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nickstrip  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 9, 2016
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I booked this for one night to see a show at the PlayStation theatre. I liked the distance to the location I was supposed to be at and the 4.5/5 star reviews I saw everywhere and the pictures they posted on their site. For what I paid for a "deluxe" room/ I am afraid of what a normal room looks like. The bathroom wasn't very clean, headboard to the bed falling apart- pieces missing and strings where things were supposed to be, stains on the walls, towels were hard, extremely outdated rooms- As if you were transported back to the year 1997. The lobby looked nice.The people were friendly that worked there.I wouldn't recommend this to a person who is used to staying at actual 4.5-5 star hotels.

livinlikelarry  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 8, 2016

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Booked via Hotwire. Called to ask if I could add a name to the reservation and whoever answered barked "You have to call Hotwire!" and hung up on me. Uh . . .okay. Check in guy was friendly, everyone else I encountered there had a similar "go f*ck yourself" attitude. No coffee pot. No fridge. Whole room looks kind of run down and shabby. No ventilation at all in bathroom, so after a shower it's a sauna. The tub drain was broken and pulled halfway out of the drain, which was a pretty disgusting sight. Thermostat shut off completely if you tried to change the temperature. Terrible lighting (even worse than typical bad hotel lighting). Room smelled kind of smokey (it's a non-smoking building) and elevators and lobby smelled like . . . I have no idea, dog shit is the closest thing that comes to mind. $100 hold on my card for incidentals (isn't that what putting a card down is for?) they never mentioned. It really should have been released by now. All around bad experience.

dannyboy7  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on September 18, 2016
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So like most places in Times Square it's overpriced a little dingy and in need of updating. The service is OK the people are friendly. The breakfast bar is passable at $20 but nothing fantastic.

B G.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 11, 2016
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Amazing staff, went above and beyond to accommodate my group! Seamless experience, and kind surprises! 10 days of pure bliss in the middle of hectic NYC. I'm a former NYCer who knows NYC mentality. These people have 0 attitude! Last three years I've been staying in NYC hotels for business and pleasure and the service at the Millennium tops them all. From housekeeping to the top executives! Amazing! Many thanks to Christina Gonzalez and Brenda Worrell!!

Raff  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 6, 2016
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Note...They have an area with an ATM up a few steps a bit dark. I ran my card on it...did not work. Person sitting close by reading. Got back to Phoenix and found an $800 charge had been run up in Jersey.Room nice...small for more than one person. Nice bathroom. Staff was pleasant.

Jordanp  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on July 13, 2016
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Full disclosure: I booked this hotel for a week for my CEO & President of the tech company I work for, who planned on attending the Venture Summit in 3 weeks from now. I booked this room through Expedia and paid up front for the entire cost, somewhere around $2,100. When I booked, there was no clause or disclosure that the hotel could choose to simply not grant a cancellation, especially one that was requested over a month prior to the intended hotel stay. A business emergency came up and the executives are not able to attend this convention regrettably. When I spoke to the hotel, I spoke to an exasperated woman who annoying told me that I needed to call Expedia, I can't speak to them directly. In a huffy manner, rushed me off the phone... fine, I call Expedia who explained to me that they would call on my behalf, be my advocate and try their best to cope with this hotel. Not only did the Expedia rep speak to someone and plead my case, then got a manager on the phone that quickly denied the claim and fully plans to take my money without even so much as a credit offering for future use or a refund minus a fee. I can't believe that this type of thing would even happen... we won't be in the rooms, there is plenty of time to allow others to book the room but now, they will be keeping my money and the rooms will be emptied. As often as our company travels to NY, this was the first time we were trying out this hotel and let me assure you, we will never stay here, ever, just based on principle and how rude we were treated. This is gross misconduct and everyone considering booking this hotel should be privy to know what the potential consequences are of becoming a customer with this or their other hotel locations.

Sharon M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on June 1, 2016
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The room (king size) was large, clean, and relaxing. Not too often, do you find a large room on NYC. The bed was comfortable, and the bathroom was large as well. Ate breakfast buffet in the morning. They were constantly refreshing the Buffett items, and we're very attentive. Highly recommend. Conveniently located in the heart of Times Square. Close to Broadway shows and restaurants.

F S.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on May 9, 2016
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Location is awesome if you love visiting NY. I've stayed here on 3 different occasions because it's really close to my company's Manhattan office. Have had no issues here.Took one star off : hotel is getting a little tired but at least the beds are super comfy! It could be great if they spend some money renovating the overall appearance.

Skyla C.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on May 1, 2016
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Considering this hotel is right next to time square is a plus . But in my opinion , I would have looked elsewhere but I wasn't the one who booked the hotel . The room was small with two full size beds . I was upset because for the amount we paid for this hotel there was no fridge at all in our room . Like do I have to pay another hundred or two extra for a mini fridge in our room . There were no water served . The only thing that was offered in the room was coffee and ice down the hallway . Like really ? Upon leaving , when I was getting ready to leave there appears to be some kind of stained on the side of bed I was sleeping on . Sign of bad housekeeping ? I don't think I want to come stay here again .

Me I.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 27, 2016
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Mistercap12  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 18, 2016
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Not the best hotel per se, but you can't beat the location. Friendly and professional staff. This is where I stay when I visit NYC.

dopeboy19  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 14, 2016
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No FREE WIFI, NO hot water pot, good location for Broadway.

marlonmoney12  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 28, 2016
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Stayed at this hotel, this past weekend, we booked it for our 20th wedding anniversary. Now originally I wanted to stay somewhere else but this place happened to be perfect for what I was looking for. We had a room on the 49th floor with a great view of the city. As I said before, this hotel was perfect due to location. Across the street a great deli for breakfast, half a block down was the Good Morning America headquarters (wife got to meet Robin Roberts), Times Square, subways entrances within a block and our theatre (the minskoff home of LIONKING) was two blocks down. The staff was welcoming when we arrived, room service people went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect (calamari was excellent) AND to top it off as I was leaving (heading over to 8th avenue to hail a cab to airport) the door man stopped me and tells us that they have a car service that will take us to airport for flat price. So instead of a stuffy cab ride we rode to airport in a sweet luxury car. Now I will tell you that the hotel did have a couple of small nicks, like corner lamp looked like it was broken or no fridge, but honestly I could care less, because everything else was just perfect. So thanks millennium for making our first trip to NYC perfect.

Rese B.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 27, 2016
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We came here for a night away from our kids. We checked in after watching a Broadway play. When we went to our room we immediately had to call the from desk to let them know that our room smelled like cigarette smoke. They were nice enough to switch our room immediately. However, we were very disappointed in the room because it was dated. In the bathroom under the rim of the sink it had mold and also in some places in the shower. The towels did not smell fresh either. As regular travelers and hotel guests we are very disappointed in this hotel and will not be returning.

GarryWas  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 4, 2016
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Let's start with the dirty, moldy room.The bathroom. The toilet lid had not been cleaned. Super gross as it had feces on it - feces! Then the room itself smelled moldy. When I complained I did get a new room. Oddly though regarding the first room, the manager acknowledged the problem and noted there was likely some sort of flood and the carpet got wet. Okay, but then why would you book that room before that problem was corrected? The room I was moved to.I arrived back to it after a day of work to find this bathroom still dirty. The cleaning crew had been in, but what they cleaned is a mystery to me. The manager on call came up with the head of housekeeping to see the room and both acknowledged it was dirty and both apologized.Final day.I go to check out and despite all of this, they charge me the full rate. Nothing comped or discounted. It's not my money as I am traveling for business but come on. There were serious health issues regarding the lack of cleanliness. Very poor responses to serious issues by the management team.It's important to know that I never got angry nor did I yell. In fact, I laughed at one point because it had gotten ridiculous.So, while it is a great location, I would NEVER recommend booking a room here.

