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Jamaica, New York 11222

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richard95  on  Europa Club

posted on October 6, 2010
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It's not easy being cheesy but Europa is doing a great job!!!This whole place is smelly, dark, dirty, cheap surround system, racist bouncers, tricky bartenders and aggressive manager. If they promised a show or a concert you are lucky if you hear a half hour of it, they canceled or interrupted at least 4 shows I was on. I tried to give this place a chance but after being a witness of a girl being thrown down on a floor by a manger and being carried out by bouncers I said enough! STAY AWAY!!!!!!

XhXeXy  on  Europa Club

posted on August 25, 2010
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The bouncers are jerks. They hollered racial slurs towards my friends.

larry1  on  Europa Club

posted on July 25, 2010
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Went to go see a band play at Europa Sat night. The management decided to shut them down less than halfway through their set, despite the crowd's protests. Presumably, they did this because it becomes a disco after 10, but I didn't see anyone lining up to get in... Completely disrespected the band and their own patrons who paid to see the band play.

ryan123  on  Europa Club

posted on March 27, 2010
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I had an awful experience here! I can see that for some this might be appealing... in the way that I can see how some might like to grind their teeth. - Line for the coat check wrapped entirely round the upper floor - Line for the overflowing, slippery restroom was even longer - Fog and smoke machines made finding friends, or the ground in front of me, impossible- and sweaty dance partners indiscernible. - Enough cigarette smoke to make a my eyes burn, and I myself am a heavy smoker. The crowd was some strange breed of polish-scene-chic, lots of greasy men grinding both on each other and on me. I experienced a completely random Guido forcing my hand onto his crotch as I walked by, and then shoving me away when I recoiled. Took us over two hours to find this hole in the wall, and I will spend the rest of my life attempting to forget it. In my experience, an absolutely disgusting place.

Briana M.  on Europa Club

posted on May 30, 2009
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I almost gave this place 5 stars because of how HILARIOUSLY horrible it is. I don't remember much of my time here, but given the fact that I was slightly horrified by the venue - while wasted - says a lot. I'm really not picky when I'm 3 whiskey drinks and 4, or 5 or maybe 6? beers in. In fact, I'll fucking fall in love with a place. But I couldn't get over the cheesiness of this place, and the fact that while smoking outside I was surrounded by the most hilarious groups of Polish people. I heard a girl trying to console a guy (they probably paid $15.00 to go to the UPSTAIRS CLUB) by saying "No, no...they play the Polish music LATER! Really!". I silently congratulated myself for not paying the cover and patronizing the velvety downstairs tackyfest. The DJ, who knows a friend of a friend, was pretty good. I was the grind master for the night, and the STRONG drink and beer I had definitely didn't help my case. I wouldn't be surprised if I had started grinding with the bar, or the couch, or the wall. I don't even know how much the drinks cost. I guess this isn't really a helpful review, but if you LIKE late night Polish music, or the Polish dance scene, or tacky shit...go here! The bouncer was really chill.

syl  on Europa Club

posted on April 30, 2009
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you better go to kalua is like two blocks away.

tifanny  on Europa Club

posted on March 11, 2009
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Well I dance here and im sexy and fine there are a lot of pretty girls here now... im 22 sexy and nice.... we habe russians spanish brazilians assians ...... I know before was bad but now is good .... kisses if you go there ask for tiffany....

