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Cynthia G.  on Club 23

posted on November 23, 2016
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Truly a wonderful experience! Just celebrated my son's High School graduation. The service was on point - very family oriented. We were treated as if we were family. We asked for the items that were not on the menu and they prepared them with no objection. The appetizers (burrata, calamari fritte, salumi) all delicious. The entrees were scrumptious and the Tartuffo on brioche to die for. This is my new favorite place. We met the owner who was down to earth. He surprised us with a bottle of champagne to celebrate my son's graduation - I was truly touched! Shout out to Pino - u were great. Thank you for a wonderful dining experience. We Jersey folks will be back! Please take a chance and visit Ornella - you will not regret it. Everyone is nice and they aim to please!

Mary W.  on Club 23

posted on November 14, 2016
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Delicious small family run restaurant. Most pasta dishes are homemade. Great menu choices.Nice cozy atmosphere great service. I will return to this place soon.

nick o.  on Club 23

posted on October 26, 2016
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Food is great but the host overcharged me. They still lied after I called them out on it .Make sure you are clear on the price when you order.

Franklyn  on  Club 23

posted on September 27, 2016
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Ornella is da bomb. If you have a gluten sensitivity and are depressed by a lack of options for Italian, Ornella will lift you out of the darkness and into sunshine and blue skies. If you don't have a sensitivity, still have their chestnut, buckwheat, or chickpea flour pasta. Their in house made pasta options are exquisite--- the Gnocchi is divine; pasta di Castagna supremely decadent. If you want an authentic Italian experience, you must go to Ornella-- truly a culinary celebration. And that is not hyperbole.

livinlikelarry  on  Club 23

posted on September 27, 2016

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The best Italian restaurant in Astoria! Consistently delicious food and a great atmosphere!

Mike D.  on Club 23

posted on September 22, 2016
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Cute place. Pino, owners son was great. Food was solid around, esp stuffed pork chop.

danielson  on  Club 23

posted on September 15, 2016
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The best italian restaurant so far .sergio was the friendliest server and very warm .i ordered the castgna pasta and my friend ordered the pork chop .sergio ever offered us to try the pesto pasta himself made .top notch service .will be back with my friends and family to enjoy the excellent food and service here :)

dopeboy19  on  Club 23

posted on September 8, 2016
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I have been here two times and I enjoyed both experiences. Pino and his brother (chef) were really nice. We started off with the baked clams and mozzarella, both were delicious. For the main course we ordered the short ribs and amatriciana, both very good. Pino, our waiter was very personable and provided excellent service. His brother even came out of the kitchen to say hello. I love the fact that the whole family works here, makes me feel at home. The second time we came I had the carbonara, it was good but I honestly believe it could have been less wet. To me it needed a little more grated cheese, but that is just me. It was still good. My girlfriend got the bolognese which was very good. The homemade prosciutto was delicious. Keep up the good work guys. P.S. I love your responses to the negative reviews.

Maria D.  on Club 23

posted on September 3, 2016
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As a follow up to a previous review, the owner should be more concerned with his filthy bathroom, dirty silverware and drinking glasses and non-attentive wait staff, and pay less attention to how customers dress. I could only imagine how unsanitary the kitchen is. For an Italian restaurant, the tomato sauce was bland & watered down and the bolognese sauce was flavorless, which is an absolute disgrace. I did not want "soup" as the owner implied, I just enjoy my pasta with extra sauce. As it was the portion size was too small and overpriced and lacked flavor and the proper amount of sauce to begin with. It is clear the owner knows nothing about running a successful Italian restaurant. His skills, arrogance and classless attitude barely qualify him to be a dishwasher let alone a restaurant owner. For those who are looking to experience an enjoyable, memorable and flavorful Italian dinner, I suggest dining around the corner at Trattoria L'Incontro.

Vanessa C.  on Club 23

posted on September 1, 2016
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Such a cute place! The food is fantastic as well as the owner! My friends and I love this place! We go come here for dinner once a month and it's always amazing!

maxxy1  on  Club 23

posted on August 23, 2016
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My boyfriend and I have been wanting to try this restaurant for a while. He is Italian and we don't usually go out for Italian food as we still get to enjoy his family's homemade food quite often. Tonight we finally tried Ornella Trattoria, and we were very happy. The bread brought to our table reminded my boyfriend of the bread his Nonna served during his childhood. We split a pear/walnut/Gorgonzola salad, and my boyfriend ordered the veal, which was very tender. I was trying to decide between the swordfish and a gluten free (chickpea) pasta. I asked the server, and he recommended the pasta. I have to say, I admire a restaurant that doesn't try too hard to "upsell" by pushing the more expensive dish. I was happy I ordered the pasta, which the server told me I could get with any sauce (I chose pesto). We also shared a bottle of red wine, and I was happy that they had one of my favorite wines from California (where I grew up). We left in good standing with the "clean plate club," as we enjoyed every bite of the meal.We will definitely return, as we have not yet tried the meatballs.

navid  on  Club 23

posted on August 18, 2016
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Small mom and pop restaurant with great food. Had the duck meatballs and lobster ravioli. Both were delicious. The staff was friendly and courteous. Will definitely be going back soon!

Madia L.  on Club 23

posted on August 13, 2016
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One of my favorite Italian restaurants in NYC! I often travel to Italy so my standards are quite high when it comes to Italian dishes. The dishes at Ornella went above and beyond. The ambiance, cuisine and hospitality was perfect. The owner was very welcoming and kind from beginning to end. Definitely come to Ornella if you're in the area!

Romina W.  on Club 23

posted on August 7, 2016
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I ordered delivery from Ornella last night and it was not a good experience. I ordered 2 pasta dishes and asked for extra cheese and sauce on the side (I actually paid extra for the cheese too). When my order arrived it was bare bones. No cheese or sauce on side, no utensils, not even bread. When I called the restaurant to let them know my order was missing items, they said that I had ordered a pasta dish which is a carb so they don't give you bread with carb orders. This makes no sense. They also said they put cheese on the pasta dish, but there was none.The spagetti and meatballs were mushy and over cooked. The linguni with pesto sauce was delicious. I've eaten at the restaurant before and it was a great experience. They just need to improve their customer service for delivery as I will never order from them again.

Jen R.  on Club 23

posted on August 6, 2016
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Can't wait for my leftovers. With so many options in Astoria, my husband and I have always been disappointed with some of the Italian choices until we took a chance and came here.Service: Great! Waiters and the owner Giuseppe were very attentive. My meal came with spaghetti and they easy changed it for cavatelli Food: delicious! Not disappointed at all. Appetizer - Cesar salad and Italian meat & mozzarella cheese platter with sweet onions and raspberry marmalade, which was a special. The meat was cured in Giuseppe's house upstate and it was fresh and delicious. The salad was fine as well, but that platter though!!! Main Course: Stuffed porkchop with mushroom and substitute cavatelli was amazing. Plenty of fontina cheese and overall delicious. The cavatelli was al dente, which I particularly don't love, but still good and will just ask them to cook it a little longer next time we go. Lobster Ravioli - really good!! No room for dessert and complimentary lemonchello.

Angela L.  on Club 23

posted on August 5, 2016
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I've been to many restaurants in Astoria but Ornella Trattoria Italiana is by far the best one out of them all. Located minutes away from Astoria park Ornella's is a true gem. Dinning in is a wonderful experience. You're greeted and served by friendly and knowledgeable staff who cater to all your needs. My mother came in from out of town on a Friday night and she was a little skeptical when taking her first look at the menu. There are many unique and diverse dishes so I asked the waiter for his recommendations. We tried the duck meatballs and the people behind us insisted we also try the homemade prosciutto and cheeses with homemade jams as an appetizer. It turned out to be an excellent choice. Then it was on to the main course. I went with the freshly made chestnut pasta and my mother had the freshly made hemp pasta. I was absolutely blown away. Never have I had or heard of either of these dishes before. After an amazing dinner we had the pleasure of meeting the owner himself. It seems as if he takes much pride in all of his dishes and his entire operation. We didn't have room for dessert but he gave us a complimentary Limoncello.

James D.  on Club 23

posted on July 28, 2016
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Came here on a Thursday night for their $10 pasta special and had the Carbonara, it was very good, also had a bit of the lasagna which nice. Would definitely come here again.

Ginna A.  on Club 23

posted on July 19, 2016
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I came to Ornella with my boyfriend last week and I cant describe with words how good it was. The owner and waiters were all so kind, we used the groupon, and had such a good time, we will be back, the atmosphere and food are so so good.

Clayton H.  on Club 23

posted on June 8, 2016
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I've been going to Ornella about once a week for a couple of months now. I am the grandson of Italian immigrants, "going out" for Italian isn't something I do often, and of course I'm very picky.Giuseppe: I love your place, truly I do. Most Italian restaurants cater to customers looking for red sauce and polpette. But you serve the food that Italians eat in their homes. You and your staff are always very enjoyable hosts. Your food reminds me of what I would eat at my own Nonnas table. I also greatly admire the manner in which you stand up for yourself against negative reviewers. You have earned a customer for life in me Mr. Vitale. Keep up the fantastic work! One request for my most favorite dish in the world. Not often found on menus: How can I convince you to place Osso Bucco on the menu?

Mah B.  on Club 23

posted on May 19, 2016
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after walking past this small old school establishment numerous times... we finally made it in there..... I'm keeping it short..... the closest your getting to Authentic Italian food is by buying a ticket to Italy....... food is deeeelish.. take from a person with deep italian roots... it's a must visit

Dearbhail K.  on Club 23

posted on May 16, 2016
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Have nothing only great things to say about this place. The food, the atmosphere and the staff where exemplary. Both me and my boyfriend had a good laugh at the bathroom decor...very nice touch. We will be back again very soon, keeping business alive in the Astoria neighborhood is key!

theresa m.  on Club 23

posted on May 14, 2016
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I Looking forward to an evening of good food & wine to celebrate a dear friends birthday got off to a very bad start.I called Ornella for a reservation, very late on Saturday evening asking if they could accommodate us in short notice. They said it would be 30 minutes, but we could sit at the bar. Great, I thought, this will work.Arriving at the restaurant, I see that there are about empty tables, but they could not sit more than one party at a time. Odd, but OK. The bar does not exist. A counter with two stools & an old newspaper on it. OK, we were not looking for a bar.We hare seated at a table for four, but only three chairs. It is not set. They bring a bottle of water and only one glass. We order a bottle of wine with some appetizers. The beef carpaccio was far too thick & no seasoning, the baked clams were OK, not wonderful & the calamari bland. As were reviewing the entrees, we ordered a 2nd bottle of wine. They were out. How is a restaurant out of Malbec on a Saturday night of Mother's Day weekend? We were told, to just order the house wine, as that is all they had. When I ask the owner how he could not have any more wine or why we were not told there was only one bottle left, so we could have chosen another, he reply is makes me speechless. He stood there in a loud rude voice " Did you come here to eat, or complain?" When he saw the look on our faces, he claimed he was joking. I stated "No, you are not". At which point, the birthday lady stood up to leave, as she ask he to repeat what he said. HE turned white, and stated that everything was on him & walked away. It is the first time I have ever been treated so rudely. Did he really think we had not right to question him? Does he really think that is food is so fab that anyone would put up with him & his nasty chef son who had the nerve to then question me as I stupidly tried to tip our waiter? I was told not to go, but did not listen. I will not ignore my friends suggestions again.I am sure this will be placed in the ladies room where he proudly post negative reviews. We should have left then. The good thing? We ended up at Trattoria L'incontro for a wonder meal & amazing service. Maybe the folks at Ornella can take lessons.********* I have posted on FACEBOOK & we did go to L'Incontro, I am happy to post the bill.I did call and showed up in 10 minutes, agreed. I have no idea what you are talking about another place. I had booked a table on-line & cancelled due a friend telling me bad you are. I should have listen.Bottom line. You are rude. They fact that you say "Ladies" they way you do show this. I even tipped the waiter,because at least he knows he job. And yes, the birthday girl did say that while laughing, and yes I will tell you that only having a few bottles of wine is odd and you are very rude. I cannot say that enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed C.  on Club 23

posted on May 5, 2016
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I love this place....the food is awesome and it's very comfortable place to meet friends or have a romantic date. Everything is very flavorful and great portions...the owner is really cool and smart and takes great pride in his craft of an impeccable customer experience. His son has a similar vibe and personality. I like when there is a two generation restaurant.

moneyman2  on  Club 23

posted on May 4, 2016
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Excellent authentic Italian. The chestnut pasta was to die for. Service and atmosphere was also great.

anthony1  on  Club 23

posted on April 24, 2016
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Love Ornella! Can't beat the friendly, family vibe inside. No need to go into Manhattan for a delicious Italian feast. The pasta dishes at Ornella are some of the best I've had in NYC! Try the pesto (so fresh and delicious). The gnocchi is also a very good dish for cheese-lovers. The penne with tomato sauce is basic but such comfort food. Fave Italian in the neighborhood!