Cecilia N.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 20, 2016
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The hotel was in a good location- right in times square, the door man who greet us was friendly and they allowed us to store our luggage when our room wasn't ready. However, besides that I can't say anything else that was very good about the hotel. Check in was fine although we had requested a high view upon placing the reservation and upon check in we received the 19th floor. Sounds good right? We thought so too until we went on the elevator and saw that the first floor was the 16th and the highest was the 52th. When we got into our room, we could tell that the rooms were quite aged, the pictures were not like what the room actually looked like. There was a certain smell about it that was a bit musty? Not sure exactly how to explain it. The sheets felt like paper. I'm pretty sure the motels I've stayed in before had better linens. The pillows were also flat and sleeping on them caused a bit of neck pain the next morning. Our view was overlooking the side street, with a pleasing view of a sad parking lot. The windows were also not well insulated. We could clearly feel cold air coming through. Bottom line: the room was not worth what we paid ($265/night not including tax or parking for two double beds). Parking is an additional $55/night.When we tried to turn on the TV, it would not turn on. We called the front desk and they said they would send down an engineer to fix it. We then left thinking that when we returned, it would be fixed. Guess what? It wasn't fixed. It wasn't until the second call down to the front desk that someone came to fix it. The change in linens were timely - when we returned, the rooms were always cleaned. Overall, the experience was okay/average but a bit disappointing. I would advise looking elsewhere where you could probably get a better price and a nicer place to stay.

fuckery12  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on December 22, 2015
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If you are looking to stay in a central location in NYC, don't look any further than the Millenium Broadway. It is located within eyeshot of Times Square and the Broadway theater district; plus the Bryant Park NYPL and Rockefeller Center are within easy walking distance, so you won't need to travel more than a few blocks for something to do.The hotel seems much smaller from the lobby and the outside than it actually is. JJ and I were on a relatively low floor in a corner room, with a king-size bed. We were pleased with the size/comfort of the room and the bathroom (at least three times the size of my own bathroom), although the layout was a little funky (the TV was not directly in front of the bed). The housekeeping staff did try to come in at a very early hour to clean the room, so I suggest placing the DND sign on the door before you go to sleep.Check in/check out were a breeze with the front desk, and they were able to get us in almost an hour before official check-in, which meant that we had a few moments to collect ourselves before venturing out into the icy wind again. Come here if you have a deal or if you want to be within a block of all of the tourist sites. Also, note that the 44th street entrance is closed after 11PM and you will need to come in on 45th.

Larry G.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on December 6, 2015
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We happened to stay at The Millennium Broadway on my last business trip to the big apple a few weeks ago. I lived in NYC for about 6 years prior to moving to North Cacalacca so I don't consider myself a tourist, and perusing Times Square is usually towards the bottom of my list of sites and smells to revisit when I get back to the concrete jungle.So the location isn't a major plus for me, and the prospect of getting pick-pocketed by a life size Spider-Man or Dora isn't something I'd fly into town for. The desnudas on the other hand... I walked in around 10AM with my work colleague and the Millennium was gracious enough to allow us to grab our rooms early for no charge even though check-in wasn't until 3PM. They also upgraded us to a king-size bed instead of a queen, maybe the corporate AmEx wields magical powers because this would never happen with my personal Visa card ha. The rooms were really nice and well put together, and decent size for NYC. Having stayed at my share of hotels and airbnb's in the area, I was relatively impressed. Plus the price was decent at under $200 a night, but that's likely because we visited during the slow season right before Thanksgiving.An air conditioned room, decent location and a great shower for a relatively affordable price? This is the best Millennium since BSB, you will be living larger than life if you stay here.

felixnada  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 16, 2015
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Pros: friendly staff at the front desk. Got an upgrade just for being a Yankee fan from Boston which was funny. The concierge knew where to direct my boss and I for a good meal and good drink (outside the hotel, their own dining options are too expensive). The view is great and decor is nice.Cons: Firstly the pillows! As I write this I'm awake when I shouldn't be with the stiffest neck I've ever had. I have a two day trade show to work at now with a sore neck. We both have two pillows on each bed and they are two inches thick, combined! Thy are hard as rocks and I'm not looking forward to the next two more nights on them.Secondly for 450 a night, you'd think you could get wifi way up here on the 46th, but no... It's $12.50 an hour for that service.There's not complimentary breakfast although there is a great place near by called Red Flame ( highly recommend) Their bathrooms really do need a serious upgrade, totally out of style. Overall wouldn't stay here again and wouldn't recommend.

brandonresh  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 13, 2015
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Avoid this place if you are easily annoyed with times square and trying to find parking/paying for over prices garages. The hotel itself is very pretty and kind of old fashion glam. The check in process was very time consuming. There were quite a few people checking in and only one person working at the front desk. The room was quite big, as well as the bathroom. We never had to wait for an elevator, there was one always ready which was great because we were running late to a show. There was no free wi-fi which was a bummer. I would have bought it if it was a couple bucks, but not for 12-13. We had a really nice view from the 26th floor and we were able to open our window a little bit, which was nice because we got to hear the rain drops outside over the city. I got a really good price on the room and thought I would enjoy staying right around the corner from times square, but I don't know if I would return. Traffic, parking and all the tourists we're a nightmare.

Ben J.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 29, 2015
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Our view was great, staff was helpful. My biggest complaint was that mini-fridges and wifi were not free, which are two things we've come to expect from even the lower end hotel rooms. AC not the greatest in the room, but that seemed to be common in NYC. The lobby and common area were very nice and clean. Room and bathroom were not bad, but nothing spectacular for what we paid to stay.

Aggie N.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 26, 2015
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Pros:Great location, if you want to be near the hustle and bustle of Times Square and Broadway. Excellent location. Rooms are a great size by New York standardsFront desk and concierge staff were very helpful Elevators were quickBed and pillows were comfortableBreakfast buffet was yummyCons: Rooms are a little datedRooms were dusty, especially at corners and around outlets and light switches

Erica A.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 5, 2015
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Absolutely the worst hotel experience I've had. I was scheduled to stay at the millennium Broadway for 12 nights while on business. Working some incredibly late hours I placed the "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door. I quickly learned that placing that sign on my door actually indicated to hotel staff that calling me daily to confirm that I actually did not wish to be disturbed was necessary. To add insult to injury when I contacted the front desk to ask for help in rectifying that situation I was met with snarls from the front desk manager who made it quite clear nothing was her responsibility. When I was finally able to speak to someone who understood that do not disturb actually meant please do not call, knock or stand in the hall in front of my room yelling with your co-workers and discussing your personal life the next phase of project no sleep began. The first morning housekeeping didn't call I was jolted out of bed by the hotel fire safety director yelling over the intercom that they would be conducting testing over the next few minutes. You'd think that would be the end of it. Ha sadly no. The following day I woke up to the fire safety director once again serenading me followed by 15 minutes of loud fire alarm beeping. A stay at the Bates motel would have been more restfully.

