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Route 5

Dunkirk, New York 

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Costume Woman  on Coyote Blue

posted on March 7, 2007
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I just moved from Palm Beach, Florida and I'd like to come sell some exotic dancewear to your girls if that's OK. All my outfits come with a matching thong and are only $20.00 a set--all are WELL made by me. Been designing and selling to strip clubs in Md. and FL. for 15 years...and have now brought my business here to the Jamestown area. If your interested in having me come to your club, send me a message!

Buffalo girl  on Coyote Blue

posted on May 24, 2006
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Yeah I would like to know too. Is this the place owned by the nice couple that has the hotel next door?Ive worked for them they are great but I thought they went back to being a regular bar.If they are back to a strip club Id work there again in a heart beat As far as Big girls are concerned Im no size 3 myself and the only club I can think of is Alexanders or the colonie maybe chit chat but anything else Im not sure It all depends on your your attitude and your hustle to sometimes aclub will over look a few extra pounds if u make them money Good luck

clean  on Coyote Blue

posted on January 11, 2006
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you have got to be kidding heheheheheheh

Trying to Find...  on Coyote Blue

posted on March 16, 2005
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Pardon me if this is an inappropriate place to ask this but I can't seem to find the information anywhere on the web. Does anyone know of a club in or around Buffalo that caters to heavy women? A friend of my sister's said that she worked at this club once in a while and made a killing by just being her average self but my sister can't seem to find out where the club is. Does anyone know? I'd certainly appreciate the help! Thanks so much!

dancer  on Coyote Blue

posted on January 20, 2005
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i just moved to the area and am looking for a clean club to work in! i would like some more info on this club!