on Palomino Club

posted on October 15, 2011
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I no longer dance. ):

Philthy V.  on Palomino Club

posted on September 1, 2011
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BEAUTIFUL GIRLS no fat chicks here or even chubby ones (YAY!) fully nude and full bar.PERFECTION

Jimbo  on Palomino Club

posted on June 27, 2011
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After hitting 4 Aces on a poker machine, decided that this would be the place to go and we ended up having a pretty good time.

trinity  on Palomino Club

posted on April 19, 2011
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I am now at Sapphires and I go by anastacia now.

First48  on Palomino Club

posted on March 31, 2011
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Just got done watching the First48 TV show. Just wondering if this is the club they were talking about? Would like to stop by some place famous next time I'm in Vegas. Also the girls looked sexy even in there street clothes. Although they did blur their faces.

Nawal D.  on Palomino Club

posted on March 1, 2011
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Went here with our Michigan friends after Treasures was a fail. My husband and I arent really into stripclubs as our friends were, but we went for them. We got in for free since the bouncer knew a local friend of ours, so it was cool not having to pay whatever the admission was. I've heard its the only totally nude club in Vegas that allows alcohol... Oh, thats right, it is... no wonder why alcohol was so damn expensive!! 12 bucks for a beer. really? Dude, I could've bought a whole case for 12.99 at smiths! haha. Our friends got lap dances for 20 bucks, while my husband and I sat there staring at each other saying "Are they done yet? Can we leave?" I think if most of the strippers were a little more on the attractive side, it wouldn't have been so bad. Some of them weren't so bad looking though, I wont lie about that... others... mehh, not so much. It was okay, but if i was to go to a stripclub again... please make sure I'm totally hammered before I go in there.

Jimbo  on Palomino Club

posted on January 9, 2011
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After not seeing what I want at Cheetahs in the afternoon, decided to check out this club. Ended up getting dances from one of my regulars but was a bit dissapointed with the overall experience.

visiting soon  on Palomino Club

posted on October 21, 2010
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how much is the cover, and various fees re girls?

Mary C.  on Palomino Club

posted on August 8, 2010
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It was a girl's night in Vegas. We were liqoured up and ready to have a great time! After partying at LAVO, we got a cab and told them to take us to Palomino. The doorman snickered... He opened the door to the cab for us gals and said "they are going to Palomino". The driver had a surprised face and snickered - "REALLY? U sure about that?" A promotor told us it's a guaranteed fun night and there is full on nudity! The driver, who I must say is a sweetheart, kept suggesting we go to places like Cheetah or OG. At first we thought, he's probably just trying to promote other places for profit, so we stood firm w/Palomino. How bad can it be?Our cab ride led us to a different part of town. We were no longer in the midst of the glitzy lights and oversized structures. We were in a shady part of town. The houses had metal bars and shackles on them. Hmm... Getting pretty wary at this point. I looked over at my friend Joy who looked very uneasy. The car pulled up to a parking lot outside the Palomino and said "this is Palomino... Do you want me to stick around? Take my number." We all said "YES". Honestly, I did not want to even get out of the car. The bouncer were big and scary... an accused murderer sort of look. But of course, we had to take a look. My friend Kerry, plopped out first. Went inside and was not so warmly greeted by a tough scary bouncer. I tugged on my friends hands and tilted my head over at the cashier in her bullet proof glass booth with a sign stating "No fire arms or weapons allowed". Sigh... This is not where I wanna be! We went inside and my friend Kerry started calling the driver on her phone. No reception. We sat down and watched a young black man 20's maybe 30's, butt nakeddd working for his dollar! His "ding a ling" was all out and I'm pretty sure all eyes were on that. There were only a handful of ladies in the place. They seemed like they frequent the place. The butt naked man proceeded to gyrate his "ding a ling" in womens faces and then he took a candle and dripped wax down his body. Wax ran down his chest to his stomach and then down to his.... As if that couldn't hurt anymore, he poured more on his bobbing... manhood. Me and Joy looked at each other like... I think we need to leave. Kerry was walking around the bar to get reception. Our other friend seemed just fine watching... lolApparently the cabby never left was waiting around the corner. He pulled up to the parking lot and we high tailed our arses outtta there! As we were running in our 3 inch heels, a guy stopped one of our friends and held her hand. He asked for her number. He seemed very sketchy like he may have some weapon under his jacket. She sweetly gave him a fake number and hopped into the cab. Door locked - we were safe! The cabby said he knew we were gonna hate it and figured we would need a ride back. Thank goodness... There weren't any cabs in the area. As we drove out of the parking lot and was about to pass Palomino, the cab made a screeching halt right in front and screamed at Palomino with his fist in the air. He said "We are going to shut you down Palomino. Do you see how many unsatisfied customers leave your place? You are going down!" We were completely dumbfounded and my heart was racing. I was afraid one of the bouncers were going to chase us down with a gun. This wasn't my cup of tea. But it was def memorable. We headed over to OG to make the night right... :)