Brenda P.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 1, 2015
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My first stay was at the Premier Tower about 10 years ago. The perks of the private concierge and lounge were great. Checking in early was a breeze and customer service was outstanding throughout the stay.This time around, I stayed in the regular hotel side and the experience was glaringly different. Arriving way before check-in time meant waiting 20 minutes to be acknowledged by front desk staff, being scolded to check in our bags, and reminded one can't officially check in until 4. The only pros of staying at this hotel are the room size (a big deal in NYC) and the floor to ceiling view (and the only reason I upped review to a 3). Personally, I hate this area and only did so to please the friends we were with. I find it dirty, congested, and touristy.The bed platform is dark and blends with the carpet easily. Apparently for me, this meant often bumping into its sharp edge when I walked by it. Ouch. The bathroom door would not swing open all the way and bumped into the toilet. At least the shower water pressure was great and the room was clean. Prepare to wait an eternity for your car out of valet. Despite calling ahead from our room and having three different people "help" once we were downstairs, it took an hour and fifteen minutes! They did remove the charge from our bill. If you have to stay here or near this area, I suggest you sign up for the Millennium Hotels e-mails. Only book when they have a promotion and book the Premier Tower if possible. Needless to say, there won't be a return visit from me.

Allen H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 25, 2015
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The bar was the saddest part of the stay, the waitress never once spoke, in fact she didn't look up from her phone or mini iPad long enough to see who was in the bar, thankfully I can walk, so was able to walk to the bar to get a beverage - q: if you don't like the job, why are you still showing up? Certainly not to crate a memory for a guest!

Dariusz D.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on July 7, 2015
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I stayed there for a conference, for a whole week. The hotel was not I am used to in this price range. It needs serious renewal as far as the rooms are concerned. There was dust on every plug and lights switch. The bathroom was tragic, bathtub was disgusting even. The ac was impossible to keep the set temperature. Breakfast is not included and you have to pay for WiFi access. The service at the reception was polite and helpful. The conference rooms and area were also nice.

rickywho2  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on June 30, 2015
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This hotel was perfectly good. Big rooms, huge bathrooms and comfy beds with flat screen TVs. The noise from Times Square below wasn't bad. The location is dependent on what you are looking for. It was in the heart of Times Square, so if you want to be in that tourist mess with people everywhere...this is perfect. I enjoyed it for the first couple of days. On the final 3 days there, I was over the crowds and really wished I booked somewhere quieter and less congested.Again, for what it is and keeping location in mind, I think this place is great but I would not stay here again given its proximity to the madness.

Charles A.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on May 30, 2015
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Attractive lobby . Staff was friendly. Room was economy. Not better than three stars,

Kristine Y.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 14, 2015
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This hotel is well maintained in my opinion. I booked a week-long stay here in January a couple of years ago, and I didn't have any complaints aside from a few things that the hotel had no control over (e.g. trash out in the streets specifically across the street, street construction, etc). PROS: -Decent price, relative to the location-The room was clean and spacious for a standard room (and was also well maintained every morning)-Very accommodating, helpful, and nice staff-Located at the heart of Time Square, the touristy landmarks are walking distance and subways are conveniently close-Tons of food places outside the hotelCONS: -Super busy, tons of tourists-loud and smelly outsideMy overall stay was good. The staff and customer service was exceptionally helpful and accommodating! I arrived hours before check-in time, and they were able to check me in early. Also, I checked out the selection in the mini-bar (and took items out of the fridge to place my own water bottles purchased elsewhere but didn't consume anything offered and placed them back in as I checked out) -- I was informed that I was charged for those items I took out because apparently each item was monitored by a sensor they were placed on hahah! The staff at the front desk took the time to hear me out and immediately took care of the mistake (that I apparently made), no qualms expressed whatsoever. I would definitely come back here next time.

billtheguy12  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 3, 2015
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Haven't stayed here but have been to a couple of conferences at this hotel. It's horrible for conferences. No wifi. No lobby. No seating. No coffee bar. Nowhere to congregate between sessions except for the hallways. Sitting on the floor in business attire isn't fun. Location is great, hotel feels swanky (lots of mirrors), but that's about it.

Brad L.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 4, 2015
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This hotel was conveniently close to Times Square, but that was about the only convenience.Upon arrival, I checked in and they requested my credit card, me assuming to have on file in case we ordered room service, this was not the case. Instead they charged my card almost x2 the price of what I was quoted for the whole stay. This was a pending payment but it nearly wiped out my account for that week and locked my credit card. I was not notified that my card would be charged ever and I only found out because I looked at my account shortly after. My experience started off with disappointment.Secondly, I had asked for a room with a view because I was with a first time visitor to NYC. We were put on the 22nd floor with an "Okay" view of random buildings, with a peek of Times Square. There are 52 floors to the hotel and we were put on the 22nd floor. Again this is another example of very poor communication from the front desk staff specifically. We received breakfast coupons for the restaurant downstairs in the lobby but we received them in the afternoon of the second day we were staying which made some of them useless.The hotel room was surprisingly cold at night, even with the heat set to 76-78. This was most likely due to the thin sheet and bed covers, which is the beginning of another issue. The bed.The bed was not comfortable at all. 4 nights left me sore most mornings from having to sleep in this rock hard bed. The bathroom also had a weird red stain on the floor, which only made the experience worse. Finally, there was no free Wi-Fi available. This is a nit picky request but its 2015 for crying out loud. I would figure that an expensive hotel in NYC would have free Wi-Fi available instead of nickel and dining its customers into paying for Wi-Fi. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone visiting NYC. There are many other options near Times Square if you are looking at visiting the city.

T R.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 1, 2015
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Pro: Location and the staff was helpful and friendlyCons: Hotel rooms are filthy! I normally wipe the counter tops with a clorox wipe no matter what hotel I've stayed at; however, this is the only one that my wipes were brown after one wipe! I had to use several to clean the bathroom counters and found a contact on the counter (they obviously do not wipe them down). There was hair in the shower an the toilet seat! The floor was visibly dirty and the carpets stained! The only real pro is location

Joshua R.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on December 17, 2014
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Not a 4 star. This is at best a 3 star hotel. Location is great if you want to be in Times Square. Nothing else, however, recommends this hotel. I ordered the continental breakfast room service and got toast and coffee. Ever hear of a pastry or a little yogurt? How about the morning paper? It was $34. Rip off.

tonycluber  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on December 10, 2014
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This is a very nice hotel that is conveniently located in the Theater District/Times Square. -Atmosphere: nice-Staff: helpful-Prices: expensive (but it is NYC)-Breakfast: I got breakfast with my room which was delicious. There were hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal, bagels and pastries, juices, coffee, fruit, etc. -Snack: I was also offered hot cocoa and a cupcake when I arrived in the afternoon one of the days I was there-Room: small but comfortable-Location: convenient

Rick H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 30, 2014
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All that glistens is not gold.The Millennium Broadway is well situated near Times Square and has a very impressive entrance and lobby. The staff I dealt with were fairly pleasant. I quickly checked into my room, and was pleased that it had a fairly nice view of the city.And then I noticed that there were several stains on the bedspread. And then I noticed that the bedding was fairly thin - barely more than a sheet and cover. But worst of all..When I woke up the next morning, my legs itched. On closer inspection, I saw that I had several bite marks. That's right - "Bedbugs on Broadway." My stay was only two nights, so I dealt with this inconvenience. But wow - for the prices charged, this hotel really should clean up its act. I can't recommend it.

Shorell S.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on September 28, 2014
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I stayed here for a night, which was my first time.U can honestly say I had no problems. The check in process was smooth, the staff was very polite and friendly. The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of everything. The hotel manager Thamara was awesome, she was able to even recommend good bars in the area.The U.N has all these places packed but my stay was cool.