E V.  on Club 23

posted on April 13, 2016
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Writing this before I fall into a food coma! After reading the reviews, especially the bad ones, I knew I had to order from here. The owner doesn't hold back when responding to the negative reviews which made me want to try this place out. Anyone that can respond like that must know they have damn good food.The food was amazing and worth the wait which was estimated to be about an hour and showed up a little early. I will be ordering from here again!!!

marlonmoney12  on  Club 23

posted on April 2, 2016
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I came here on a late Thursday afternoon with my two friends for dinner. Thursday happens to be $10 pasta night, which is such a great deal. They only have the basic pasta dishes on the $10 menu, so don't expect your chestnut pasta to be on it LOL. When we came here, there were no other customers in the restaurants so we were given all the attention. The waiter was so attentive to our needs and kept asking us if we are satisfied and comfortable and if we needed anything else. The owner also came out and said hello to us, which I really appreciate because I don't see a lot of restaurant owners interacting with their customers often. Anyway, it was my first time at this place and I came all the way from flushing because my friends and I heard that the food here is really good (plus you can't beat $10 pasta). After reading all the reviews, I was itching to try the chestnut pasta! It also sounded pretty peculiar and so out of the box that I had to get it, even if the other $10 pastas were calling my name at the same time...I opted for what I thought would satisfy my taste buds best. When the plate arrived on my table, I was not disappointed with the QUANTITY, the dish was around $17 so I better get the amount of food that I paid for right? When I took my first bite, I told myself "Wow this is really unique and delicious" but unfortunately for me, after a few more bites, I just couldn't bear to swallow another bite. It just got overwhelmingly sweet for me and I guess I wasn't expecting that; I've been so used to savory pasta and not sweet pasta. I could't finish my plate at all and I gave it to my friend who found it delicious and agreeable to her palate. So in the end, I believe it is a matter of acquired taste, I wish I had ordered something different, I was just soo caught up in the hype of the infamous chestnut pasta. I might come back in the future, but I definitely would need to order something else.

Burton M.  on Club 23

posted on March 26, 2016
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We have dined here on perhaps ten occasions. The food is consistently great, with special consideration being called out to the white salad (artichoke and mushroom based), fish specials, pasta "with the milk", burrata, steak pizzaola, and above all else the chestnut pasta. There are many other made-in-house pastas.

Ethan R.  on Club 23

posted on March 12, 2016
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Loved the Pasta di Castagne! It is an absolute must try if you are looking for a unique Italian dish. It's pasta made with chestnut flour in a white cream pistachio sauce. The service is good and the environment is laid back and comfortable. I will definitely be back when I'm in this part of Astoria.

Jordan C.  on Club 23

posted on January 13, 2016
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I made reservations for my family on Christmas night. Props to this cute and classy little joint for being open (and crazy busy). The painted walls and indoor environment evoked stories of the 2 weeks that my mother spent in Italy about a month ago - she felt like it reminded her of the little cafe's that lined many of the streets throughout her travels. I'm not sure that's quite the ringing endorsement I mean it to be, but just know that middle-aged jewish women may find the ambiance to be very authentic.The food is FANTASTIC. Everything is presented in a very appetizing manner, and the smells really draw you into each dish. The portions are beyond healthy (no one at my table was able to finish their whole entree). I had one of the evening's specials - a pappardalle with short rib ragu. And wow. Just wow.To me, it's wonderful when a place isn't a caricature of it's origins - like any pizza joint that serves eggplant parm and shows up on a list as being Italian food (not that there is anything wrong with that at all, I LOVE pizza) - and Ornella's eclectic menu, full of more than just the standard "Italian" fare, hits all the rights notes for me. However, some of my party are more picky eaters who were less impressed with the range of dishes on the menu. Problem, right? Wrong! When my aunt started to fret that everything was a little too "different" for her taste, we came across a little note on the menu - if you're looking for something more standard, just ask for chicken parm, or any of the staples, and they'll be more than happy to accommodate.Our servers were prompt and friendly, and clearly working hard with a packed house on their holiday evening. Cheers to them!The only hiccup on the evening was the timing of our reservation. We arrived a few minutes early for our 6:30pm and we were acknowledged, but then stood around for about 40 or 45 minutes before we were seated. While it was nice that the owner wasn't blowing smoke about how it would only be another few minutes, just another few minutes only to be kept waiting, it was a little aggravating that he suggested we order while we were standing around, crowded in by the door. I appreciate that it was a very busy night, and Christmas to boot, but even a tiny apology for the wait would have been nice - certainly more warm and fuzzy than "hey, maybe if you order now, you won't have to wait when you sit". Like everyone else who had a table, we wanted to sit and wait - it's why we made reservations at your restaurant!Not that this will stop me from coming back. Even if I was that angry, the food means that I have to come back - there is too much more deliciousness left on the menu to try!

Kelly S.  on Club 23

posted on December 10, 2015
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Great Italian gem in Astoria. My mother, daughter & I arrived around 7:00, and were seated immediately. Personalized attention by all (father and sons? We didnt get all the details). We ordered a carafe of wine, bruschetta & a caesar salad to share. Bruschetta was different, sausage instead of chopped tomatoes, but delish. Caesar salad was fresh and the best i have had in a while. We ordered cavatelli with vodka sauce and chicken parm for 3 of us to share. Again, fresh, home-made and delicious. Topped it off with chocolate mousse cake and tiramissu. We were treated to after-dinner moscadella (?) - not my favorite, but a nice gesture. Overall, good for my family, young families, couples, and romantic dinners. Very accommodating staff. We will return!

Regina H.  on Club 23

posted on December 3, 2015
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This place is fantastic! The food was excellent and the owner was so kind and advised us to order exactly as the menu had the pasta described. He was right- it was fabulous. We had a nice conversation with him on the way out and the service was fabulous. Great prices, too! Will definitely be back to this place, it's got a great atmosphere.

Dan L.  on Club 23

posted on November 21, 2015
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That chestnut pasta, though...I've been to Ornella time after time, and each time it is more delicious than the last. The feel is authentic, the food is homemade and truly Italian, and the staff is friendly. We've had the chestnut pasta, the cannelloni, the chicken parm, several fish dishes, fried calamari and more. It is all delicious. Yu seriously can't go wrong.You'll know you're in the right place, and on the right path, when you see the handwritten menu, written in fancy cursive letters. The experience at Ornella is a delight, and makes me feel like I've moved from Queens straight out to a small town in Italy.Seriously, try the chestnut pasta. It sounds bizarre, but is one of the tastier Italian dishes I've ever had.

Eric H.  on Club 23

posted on November 20, 2015
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Anyone who's met Giuseppe can tell he's got a real passion for food. The pasta dishes are unique here, and don't hamper the taste for the sake of being unique. I've hosted a meetup here and Giuseppe is very accomodating.My favorite dishes here are the stuffed pork chop and the home made gnocchi. The hemp pasta is also a must try, you'd be hard pressed to find something similar elsewhere.

james1412  on  Club 23

posted on November 6, 2015
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We ate here last night and it was fantastic. The owner Giuseppe sat us and took our order personally. He answered questions, was courteous and gave us a good vibe from the go.After we ordered he asked if we wanted a drink with dinner...upon saying you have a house wine...he came over with a carafe brimming to the edge. The wine was great and came right as the starters arrived. We went with the duck meatballs and let me tell you...they were two of the best meatballs we've ever tasted. I'm Italian, family from overseas, and lived in Little Italy...I know good meatballs and these were spot on! They're obviously made with duck...have a spot of cheese in the center and have a glaze that is unreal...decadent...Definitely try them!Next up was the prosciutto and pear appetizer...this too was excellent.Our entrees came out after a short time...I had the short ribs and my wife had imbustata...both were absolutely awesome. Cooked perfectly, short rib falling off the bone with home made fresh gnocci. The imbustata also tasted great and the pasta envelope was cooked perfectly. We finished everything and during the meal Giuseppe checked in on us...even saying..if there's something you don't like...I'll bring it back and let you try something else. Now that's great to rarely have a restaurant owner going to lengths like that to make sure your dining experience is great!We ordered dessert tiramisu and the Italian cheesecake with a latte and a cappuccino. Before it even arrived Giuseppe came over with two cordial glasses filled with sambucca, saying these are to help with digestion and are on the house. It made for a great ending to an absolutely kick ass meal. We highly recommend and plan on going back again soon. BTW the place is quaint, clean, nicely decorated, and the murals are great. You can see that he takes pride in the place and that's great. Too many of these small restaurants simply open up for the "hipster money" that's all over Astoria nowadays and care little for the "experience" of the entire meal. Everyone thinks they're a trained food critic instead of actually communicating with the server/owner/chefs...Sit back, put your phone down, and enjoy the meal.Thanks for reading.

Sheva E.  on Club 23

posted on October 29, 2015
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I'm genuinely surprised by some of these reviews, this was probably the worst restaurant I have ever been to. It makes me rethink any bad review I have ever given because it was so terrible. The products they use taste like they come from a can and nothing tasted fresh. Some of the appetizers ordered were covered in cream and cheese to mask fresh supposedly veggies and the proteins in the entrees tasted like they were thawed from the freezer and old. If you are looking for good Italian there are so many other places to go please do not waste your money here.The only good thing about this place was the kindness from the owner. He had a nice attitude and he is extremely friendly.

Junie A.  on Club 23

posted on October 29, 2015
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Delicious dishes made from scratch and priced affordably. Steak night is my favorite!!!

Veronica K.  on Club 23

posted on October 12, 2015
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Had dinner for the first time there tonight. Food was delicious and plentiful!! Service was excellent. Owner was very welcoming!! Would highly recommend!!

Johnson12  on  Club 23

posted on September 21, 2015
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I went here for living social deal. It was a great deal and I always wanted to try this place. I loved the vibe: very Italian rustic. The food was fantastic: let me clarify.. Pasta was good. I had stuffed pork and i honestly did not like the pork. It just wasn't my cup of tea. The meat was chewy and there was a spinach like stuffing that just wasn't my Cup of tea. However the pasta on the side was so delicious. My date had short ribs.. It was a lot better than pork! And the gnocchi was seriously so good. We had duck meatballs: i loved the meatball but it was smothered in sweet sauce . I would ask he sauce on the side rather than on the plate. Would I go back? Yes. I would go back and get pasta. And try the duck meatballs with sauce on the side. The portions are huge!!

Edward W.  on Club 23

posted on September 5, 2015
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What a place. The food was excellent. I went with a party of 3 and we were all deciding what to get and we were all intrigued by the chestnut pasta but none of us ended up ordering it. The owner was so gracious that he brought us an order to share on the house. Now that is service.The menu is extensive and the feel of the restaurant is just good. I would definitely recommend it and will surely be back!

Nate R.  on Club 23

posted on August 13, 2015
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My Girlfriend and I went here with high hopes of a new tasty Italian spot. We couldn't of been happier. Excellent service and the owner took the time to buy us a drink and chat a bit. The food was amazing as well. We both had a great experience overall and will definitely stop in again.

Melinda K.  on Club 23

posted on July 11, 2015
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Amazing food the best Italian dinner since I was in Italy. The pasta has the perfect bite. Every dish Is perfect it's just what you are in the mood for. I will return for the food the service and the funny stories the owner tells so well.Thank you.Melinda

Nicole K.  on Club 23

posted on July 7, 2015
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I was craving a classic Italian dish with all the must have's: tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, warm bread, delectable wine, and have came across my dream come true. Right when you walk in, you are greeted by a warm staff in a welcoming, classic and fitting environment. The menu is vast and it is very easy to find something for everyone. Chicken Parmesan was nothing short of perfection, and the service was quick. There is a cute small bar and the atmosphere reminded me of a mix between my Italian Nonna's cooking mixed with Little Italy. Yum, I will be back.

A L.  on Club 23

posted on June 25, 2015
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Placed was recommended by a friend. Such a nice little gem on a busy street. I believe it was the owner who was very attentive and always checked in on us. Calamari was excellent and the broccoli rabe!

Katrina B.  on Club 23

posted on June 23, 2015
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a great italian place in a nice part of astoria!the staff was extremely friendly and attentive. the bread was okay to start off with. it seemed a little old but not offensively old. we ordered a bunch of food and everything came out with good timing. we got two of the delizia salads, two imbustatas, and one order of the fried calamari, linguine di mare and the pasta di castagna. everything was delicious! especially the castagna. highly recommend it but beware that its very heavy!the imbustata was tasty too but again, really heavy. i love that they serve fresh pasta. i love homemade pasta. the salads had a great balsamic reduction. the calamari was light and crispy. and the linguine di mare was great too!pricing was a bit high but you can tell that the people who work there really love the restaurant and its reflective in their food.

Randi S.  on Club 23

posted on June 15, 2015
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Met some locals here for dinner at their recommendation, and I'm glad we went. It's a small hole-in-the-wall place which has just been renovated. According to our friends, it made the restaurant less homey and more run-of-the-mill. It's a little cramped, but you can expect that in this neighbourhood. Service was good, if a little slow. We ended up missing out on the end of meal limoncello because they weren't sure if we were drinkers. Would have been nice, but wasn't a deal breaker. The table split the duck meatballs, which were good, but not amazing. The rest of the table enjoyed them, but I probably wouldn't order them again. They were a little dry and served in an interesting raisin chutney sauce. The table also shared Pasta di Castagna, which was delicious but very rich. I would not recommend it as an entree, since it is very rich and a little heavy, but do try it. The chestnut pasta is unique and delicious. My entree was the Pasta Carbonara, which surprisingly had very large chunks of pancetta - no complaints here though! The sauce was thick without being gelatinous, and coated everything very well. Taste-wise, it was great and I would recommend it. My husband had the Pork Chop Milanese, which was good, though a little tough to cut. All in all, a good place. Maybe won't blow you away, but it's a reasonably priced Italian joint that would be a stand by for us if we were local.