JR  on Palomino Club

posted on July 13, 2010
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Club is a bit small compared to the bigger clubs in Vegas but is the only nude alcohol club. Thanks to L for showing me a good time.

Ashley H.  on Palomino Club

posted on June 20, 2010
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guys downstairs...chicks upstairs. i guess it has something for everybody. ive been to a lot of strip clubs but never one that had this was a new experience. and when i say experience thats exactly what i mean. those boys worked the pole better than some women that ive seen. but i guess they have to. it was interesting that the whole night they kept repping da bay....interesting to hear so much bay love in vegas... they shouted out a few other places but they bay is always the livest. there was a contest as to who was the best stripper and it was all out war between vicious and batman. the guys didnt just strip, they put on a show with a story line. they let girls get on stage and pretty much did whatever they wanted to them. big difference from the usual keep your hands off the girls and you get stay and spend money. not really sure if id want to go another male strip club but it was fun...and again free shuttle/limo which may have been the funnest part of the night honestly.

JR  on Palomino Club

posted on May 12, 2010
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This is a very good club.

Jerry From Minnesota  on Palomino Club

posted on February 22, 2010
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I spent two great evenings here in April 2009. I really enjoyed Candy and Samantha's (Sam's) company. Sam is from N. Dakota and sometimes dances at the Men's Club in Reno. I will be in Reno from Saturday, April 17, 2010 thru Tuesday, April 20, 2010. I would love it if Sam could get to Reno during that time, so us 2 mid-Westerners could get together again. Seeing and dancing with Sam again would really make my trip! I hope you remember me and will make an effort to come and see me in Reno in April. Thanks!

Customer  on Palomino Club

posted on May 23, 2009
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Is Trinity coming back or has she moved on to another club? I have not seen her lately.

dancer  on Palomino Club

posted on February 28, 2009
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hi, does anyone know if Playboy started filming yet /??

Erik  on Palomino Club

posted on July 1, 2008
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I went here last January the 26th with a few other guys for a bachelor party and it wasn't too bad overall. It's a little dark in the club but I didn't find one ugly girl that I could remember dancing on stage. Had a dancer by the name of Hope who put the hustle on me aggressively and wouldn't leave me alone. She was hot though so I caved and went to the VIP area for $100. Got 3 songs worth which was good but had to tip extra if you wanted to go above and beyond. Didn't stay for very long but the aggressive hustling turned me off.

MynyoBiz S.  on Palomino Club

posted on June 11, 2008
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Sorry Emily I would have to disagree with you. If you are going to go to a strip club you have to be prepared for what comes at you. You should have let loose and had fun with your girls. The dancers are there to entertain and stimulate all your senses. I really liked this club, me any girls went for a birthday party and it was cool. The guys are really, really, really talented if you know what I mean. Matt was really cool, call him if you want a ride to and from your hotel to the club which makes it great if you want to get your drink on. Now let me get to the dancers. What can I say about the dancers, lets just say I was really entertained. From Batman, Silver Bullet, Slow Lover, Money, to Chocolate. They are all blessed in all areas of seductive dancing, and blessed in other places too!!!... If you want a night of clownin with your girls and you have a few dollars to spend this is your club. It was great for me because I went home and put it on my husband!!!! Thanks guys!!!! I hope to see you in August for my B-Day!!!!!