Kim S.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on September 9, 2014
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Our room was nice but the hotel staff was rude from the moment we checked in. No one ever smiled and when we checked out they didn't even ask how our stay was. Our A/C was broken and when we called someone they just said "ok we will let someone know" and hung up on us. A maintenance guy did arrive quickly and he was prob the nicest employee there. The bellhop was annoyed to be at work and was complaining about working on Labor Day to us and trying to make us feel bad we were on vacation. It was a very strange experience. I stay in NY a lot and have received better service and lower star hotels.

Wendy W.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on July 2, 2014
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Just came back from NYC last night, my experience with the hotel was overall good. The staff was friendly, the room was nice. A couple of things didn't work (e.g., the outlets in the bathroom and the coffee machine), but the room is pretty spacious and the bathroom even have separate shower and tub!The reason why I am giving it a 2 star is that I left my shoes in the room (my favorite dress shoes, expensive one! ). I called the hotel immediately after I came home, they said no one turned in any shoes. I checked again this morning and asked them to check the room, still no shoes.At this point, I don't even remember when was the last time I saw my shoes, it might have been missing the first night I was there. I didn't notice it when I was packing. Too bad that this happened to me, I don't think I want to stay in this hotel again.

Brina S.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on May 30, 2014
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I was very impressed with this hotel. Having been to the city twice before and staying in a different hotel each time, the Millennium Broadway exceeded my expectations. I was expecting a small, cramped room with an even smaller bathroom for a high price; after all it's New York and that was my experience in the past. Not only was The Millennium Broadway great space wise, but it was reasonably priced to include breakfast and was right around the corner from Times Square. Granted we were about to get a military rate, I think their regular rates seemed reasonable. We had a regular size hotel room and bathroom, which had plenty of space for myself, my husband & 8 month old son; we were not crammed in as I had been in past stays. We asked for a refrigerator and received one at no charge. You also need to ask if you want a coffee pot, but they do supply them if asked for no charge. The hotel, like most in the city, is an older building, but our room did not seem as if it had aged poorly. All the staff from the front desk clerks to the wait staff in the restaurant were super nice/friendly. All in all we had a really nice stay. I would stay here again and I definitely recommend the place.

Annaleigh H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 11, 2014
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Lukewarm greeting upon our check-in. The front desk was not engaging or welcoming. They just asked for our id and credit card and handed us the key. The room is a fairly decent size, clean and had a very masculine feel/decor. The bed is hard as a rock and the pillows are like paper! So thin and of no support! The location is great as it's smack in the middle of times square. We were given a room above the 40th floor, but see other (unimportant) buildings. We can hear noise from the 7th avenue flows of taxis but not unbearable. The hotel served its purpose,

Weedman420  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 28, 2014
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Clean and modern hotel right in heart of Times Square. Perfect location for tourists and out of town visitors, nightmare for locals.The lower priced rooms are is similar in size and quality of 3 star hotels like holiday inn or Hampton but at twice the price. Internet available in room but for outrageous price. A minute after arrival in room, person claiming to be housekeeping (dressed in suit but with key) came busting into my room w/o knocking which I didn't appreciate. So if u plan on staying here and want privacy, use the latch .

Deb G.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 3, 2014
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Would never stay again, even for free! Booked a double queen for a family of 3. Arrived to a room with 3 pillows, 2 towels and 1 bed. The toilet leaked and flooded the bathroom floor. We had to call twice to get it fixed. The room backed up against the elevator shaft and it sounded like a plane was landing in our bed every minute throughout the night. The next day I inquired about getting a different room and was treated with such animosity, sarcasm and nastiness from the employee at the desk that other people passing through the lobby stopped to stare. I repeatedly asked him to calm down and to just discuss the issues. He told me go see the manager if I don't like it. We did end up getting another room - if we agreed to pack and move into it within 15 minutes, because he "did not need us tying up 2 rooms" and I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. There was dried urine on the back of the toilet, Black mold on the ceiling, white crusty dried on drips down the side of the bedside table. The maids carried around tote bags with a few items - never saw any evidence of clean sheets or towels coming to a room. Absolutely disgusting and a staff that went against every costumer service rule there ever was. I have never been in a hotel as dirty or dealt with staff as rude, and I would never stay here again.

Gilbert S.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 16, 2014
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Read the recent reviews! This place is a dump! It may be in the middle of Times Square but not a place I would recommend. Towels were stained, if you want a coffee pot you have to wait for one to become available. I requested a refrigerator and to my surprise the moldy stench kept me from putting anything in it. Stay away!

Giannina A.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 11, 2014
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We checked in on a Thursday and the concierge were very excellent when it came to good customer service. They are courteous and they greet you as you arrive.Pro's:We stayed in a renovated room (King Bed) We had a great view of Times SquareThe bathroom is decent (nice head showers that feels good as the hot water runs through your back)They give enough towels, shampoos, conditioners, soap.BREAKFAST COMPLIMENT (Since we had to move in another room since we found hairs inside our bedsheets) Does the housekeeping really change these every time people checks out!?!Con's:-Well, it was pretty darn cold when we came to NY (there was a snow storm!) Their heater didn't warm the room enough. So, we had to close our curtains. That really didn't help since we can't see the view from the outside.-We had a broken lampshade-Our fridge had some expired drinks! (Ew, at least check every once in a while!)-I don't know if they had a broken elevator one time.. or if it is everyday. Elevator takes FOREVER! You had to wait for it for 5 minutes! Ridiculous.Overall, I loved that our hotel was so near everything! Our sightseeing tour is a block away, restaurants are everywhere, we could see the ball 2014 from our room, and Broadway theaters!

David E.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 19, 2014
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This is about a 3.5 star affair...As is typical in the city the room is very small. Fortunately the bathroom is large with a nice soaking tub and a tiny separate shower (you will bang your elbows for sure when washing). The woodwork in the room has that Ikea polished pine look and there is a modern feel with chrome and green glass. However, most of the touches feel like they were from the millenium (2000).The LCD TV is labeled "Hisense" brand but should be labeled "Nonsense" as the picture is the worst picture I've ever seen on an LCD TV. I didn't even realize it was possible for an LCD to have a picture this poor. Fortunately this is a 24-hour trip and we won't have much room for TV. All in all, the place is pretty good for the price paid. But when you look at the details of the room they are a bit dated and or weathered. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They treated us very well during our brief stay.

Erica M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 7, 2014
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Let me preface this by saying that you are DEFINITELY paying for the location of the hotel. That aspect was absolutely ideal. Walking distance to a ton of restaurants, Empire State Building, Macy's, Central Park, Rockefeller Center, and lots of quirky pubs. It wasn't horrible, but definitely not worth the price...and we got a deal...on Hotwire. The hotel is in some dire need of updating. The lobby looks promising. When we checked in and informed the concierge that it was our first time to New York, he "upgraded" us to a better room. I would've hated to see what a normal room was like. Size was decent. Bathroom had cracks, rust, obvious wear and tear. The bed was very very firm. Pillows almost flat. Although we were in New York in December, and are from the South, we slept on top of the covers most nights because we couldn't get our room below 75. The humidity and temperature in addition to the lackluster appearance of the room just made us feel...dirty. We weren't in our room much, and it didn't have much of a damper on our trip, but we saw plenty of Hilton, Marriott, etc. hotels in the area that we will probably opt for next time. For expecting 4 star, I would say this is a 2 1/2 star hotel at best.