Janice C.  on Europa Club

posted on January 9, 2009
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Epic NYE feat. Kill the Noise and AC SlaterNot sure if this was the best place to go to ring in the New Year as the DJs did the count-down to 2009, it all seemed like a club-rave. entrance: the door guy was a total idiot. it was 20 min til midnight and there I was about 20 people in front of me. it was freezing cold, i couldn't feel my toes in my cramped up stiletto boots. everyone's sort of mum at this point, some are rushing to another bar while some are too drunk to even realize there are still standing outside waiting in line. then, suddenly I see a large crowd bum rush to the front of the line and I thought, "here's my chance!" my philosophy is always go in with a crowd, no matter how horrendous they seem to be, hey, i'm a friendly person. so i tagged behind two girls and bypassed through a group of 15 teeth-clanking drunk club goers and I pretend I'm deaf b/c of some sober hecklers. I'm in the door now but wait, I still need to get my bf in! The leader of the large was such a cool guy and handled the lame bouncer. My bf sneaked passed in and we were safe!atmosphere: Though I heard lots of Polish/Russian chatter, the people working the club were nice, if not sort of cocky. The light was red and green--i know! Christmas is over but we I reviewed my digital pics from last night there was red all over. Oh If you want a nice strong drink go to "Vortek:". Some guy, which was probably his friend, was heckling him for strong drinks, so I joined in on the fun. After 2 shots of JD, 2 glasses of free champagne, and 1 Heinken, it started to feel like a pretty damn good NYE! Oh, did I mention I found $50 by the bar? By my third drink, I was pretty tipsy and I dropped my $1 on the floor of the bar, and behold, a $50 was staring right in front of me. I quickly snatched it up--ah the night was going good! :D And I didn't do this, but I saw some girls tippy-toeing at the bar and showing lots of cleavage for Vortek's attention. Do this if you can and drinks will come faster. People: Other than the cool guy who bum rushed the line, the crowd was either really cool or just drunk and having a good time. A girl at the bar asked me how much a heifenweiser cost? How the heck did I know? I don't even drink that--it was given to me for free in college house parties. Sounds like a guys' drink. Sweetie, you can't go wrong with a vodka tonic or jack and coke. DJs: So good! The music was good from the beginning, some MGMT, electronic, bass. As long as there's no Britney remixes, I'm happy. People were dancing really hard. DJ's handed free t-shirts to the crowd. My bf caught one. Too bad we lost it on the taxi on our way home. Note: if you ever catch a cool looking t-shirt again, wear it! The sound was not the best I've ever heard, not too crisp, but it's in Greenpoint/Williamsburg--what can you expect? I reason that it's what's indie is all about, garage, b-sides, lo-fi.i'd return again, if the cover was less and if i'd pre-partied on my way there. it's not a nice, poshy club, but one that works and there were good djs that night. the crowd is pretty young, but it doesn't matter if you're drunk, want to dance, and ready to have a good time.

trinh m.  on Europa Club

posted on November 29, 2008
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A good time depends who you go with and your attitude. 4 of us girls had a great time, but I'd say I've been to better and more crowded clubs and bars/lounges.***TIME: Friday Nov 14, 2008 11:30PM***ALCOHOL: Good drinks I'd say so. Ran out of Jameson and no one was at the bar/lounge (1st floor).***SERVICE (5/5 stars): Awesome bartenders.***CUSTOMERS: Regular type of people who seem like they listen to mainstream. Not a very music scene.***ENVIRONMENT/SPACE:1st floor (bar/lounge): Went there 2x and it was very empty, but great it u want the place to yourself. Music downstairs was a 2.5/5 stars for dance music, but we danced anyways.2nd floor (club): $10 cover charge. Dance floor wasn't crowded. Just dispersed of people. Quite empty for a Friday night club. I like the place though, but don't really love the music upstairs.***WILL I COME BACK?: Yes. But I'd like to go to other places

Sexxy Dancer  on Europa Club

posted on August 29, 2008
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This club is absolutely nasty..The women there are big fat nasty white and spanish women who look about 75 and smell like shit.There stomachs are huge with holes and stretchmarks. The whole place stinks and is a waste of time. I dont know how this place stays open..this is a great place if u smoke crack and need a place to smoke.

chris r.  on Europa Club

posted on July 26, 2008
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entrance: nice door guy. bar: ordered two gin and tonics. asked for sapphire, specifically. saw them being poured from a sapphire bottle. got to a couch. tasted the drinks. it was tanqueray. come on, now. at least they were cheap and strong, but they're really not fooling everything was red and green. i like red, but when all the bands are lit up by an unchanging green light throughout the night, it made me feel queasy.sound: muddy, due to the system. the guy playing music between bands was also the sound guy, i think. he was playing a lot of good stuff. this might have been the saving grace of europa.bands: aside from the band we were there to see, one opener was so awful i was embarrassed for them, and one was fun ...fronted by a kind of 21st century tina turner. a 50/50 opening band ratio is pretty good, so you have to give credit where credit is due.i'd return, but only if the band i wanted to see wasn't playing anywhere else.