Amanda H.  on Club 23

posted on June 4, 2015
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I really wanted to like this place. The owner is a gem and the staff are all very pleasant. The food is just incredibly baffling. We dined here twice; the first time was very unimpressive and but we decided to give it another shot - hey, maybe the place was having a bad night? Second time around, I ordered the stuffed filet of sole and my SO ordered a pasta special; meatballs and gnocchi-like pasta. The flavors in the pasta special were severely lacking and my filet of sole was incredibly fishy and salty. Unsurprisingly, we both got food poisoning and spent the next 12 hours expunging our systems of this meal. We ordered different entrees both visits and both times were really quite terrible.I am a very big fan of the growing Astoria dining scene and I just cannot bring myself to try this place a third time.

ryan123  on  Club 23

posted on May 7, 2015
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Finally made it to this hidden gem...The owner is on hand and does it all !! I went with a party of four and all seemed happy with their dishes, the pasta is fresh and the apps were wonderful !! I highly recommend this place....

yanard12  on  Club 23

posted on April 20, 2015
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This place is a great find in Astoria, and I'm surprised that I didn't find out how good it is sooner. I think it's just a bit unassuming from the outside. But after having it recommended to me, I went to dinner with my girlfriend, and we had a delicious three course meal for a decent price. I'll definitely be back, and I highly recommend it if you're looking for a really solid Italian restaurant in the area.

Blake S.  on Club 23

posted on April 9, 2015
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This little amazing restaurant has great food and wonderful service. Pasta Carbonara is delicious!!!

Jam L.  on Club 23

posted on March 10, 2015
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A quaint Italian restaurant, unpretentious and simple. The food is good, flavorful. We had the cap rear and grilled calamari and for entre the carbonara and seafood pasta. We'll come back for more

Brian H.  on Club 23

posted on March 9, 2015
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Family style Italian. Their pasta dishes are excellent, and we would recommend the duck meatballs and Aspari di Campo on their appatiser menu. We've dined there as well as gotten delivery. It's certainly worth eating at the restaurent- they are generous with the wine (the house red is good), and I really like the plating versus a delivery box. Must try for Astoria.

igor34  on  Club 23

posted on February 27, 2015
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Went to this restaurant a couple of weeks ago and I still remember it. The food was surprisingly very good, while I got the Fettuccine Alfredo, that was out of this world. The mood, from the start, was great with a nice environment and nice people. Although the staff could have helped me a little more, they overall were very friendly and delightful to talk too. This restaurant wasn't over the top, reason for the rate, but if your looking for a nice evening, with good food and hospitality, then this is the place.

Imellynn E.  on Club 23

posted on February 17, 2015
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We came here for our Valentine's dinner, the owner was very personable and accommodating, I originally wanted the short ribs but they ran out, so he offered the stuffed porkchop with gnocchi instead, which was a big serving of an impressive culinary art, which really made my night. The Burrata and salmon appetizer took my breath away, it was a great fusion of flavors that really wakes your palette. The ambience had a feel of being welcomed by an amazing family's home. We highly recommend this to friends and family, and will definitely be coming back, for celebrations, special occasions, date nights, and just for getting together.

billtheguy12  on  Club 23

posted on February 6, 2015
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I had a pretty bad experience with this place I ordered on grub hub and I was expecting to receive what I ordered but unfortunately I was really disappointed with the stuff I got. I ordered grilled skirt steak cooked medium rare, and Italian cheesecake and received New York cheesecake very bad quality and the steak was not a skirt steak, it was 4 pieces of meat, I'm not sure if it was like leftovers from a different cut of meat but definitely not skirt steak, also it was way overcooked. It's false advertising when you pretend to sell something you do not have, at least call the customer and let them know what you will send. In the end someone from the restaurant gave me a call and told me this is how they do the steak and they didn't have the Italian cheese cake so I got what I got, also they send someone to pick up the food back, very unprofessional staff.

Nova C.  on Club 23

posted on January 6, 2015
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Happy New Years everyone. I never write reviews but I have never felt so disrespected in a restaurant the way I did in this place. I thought things like this only occurred in movies. Yesterday, for New Year's Eve, some old friends of mine and I were in the mood for Italian food. We decided to come here since my coworker recommended it a long time ago. We called fifteen minutes before arriving and they were polite, saying they were clearing up a table for us. While standing, the owner gave us the menus and we all knew what we were going to order. Standing for a while next to the espresso bar, we watched the owner make two cups of cappuccino. It smelled heavenly! We asked what the price was for it since there were no prices listed for drinks or wine on the menu. He said, "it's cheaper than Starbucks" & we all laughed. But he had such a weird look on his face...he told us repetitively that if we were on a budget there's a nice place next door cheaper than his restaurant. I was shocked. His entrees were around $22-$30 at max which is the average price of any authentic Indian cuisine (we are from Bangladesh). I said we weren't on a budget however I couldn't stand there another minute. We politely left but I would do anything to go back and ask him how could an owner say such a thing? How does he make his judgements? I am a medical assistant, my boyfriend is doing well with his business, my friends have great jobs. Did we look like poor twenty year olds? Is it because we are Indian? Tell me. And if asking how much your drinks are is wrong, then next time give us drink menus. But please check out this restaurant, if it is worth it. Don't let an ignorant owner stop you!

Abby W.  on Club 23

posted on January 6, 2015
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They've gone downhill significantly in the past couple of years and I've given up. Steak ordered rare comes out tasteless and well done. Pasta arrives overcooked and congealed. Bread is stale. I even tried delivery and the duck meatball was a solid, sugary mass of inedible orange. It's sad because they really try with the various nightly specials and cordial service but with so many other neighborhood choices, it's just not worth it.

Jack D.  on Club 23

posted on December 30, 2014
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Astoria is home to many types of places: greek cuisine, hookah on Steinway , and places like " the Thirsty Koala". There are also little Italian gems spread around the neighborhood. I was able to dine at one of these establishments on a random Sunday night, few days shy of thw upcoming new year of 2015. Ornella traitorra is a very welcoming place and has a family vibe to it. Most likely a family owned and operated restaurant. I was recommended to come here by a client of mine at work and this place did not disappoint. Thw restaurant is more lengthy , than wide (think of a long hallway) with tables and chairs near to each other but not in the way. It was a calm, quiet Sunday night with a few patrons dining. We were immediately sat and presented with a menu. With the growling of our stomachs , we had ordered our food quickly. We started of with a twist on a calamari dish. It was grilled calamari , not fried, in an interesting, zesty sauce placed on a bed of arugula , sprinkled around with slices of orange. This was accompanied with the "Delizia" salad, which is most like italian for delicious, which it was . The apps went well with 2 nicely chilled glasses of semi- sweet Cabernet Savignon. The entrees were the penne ala vodka for the spouse and I had the shell steak , medium rare with potaotes and veggies. Food was spectacular , better than either of us thought it would. Totally worth it. Great spot. Check it out if you are in the area.

Soren N.  on Club 23

posted on December 21, 2014
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Ate here for their $10 Thursday Pasta night and it was really delicious. The lasagna was really well made and had a great fresh Caesar salad. The stuff was attentive and had a really nice evening. The linguine el pesto was nice and creamy. I really recommend this place for dining in or date night.

Brian C.  on Club 23

posted on December 17, 2014
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I dined at Ornella Trattoria Italiana on a slow weekday afternoon (we were the only people dining in the restaurant), which was surprising even to me as I generally avoid empty restaurants. I was taking my grandparents out to lunch, so we decided to stay and not go through the hassle of looking for a new place. The restaurant itself was clean and spacious, and offered a variety of vegetarian options. We had friendly service, though the food completely missed the mark. I ordered the pappardelle ragu, and something about it was just completely off. The meat and sauce were completely bland, and the pasta had a really weird texture to it, almost as if it was coated in raw flour or something. I tried to add salt to save the dish, but it wasn't working for me and I left over half of my dish behind. My grandpa had the mushroom risotto, which came out hard and undercooked, even though I requested for it to be overcooked. I ended up sending the dish back over two times to have it cooked more so that the risotto would be softer, but it came back as hard as raw rice each time. The risotto didn't have a smooth and creamy texture, but instead was more like flavorless globs of raw rice. This was by far my largest disappointment as I hated seeing my grandpa try to eat something that obviously wasn't good. We tried to season it more, too, but he ended up eating less than half of the dish before giving up on it. My grandma had the stuffed pork chop, which I didn't get to try for myself. It looked well cooked and she said it was good, so I'm glad someone enjoyed their dish!Ang had the chestnut pasta, which had an unusual texture due to the fact that it was made of chestnuts, but the dish wasn't bad with some salt added. I wouldn't say it was anything special, but it was better than what my grandpa and I had. Again, the service was good. We literally were the only people dining in the restaurant and didn't see any orders going out for delivery, so the manager was able to give us extra attention. We had casual small talk, and were treated to try the cheesecake and tiramisu. They were both good, but nothing at the restaurant was pushing "great."

Demo K.  on Club 23

posted on December 1, 2014
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Service was slow. Found Myself constantly asking for things. Water, bread, butter, balsamic. Staff was friendly but this place got overwhelmed quickly.

Amanda A.  on Club 23

posted on November 15, 2014
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Bad service they serve from guest food to ur table omg never come back sorry to the owner he is nice but the employee no good :(

Fadda M.  on Club 23

posted on November 7, 2014
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Came with my daughter on a rainy night last week, and had a beautiful experience. It was crowded, considering that it was a rainy week-night, and all of the customers seemed happy, and were enjoying themselves and the food, which was delicious, and obviously carefully prepared.I find the angry, bitter reviews on here strange, as neither my party or anyone else in the restaurant seemed to be having anything other than a great time.The service was attentive, warm, and friendly, and the wine pour was generous, with a romantic vibe in the place.I came all the way from Brooklyn to dine here, and am looking forward to returning soon. And YES, we used a Groupon !

Cassey P.  on Club 23

posted on October 18, 2014
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Just delicious. Have been there for dinner once or twice, will definitely come back again! Love their pasta specials

Yury U.  on Club 23

posted on October 12, 2014
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XhXeXy  on  Club 23

posted on October 10, 2014
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Maybe I came on an off weekday, but being an Italian from The Bronx, I didn't like this place at all.I ordered the stuffed pork chop and it was terrible. The sauce was watery and odd. The pork chop was hot on the inside, cold on the outside, and tough...

Sadaf S.  on Club 23

posted on September 5, 2014
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Ornella seems like a traditional authentic restaurant that that has been around for years. Overall, the food took a while, but was worth the wait. We had the gnocchi, whole wheat penne and the risotto which was delicious. The servers were friendly as well. We wanted to order a pizza but the oven wasn't working so we weren't able to try it. But maybe next time!

Grace A.  on Club 23

posted on July 29, 2014
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I had to give 5 stars to this restaurant, I rang other Italians in the area to try and find lasagne and this was the only one that had it so they had a head start! All I wanted was a nice lasagne and my craving has been thoroughly satisfied now after demolishing their delicious lasagne in no time at all! I called the order in for pick up and while I waited (not long at all) I chatted to the owner and server, who were both lovely. Thank you, I will be back!

Jessica N.  on Club 23

posted on July 16, 2014
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Bought a groupon for $25 for $50 worth of good and I am glad we did! The place is very small, I wouldn't recommend brining the kiddies it's so tight. My toddler was going absolutely crazy so I had to take her outside for a few walks (the high chair straps were broken, biggest pet peeve ever now that I am the mother of a crazy toddler) the food was delicious and there was a notation on the menu that you can ask for more traditional dishes and they will accommodate, which is great. They have weekly deals that are posted on the website, so that's worth checking out.

tonycluber  on  Club 23

posted on July 13, 2014
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After reading an inaccurate, mean-spirited review for Ornella on here recently, I wanted to update this to add that I've probably been there about a dozen times now despite living about 45 minutes away, and I love Ornella more than ever!If you want good quality, delicious food in a friendly environment, Ornella is definitely the place to go. Ignore the jerks on here! I've never had a bad meal at Ornella, and Giuseppe and his family are wonderful hosts.

Kaity B.  on Club 23

posted on July 13, 2014
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I gotta say, I think some of the 1 star reviewers are either crazy, illiterate or just have misguided expectations. I've been here three times, most recently last Thursday and the food is as good as it gets. I've never had something here that I didn't love and the same goes for my husband. We went with an amazon deal...$50 of food and drink for $25 and our voucher was accepted without question.It's a beautiful restaurant, the service is always friendly and prompt (also, who really cares if there are two waiters taking care of you if you get your food faster??) I wish I lived closer so I could come more often.

Margaret C.  on Club 23

posted on July 4, 2014
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I have to agree with Will B, people just take themselves too seriously sometimes. Who knows what the real circumstances are; it's always a he said/she said situation. But I can tell you I have known Guiseppe and his family for over 20 years and he is as honest as the day is long; he believes in the honor of hospitality and the best possible service to his guests. I have eaten at Ornella at least twice a month since he opened and have NEVER had a bad meal or bad service! I think it is quite honorable that he takes the time to answer his critics with what I believe to be truth with a touch of humor. Ornella is one of my favorite restaurants -- I love the food, ambiance and the people who so lovingly make you feel like a special guest in their home.

Astha T.  on Club 23

posted on June 26, 2014
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been here few times and every time the food has been amazing, the burrata and imbustata is my fav here but every dish here is pretty good. the staff is always friendly and warm...

Emily C.  on Club 23

posted on June 19, 2014
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In any big city, it can feel impossible to find an eatery that resonates with the warmth of an inviting neighborhood spot where, as the stereotype goes, everyone know your name. Still, this is the place.My dear sister and her husband live, die and swear by Ornella and I finally understand why. The food is painstakingly handmade (pasta! pizza! really, all the Italian staples), the wine pours are heavy, and the owners and servers are amazingly friendly. So much so that my sister (who lives in Queens and has been coming here for years) is so enthusiastically greeted and made to feel like family every time she walks through the doors - and that also extends to her own family (hence why I love the place)I've eaten at Ornella several times and each has been a downright wonderful experience. The gnocchi is always melt-in-your-mouth outstanding, tiramisu is the best I've had, and the duck meatballs are beautifully stuffed with mozzarella and bathed in a tangy orange sauce. The pasta di castagna is another marvelous specialty, made of homemade chestnuts flour pasta with arugula, cherry tomatoes in garlic & oil sauce. Specials change regularly and are always worth a look. Can't wait to return!