Tiffany C.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on December 7, 2013
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I have a hard time giving this place two stars but I feel the location makes 1 and the fact that I had a clean bed gave it 1 more. Other than that, you're looking at a poorly maintained hotel. There was a hole in by bathroom from where the doorknob keep hitting it. The lighting was terrible. I felt like I was in a seedy motel with the bright lights from outside blinking in. I have a co-worker that stayed here and said he had a wet spot in the middle of his bed. If you can afford it, I'd try to find a better option.

Ryan T.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 31, 2013
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I was travelling for business and my company is in Times Square, so the Millennium Broadway was a great fit being just a couple blocks away. Upon checkin, the receptionist upgraded me to a higher floor before I even asked - much appreciated! I stayed on the 38th floor. I didn't have a fantastic view, but street noise was not an issue.The room was clean and nice looking, the bed was comfortable, the shower curtain rod was curved to provide lots of room in the shower, and the water pressure in the shower was fantastic.The one thing I didn't like - my room had a refrigerator, and room instructions said not to store anything of my own in it or my food would be removed. If there's a refrigerator in the room, how about not packing it 100% full with drinks I don't want and instead allow me to refrigerate a little bit of my own food? I was charged for a drink that I didn't consume, but the receptionist was able to remove that from my bill when I checked out.

Matt T.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 4, 2013
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If you are a tourist and want a central'll be fine here. If you want to experience a bit more personal touch, find a boutique hotel that has fewer rooms, they're everywhere. I'm not impressed by this hotel.

Alyssa F.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on September 21, 2013
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Stayed here in August. The only thing I liked about this hotel were the friendly doormen and location smackdab in Times Square. Things I didn't like: the rooms weren't cleaned (there was food on the floor from previous guests as well as their used soap in the soap dish), we called three times for room service to bring soap and NO ONE CAME until we called again the next day. The beds were rock hard and I'm not sure if the sheets had been cleaned... I know it's New York but for $350+ a night is it too much to ask for unused soap??

Katie H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 15, 2013
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We stayed here 18months ago and had a wonderful stay hence requesting this hotel for a second time. However it's been very disappointing. Firstly - a deposit of $100 per night - for 10 nights... That's hefty.Then we came into a semi made room... No pillows, mini bar empty, only 2 towels randomly placed, no in-service menus. Requested it to be fixed twice and we are still waiting. The location is great... But there are plenty of hotels in this area.

winston12  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 1, 2013
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I try to be honest when doing these reviews, so I will try my best.I stayed at the Marriott Marquis many years ago and was very impressed, however; the rates for July made it impractical to stay there again, so we decided to try the Broadway Millennium hotel at 145 44th Street.The staff was very friendly and helpful, but that is where the good ends. The room, which was at the "premier" part of the hotel, was very small, horrible air conditioning (even on full-blast high) it was about 74 or so in the room. The room also had a lingering cigarette smell, even though the building is non-smoking. The mattress was hard and very uncomfortable. All-in-all a horrible experience and will never stay there again. Very disappointed since I have stayed at Millennium hotels in other cities and have been very pleased, so do not understand why this one is about the same level as a Motel 6. Never again

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posted on July 28, 2013
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I stayed at this hotel a few years ago when it was just renovated and that experience was great. However, the hotel hasn't been maintained at all since I last stayed there. Case in point, i was so impressed by the "blue light" in the room on my prior stay. However, on this visit, i noticed that the light was broken, but instead of fixing it, they just disconnected it... The wallpaper was peeling from the walls, there was mildew/fungus and dust all over the bathroom, and there was torn paper and stains even in the hotel information book. Moreover, upon check in I stood around until finally a nice lady had to call out the bellmen and receptionists to help me. She was the only nice part of the hotel. When i asked the front desk about a hair comb, they got really confused and told me to go ask housekeeping... really?! Then what do they do? The new bellmen stand around all day chatting with each other and ignore guests. I actually decided to stay an extra day in the city, but I actually moved to a different hotel, since I didn't find the hotel experience very enjoyable.The only bonus now is the LOCATION. You can get all the touristy things you like out of your system. The subway is about a NYC block away (which means you still have to walk a few minutes), but the whole city is your oyster.

Reid F.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on June 26, 2013
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The location is great for a theater goer, and the views from the upper floors are stunning. However, the hotel feels 1980s old. And the lobby is more like a thoroughfare than an actual hotel lobby. The rates fluctuate wildly, but the $55 parking fee remains.

Tracey W.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on May 19, 2013
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We stayed in a room with 2 double beds. Very spacious and clean . Very good service . Could not ask for a better place to stay and would surely stay here again. Close to Times Square , had a view of the New Years ball from our window .

Johnnyboy123  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 9, 2013
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If you're unlucky enough to be crammed into Midtown, I guess it's ideal to stay here. You're going to get a lovely room, nice ammenities, and a quick access to Times Square if that's your thing. I was there for a show in the Town Hall theatre, just across the parking garage, which made the location perfect. There's a very friendly staff and it's very relaxing. Not at all the tiny rooms you might expect for the area!Bonus: I was there about 10 days before Christmas, and the lobby was decorated to the nines. Great photo opportunities with the big Christmas Tree in the center of everything. Very cozy!

Ian R.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 8, 2013
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I had read multiple reviews of this place before I came and was slightly apprehensive. I have to say the stay was excellent, the room was clean, the staff were polite, the location was perfect for me and I had no real complaints whatsoever.In fact when I called them two weeks prior to try to get a room as high up as possible, I spoke to a very helpful woman.

Aron P.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 18, 2013
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Don't really know why there are poor reviews of this place. It's not the Ritz Carlton but it is good. Pricelined a room and they still gave us a great room overlooking time square. Staff very friendly. Only complaint is TV has no HD and bathrooms a little tired.

Peter T.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 9, 2012
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The only thing good things about this hotel is the location and view of Times Square. The hotel itself is crap. You have to purchase refrigerator space to store personal items, what hotel does that? The bathroom is small, the service sucks. I will never stay here again!

J M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 9, 2012
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I've been in this hotel for literally 10 minutes and I'm already disgusted. The front desk staff (one is particular working the 4 pm shift on Tuesday Oct. 30) was so rude and obviously treated me as though I were some sort of inconvenience. Finally we entered our "premier" room which was anything but!! The previous guest's trash is still in the room which includes old newspapers, broken wire hangers, and the breakfast menu for tomorrow crumpled on the bed. The bed is at least made which I guess they get a star for that. In the bathroom, there are open water bottles, the toilet is filthy with some crust around the edges, and all the soap bars have been open and used. Our view is of a water tower, some buildings and garbage. I wish I could give this hotel a negative 5 star review and petition to give them even lower stars once that is achieved.

maxxy1  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 21, 2012
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Excellent location! Right next to Times Square in Manhattan!! We stayed from July 21st to July 22nd.We drove into Manhattan, so we dropped off our stuff in the lobby because our room wasn't ready at 11am, then drove to a nearby parking lot (51st street and 8th) to drop the car off, then ate lunch. After lunch (around noon), we were able to check-in.It's a small, but quaint room with all the amenities you need. It's very functional and not a huge room. It was fairly clean (4 out of 5). I did see some black marks near the bathtub, but that stuff doesn't bother me. The bed was comfortable and so were the pillows.The front desk was helpful and courteous. The elevators are fast and there's a lot of them. They gave us an extra hour for a late check-out which came in very nicely since we went to the 9/11 memorial at 10am and took the subway.Overall, an excellent location and prices are decent for NYC. (Please see my pictures).Xie Xie!!