Troy H.  on Palomino Club

posted on June 7, 2008
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Came here as part of our "rounds" during the bachelor party.This is the only place that's full bar AND full NUDE. Unfortunately, the alcohol don't make the girls look any better. These girls were big and vulumptious! No more comments, gotta keep it nice......

to: shy  on Palomino Club

posted on February 4, 2008
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First you'll notice that there isn't many post for the Palamino, because the name is Palomino. This club isn't that dark. And why work nude, if you can work topless? You might want to check out Girls of Glittler Gulch, downtown. Even though it's close to the Cal, I haven't seen too many Hawaii guys there. I'm usually the only guy from Hawaii, when I'm there. Since it's on Fremont, it's safer working there, than at most clubs. Mostly tourist, not many Vegas locals.

shy  on Palomino Club

posted on February 4, 2008
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hi i'm from hawaii n was planning 2 move n.las vegas sometime next year. i was wondering if this would be a good bar 2 work at? is it dark? i prefer working in a more darker environment cause i feel more relaxed. i'm new 2 this whole nude dancing. pls let me know where 2 get the liquor license to work thanx.

Em C.  on Palomino Club

posted on October 3, 2007
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This is a review of the male all-nude review show at the Palomino. It's hard enough to sit through a show like Chippendale's or the Thunder from Down Under without laughing your ass off. But when my girlfriend's and I went to the Palomino, we started off having a good time, then left midway through the show feeling a little bit traumatized. Call us prudish or uptight, but we didn't walk away from there satisfied. There was no variety in the male dancers, no seduction, no sensuality. It was more like "here's my goods, let me shove it in your face or somewhere on your body, now throw me some damn money"-type atmosphere. If you like that kind of stuff, then this club is for you. Other than that, don't go. I would give it less than 1 star if it was possible.

ThePatron  on Palomino Club

posted on September 29, 2007
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Does anyone know where and when Diamond is dancing now?

Diva Girls  on Palomino Club

posted on March 13, 2007
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Come and Swing into action with Mariah and Scarlett and the newest beauties of the new millennium visit ("wetandplenty"). This websight includes fantastic Nude Photos/Movies/Chat Rooms it has just enough to sprak your memory or pique your interst to see more...

Kenya Adler  on Palomino Club

posted on February 10, 2007
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This place has the highest entrance fee in town, $30 (or $15 for locals). They also have one of the highest drink charges, $8 for a domestic beer. Is it worth it? Depends on what you?re looking for... see Eddie Montana's Las Vegas Strip Club crawler for more details....

JP  on Palomino Club

posted on August 2, 2006
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Just came from there. Girls for the most part rate a 6 through 9. Drinks are $6 (beer), $20 cover charge (before 7 pm). Most girls are pretty friendly and if when they ask you for a $40 dance you politely decline, they will leave you alone. Good full nude view. You get much more from your money than other clubs like Olympic Gardens Be prepared to pay $15 taxi from the strip. No taxis going back from the club! Ask them to call one for you before you walk out, otherwise it is a 'tense' two mile hike downtown before you find a cab.

hey  on Palomino Club

posted on July 2, 2006
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does anybody know about the palomino stallions? does every guy get fully nude?

to max t.  on Palomino Club

posted on April 25, 2006
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I don't know where you have gotten your info, but your wrong about a few things. The owners aren't the lawyers. It was one of the old managers who has bought the place. Right now all thats open is upstairs because they are remodeling down stairs. should be open within the next month. stop bad mouthing the club. And the reason we can charge $40 for a dance is because we are the only club thats nude WITH liquer. We also do 3 for $100 if you want a much better deal. Also, if your feeling cheap some girls do a topless $20. And our dances are very much worth it. So stop by and have a good time.