Joyce F.  on Club 23

posted on June 12, 2014
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food was interesting and good.A little more expensive than anticipated but i would go back

rogerrab2  on  Club 23

posted on June 11, 2014
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Had a groupon, no restrictions an the menu, has the codfish with mash potato and linguine with seafood, it was amazing, also had the belvedere salad and fried calamari, and it was great too, my husband and I will definitely go back, groupon or no groupon!

Emilie O.  on Club 23

posted on May 11, 2014
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I enjoyed the pasta specials on Thursdays, just like happy hours for pasta, but love, love, loved the pizza! The dough was perfectly baked both time I was there!The waiter tends to be invisible most of the time (I think he wraps the delivery orders), but he comes back to check your table enough times.

StripClub431  on  Club 23

posted on April 24, 2014
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Came here easter sunday for dinner. The pork pappardelle must have been sitting out for a while before arriving at our table. The noodles were stuck together and the sauce was dry. The duck meatballs must have shrunk because they were smaller than the posted pics and they were hard. I thought meatballs were supposed to be tender and juicy. Will definitely not return. What a waste of money. I'm embarassed for them.

Tony C.  on Club 23

posted on April 21, 2014
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Ornella Trattoria is my kind of Italian restaurant-the ones that doesn't just serve spaghetti and meatballs or baked zitis. Each dish is unique and provokes interest. Broccoli di Rape ($8.00) - Plenty of garlic flavor but was a bit tough and old. (7/10)Spade alla livornese ($23.00) - A sauteed swordfish steak in tomato sauce. I was really excited to swordfish but the texture wasn't to my liking. Swordfish meat is quite firm and had the flavor and texture similar to tuna/salmon. However the sauce was great, helped but the addition of capers. (7/10)Linguine di mare ($22.00) - Seemed to be the most popular dish that night. A medley of seafood (clams, mussels. calamari) on linguine. The clams packed intense seafood flavor and there were very generous with the squid and museels. The broth was light in flavor. (8/10)Although delicious, the experience was disappointing as each dish took forever to get to the table. On a Monday night, the restaurant was packed but unfortunately there was only one chef doing the cooking according to the waiters. It took half a hour before our appetizers arrived and a hour before our entrees were served.

Adriana A.  on Club 23

posted on April 20, 2014
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Ornella is by far my favorite Italian restaurant in Astoria! What I luv about ornella is that you can always count on having a great meal. No need to even look at the menu bc Giuseppe will always recommend the freshest dishes according to your mood and taste. To start I Always order the white bean and shrimp appetizer w/ rosemary and garlic. It is so simple and aromatic you have to be careful cuz you'll eat the entire thing by yourself. For entree i recommend you order the envelope atleast once! It is sooo good and unique I can't even describe it. Their vegetarian menu is designed for everyone specially his chestnut pasta. But my ultimate favorite it's his fish francese. I crave it all the time! It is an explosion of citrus, butter and flaky fish in your mouth! You can have it w a side of fresh pasta or delicious veggies. I seriously stop by ornella everytime I come home from a long trip. Giuseppe always makes my belly happy to have arrived. Enjoy your meal :)

Heather R.  on Club 23

posted on April 16, 2014
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Despite living a block away I had never been here before this past Saturday and can promise that I never will again. I am so embarrassed for asking my family to drive in from Long Island for the experience we encountered here. My family arrived this past Saturday night for my parents 28th wedding anniversary; we were looking to try a new place and the $50 for $25 advertised groupon and proximity to my apartment was enticing. Upon our timely arrival for our 7:30 reservation we were told we couldn't be seated for 20-30 minutes. Good thing I made a reservation? I left my phone number with the owner and told him to call when a table was ready as we went to a bar around the corner for drinks. At 8:10 (40 minutes later) the phone call was received and we headed immediately back as we were quite hungry at this point. We placed our orders and proceeded to wait a good 25-30 minutes until our salad was served, asking our waiter to refill our drinks a couple times as no notice was taken. Dinner took equally as long and when the owner came to our table to ask how we were enjoying everything my uncle was honest that the food was good (nothing I'd write home about however) but the service/fact that we had to wait so long for our reservation was uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. Rather than apologizing or trying to make up for the terrible first impression by offering any form of compensation: dessert for my parents (we'd made mention it was their anniversary for the nothing that it was worth), glass of wine, etc. he was rudely defensive and assured us the restaurant is not always like this. Just our luck I suppose?As if the dining experience was not enough, when it came to paying the check our experience worsened. My uncle surrendered his credit card to pay the bill. After another 10-15 minutes of waiting for that and the receipt to be returned we were more than tired of spending our evening waiting and decided to walk up to the bar to sign the check and leave. Upon arrival at the front we came to find what was taking so long was that my uncle's CREDIT CARD WAS LOST. After 20 minutes of searching and my uncle's frantic phone calls attempting to cancel his account one of the busboy's found it in the sink! The owner, once again, offered us nothing for wasting our time but rather remarked that he "didn't think our first experience was an enjoyable one." What an astute observation, sir!First impressions are lasting ones, and this will most certainly stick with me for a VERY long time. My family has officially disallowed me from choosing restaurants ever again, sorry for ruining your anniversary mom & dad.

Melissa L.  on Club 23

posted on April 10, 2014
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Ronald G.  on Club 23

posted on April 1, 2014
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I am torn on this place. It essentially comes down to that the food is great but the service is mediocre at best.Food: Some of the better Italian food in Astoria. I've had the chicken parm, various pastas, and the pepper steak and they were all quite good and fresh.starter bread was stale once which is not acceptable so -1 star for that.Minus a second star for service. We usually end up getting the same waiter each time. I think it is the owner's son. He never really looks happy to be there and grudgingly brings out the food and takes the orders. Maybe he should look into doing something else?Price is OK, they have run Amazon Local, Groupon, and other deals in the past as well.

Tam s.  on Club 23

posted on March 31, 2014
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Overall, it was pretty disappointing. We were not impressed with the Risotto del mare. The duck meatballs were over cooked, hard and dried. And we did not enjoy the chestnut pasta . The only thing we enjoyed was the Broccoli di Rape, I would give that a four stars. Everything else is a one star. And it took exactly 55 minutes for our first order of appetizer to arrive. We normally don't like to rush through dinner, but to wait 55 minutes for the order of appetizer to come out is a bit much. Finished all our wine without any appetizer to go with.

Sarah D.  on Club 23

posted on February 22, 2014
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Came here for Valentine's Day and was extremely disappointed. The calamari was barely fried and kind of tasteless. Asked for more water and never got any. Asked for the check, never got it and asked again - someone finally dropped it off after waiting 20 minutes and asking twice. Gave the waiter my credit card and waited another 20 minutes and it never came back. I had to ask a waiter for my credit card back - the whole process of paying took close to 40 minutes, despite that they had a huge crowd of people waiting for a table. Expensive considering the poor service and mediocre food. I will not be going back.

Michael D.  on Club 23

posted on February 6, 2014
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The place had a nice homely feeling but that was the only positive thing about it. We sat down to a table were brought bread but no plates or utensils. Had to ask for butter twice. Was really craving Calamari but they had none. DO NOT ADD SHRIMP TO ANY PASTA!!! WAS ONLY SERVED 2 SHRIMPS CUT IN HALF TO RESEMBLE FOUR PIECES!!! Waiters kept forgetting to come back with more water and took my girlfriends knife and and did not bring a new one when asked twice for one. Save your money and eat at home...

AssnTits5  on  Club 23

posted on January 13, 2014
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My wife and I purchased a voucher from Amazon for this place because we had passed by it several times and wanted to check it out. I had read some of the reviews on here before we went and I wasn't really sure what to expect. Some people really like the food, others said it was just ok. After first hand experience, it was nothing to write home about, it was just ok. I had the Penne con Polo, which was chicken with penne pasta in a cream sauce. There was just something that was missing from the dish. I don't know if it was the lack of salt or other spices but it just didn't really satisfy my palate. My wife ordered the sea bass special. She said the fish was cooked well but the sauce was very acidic and the pasta on the side barely had any flavor. The service was horrible. The one waiter that works here either didn't get trained properly or just doesn't care about his job. After we were reviewing the menu for a few minutes, he comes by and asks abruptly if we're ready. He takes our order and then goes back to the bar to play on his phone. He just seemed like he couldn't be bothered to be there. During the whole interaction with us I think he said about 4 words. After we got the bill, there was a remaining balance of $10 after the voucher was deducted. I gave the waiter my credit card but he told me that he won't take the card because he will get charged a fee by the credit card company. Unfortunately, I didn't have any cash on me so I walked outside to the nearest ATM. I didn't make a big deal about the situation but my wife and I were quite upset about how rude he dealt with us. In end, we decided we wouldn't return back to this establishment. I can get over the bad service if the food is amazing. Unfortunately, this place lacked in both categories. The owner is quick to reply to any negative comments that customers write on here but he should spend that time in fixing the issues at his restaurant. If you don't know by now, you need to cater to making your customers happy and then you would have a lot of 5 stars.

Scarlette T.  on Club 23

posted on December 11, 2013
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unremarkable. i was so incredibly excited to come here and we tried the "home of the duck meatballs and chestnut pasta" specials. the meatballs, tasted like, well, meatballs. they were more moist than standard meatballs. and there was nothing bad about it, but nothing good. seasoning was unspectacular, the sauce it was swimming in was gooey and unspecial. perhaps they were having an off night. the chestnut pasta with pistachio sauce was tough. did not taste like fresh pasta at all. wasn't cooked properly. sauce was bland. the wine was good (nicholas pinot).we ordered the belvedere salad and the mozzarella special (which is swimming in arugula with the same spiced walnuts, someone should've told us how redundant that was). actually, a little risque, but i'd actually put the mozzarelle on the belvedere salad and take out the gorgonzola (which always ruins everything in my book).the short ribs were the most decent thing there. gnocchi was alright. i should have just ordered the pappardelle with ragu instead of the duck and chestnut pasta. though i am giving two stars, i do actually hope to be back to try some other items. but again, there are so many restaurants out there. why let one break your heart (or stomach) twice?other notes: it is incredibly dark in there as well. candles = open flames, watch your sleeves! service was very good once we got settled. they were on top of us the whole night and made sure we had all we needed to nosh away. and their tiramisu is very good with the pinot that we had. they have some interesting things on their dessert menu: i swear i read raisins in their ricotta cheesecake. O_o?

Khim G.  on Club 23

posted on December 1, 2013
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Ordered the fried calamari and return because we could not eat/chew it due to being overcooked and very rubbery. Very disappointing esp. after 30 minutes of waiting. Maybe that was why it was cooked overly? Worst thing was the owner still wanted us to pay for it as he was claiming that there was nothing wrong with it. Well, he just could not admit that such thing happens and nobody is perfect. Much worst than that was when he told us that if we didn't want to pay, just leave and don't come back. What a very unprofessional restaurant owner who doesn't have a customer service trait.

Charlie L.  on Club 23

posted on November 9, 2013
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Really good little neighborhood spot. Owner knows his stuff and is a great host. The food is always delicious, the service is solid, and the price is right.

Maria K.  on Club 23

posted on October 26, 2013
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The food is absolutely delicious! Thursdays is $10 pasta night and anything off of that menu is simply yummy!

Chris C.  on Club 23

posted on October 17, 2013
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Sometimes Saturday Night Live comes to you. In our never ending quest to find a hidden gem with great steak and affordable prices, my girlfriend and I happened upon this little spot in Ditmars. Guess what we ordered, steaks. I got the au poivre, she the porterhouse. The base steak for the au poivre wasn't anything that great. The porterhouse was a bit better, having a bit more flavor to it. The service though was unintentionally entertaining. The staff of about 4 guys in their mid to late twenties had a charming dysfunction that fell somewhere between Steve Martin's 'Absent Minded Waiter' and the restaurant skits from Sandler, Schneider, Farley, Meyers et al. Overall, while the steaks were not the gems we were looking for, the experience was pleasant. We might not return for a while, but that is only because we're on a mission, to find a great affordable steak in New York.

Jeffrey L.  on Club 23

posted on October 4, 2013
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Came here with a group of four and the food was great. This restaurant has a very great ambiance, perfect for a romantic date or a quiet outing with a small group of friends. We came here on a Thursday night for their $10 Pasta Special. I ordered the Penne Bolognese and it was very well made. Pasta was cooked al dente and sauce was delicious. We also order fried calamari, the squid was fresh, but not as crispy as I expected. The pasta was well-portioned and according to the manager/owner, they serve the same amount of pasta as they would have if you paid full price, which is a great deal because full price is around $16-$20. Would definitely come back here to try their other pastas. They also have a steak special night on Mondays for $15 steak.

Lauren E. M.  on Club 23

posted on October 3, 2013
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I went back, and the place smelled super clean and like good Italian food! Also, my friend and I sat at our table forever chatting and even though our total bill was incredibly inexpensive, the manager came over and gave us a (HUGE!) glass of wine on the house. I'll definitely be back.

Mohammed R.  on Club 23

posted on September 21, 2013
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Though some of the reviews I saw were helpful nothing could help this poor establishment. Food was flavorless, waiters seemed unprofessional with snickering (making jokes) and most importantly the meals didn't seemed genuinely Italian but rather out of Chef Boyardees can. The owner attempts to show interests but the extended wait time for the entrees superseded his efforts. I do no recommend this location to anyone who enjoys good traditional Italian cuisine.