Laura F.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 5, 2012
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The service at this hotel is just plain poor. We booked this hotel not only for its location but for it's claim for great service and facilities. Bottom line, the front desk staff, manager, doormen and bellmen were all just plain rude and unprofessional. I would never recommend this hotel to anyone. Do not waste your hard earned money at this hotel. The location is great, but there are many other hotels right in this area. They should be ashamed of themselves.

L P.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 19, 2012
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Stayed in the "Premier" part of the hotel. Nothing fancy. I figure all hotels in the area is reasonably expensive, so I won't complain here. The service staff is very friendly. Checkin/out was smooth. Room was small, but enough. Bed is nice and firm, I like that for my back. We got free LAN access part of our room. There was a note they are upgrading to WIFI. Location is definitely a plus. Average hotel experience.

Carly G.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 26, 2012
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Our first impression was not too good. We checked into the hotel at 9:30 PM, but were told that the room wasn't ready yet and had to wait 45 minutes until they got our room ready. They did upgrade our room from one bed to two, though! The beds are hard and the pillows are almost non-existent. The rooms are pretty clean, there were a few stains here or there. A plus is the location-- it's right in Times Square! The fact that I was not a fan of the hotel itself did not bother me because you are right in the middle of the city; we didn't spend much time in our room at all during our trip!

Tom I.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 13, 2012
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I've used this place for meetings, so I can't really comment on the hotel rooms, my opinion is based on thier service.The doorman: Awesome.Bellboy / conciage: Awesome again. Very knowledgeable, very attentive. NEver expected in a hotel in Times Sq to treat me so well. Phone desk: awesome again. Very professional.Cafe: Not so professional, I felt I was rushed out, this is probably due to how it's located and people tend to just sit there not ordering, etc. Overall, I'd recommend this hotel, and I can't wait to actually "stay" and "sleep" there.

Sara F.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 9, 2012
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Location: +1 The location is the saving grace for this hotel. Unfortunately it is the only positive. It is right at 44th and 7th in the middle of Time Square, which is why I picked it because we were coming to see the ball drop on New Years Eve. However, the crowds are so massive in Times Square on New Years that it doesn't really matter where you are staying, you are likely to still be pretty far down the street, unless you plan on standing out there starting at the crack of dawn. But, it was nice to just walk back to our hotel and be back quickly after midnight (to rest our feet and to use the bathroom!), especially since the Subway stops out of Times Square are closed for that night. Staff/Service: -1 The front desk staff was rude on several occasions, including when we checked in. They were rude to me on the phone several times when I had to call because I didn't have a hair dryer in the room, and on two separate days when I had to call because housekeeping had taken our comforter away and left us with only a tiny sheet (no idea why!?). Both days when our comforter disappeared it was an hour and a half and at least 3 separate phone calls before somebody actually brought us up a comforter. And never once even an apology from anyone.Cleanliness: -1 It wasn't disgusting but it didn't feel very clean either. Carpet was old and didn't look too clean. Our sheets had a stain on it the first day (may have been clean, but if they are stained should not be put back on the bed). There were stains on the ceiling in the bathroom(??) which grossed me out, and I was pretty scared to use the tub.Rooms: -1 The lobby looks really nice and updated, but it is a trick because the rest is not. The rooms are very old and outdated. Carpet looked old, the bed was really hard and lumpy with a few hard pillows and tiny blankets, the volume on the tv sucked and would go up or down at it's own free will. The bathroom was old and outdated as well. I did appreciate that they split their elevators so half went to the high floors and half went to the low floors, so you didn't have to wait too long even though it's a tall building, and at least the shower had good pressure and warm water. Value for the price: -1 I realize this is New York City and central in Times Square, but for the price we should have gotten something a little more than crappy old rooms with 0 service. It was slightly cheaper than both the DoubleTree Suites and the Marriott Marquee, both also great locations in Times Square, but next time I would definitely pay more and stay at one of those hotels instead, as this one was definitely not worth the price. Or just stay outside of Times Square and walk or take the subway in as transportation is so easy.The Millennium's are usually a quality hotel, but this location does not serve the brand well at all. Disappointing for sure.

Phil H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 8, 2011
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Came here a few days ago for a business conference. The hotel itself is very nice and situated right in the middle of the Times Square area. Lobby is stylish in an art-deco retro type look. A little worn looking to me but nicely appointed. The conference was spread out over a few different floors. Nice setup, meeting rooms, and amenities. I was a little taken aback that bathrooms on both floors were a mess and not serviced enough. One had an overflowing toilet and the floor was nasty. Seems like no one was checking in on them enough. Yes, it was a busy and well attended conference, which makes me wonder why staff was not more on top of it.The hotel itself is centrally located close to subways, bars, restaurants, theaters, and pretty easy to catch a cab here. Doormen are helpful. Cafe/Lounge also on the premises. Can't comment on the actual hotel rooms as this was only a one day event. Not a bad spot to hold a conference or business function.

joseph1k  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on June 26, 2011
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The best thing about this hotel is its location, steps away from times square and the theater district. Beyond that I wasn't at all pleased.To start with, the check-in process seems painfully slow; quite a queue built up waiting on what should be a simple check-in process.Upon arrival in my room, I was immediately disappointed. The room overall and the bathroom in particular were ridiculously compact. I usually like to keep my luggage on a stand in the bathroom (where it's least at risk of picking up roaming bedbugs), but there was barely enough room to close the door while inside, much less put anything in there. Speaking of bedbugs, I always pull back sheets and lift up mattresses and box springs looking for telltale signs (especially in New York); I didn't find any, but did notice about an inch of disgusting dust and filth along the wall behind the bed and nightstands. The rooms looked old, worn, and dated, and the mirrored closet door not only had cracks, but those cracks were covered with blue duct tape. Not classy. There was a decent-sized flat-screen, however most HD channels would not come in at all, and most of the analog channels had horrible static interference. The pay-per-view is hugely outdated; it's more like pay channels with the movies running on loop, so you pick them up in the middle. Their lack of any wifi service seems just plain ignorant nowadays.The pillows were insulting. Two pancake-flat pillows on the bed, with one more in the closet; you can't even get comfortable stacking all three. I just went without.The view from the windows was terrible (and I had a high floor!), basically looking at the grimy adjascent rooftops. The reason for my being at the hotel was a meeting in the conference center, which is on the 3rd through 6th (or so) floors. You cannot go directly to those floors from the room elevators; you have to go all the way down, then go back up the low-rise elevators or take the stairs. This is a hotel in serious need of a makeover and change of management. I wouldn't recommend it at any price.

Sarah H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on June 19, 2011
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Overall the experience I had at the Millenium Broadway was satisfactory. Since I did not plan, nor did I, spend much time at the hotel, the clean and rather spacious room served its purpose. The location is either a huge pro or a con depending on what you are looking for. It is literally a block away from Times Square and incredibly close to all of the Broadway shows. I agree with the previous review who said that many of the restaurants in this area are not the best that NYC has to offer; although, there are certainly several excellent choices if you are willing to walk several blocks. The only real cons that I saw about the hotel was the incredibly long wait (almost an hour) when we wanted to pick up our car (and they told us it would be 15 minutes at the most) and the not-so-helpful concierge. Although the prices on the website are upwards of $300, you can find incredible deals with this hotel on Priceline.