Billy_Idol  on Europa Club

posted on July 10, 2008
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Billy Idol, Rock the Cradle of Love

B. Jane G.  on Europa Club

posted on June 28, 2008
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went to a show here last night.if i didnt like the groups, and the DJ wasnt killing it, the place would have sucked, obviously. VDRK hosted & it was sick. I'd go back if they did another party there, but no i would not go back basically the place gets 1 star, but i had such a good time i just pushed it to 3.

Global Carbon Tax  on Europa Club

posted on June 11, 2008
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The World Wide Global Carbon Tax

Lost 80K retirement  on Europa Club

posted on March 14, 2008
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from retirement fund this past few weeks. However I will get a $600 "stimulus package" from these morons. Maybe I can buy about 11 tanks of gas.

Dollar  on Europa Club

posted on March 14, 2008
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The dollar is on fire, crash and burn.

Kevin R.  on Europa Club

posted on August 19, 2007
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I personally don't think Williamsburg/Greenpoint has enough concert venues. (Studio B, Warsaw, Luna Lounge, Music Hall Of Williamsburg to name a few) - Anyway, I know this is actually a Polish nightclub that happens to put on an awesome concert once in awhile (a la Warsaw), so I was expecting some taped together version of a stage, but as I walked in - I was pleasantly surprised.The decor of the place is pretty cool, the space itself isn't too big, or too small. The stage is placed in the corner of the building so it seems like there is ample room, but the seating area on the side may take away from that. I personally find it a plus that there are spots for you to sit down and watch the performance, as I'm getting too old for the standing. There is bar is towards the back, with blonde-bombshell Polish bartenders, plus the drinks were reasonably priced. These are all pluses in my book of venues.A situation occured when one of the bands schedule to play had visa issues so they weren't going to play, but the owners of the club decided on keeping it open a bit longer to accommodate the band. I was very surprised by that gesture. Most places won't adjust to a situation like that.I would definitely go see a show here again, even though the sound was decent enough, but I can see it possibly getting better in time and becoming a nice smaller sized venue in the area - it just doesn't compete with Warsaw though.Show I Went To: Fear Before The March Of Flames w/ 65DaysOfStatic

Stephanie V.  on Europa Club

posted on July 13, 2007
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I saw World/Inferno here and the atmosphere is reminiscent of the Bowery Ballroom but without quality sound and it was super-crowded. The first floor is the usual bar/lounge with pool tables and the like. The next floor up has the stage with another little lounge area and a bar. There's a coat check, which is a good since it's so crowded and hot, you don't want to be holding anything. I wasn't very impressed, considering the sound was so off (with every musical act, including World/Inferno). There's just better places to catch a show and enjoy the sound quality.

Pop  on Europa Club

posted on April 20, 2007
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I have been to many strip clubs in my life.....AND THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST I HAVE EVER ENTERED. The 'strippers' are literally 60 years old grandmothers. It is absolute filth. Save your not go in this place.

peter T brazil  on Europa Club

posted on March 16, 2007
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if someone knows elena tell her to call peter 423 774-2788

Phoenix Star  on Europa Club

posted on December 16, 2006
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I came in for an interview and got the job the next day i was thirty min late and he said you cant work now you to late he replaced me with an ederly woman bullshit check my pic i look beter than anyone that works there they gewt scared when they see a girl that is better

Just A Question  on Europa Club

posted on April 20, 2005
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How do the girls make they're money if you don't have dances?

$$$$$$$$$$$  on Europa Club

posted on February 12, 2005
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It is not a expiernce that i enjoyed when i went there, i tried kulua's down the block which was not much different, then i went to daydreamz on hillside and sutphin, and that is what i wanted. its great

Mr. Man  on Europa Club

posted on December 8, 2004
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It is a bikini bar that has no LP's. As for the look, m it is a dive of a place. The manager was so strict that he has a policy that all the girls that sit at the bar have to sit straight foreward. They can't turn in their seat when talking to a customer. Meaning body sraight front. The girls are... eh!

$$$$  on Europa Club

posted on December 6, 2004
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Its a bikni bar. NO LD's its a small hole in the wall bar with a few girls that are alright looking .

KBE  on Europa Club

posted on November 25, 2004
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i wish i knew, i've seen it while waiting at the LIRR platform, have been curious but wanted to know a little more b4 i go in. Someone please tell us the 411

How is it?  on Europa Club

posted on October 6, 2004
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Has anyone been here? Lapdances? Topless/bikini? $?