Jamal S.  on Club 23

posted on August 31, 2013
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Chicken Dish with bones is no test @ all, I had t bone with pasta that was ok, Servers are Friendly . Excellent Service . But they need to improve their food .

Amy A.  on Club 23

posted on August 2, 2013
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I've been to Ornella twice now with my family and we have all enjoyed our meals both times! I have nothing bad to say about this restaurant - the talkative owner made us feel comfortable. The atmosphere was pleasant. I highly recommend the pear salad - my mom and I loved it! They cater to gluten-free needs, too, which is rare for Italian restaurants (at no additional cost!) I was thrilled to be able to get gluten-free pasta with my fish. We'll be back!

Natalie N.  on Club 23

posted on July 2, 2013
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This is the most disgusting Italian food I have ever had. I ordered the Rigatoni Matriciana with extra sauce and sausage. The sauce was a nasty tasteless watery substance. The food was Luke warm and it really looked like the chef may have done something nasty to it. I threw it away and got my money back. Some of the reviews on here are really shocking, or perhaps those people have never been exposed to authentic Italian food. There is nothing authentic about this place. You would think the owner would do something to fix the problem, but instead he says order from another place. Having lived in Astoria for more than 10 years, I don't see this place lasting much longer. If you are a real foodie and know what GOOD food taste like, I would avoid this place at all costs.

Joyce T.  on Club 23

posted on May 29, 2013
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Friend wanted to have italian. We passed by Ornella and it looked like a family kind of italian place, so we decided to give it a try. The bread was stale. I love the bread at Italian places and usually I ask for more. But at Ornella, if it weren't balsamic vinegar, I couldn't have finished one slice of the bread. Friend ordered gnocchi alla gorgonzola. He liked it and was surprised with the big portion. I had sea food spaghetti which was ok. The sauce was kinda bland. The shrimp was good. The calamari in the dish was all the end of calamari, no middle part (ring), guess they save the calamari rings for something else. The mussels were small, not fresh. The waiter slipped the plate and made a loud noise when the plate hit the glass. They gave us a complimentary cake which wasn't very good, lots of frosting and soggy cake. Till today, friend and I still don't know what dessert it was.

Maria R.  on Club 23

posted on May 20, 2013
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I am not sure where to start...I absolutely love Ornella Trattoria. I celebrate my special occasions here, I look forward to a special date night with my boyfriend because I know we'll go there, I take my family there when they're in New York to visit. Basically, whenever it has to be just right...I go to Ornella. Ornella & Giuseppe Viterale have poured their love and care into this restaurant. You will know this is not just another neighborhood restaurant from your warm greeting at the door; the home made bread, Giuseppe's enthusiastic descriptions of the inventive and absolutely delicious new creations, the service, the wines, the buzzing atmosphere...The Orecchiette con Rape (Ear-shaped pasta with broccoli rape & sundried tomatoes from the Vegetarian Menu) is my favorite meal at Ornella, but there is nothing I've ever had there I didn't love. I have worked in the luxury hotel business for over 20 years and dined in some of the city's most renowned restaurants. I can honestly say when choosing a restaurant for my own enjoyment, I choose Ornella...for the food, for the special care, for new interesting dishes and to patronize a creative and innovative small business with a big heart. I recommend Ornella wholeheartedly. Try it - you won't be disappointed!

Madeleine h.  on Club 23

posted on May 19, 2013
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The notoriously picky critic and octopus afficionado decided to try an italian place in NYC without octopus. Why? Two reasons: 1 Lately my octopus experiences have been generally underwhelming and 2 - Ornella offers chestnut flour pasta and next to a beautifully done octopus, I love chestnuts, chestnut soup, chestnut cake, chestnut pasta. So on Thursday May 16, I took the train to the end of the line (Dittmars/Astoria) and walked to Ornella. It was a little empty - I had been expecting a crowd since it was $10 pasta night. I looked at the dozen or so pastas offered, but didn't see the chestnut one, so I looked at the regular, still no chestnut pasta. Was this going to be a disappointment? I asked the waiter and he brought me the vegetarian menu. It had a chestnut fettuccine with arugula, tomato, garlic and oil which sounded perfect. but the waiter said also they had a special chestnut fettuccine with a pistacchi & white truffle cream sauce. I'm not one for creamy sauces but white truffles and pistacchi - well they're right up there with chestnuts. So I asked if they could make me a split plate. After a bit of haggling, they agreed. While waiting, I busied myself with Beppe Severgnini's "Un italiano in Ameria" and an extremely well priced ($24) bottle of Valpolicella (love that you can recork and take with you in NY - even though you can't buy in a grocery - what kind of insanity is that?). The wine was delicious, as was the bread. Although it was white bread it had nice structure and taste more commonly found in whole wheat varieties. But of course I was there for the pasta, so I tried not to spoil my appetite.Not too long afterwards, two "small" plates of fettuccine con farina di castagne arrived. Both were excellent - the pistacchi/white truffle creamy and rich, and quite tasty (though more richness than I can handle in a sitting so I took more than half off it home for the next day), the arugula/garlic tomato was divine, light, flavorful and slightly tangy. (still, I took about half home for the next day). The service was also very nice, attentive, not overbearing. And the music, well, I think they swiped the italian playlist from my ipod. All in all it was an excellent experience and a restaurant I will go back to (I can count in single digits the number of restaurants in NYC that I return to).My only criticisms are not really critical. First, I don't know why they don't give you that vegetarian menu unless you request it. There are some other interesting looking dished on it like a pasta made will farina di ceci (chickpea flour). Second, Giuseppe, please make me an octopus - maybe over some homemade squid ink linguini? Per favoooore!

Yael M.  on Club 23

posted on May 14, 2013
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I cannot say a single bad thing about Ornella. I took my mom here for dinner on a Thursday night (their $10 pasta night) and we had an excellent meal. We both ordered glasses of Pinot Noir for $7.50 each and those were the largest glasses of wine I've ever been served--pretty much equivalent to 2 glasses. We had the asparagus appetizer which was so wonderfully amazing and cheesy :) I had the spaghetti carbonara (what can I say? I'm a sucker for carbonara) and it totally met and exceeded my expectations. My mom had the penne integrali which was a bit healthier than my choice but still super flavorful. We both had leftovers as well, which tells you something about the portion sizes. And for $10!? Forget it. So amazing. For dessert we split the ricotta cheesecake (another thing I'm a sucker for) and it was pretty darn tasty. I will definitely be returning here!

philip y.  on Club 23

posted on March 23, 2013
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Me and the wifey were the only brave souls to dare venture out for our 7th year anniversary during a snow storm. Great service and great food. I had the Imbustata. I could not believe how good it was and wanted more of it. But its a good portion but not big enough for a fat kid like me. Wifey had penne a la vodka a classic dish that is not on their menu but they make any classic dish you just have to ask. Can't wait to go back for their pasta night on Thursdays.

Alice L.  on Club 23

posted on March 16, 2013
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It's our first time to dine in. The atmosphere is really cozy and comfortable. We ordered the Penne Pasta, It is delicious!! Love it so much. So rich!! And we ordered the duck meatball. It tasted deicious. WE love the baked clams. So juicy!! By the way, I felt so warm and surprised when the manager took us the order because most restaurant will just let regular waiter to do it. I can see that this restaurant wanted to show the best to their customers. Yes, will plan to go again in the near future.

Mike M.  on Club 23

posted on March 15, 2013
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Made reservations quite a while ago, finally getting down to the review. I had the duck meatballs, it is definitely a unique experience and I recommend it. The service was great and I will be back!

Sylvia J.  on Club 23

posted on February 28, 2013
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This place is as good as it gets. The food is amazing and the service is beyond wonderful. I love trying new things there -- but mostly my heart belongs to the Chestnut pasta. The owner and his sons are the best. Oh yeah --- get the grilled calamari - it's what I dream about. :)

Grace C.  on Club 23

posted on February 25, 2013
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Love this place!! I almost never miss steak night on Mondays! Steak is always tender and you'll never go wrong with any dish you order..the price is great especially for the quality/quantity of food you're getting! Awesome atmosphere as well!

Che-z S.  on Club 23

posted on February 24, 2013
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My second time at ornellas was wonderful. The skirt steak was just the way I like it!! Thanks god ornellas is in Astoria close to my house

Kristen D.  on Club 23

posted on February 18, 2013
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Am I the only one here who thought this food was below par? I would never visit Ornella again. Nothing was fresh and I was sick most of the night last night. The only thing I enjoyed was the chestnut flour pasta. The duck meatballs were hard and dry, and the calamari seemed like it was days old. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and will not be returning.

Z Z.  on Club 23

posted on January 15, 2013
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This place is amazing! I was here on New Years Eve and the waiter even warned us that that's not their best night and to come again when it's not so insane. My fiance and I were in no hurry so we understood that things could take a bit longer than expected.We had a nice bottle of champagne which was delicious. They kept on filling up our glasses and our water. For a busy night they were very prompt with that.We ordered the Broccoli Rabe as an appetizer and it was DELICIOUS. There was fresh garlic, it was very fresh. We then had the Arugula Salad with Goat cheese, walnuts and pears. The flavors worked very well together and it was truly an amazing Salad.Then the Gnocchi, I must say this was perhaps the BEST Gnocchi I have ever had.Another thing they offer is a Vegetarian Menu. Not that many restaurants have this, there's also many Gluten Free Items to choose from.I'm going here again for my birthday and I can't wait!!!!

Vinnie R.  on Club 23

posted on January 14, 2013
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I know Giuseppe many years from his days at Cellini where I would take my customers and family for the best Italian fare and service in NYC, which is what we always got. Finding out he opened his own restaurant, I thought I would try it out on my next trip in. I am happy to say it exceeded my expectations, taking my past memory to a whole new level. The 6 of us sampled a good chunk of the menu. Chestnut pasta, Gnocchi Gorgonzola, Broccoli Rabe, grilled calamari, short ribs and gnocchi, vongole e linguini, smoked salmon and burrata, and pappardelle with pork, just to name a few. Every dish, and I mean every dish, was excellent, even the 'house wine', the best ever. And Giuseppe's service was as impeccable as ever, reminding me of my old days in NYC. Even though they offer traditional dishes such as Fettuccine Alfredo, Chicken Parmigiana, etc, which I have no doubt must be excellent, my visit here was for the 'extraordinary' not the 'ordinary'. I would come here regularly if I did not live in NJ, however any trip back to Queens will include a meal at Ornella's. A 'must' visit, for certain.

Janet B.  on Club 23

posted on January 12, 2013
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Tucked around the corner from the Astoria-Ditmars station, Ornella Trattoria is a cute, cozy Italian restaurant with every dish dripping in butter and oil and yumminess. I got linguine with clams, and my boyfriend got penne pesto. My boyfriend thought my dish was too bland, but I thought it was just right! His penne pesto, I thought was too creamy, but he thought it was just right. So I'd say order different dishes and share.The restaurant itself is rather narrow, so it's probably more suitable for a party of 2, maybe 3. The atmosphere is casual. The owner- I'm guessing, or the really Italian-looking guy- was very friendly, and the staff checked on us regularly.They offer a ton of specials, such as $15 steak night on Mondays, $10 pasta night on Thursdays, and 50% on Scoutmob.

Elyse B.  on Club 23

posted on January 9, 2013
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Hands down my favorite Italian restaurant in Astoria. The owner is lovely and the staff is great. The food is always delicious. Every time I bring people here they fall in love too!

Yan T.  on Club 23

posted on January 9, 2013
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This review is solely for delivery service, which is what we did. I want to take off another star as it took at least an hour for us to get our food, but perhaps that is the average wait time on a Saturday night when they might have a full house. I feel dumb having used their online ordering system, which felt like a college application.As for the food, we had the penne a la vodka and spaghetti carbonara. Both were good, with the penne probably winning out. The carbonara was a bit mushy for my taste. Neither was as firm as I like, but the vodka sauce was pretty good!I would give this place another chance for dining in, probably a more interesting experience.

Erin L.  on Club 23

posted on December 11, 2012
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My first time at Ornella felt like visiting family. Giuseppe is such a welcoming, gracious host. He makes you feel special and right at home. My boyfriend ordered the duck meatballs as an appetizer. Typically, I would not be one to devour duck, but I couldn't get enough of the orange brandy sauce that accompanies them. As an entree, he ordered the savory chestnut pasta, which is made with chestnut flour pistachio cream sauce and topped with truffle oil. I ordered the gnocchi with creamy gorgonzola sauce. It melted in my mouth.As a little treat, Giuseppe brought us a tasting of a new superfood menu item made with hemp flour fettuccine, olive oil, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes. Had I been aware, I totally would've ordered it for my entree - light and delicious.Everything was delicious. The waitstaff was attentive. The wine flowed.As we walked out, we were already planning our next trip. I recommend going to Ornella if you're looking for a cozy dinner out.

Alanna B.  on Club 23

posted on November 25, 2012
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Oh Ornella and Giuseppe, how I love you both!A modestly-sized Italian restaurant with an extensive traditional cuisine, steak, AND vegetarian menu. The owner is exactly what he should be: knowledgeable, charming, and intensely passionate about food. He'll often bring a sample of a new dish they're working on to the table to see what we think. Every night (excluding Fridays and weekends) has its special deal, and the $10 pasta night in particular is ridiculous. I think my favorite part is that they serve fantastic gourmet cuisine, but I can show up in a t-shirt and jeans and feel at home.The only minor complaints I've heard from friends is that the portions are giant, a lot of truffle oil is used, and G. talks a lot. But I love all that!