Dawn M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on May 17, 2011
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Pros:It's in the middle of Times SquareMy room was large enough to do cartwheels in (which is huge by NYC hotel standards).Cons:Room was waaaaay dated.The pillows were uncomfortable. They were a flat foam. I didn't sleep well. Shower curtain had blue soap or something on it from the previous guest. I asked for it to be changed, and it never happened. The bathroom never seemed clean. The outlet was about ready to fall out of the wall. The shower tile was stained. I had 2 packages shipped to the hotel that I needed for a sales call. They had 1 and just said the other one wasn't there. I told them I had the delivery confirmation and they said it wasn't there. They didn't make an effort to try to find it. I came back to my room later in the day (after the sales calls) and the box was there. It was too late. I had to ship it back. The house phone by the elevator started ringing at 8am every morning. So much for sleeping in. I don't know if housekeeping uses it or what.Service in the bar was slow. We sat at a table for 10 minutes without anyone coming over. The server walked by us a couple of times. We didn't even get an "I'll be right with you."Overall, I wouldn't stay here again. I've stayed at a few different hotels in NYC and the next time I'll stay at one of them again. The room will be smaller, but clean, quiet and comfortable.

C'Anne W.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 29, 2011
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Great location but not clean (hair ball in the bathroom) and terrible service. There are so many super hotels around why bother wasting your time here?

Melissa B.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 24, 2011
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Decent hotel. Nothing outstanding, but the beds were clean and so was the shower. I did notice some dirt and grime around the light switches, but I am most concerned about the cleanliness of where my body lies...and that was fine. They have great service from the ladies that cleaned the room, to the guys helping with our luggage...everyone was very friendly and super helpful.

Melissa M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 23, 2011
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I gave this hotel 1 star for the location only!!! You cannot beat the location of this hotel!! From my room window I was staring at the New Years ball. The room was normal in size but there was no blankets, and the bed was not at all comfortable. I had to listen to the heating system fan go on and off all night even after having the staff come and try to shut it off. I bought some expensive lotion at Sephora and this was taken from my room. I was quite bummed when the staff told me it was my word against theres and offered nothing but the run around. I pretty much gave up when the housekeeping manager said something like you should buy it again and we will reimburse you. She never called me back to confirm the process.

Ruben M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 1, 2011
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The Millennium Broadway, such a great location for a good hotel. This hotel has the resemblance of the old luxury hotels of yesteryear. The reception area counter was cracked and chipped away. When we got to the room the shower was not in its most optimal condition. I would love to state that their service is excellent, but when we called housekeeping, they delivered the extra towels and some pathetic excuse for complementary razors almost 40 minutes later. Our stay was two nights and we must say that our view, though none existent, had a gothic building across the way which made up for it. Because we went at the height of the NYC bed bug infestation our panic senses found no bedbugs in the room and we did not suffer any bug bites, so I do give them props for that.

Lauren M.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 6, 2010
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Excellent service and rooms here. Love the location and view.

Rob G.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on August 25, 2010
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This Hotel was absolutely fine by me. Its right in the heart of Times Square but not directly on broadway which is nice that your front door isnt a nightmare to try and get into. =) The room was clean, the room was rather spacious by New York standards and the view was not terrible. The bed did not have an extra blanket so we had to ask for one, i dont know if thats just standard in New York or if they forgot but we got one and all was well. The bell men were very helpful when it came to bringing up a small fridge since we stayed for a week we bought a big pack of water and it was awesome to come home to ice cold water and was super great to have ice cold water for our day excursions into the city, especially since every where you go they charge a a lot for water! Except if you get water from those creepy guys who have water in the trash cans full of ice.I digress, the hotel was just 3 blocks from the subway which made it great for us, and just right around the corner from broadway. 2 blocks from the Lion King which we saw and loved, and you just cant beat a hotel with premium location!!

William K.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 27, 2010
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I stayed here during new year's and I have to say the hotel is in a phenomenal location. Times Square is right around the corner with anything you could possibly want to eat and if not the adjacent subway lines will take you anywhere you want to go. The times square station connects 7,1,2,3,Q,N,W,R & S. Penn Station & LIRR is nearby as well if you are coming into the city by Amtrak. The hotel is ultra modern and the lobby and rooms refect that. I recommend requesting a room on the upper floors so you can look out your window and see all of Manhattan. The rooms are spotless and the room was very comfortable in size. I would definitely stay here again if I had the chance.

richard95  on  Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 15, 2010
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We booked this hotel through where we felt it was a great value. Good room, sound proof, great room service. No complaints at all. Overall I would recommend this hotel.

Jared D.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on March 11, 2010
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Good location but that's it for the positive. Dirty and uncomfortable. Beds are the worst in the area.

Christina C.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 25, 2010
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After staying at one of the smallest, oldest, dirtiest hotels ever last weekend in SF, I was worried that the pictures online would be as fictional as the ones I saw for the SF hotel.As we walked in, I quickly scanned the entire hotel... and it was clean. I think it has quality. It may not be new and modern like Hard Rock Hotel or The W, but it is nice. The bathrooms has marble countertops, the linens were clean, there was a flat screen in the room. They offer fridges with request. These little things already earned them 3 stars, but just like everyone else noted - LOCATION. It's in the heart of Time Square. Easy to get to a number of subways.The room I stayed in had a great view - corner unit.I don't know if they've been checking the reviews and fixing their problems or not... but the shower head's pressure was good. No mold in the bathroom, the bed and pillows were comfy, the light fixtures were fine.Did anyone sample the tap water? WOW - if my tap was THAT good, i'd bottle it up!I picked this hotel because it was good deal on They actually DO have a W in NYC and I would have loved to stay there, but this was a better location... and cheaper.

wade l.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 23, 2009
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Middle of everything, BUT lacks the offerings of so many other hotels.No top-floor bar or viewing area to take an elevated look at the city.Only bar is in the lobby, almost completely enclosed by walls. So incredibly un-notable that as guests at this hotel we actually went to a different hotel bar for a drink. My room key didn't work for the gym. No pool.Rooms are fairly nice. But lots of skufs on the walls and hallways. Hotel could use an internal paint job.Room service comes really early and are kinda pushy.

Carla C.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on October 5, 2009
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I stayed at the hotel during the long weekend in August and although we didn't stay in the room all that much because it was my first trip to the big apple, I have nothing but good things to say about the hotel. Due to unforseen mother nature circumstances, we didn't get to NYC until 24 hours than originally planned, the staff at Millenium were great, they kept our hotel room on hold and when we got there they were very sympathetic to what we had been through.The rooms are beautiful, updated and very very clean. Nice big t.v. and the view? well amazing! I don't think there's a bad view from any of the rooms - we were on the 51st floor so we were facing the south and it was a view!I would highly recommend this hotel - money wise, location wise and the hotel itself is amazing! See you next year!

Richard B.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on July 19, 2009
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I haven't been to this hotel in about 7 years, and I don't think they've cleaned since I left. The room is dingy and a bit gross. Lights in the bathroom flicker. The key didn't work after I checked in, so I had to go downstairs and get another. That happened again each night. They kept telling me it was my fault for carrying a phone., But it's a fair-enough price, I suppose. I'll be back at the Hyatt Grand Central next time. Oh, and the margaritas were awful in the bar. Thank goodness there are so many great margaritas in NYC.