$40??  on Palomino Club

posted on April 19, 2006
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What the hey? $40 a dance? and probably no touching....

Max T. Unimportant  on Palomino Club

posted on April 11, 2006
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According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal on March 15th, the Pal is being sold to the owner's lawyers to help pay legal expenses in a murder trial. A doorman at the club was shot in May 2005, allegedly in a contract killing, allegedly for bad-mouthing the club to cab drivers. The owner's son, his girlfriend, and two other employees are awaiting trial for murder and conspiracy. I won't put in a link, but you can google Palomino murder for the full story. This is the second murder connected with the Palomino, although this one didn't occur on the at the club.

Ashley  on Palomino Club

posted on April 7, 2006
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I seen her recently at the Olympic Gardens, great girl, have fun, good club.

stamina rock  on Palomino Club

posted on March 11, 2006
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well all i can say its wonderful nice beautiful girls... ONLY FULL NUDE BAR THAT U CAN DRINK AT IN VEGAS!! other then that there all fuc ken topless! the place has been around for years!! and will for many 2 come! i live here in vegas and all these fuc kers that say it sucks is because there ga y... and dont know a what vegas has!! Palamino what a place i mean im 21 im a good looking guy that prefers Palamino 2 then going through having 2 pick up lame ass chick that want the same thing stripers do!!! but the striper's give you your moneys worth and give u a night 2 remember!!! peace guys and remember i know strip clubs and this place is the best by far

Pontifex  on Palomino Club

posted on January 2, 2006
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Drove by about 10:00 PM PST 22 December 2005. Four or five cars in the customer's lot, more than I expected. Lights on, seemed to be open. Best wishes.

Thomas  on Palomino Club

posted on December 27, 2005
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I used to come to your club some years ago and I still have very good memories. The place is my personal number one!!! I would like to send my best wishes and a lot of kisses to Tawny T. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"!!! Thomas (

sadaisha 05/15  on Palomino Club

posted on May 15, 2005
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hey, love ya and miss ya. great place to be and alot of fun. should try it out. best club i have been to in vegas!!!

karl  on Palomino Club

posted on February 1, 2005
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Went last Saturday night (4 of us English guys). Had a fantastic time. Superb lap dances and great girls. It wasn't cheap. but cheap only buys trash. Go have a good time there. I did!

Ashley Lauren  on Palomino Club

posted on January 11, 2005
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Wondered if she (Ashley Lauren) still work on weekend...saw her in 1994, make sure if she still works there or not...would like to see her again....I pleasure talking with her before...She is awesome look girl.

Pontifex  on Palomino Club

posted on December 29, 2004
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Drove by about 9:00 PM 27 Dec 2004. Three cars in the customers' lot. Best wishes.

to Vegas dancer  on Palomino Club

posted on August 11, 2004
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stay away from this place. it's about 5 years or more past its heyday.

Vegas dancer  on Palomino Club

posted on April 15, 2004
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Havent checked this place out. When is a good time to go for an interview? Any info about fees $ apreciated. Tired of the strip on the strip.

Jason  on Palomino Club

posted on March 16, 2004
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This club was cool. Laid back and a nice atmosphere. I cant believe they serve alcohol and its nude. The girls are hot!! I don know what that jerk off was talking about. Lap dances are unforgettable. I cant get a lap dance like that in Michigan.

GotScrewed  on Palomino Club

posted on February 20, 2004
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Let me sum this up guys: stay away!. if you get in a taxi and the *friendly* driver tells you this is the hotspot, jump out!!! ...even if it's going 30! we're no amateurs, but we got bamboozled by a taxi driver looking for an extra $5 kickback from this barnyard with only 2 fatties and your grandmother dancing...even though we told him we'd tip him to take us to the best place. well, the good ole palomino (they call it this because the girls so closely resemble horses) scalped us for $80 at the door, and when we saw what was grazing in there - we left before our behinds ever hit the chair. asked the manager for 1/2 our money back and that we had only been there for 1 minute, he said take a hike!