Julia W.  on Club 23

posted on November 18, 2012
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Katie K.  on Club 23

posted on November 17, 2012
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Unfortunately, the semi-decent food is not enough of an attraction to get my business again. I was witness to a bait-and-switch involving a group of my friends and the owner of this place, which blew up into a very disrespectful tantrum on the part of Mr. Giuseppe. His rantings of the incident on this page speak for themselves. Additionally, his insulting of my friend's husband - completely unrelated to the nature of the posting and to the debate that occurred in his restaurant - demonstrates his immaturity, to say the least. I've been here twice and the food is fine - the best I can say about it is that they didn't mess anything up. Even the best review regarding the quality of the food here wouldn't get me to return. As a matter of principle, I strongly urge folks to take their money and appetites elsewhere to support honest and respectful business-people.

Steve M.  on Club 23

posted on October 25, 2012
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I can't believe this is my first time eating at this restaurant. I've been to most of the haunts Astoria has to offer, and Manhattan too, but it is rare to find a staff that cares so much about their staff. The service as this establishment is impeccable, probably as good as it gets. The last time I was served this well was on a cruise ship. The food was superb and their unique signature dishes are a nice change of pace.I brought my family here for a nice meal, and Ornella Trattoria didn't dissapoint. They made me look like a hero for bringing my family here, but I can't take the credit for a job well done.

Sasha C.  on Club 23

posted on September 27, 2012
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Came for a late dinner with our own wine and was greeted by Guiseppe, the owner even though he knocked us for having ordered non-traditional Italian dishes (chicken parm & a chicken penne), the dishes were great! The ambience and staff are exceptional. It was a very homey feel and the owner and his sons made the experience fun. The "Jason Biggs" lookalike owes us for the rapper joke though. :)

Lianna P.  on Club 23

posted on September 23, 2012
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I've been to Ornella twice now, once for take-out and once to eat in. Both times, the food was good and the staff was really nice and professional.I went today for lunch with my Dad and we really enjoyed it. The gnocchi was amazing! My Dad's past dish (whole wheat penne with veggies) was also good. I love that they have the vegetarian menu!I would definitely come back to Ornella again.

Raja K.  on Club 23

posted on September 14, 2012
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Really good service. We were very please but I suggest you go when they are busy. When its quiet the restaurant isn't going to be as fast as its usual pace so avoid times like 3:30 in the afternoon when we went. Excellent food but slower than dinner.

Alison G.  on Club 23

posted on September 10, 2012
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Such a cute place! The owner served our food and was constantly asking if we were alright. Food is unbelievable!

Alex R.  on Club 23

posted on September 5, 2012
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THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING!! My girl friend and I have just moved to the area and this was the first place to eat we tried. What a good decision!! The short ribs are some of the best I've ever had and the chicken Parm is a must have! We will definitely be coming here quite often

harryharry  on  Club 23

posted on September 3, 2012
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Brilliant duck meatball with delicious sauce. Chestnut pasta and spaghetti carbonara are both decent. One of the best Italian I've had thus far. Servers are attentive. It is a very family-friendly, cozy, and medium-sized resto. Everyone should try it. One downside is the dessert. I ordered chocolate mousse (good taste) but cost me $14 which I think is quite pricey. Overall very good experience.

Vio C.  on Club 23

posted on September 1, 2012
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Ahhhh delicious and flavorful!!! The atmosphere is quiet, dim and with Italian music playing in the background. The food was so good. They started us off with a bruschetta on the house. I had the special parpadelle with lamb ragu. Oh boy! I wanted to lick my fingers. The meat was just falling off the bones. It also has mushrooms. The service was really good too and the owner gave us personal attention. 100% recommend.

Brett B.  on Club 23

posted on August 14, 2012
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Nice little spot. It is little but the food was great...from the apps to dessert. The Caprese was great. I was hoping for some homemade meatballs when I saw it on the menu but they were out. I was not disappointed in my meal at all. Tried the lemon cake which was good as well - not too sweet but could have used a little more lemon in my opinion but it had good balance otherwise. Sergio was great in payin attention to our table as well.

laura s.  on Club 23

posted on July 21, 2012
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I love Ornella!!! Best pastas and desserts are delicious too!!!! The owner is super nice and his staff is too.

Jo J.  on Club 23

posted on July 19, 2012
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pro's: Excellent service, very friendly staff, great food, good priceCon's: i wish it was in a better neighborhood and i'm reducing one star coz they took FOREVER to bring our food!

larry1  on  Club 23

posted on July 15, 2012
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I should probably put a disclaimer on any Italian place I review because I'm just not a fan of Italian food. I know, weird.Nonetheless I was starving and would have eaten anything. And I went with my boyfriend who loves Italian food so it's not like I'm just some crazy person who was disappointed.I tried to like this place so bad. I had heard such great things and their menu is unique. We got the pasta with broccoli rabe and the linguini with clams. The sauces were so oily and heavy. The bianca salad was actually pretty good, but they could have gone a little lighter on the creamy dressing. We tried the cheese cake and lemon cake for dessert, and the owner claimed it was home made and top secret, but I was pretty convinced it was something out of a freezer.Service was good, and the owner loved sharing how great his place was. Bravo sou.

Drew M.  on Club 23

posted on June 9, 2012
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this place is refreshingly original. the pastas are all savory; quite amazing. the chestnut pasta in particular is absolutely delicious. the short ribs served over gnocci dish is to die for. overall, a wonderful menu complemented by great appetizers and mind blowing desserts, i.e. a chocolate covered eggplant cake (don't judge, it's good!)

Caitlin M.  on Club 23

posted on May 22, 2012
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ill start off by saying I was going to give the restaurant a 4 but the service from Giuseppe and his sons was so great they definitely deserve a 5!I recently graduated from St Johns and heard about Ornella through the grape vine. I had a lot of family coming (18) and needed to accommodate everyone with good food and wine, I was not disappointed. Through a series of phone calls Giuseppe and I made the arrangements and I even decided on a special pre ordered menu which he did in family style for me(the restaurant isn't served family style usually). He was accommodating at every turn. On the day everything was set up for us and the food was delicious we had calamari, caprese, salad, gnocchi, penne, chicken salumbocca and Marsala to name a few. The wait staff (his sons and one other waiter) were great and very nice and patient dealing with a huge Armenian and Italian family!I've been to lots of Italian restaurants all around the country and the world (even Italy!) in my experience, when you can find a nice (usually family owned) restaurant where the owner is there daily and making sure his place is run smoothly, it speaks volumes. Ornella was great meal and a great time!

David K.  on Club 23

posted on May 18, 2012
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I came here for dinner with a friend last night and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I had the fried calamari appetizer and my entree was short ribs, which came with gnocchi, both were delicious. I also enjoyed two modestly priced ($7.50@) glasses of wine, which were filled with about twice the amount you would get in Manhattan. Pleasant, casual atmosphere, good food, excellent experience! Highly recommended.

Christina L.  on Club 23

posted on April 14, 2012
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I really love this place. I've been a repeat customer since discovering it, and absolutely love how fresh their pasta tastes. I've done take out and had more than enough to share with one entree since their portions are generous. When dining in the table service was attentive and they were not stingy with the wine. Great Italian food at a great price!

HY K.  on Club 23

posted on March 30, 2012
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Went here for a friend's birthday dinner, there were seven of us. Everyone was friendly and affable. The food was amazing, duck meatballs, grilled calamari, asparagus, chestnut pasta, oxtail spaghetti, the pork with pasta... everything was mouthwatering good and the portions are rather big. All reasonably priced. The owner kept making sure we were all happy with our food, there's a cozy, family style atmosphere that made it all the more enjoyable. I can't wait to go back!

Rackyod T.  on Club 23

posted on March 21, 2012
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Great Italian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love how food were tradition, the chesnut pasta was amazing.... Not you typical Italian if you know what I mean,,, traditional style cooking, authentic, just great..Must try, great that its in my neighborhood.......

Aubrey S.  on Club 23

posted on March 10, 2012
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We've been fans of Ornella's since the very first day it opened and we wandered into our new neighborhood Italian restaurant. Though it is less stuffy and more warm and open than L'incontro a few blocks away, what made quickly made Ornella's one of our go-to favorites is, of course, the food. We've never had a special that we didn't like, whether it's a pork ragu, heavenly duck meatballs, a rich risotto with seafood and lobster broth, or even a fish entree, and my personal favorite remains their delicious, hearty chestnut pasta, served in a decadent pistachio cream sauce or a lighter white wine sauce (found on the vegetarian menu, which is great even for carnivores).Throughout, owner Giusseppe Viterale is a delightful presence at this family-run restaurant, as are his smiling, helpful sons. They make everyone feel welcome and like they're a VIP customer as soon as they walk into Ornella's. And don't forget Ornella herself, Giusseppe's wife, whose recipes make the restaurant's dessert menus as truly decadent as it is. Favorites there include cheesecake (of course), chocolate mouse, and the Italian flan, all perfect with a cappuccino or espresso.Astoria doesn't lack for good food options, but if you are looking for Italian - whether for a romantic date or a special occasion with a group, Ornella's is certainly the best.

Kristen D.  on Club 23

posted on February 29, 2012
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This review is WAY overdue, as my girlfriend and I have been regulars since this past summer for dinner and brunch.In a nutshell: genuine Italian food, served and prepared with heart; a real neighborhood gem. The owner, Giuseppe, is so engaged with customers. Even though we're not the biggest spenders these days, he always chats with us and loves to talk about the food. It feels like you're having dinner with family.Brunch: Pancakes, which can be so simple/boring, are actually outstanding here with a crisp buttery crust yielding to a cloudy, cakelike center topped with Nutella or syrup. I know Giuseppe seemed like "What? They're only pancakes!" when we told him how good they are, but other brunch-ers out there know that's not necessarily a given.My favorite brunch item, hands down, is the roman fried cheese sandwich made in this brandy and cream sauce. Oh my GOD. This isn't grilled cheese, this is homemade focaccia stuffed with mozzarella. Heaven.Hangover pasta: the noodles are so silky having been boiled in milk, and I concur with whomever said this will cure what ails you. Dinner: We've eaten around much of the pasta menu; some highlights definitely include the gnocchi, the spaghetti bolognese, the pasta with tomato/basil sauce, and the ravioli.We've also enjoyed the lemon chicken and the chicken marsala. Wine: generous pours. Dessert: we'd love to, but have been just too full! Mimosas and bellinis are delicious at brunch time, as is the coffee.Other: the bread is "meh" at the beginning, but seriously, so much food is coming that I don't care about that. Ask about vegetarian options if you'd like them. There is a TON of veal on the menu, etc., but as someone who mostly doesn't eat meat, I can say I've still always found plenty of delicious optionsIf you're into trying authentic delicacies like chocolate pudding with pig's blood, let Giuseppe know! I'm not that adventurous, but I hear great reports on those items and he LOVES sharing them with people!$10 pasta night is a terrific deal--great chance to try it out for dinner.Buon appetito!

Karen M.  on Club 23

posted on February 19, 2012
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I've been meaning to try this place for a while and am really glad I did. We went for pasta night (any dish on the special pasta night menu is $10). Both the waiter and the owner were really friendly and the service was great. They have a special vegetarian menu that has some gluten free dishes which was a big plus since my cousin is gluten-free and vegetarian. The only down side was that there aren't any gluten-free pasta dishes on the pasta night menu; it would be great if they could add at least one. I had the penne a la vodka which was delicious but extremely heavy (I ate half of it and was still stuffed). My cousin got the pizzocchrri alla Fontina (buckwheat pasta with cabbage, potatoes and fontina) on the waiter's recommendation and it was delicious.

Elchi A.  on Club 23

posted on February 12, 2012
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This place has no ambiance whatsoever. We came in on a Friday night, and it was weirdly quiet in there, up to the point that we were uncomfortable speaking to each other. They should have had some music on... Also, our server had no personality.The food was mediocre. There were 6 of us. I had the seafood medley dish, which was not good at all. I ate the 3 shrimp that I found in the plate, couldn't eat the mussels because they had the consistency of rubber, and couldn't eat the pasta either (it only looked like pasta - but I am still not sure what it really was, some kind of homemade noodles or something? yuck...) The presentation was mediocre, too. I really was not impressed with how my dish looked...I left the place hungry and embarrassed that we chose this place. One of the worst dining experiences I ever had.

Tiffany L.  on Club 23

posted on February 6, 2012
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A couple friends and I came here on a Monday night because Trattoria L'Incontro is closed on Mondays and we were craving some Italian. The restaurant is small, but warm and intimate.We shared their yummy complimentary bread basket and ordered a delizia salad to start us off (greens, asparagus, beets, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic reduction). It was a little on the small side for three people.My friend and I were planning on sharing a pasta, but our waiter told us they were individual portions only. When the pastas came out, we were annoyed to see that they were definitely large enough to share for two girls.I ordered the spaghetti carbonara, which was good, but not nearly as amazing as my friend's penne con pollo (capon, roasted almonds, sun dried tomatoes, peas, and mushrooms in a light cream sauce). So good. If I were to go back, I'd get this. The three of us shared a bottle of red which was also good.It was a pleasant night, but I'll stick to my other Italian favorites from Astoria. :)

Nan G.  on Club 23

posted on January 28, 2012
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I've been to this wonderful gem of a restaurant many times over the past couple of years and I adore coming here! With all the incredible food options in Astoria, Ornella has become a favorite (the best Italian by far). The owner, Guiseppe, goes out of his way to make everyone feel special and as a result, Ornella wins my vote for best atmosphere. In fact, everyone on the staff is great. But it's the food I return for over and over again; it's simply delicious. The pasta dishes are all excellent -- I especially love the chestnut and the black buckwheat pasta dishes. I've recently become addicted to their veal parmesian, it is consistently excellent. I had stopped ordering this childhood favorite of mine because at other restaurants I am usually disappointed but never at Ornella. Thank you Ornella for always using the best quality meats. They also have an extensive list of vegetarian options which makes it a perfect choice for groups. The final delicious touch -- Frangelico on the house. I really can't recommend this restaurant enough.