Jim Y.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 14, 2008
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Pricelined a room here for Friday-Saturday night for $200 a night. Upon arrival, we were given an option of 2 single beds or 1 double. The location of the hotel is excellent - a 30 second walk from Times Square. The bathroom has 2 sinks and was clean and pretty spatious. The room was not very spatious, but that's not a problem for the price.There were a few downsides. They do not offer free Internet here. I also called ahead to try to request 2 double beds and they said okay, but the front desk had no record of me calling when I arrived.Be careful with the mini-fridge in the room - if anything is moved, they will charge you. On the plus side, they did slide a letter under the door the next morning letting us know we were going to be charged. We went straight to the front desk to let them know we did not open that Vodka, and they cleared the charge.Overall, the hotel is a great place to stay if you get a good deal on it.

Nat H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on September 17, 2008
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Premium TowersDon't waste your time or money. Why people choose to go to New York and stay at the tourist trap that is Time's Square is beyond me. The Millennium hotel is located in the heart of Time's Square. In an effort to further gouge prices, the hotel distinguishes between the regular hotel and the premium tower. If you choose to stay in the premium towers, you have a separate lobby and tower so that you can feel better about yourself. (Remember that Seinfeld episode that distinguishes between first class and coach on the airplane? "Well, maybe if you worked a little harder..." says the flight attendant as she emphatically shuts that red curtain.) Other than the separate elevators, I can't imagine the rooms being all that different. For $525 (with a corporate discount!!!) I got a modest room that has made some superficial upgrades to attempt to keep up with the many superior hotels of NYC. I know that hotel prices in NYC are ridiculous, but I've had far better for the same price. For being a part of the towers you get to have "free" access to "high-speed" Internet. Umm... I'm pretty sure the Best Western offers free Internet. When you're paying over $500/night for a room, calling the Internet free is not only laughable but completely absurd. Mr. Slowsky himself would say that the connection was too leisurely-paced. There are a few other "freebies" for being part of the premium towers, but I'm not going to waste my time listing them.

Jacquee P.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on April 27, 2008
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I must admit that this rating is completely due to the fact that I paid 199 for a king room on the 50th floor. It was a CORNER room with rockstar views of the little people below. The mattress was comfortable and the sheets were lovely and smooth. I adore Gilchrist and Soames toiletries. Always elegant and tastefully scented like Institue Swiss. Big puffy towels are abundant. The only downer was the snippy front desk. I was told to approach the front desk when called. Not very nice at all. But I ate that because of the great rate.

Sandy B.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 26, 2008
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yuck! i visited a friend who was staying here and i thought it was a best western or something. also attended a show here in their event space and it just looked run down. nasty

Jim P.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 3, 2008
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What a great place!At least my review differs from the previous one because I was able to get a discount through is located strategically in the heart of the Theater District and just a half block from Broadway.Clean rooms that have been updated within the last few years and some great views of Time Square if you get the right room.

AYMAN AL ZAWAHIRI  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 2, 2008
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A Message From Big Al Zawahiri: Good Morning Infidels! And Happy Super Bowl To You! At This Very Time Al Qaeda Is Throwing Full Support Behind Hillary Clinton For The Leadership Of The United States (Also Known As The Great Satan) End Of Statement... Ahh Laaa-La-La La-La Laaa

Fight Clintonism !  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on February 2, 2008
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"We're Going To Take Things Away From You On Behalf Of The Common Good." -- Hillary Clinton"

Andrew W.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 4, 2008
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Well now. A friend of a friend booked the penthouse suite for New Years. The hotel was quite tight with their security. Somewhere, somehow, there was about 50 people up there including a DJ. Booze in the bathtub, drunk kids everywhere. However, there was no smoking and no real rowdiness. The view was amazing. I couldn't see the ball, but I could see the thousands of wanksters standing around Times Square. 8:30...knock, knock. Security at the door. Party broken up. Seriously people. Yea, I'm 24 and it was like the cops came to a suburbian house party. I managed to escape with a bottle of Ketel that wasn't mine and got my champagne back. So, don't book this for NYE to have a party. I hada better time at the random apartment anyway. Boogers.

Adrienne T.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 24, 2007
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We were on the 51st floor, in a very tastefully appointed room, with a comfy king bed. All staff we encountered were very polite and charming. Four issues, though, and one wasn't the hotels fault, per se.- a SMALL bottle (like a Chubs) of Coke should NOT cost $5.00. That's just gouging.- tried to order breakfast from room service on a Sunday morning, and were told it would be 60 minutes (!) We got dressed, walked to a nearby diner and got breakfast to go in less time than that.- ordered a steak from room service, medium-well, and it came out looking amazing, but tasted like tough leather. Bleh.- on a Saturday night, there were NO cabs to be had in NYC. The Millenium doorman was of NOOOO help. We ended up missing our show in Brooklyn because we couldn't get a cab. This, after waiting 20 minutes at the Millenium, then walking up to 42nd to try and flag one, and finally going up to the Marriott (where you can ALWAYS get a cab), and realizing their cab line of people was 32 deep.Oh, p.s., we saw the R&B singer, Mya, coming off the elevator one afternoon.

Jasmine P.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on July 3, 2007
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This was my second stay within the Manhattan and the first hotel compared to this was nothing. The room I stayed in was a pretty decent size including the bathroom. The room was pretty big for being in Times Square. The staff was very friendly and was willing to help. The only thing that I did not like was the internet connection; however, counting that this hotel is probably housing a high number of people that might be using the internet was most likely to run at a slower pace than normal. I'm not sure of the price since it was a group stay and we split it, but overall for staying overnight or in the city for a short period of time this hotel is not bad.

Dorian G.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 27, 2007
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We stayed at the Millenium Broadway for New Years Eve 2006. The location could not have been more perfect (as a native NYer I usually prefer to NOT be so centrally located, but it was New Years!) and the room was really nice. We were on the the 39th floor facing the Chrysler building. The rooms are decorated in a very modern style with an Asian feel to the decor (the art, shape of furniture, etc.). Housekeeping was extremely prompt whenever we requested anything (extra, glasses, towels, a 2nd ice bucket). And security came to our room immediately when we had a spat in the hallway with a family of rowdy kids at 1:30am. That being said, the doors are quite thin and you can hear EVERYTHING going on in the hallway. The only downside is that the food within the hotel (restaurant options, room service) is ridicuously overpriced so we were forced to leave everytime we wanted do much as a bottle of water. But the Times Square Deli is right across the street on 44th and they have everything you need.

Gil L.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on November 15, 2006
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I have actually had two separate experiences at this hotel. The first experience was for a business meeting and I also stayed in the hotel as a guest.The atmosphere of the hotel is nice with classic architecture. Although the guest rooms are a bit outdated (bathroom fixtures and floor specifically) I had a terrific view of Times Square from my room. The bedding and furniture were comfortable and appropriate for the rate of the room.The meeting rooms are spacious but there is often a problem with the air conditioning-- during our meetings the room was frigid.During my most recent visit, the hotel screwed up my reservation and it was made for the wrong day. Although disappointed I have decided not to hold it against the Millennium. Just make sure that you confirm things before your arrival.Additional notes-- the hotel is centrally located in the Times Square area. While this makes for central shopping and eating it does add some noise and bustle when you are trying to sleep. Oh, I saw Brooke Shields entering an elevator during my first stay at the hotel. :)

J. H.  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on September 4, 2005
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Central Times Square location with room sizes that aren't bad for NYC for the price. Decor is pretty nice too! Great option if they are offering a special discount!

Hello?  on Millennium Broadway Hotel New York

posted on January 31, 2005
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No number, no info. Now that's how you advertise! So mysterious... I'm intrigued. Let you know how it went down. If I don't come back within 2 weeks, call the cops.