Christina S.  on Club 23

posted on January 24, 2012
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I love Ornella! We come to this restaurant almost every week for pasta night. The linguine with clams, the gnocchi, the pesto pasta, and puttansca sauce are all fantastic. It's some of the best Italian food I've had in New York and my family is of Italian descent. Something amazing to start with is the char-grilled calamari with vinegary greens. wow, just wow. One night they ran out of something we had ordered and the owner brought over a side of creamy cauliflower, so delicious. I wish that was on the menu because we would order it every week.I never thought I would be a restaurant regular, but this place is so good, and the owner is so nice and friendly that I'm happy to call myself one of Ornella's regular patrons. It's my favorite restaurant.

joseph1k  on  Club 23

posted on January 20, 2012
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Bar none the best Italian restaurant in New York City. Authentic Italian food, beautifully prepared and at a reasonable price. I go here at least once or twice a month. Guiseppe is a fantastic owner who always has a special something to offer. Don't waste your time and money on American-Italian food or those over-prices places in Manhattan. Stay in Astoria and support this amazing find.

Jessica s.  on Club 23

posted on January 17, 2012
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Hands down one of my FAVORITE restaurants!I first came here with my boyfriend on Valentines Day in 2011 - it was a wonderful meal, with a romantic ambiance. Giuseppe brought out dessert cordials on the house and the end of our meal and we left planning our next return. I would say I dine at Ornella's at least once or twice a month...I love the Monday night steak special! The Porter House is delicious!This is one of those restaurants that I like to show off to friends who don't live in the neighborhood... The price is right, the culinary attention to detail is quite evident, nice wine selection, and of course the service is always great. I love that Giuseppe always makes his rounds at the table and says hello to everyone. He really appreciates his customers.What a GEM of a place - so glad it's in my neighborhood and it's doing so well!My favorite dishes - Imbustata, risotto di mare, gnocchi, duck meatballs, bianca salad, and the chestnut pasta special!

Heather G.  on Club 23

posted on December 29, 2011
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Dammit, I LOVE this place, and I love that I don't have to leave Astoria for some great Italian food!I've come here for chicken night as well as pasta night (and regular nights!) and both times have enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere and professional, friendly service. The owner greats you at the door as if you are an old friend, even if it is your first time there. There aren't too many large tables, but assuming that they aren't full, I've found the staff to be more than accommodating. I have come by many times and while I've never had a dish that I didn't like, I have to say that the spaghetti carbonara is absolutely mind-blowingly delicious. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this dish if you're hungry and looking for a good (and very filling!) pasta. Other recommendations include but are not limited to the gnocci and the chicken marsala.I can't say enough good things!!

Griffin V.  on Club 23

posted on December 13, 2011
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Best Italian food in NYC! And Giuseppe, the owner, rocks. This place does nothing wrong. No need to leave Queens to get good Italian food in Manhattan. Or even further, I dare say LEAVE Manhattan to come here. It's amazing in every way. Quaint, attentive, inventive, classic, and delicious. Go there.

Michael G.  on Club 23

posted on November 29, 2011
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Ornella has it all - delicious Italian food that's homemade and high end, without being expensive or pretentious. The service has been consistently excellent, and the owner, a big friendly guy w a lot of pride, really seems to care. He even hand-wrote the menus. That kinda place. We love the pasta vongole (clams) that is, amazingly, baked and served in parchment paper. Also the osso busco w taglietelli pasta is ridic. Ya really can't go wrong here.

Stef B.  on Club 23

posted on November 27, 2011
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About forty five years ago my fathers family arrived on the shores of America from a small town in Sicily to begin a new life in the " Land of Opportunity". They brought with them a wealth of traditional Italian dishes, delicacies and cooking techniques that are sure to leave you happy, full and excited for more. It is very difficult to find Italian restaurants that hold true to the tenants if true Italian cuisine but Ornella's is such a place. The quaint dining room with it's warm, soft lighting is welcoming comfortable and relaxing. The menu is spectacular. I particularly like their crispy calamari which is always tender and crunchy and succulent. The linguini vongole is one of the best I've ever had. The clams are sweet and juicy and the garlic, olive oil and clam juice steam the pasta to perfection as it bakes in an envelop of parchment paper... Yeah it's pretty incredible. Also the slow braised ox tail ragu is out of this world. The wine list is unpretentious but pairs well with the menu. The owner is always welcoming and the staff is friendly and charming. Check this place out you won't regret it.

Ashley C.  on Club 23

posted on November 5, 2011
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Large party before us and it took 15 minutes for a bus boy to clean up the tables to make room for the next round. Understaffed... I feel like there is ONE waiter there who was taking orders the whole night and I even felt his frustration despite the crowd. One person can only do so much with a busy crowd on a saturday night. Very cold inside... our appetizer was good baked clams. My date's lasagna was very good and the "envelope pasta" that everyone was raving... the pasta was RUBBERY... BURNT. The filling was delicious but the burn pasta ruined it all. Perhaps they need to amp up their staff and we will try again. Why it isn't 2 stars? They were not stingy with the wine at all which was great hahaha... perhaps another try for their brunch.

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posted on October 24, 2011
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4 stars but I have to itemize on this!Me and my wife had lunch with our two young kids and my mother here today.-presentation and ambiance - 5stars-service and authenic italian spirit - 5stars -food (gnocchi, veal parm, meatballs, pappardelle on specials) - 3starsnothing wrong with the food just A-ok as the 3stars transcribe.- nice wine list - 4stars- desserts - 4.5stars ( they actually make them).hope this is helpful...

Audra W.  on Club 23

posted on August 9, 2011
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I'm going to Ornella for dinner tonight and I can't wait.See Thursdays at Ornella are $10 pasta night. What does this mean? ANY pasta dish on the menu is $10. This is an amazing deal considering how fresh and amazing their pasta is.I've been here twice already. I would have given it 3 stars after the first visit because my order was messed up a bit. I went again though and that experience was much better. I actually wasn't crazy impressed with my own dish (spaghetti carbonara,) but the other 3 entrees at my table were so amazing that I have to give the 4th star.The Gnocchi is to die for, and the chestnut pasta special that night with truffle oil was the best. My brother-in-law had the "envelope" style ravioli which was also amazing.I loved the Caesar salads we had to start, and like everyone else is saying the owner is wonderful. I don't understand all the bad reviews....

Darby L.  on Club 23

posted on April 18, 2011
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Truly a gem in the neighborhood! I've been here on multiple occasions and each time surpasses the last. On my most recent visit I had the pleasure of trying the homemade seafood ravioli. To call it ravioli isn't really fair to the dish, as these are not traditional small squares of pasta with a tiny dab of filling. Rather, these are enormous envelopes of perfectly cooked homemade pasta, each brimming with fresh seafood in just the right amount of sauce. My girlfriend ordered the fresh pasta made from chestnut flour. Having never tried this type of homemade pasta I was eager to taste it and needless to say it was outstanding! I'll certainly be ordering it on my next visit!

J M.  on Club 23

posted on April 12, 2011
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We've passed this restuarant a million times and never went in. One night, we decided to give it a try. We were very pleasantly surprised. This is a great neighborhood find. The owner came to our table and it was nice to see someone who cares about their business.The restaurant serves free bruschetta, which is a nice touch.We started with the Caprese salad. For the main course I ordered the seafood risotto. The seafood was plentiful and the dish was tasty. Though next time I will try the spaghetti with meatballs.My boyfriend ordered the short ribs with gnochhi and he was in heaven. He just about licked his plate clean.The one downside was the night we were there, the ice machine was broken. I love ice in my soda and water, so that was a bummer, but hopefully the machine is now fixed.We're definitely going back to try some of the other dishes.

Annie K.  on Club 23

posted on March 31, 2011
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After reading the amazing reviews, my friends and I decided to come here for brunch one day. I called ahead to make sure they served brunch on Saturdays. Good to go.We got there around noon and were the only ones in the place besides the owner and his son. The son was a little wary when we ordered alcohol, so the owner came over and made a joke about how he can't handle alcohol yet. The brunch was amazing - we all cleaned our plates -and the unlimited drinks can't be beat. I could only have a couple, but my friends downed quite a few.It was sort of weird that we were the only ones in the place (though another table did come right before we left), but the service was great and the restaurant was adorable. I need to go back and try dinner.

J F.  on Club 23

posted on March 25, 2011
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I've only had their food once and it was delivery, but I tell you this: It is the best carbonara I have had in years. There was a restaurant by my college that really knocked the carbonara out of the park, and this is the only place I've had it since that has been able to live up to my expectations. I hope to make it a regular go-to for pasta.

Johnny W.  on Club 23

posted on March 18, 2011
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Lovely, small, family owned italian restaraunt. They have an antipasta of cannalini beans, butterflied shrimp and rosemary that is out of this world!I can not understand all the anger on here. Everything I've ever gotten here has been good. The family that owns this place is super nice- I've never had a waiter be rude in any way. If the place gets jammed, the food comes out of the kitchen slower. That's a reality no matter where you dine. Enjoy your wine and chill out instead of dialing up the hate....

Amanda T.  on Club 23

posted on March 1, 2011
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I was left a little underwhelmed. All of our food was good, but just a *tad* off in one way or another - over-salted, too garlicky, etc. Half of the bottom layer of my Imbustata pasta seemed undercooked and I mean *way* more than al dente. Chocolate mousse cake was nothing special and lacked a real chocolate kick of flavor. Overall, disappointing because I got the sense that I could have totally loved it if things were just slightly adjusted. Still, it was okay and maybe if I return on another day they can woo me more successfully.

Igor G.  on Club 23

posted on February 10, 2011
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The manager is a real Italian guy, well-mannered and a fun person to talk to. The italian dishes there are also very authentic. I didn't remeber their names because they were all written in Italian, but the pork and chicken dishes we had were excellent. We also had real Italian beer, which was tasty. For desert - tiramisu and espresso were amazing. Overall I would recommend this place to anybody in Astoria looking for good Italian food.

Ashleigh B.  on Club 23

posted on January 3, 2011
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My boyfriend and I tried this restaurant on a whim... I have been looking for a great Italian restaurant since I moved to Woodside. This place hit the spot! The service was great- everyone seemed actually happy to work there which is not always the case and the food was great. We started off with the grilled Calamari- the sauce well- you could just drink it with a straw! I had the pasta with clam sauce- delicious- the clams were cooked perfectly and were NOT from a can... my boyfriend had the carbonara- delicious! I was very impressed and will be back again to try another dish soon!

Elizabeth F.  on Club 23

posted on December 29, 2010
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We first discovered Ornella's on a snowy night last Winter....the restaurant was almost empty. We were warmly greeted by Giuseppe who introduced us to his menu and whose enthusiasm for his recipes and culture were unmistakeable. We have returned several times with friends and family and have never been disappointed. We returned last night and it was clear that others have discovered this gem. The restaurant was packed! But Giuseppe was still there to greet us and the food was absolutely divine. I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend is Italiano and both of us are always blown away by the ambience, the quality of the ingredients, the amazing recipes. We closed the restaurant last night andwere delighted to have Giuseppe join us as he discussed his special Christmas Eve menu for tonight. We eat out alot. Ornella's is a very special place. We cannot wait to return.Elizabeth

Era X.  on Club 23

posted on December 23, 2010
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I loved the dinner at Ornella. The food was fabulous and, I particularly enjoyed the duck meatballs. The service was great. The staff was very friendly. The owner is the host and he came over to our table many times to see if we were enjoying everything. He also gave us a complimentary taste of their special chestnut pasta which was absolutely delicious.I will certainly go back to this restaurant.

patrick d.  on Club 23

posted on December 17, 2010
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With so many good reviews we thought this place would be great. They had a vegetarian menu which looked really appetizing and 5 veal dishes which gave me hope for their veal. #1. The bread was god awful. Might as well have been white Wonderbread. The brushetta was good, but the bread served no purpose other than mopping up sauce. #2. For a $21 veal dish, you would think I would be asked what kind of pasta I would like to have alongside. Didn't happen. #3. The veal was tough, real tough. The knife kept making chalk board scratching sounds as I tried to cut pieces. #4. My girlfriend ordered a simple pasta dish, which was ridiculously oiled and she didn't enjoy it. All show, OVER PRICED, poor food. Felt like we got robbed by a sleezy car salesman, especially since the owner starts you off with his little performance.

Sabrina S.  on Club 23

posted on November 28, 2010
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This place was quite amazing...the owner was very friendly (especially since it was our first time going there) and acted like he knew us for a long time. I must say I was skeptical about some of the dishes, but they were amazing! I recommend that everybody try the duck meatballs...doesnt sound appetizing, but its really, really good. I was pleasantly surprised at this place and I definitely plan on going back!PS: Sorry about the late review, Giuseppe! I told you that you would see a review from Sabrina and to remember my name! LOL...I'll be back!

Dan S.  on Club 23

posted on November 18, 2010
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When we arrived at about 6pm on a Sunday night, nobody was in the dining room ... this place was empty! Why, we wondered? The menu looked good, the atmosphere looked pleasant ... what the heck, let's just try it! And boy am I glad we did! The service was outstanding, free bruschetta was a nice touch, and the food was great too! Try the Imbustata!I will be sure to return!

Dustin K.  on Club 23

posted on November 8, 2010
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I wasn't sure that Giuseppe and Ornella could outdo themselves, but they have once again! Every few weeks they come up with some new specials and they are always great. Tonight we have the duck meat balls, buffalo mozz salad (again -- love this!), and I had the pork filet mignon. Truth be told, I have never heard of a pork filet mignon, but hey, I like pork and I like filet mignon---has to be good, right? It was amazing! So succulent and the sauce had a slight kick to it that popped off the taste buds. The duck meat balls were fantastic, I will definitely be getting them again. We also tried a sample of the chestnut pasta with pistachio sauce. My wife barely let me get a bite she loved it so much (and it was delicious)! Ornella does it again!

Rob M.  on Club 23

posted on October 11, 2010
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Met my boss for lunch here. Finally got a chance to try the Gorgonzola Gnocchi that I've seen on their menu for ages. It was pretty tasty! Plenty of cheese, without being intensely rich (I mean, it was still gnocchi, which was a little heavy for lunch, but we split it with a salad between the two of us, so it worked out). The goat cheese salad we had was fresh, with asparagus and balsamic vinegar--very simple but pleasing. Their lunch crowd was essentially us, so the guy (who I think was the owner) who was serving was also in the back starting dinner prep and other things, which left us ample time to talk, but subsequently caused a bit of a wait for the check. I'll update once I've had this infamous $13 brunch with unlimited mimosas, that'll probably be the deal breaker!

Veronica C.  on Club 23

posted on October 9, 2010
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Tried Ornella LOVE IT guys!!! Not the typical POORING pasta and eat balls!!! Its so amazing... check out my pics...Try it - they are so nice and cool in there... The service is friendly, but professional and the meals are always consistently impressive.TRY IT YA'll

Kristine W.  on Club 23

posted on October 5, 2010
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I love Ornella's. The food here is great. I am an Italian food snob because I'm used to home cooked Italian food, and this taste home cooked and better. I had the imbustante, delizioso!

danielle r.  on Club 23

posted on September 24, 2010
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last night i experienced Ornella Trattoria for the first time. from the outside it looks like a small pizzeria/ typical chicken parm kind of place. we were celebrating a friend's birthday and 12 of us enjoyed a family-style sampling of Ornella's specialties! (this is where your mouth will water)chesnut pasta with shrimp, arugula and cherry tomatoespasta envelopes stuffed with i-dont-know-what-but-it-was-awesomegnocchi with gorgonzola cheese (still thinking about them)braised short ribs (Oh MY GOD)stuffed pork chops filet of sole with artichokes every single dish was amazing. i can't say enough how much i enjoyed their food. the owner took the time to explain every dish to us as it was being served and it's great to see a restaurant put so much love into their food. i was stuffed, but happy when i left. i will absolutely be back!!!

Catface G.  on Club 23

posted on August 20, 2010
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I've eaten at Ornella's a handfull of times. Mostly delivery, and one time i went in for brunch. The times i've gone with delivery, have been mostly successful. Here are a few points i'd like to bring up:1. Their chicken parmigiana is pretty good and filling. So is their raviolis.2. I just tried to order online/delivery for said chicken parmigiana, but got a phone call back saying they can't deliver because the delivery guy is not there. That's just weird. You only have ONE delivery guy? So if he doesn't show up, customers can't get delivery? you're losing a lot of business there, buddy. Now for the brunch story:My boyfriend and I wanted to try their brunch. We must have seen some imaginary brunch menu. I remembering seeing some kind of vanilla bean ricotta cheesecake and all these different kinds of egg benedicts, etc etc. When we saw the menu outside, there were about 6 things on there, nothing that we saw online when we looked them up.So we arrived at 11. Which we assumed was a pretty normal time to be open for brunch. When we approached the restaurant, the doors were open, music was playing [really bad italian top-40 to be exact], and lights were one. We even entered the place and the waiter seated us, like any kind of OPEN FUNCTIONING RESTAURANT. after we ordered bellinis, the owner approached us and told us they weren't open yet. THEN WHY ARE YOU DOORS OPEN?? WHY DID YOU JUST SEAT US AND TAKE DRINK ORDERS FROM US IF YOU ARENT OPEN? we think, "why not, we can have a drink, wait a little bit until they were open." They bring us out a CARAFE of bellini. The owner gives us menus. The vegetarian menu. We sit there listening to painfully horrible italian pop music, wondering when the hell they're actually gonna open the restaurant, watching the one waiter play around with his cell phone. The owner comes out and asks us what we want to eat. We ask for the normal regular menu. He argues with us that the menu is the normal menu. NO DUDE, IT'S THE VEGETARIAN MENU. IT SAYS IT AT THE TOP. LOOK. SEE?? i order the eggs benedict, he orders something with mortadella. It comes out quick, at least. The bread in my eggs benedict is dry and mealy. Slightly stale. His mortadella quickly starts to taste like bologna. We wait a long time, painfully, for the check. We are the only ones there. ONLY. ONES. THERE. we are regretting this decision to eat there. Never again. Never again will i eat brunch there. Probably the worst brunch experience i've ever had. I'll stick with their dinner, but they really need to reconsider or rethink their brunch menu/service/hours/everything.

Lucy R.  on Club 23

posted on July 14, 2010
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Very cozy restaurant and the owner Giusseppe gave us a class about the italian cuisine from where he is from.The gnoochi alla gorgonzola was the best ! And for dessert we had the eggplant cake, that was very good and different I will be back there for sure .

Judith R.  on Club 23

posted on June 11, 2010
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My friend and I ended up here after searching for restaurants in Astoria. Really, what initially brought us here was it's high rating and close proximity to the subway. Ultimately, I'm glad these factors all came together to bring us here, because it was a wonderful eating experience.I had arrived late, though my friend said while she waited, the person who I imagine to be the owner was friendly and joking with her as she waited. When I arrived, he greeted me in an extremely friendly and warm manner (oh good so you finally made it safely!) There was not only bread but bread and bruschetta (please excuse improper spelling), and right away, we were given a list all the specialties and recommendations, followed by the menu. (A cool side note I've never seen...they had a vegetarian menu, which I thought was nice).The food was very good, and pretty plentiful, much more than I was expecting. And the dessert was good as well, all home made and a great way to top off the dinner. And to make the dessert portion of the meal even more special was the reception of a complimentary dessert on top of the one we had ordered, because as the waiter said, the owner (?) wanted us to try it out. Needless to say, we were both round at the end of the meal.A final parting may have been the fact that it was a rainy weeknight, which lead to a more empty restaurant, but there was no rush to get us out of the restaurant. We probably sat there for at least 3 hours talking, and with the exception of checking on and see how we were doing, there were no interruptions or encouragement to leave.Overall a wonderful experience. I would definitely go back and highly recommend it to anyone looking for good Italian food in a nice restaurant setting.

Rachel S.  on Club 23

posted on June 8, 2010
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I totally thought I had already reviewed Ornella, but apparently I hadn't, although I do tell everyone I know to go here and try it!I have been dining at Ornella regularly since they first opened, and all of the people who have joined me have nothing but great things to say. Giuseppe (the owner) is friendly, welcoming, and always stops by the table to chat, share his knowledge, make suggestions and answer any questions you have about the items on the menu. While they do have the standard Italian-American staple items on the menu, I recommend venturing out of your comfort zone to the more obscure options. I decided to try the buckwheat pasta with fontina, potatoes and shredded cabbage and fell in love! It is in a delicious garlic infused olive oil broth and all of the flavors marry together beautifully. Aside from buckwheat pasta, they also offer entrees with pasta made from chick peas, chestnuts, and whole wheat flour.The bianco is, in my opinion, the best salad on the menu, and one of the best salads I have had anywhere. Hearts of palm, artichoke, mushrooms, endive, parmesan cheese and a perfectly light champagne vinaigrette makes this my go-to appetizer every time.I have never had the same entree twice, and I have been extremely happy with all of my choices. Their broccoli rabe is cooked to perfection as well.Go to Ornella! You won't be disappointed!

Mike S.  on Club 23

posted on May 15, 2010
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Amazing and unique brunch! My girlfriend and I just moved to Astoria this weekend from Greenpoint. We read on Why Leave Astoria about Ornella's new brunch menu, which we found when we were there was their first foray into brunch. And wow, well done! I'd never really thought to associate a trattoria with brunch foods, but i was proven wrong. We both had the panino with fontina and arugula which came with a nice salad and (smallish) serving of country potatoes. The fontina was amazingly fresh and flavorful and the potatoes were seasoned just right, though I could have stood to have a little larger serving. I am certainly trying one of the fritattas next time as they looked delicious. Put all that together with unlimited mimosas for $13 and that is a brunch steal. We will certainly be back for brunch and can't wait to come try it for dinner!

Lauren C.  on Club 23

posted on April 14, 2010
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I have no complaints about Ornella Trattoria- not one. The food easily surpassed any other italian food I have had in Astoria. The service went well beyond my expectations and only added to the already warm and inviting atmosphere. The owner came to our table twice to make sure we were enjoying everything, and the waiter was extremely friendly and helpful.The menu has so many interesting choices that I could barely decide what to order. I ended up choosing the special- a chestnut pasta with shrimp and arugula. The dish was bursting with unfamiliar and welcomed flavors, the pasta was perfectly al dente, and the shrimp was perfectly cooked(a miracle!). My girlfriend went with a more traditional plate- spaghetti and meatballs. I wasn't exactly expecting to be impressed but I was. The meatballs were soft and tasty, and the red sauce was light and uniquely flavored. We didn't have any space to try the tiramisu but we will certainly be back.

Sherl K.  on Club 23

posted on March 1, 2010
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Ate here a few times. Great food, very friendly owner. Owner always starts up a conversation, gives us new dishes to try. They have a chestnut pasta (phenomenal), bianca salad is very unique and de-lish. They have a vegetarian menu. Try the mushroom risotto with goat cheese and truffle oil. I have never had a better risotto. ohh and they make a very good cheesecake.

Costa  on Club 23

posted on December 20, 2009
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This place has finally closed. It will be interesting to see what replaces it.

Jack  on Club 23

posted on July 16, 2009
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Is this place still a dump? I saw a sign outside that said new management, but the decor looks the same. Haven't ventured in yet.

Mike from Europa  on Club 23

posted on November 13, 2008
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anybody see Pricilla from sweet cherry?

not worth it  on Club 23

posted on August 21, 2008
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This place is fucking trashy, hole in the wall explains it all. Don't waste your time It's an old run down bar nothing eles but a few dirty little girls that sit next to you while your forced to by them drinks.

Manhattanite  on Club 23

posted on February 14, 2008
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When on Feb 1, hadn't been for a couple of years not too much has changed, it's still a bit skeezy but there's always 1 pretty hot girl working there I think her name was Joanna she's Brazilian and without too any provoking she had flashed me within the first 10 mins of walking in cute girl I would rate her a 7 but thats about as high as it gets in this place but there are plenty a laughs available here & I would go back if I was in the neighborhood again.

Hate this chick  on Club 23

posted on November 26, 2007
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Who is this new spanish girl? That skanky little boriqua? Matti? Something like that. Get rid of that hooker.

T  on Club 23

posted on October 29, 2006
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Don't think it is Spanish Jen. Haven't seen her in ages.

Victor  on Club 23

posted on June 24, 2006
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Any updates? Who bartends now? Any good parties?

regular customer  on Club 23

posted on April 11, 2006
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thank goodness jen is back.jen, great drinks and club 23 make friday night worth it.

Question for "Fan"  on Club 23

posted on April 7, 2006
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Is that Spanish Jenn?, with the big brown eyes, perfect ass and tiny tetas?

Fan  on Club 23

posted on March 31, 2006
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Thank god jen is back, they b hiring too many fat n old ass skanks

nostalgia  on Club 23

posted on January 28, 2006
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yeah she would do you good in bathroom, but havent seen her for year

2 3 BOUNCE  on Club 23

posted on January 8, 2006
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any1 know if julie is still workin @ 23'z

Beaver Hunter  on Club 23

posted on August 16, 2005
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I was there about a week ago. Strange setup, no one really knows what goes on there. A couple of hot bartenders offered us drinks but no lap dances. I didn't understand. Apparently this place is not a strip club but they are trying to be like a Coyote Ugly type bar. One beautiful Latina girl caught my eye but all she was interested in was eating limes (strange) and asking us if we wanted another drink. Would love to go back and get a dance with her if I knew her name and I understood what the deal was here? Can anyone help?

Manhattan guy  on Club 23

posted on May 29, 2005
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so theres grinding i presume, well i'll be checking the place out soon, any latinas?

Re: Please help  on Club 23

posted on April 3, 2005
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yes you need an i.d. .... grinding?........*Grin*

please help me too  on Club 23

posted on March 27, 2005
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yeah, whats the deal in here?

please help  on Club 23

posted on March 27, 2005
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what's the story with this place? no lds? any grinding? anything?

curious  on Club 23

posted on March 19, 2005
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does anyone know if DD is back yet, i heard she hurt her foot.

insider  on Club 23

posted on March 8, 2005
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because liz is kissing gina's ass and also she is her informer on anything what goes in there, well no one else is willing to do the dirty job, u know!

cloak  on Club 23

posted on January 14, 2005
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anyone know if spanish jen is coming back, god i love that ass

aha  on Club 23

posted on January 8, 2005
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spanish Jen gone. Blonde Jen still there. Julie is gone, lots of new girls. Needs more skinny ones but some of the big ones are still hot.

JOHN  on Club 23

posted on December 8, 2004
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Julie still here. Jen haven't seen in a while. Many new chicks.