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118 Nassau Street

New York, New York 10038

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dannyboy7  on  Nassau Bar

posted on May 17, 2016
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Best bar in Manhattan. There- I said it. bartenders in bikinis. Def leppard on the sound system - might have been old school High n Dry when I was there - can't really remember. Bunch of regulars and back office folks camped at the bar leering at the semi retired stripper+ bartenders who don't seem to mind. Asked for a water with my beer and the bar lady misunderstood because "Let it Go" was cranked to 11 and called me a "pussy" because she thought I just wanted a water. Either way, she was right and I liked it. Christmas lights and Bud Light Shamrocks from St Pattys 2014. This is a the kind of dive bar that made manhattan awesome and is quickly disappearing - FU deBlasio you fun sponge of a mayor. The only thing this bar has in common with deBlasio is the union guys who sneak in for quick few at lunch before heading back out to drive the cranes. Great place to get drunk in downtown, full of characters, you might even see a fake boob if you order your drinks like a grown up and tip well. Ps - this is the real deal - there's no irony here so hipsters who come asking for the rye menu will get kicked out and beaten like a drum so stick to Rusty Knot or ear inn.

nickstrip  on  Nassau Bar

posted on December 2, 2015
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This place had the longest bar I've ever seen! Which i loved. Basically it's just a bar with girls in bikinis serving you beer. Nothing special. Ive been on two different occasions and the first time was dead, second time packed. Service was quick even when they were slammed.

larry1  on  Nassau Bar

posted on March 9, 2015
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the talent of bar tenders have diminished, I think they found better jobs, so sad, boots where are you?

igor34  on  Nassau Bar

posted on September 24, 2014
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This place... Wow thats all I can say. Its very dark, its your typical BAR. Didn't see any food in here just liquor so not to sure about that. I walk by here often and I notice that they are always playing good music. The one thing I found disturbing was what the bartenders were wearing. As another girl in her review said " im no prude" but I was definitely not feeling the bartenders attire. Ive been to many bars, lounges and clubs where the girls had on matching coordinating sexy outfits but these ladies had on bras, underwear and bathing suit bottoms. It was awkwardly confusing. They were not in shape or toned and it looked like they just picked out anything out of they're underwear drawer. Pretty gross. Its no wonder this place is always jammed packed after work. Anyway Id hate to sound like a "hater" but if the bartenders were younger and more fit with better lingere Id give this place a better review but it definitely had the creeps in there! No thanks! 2 stars for the drinks and the music.

Johnnyboy123  on  Nassau Bar

posted on January 27, 2014
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I'm no prude, but was certainly a bit startled to see both female bartenders wearing tiny tiny bikinis. They were very lovely and served my friend and me quickly (we were the only females in the bar besides the bartenders). This is a pretty run of the mill dive bar that DEFINITELY caters heavily to men. Barely anyone batted an eye that we were there, but we quickly felt a bit uncomfortable being the only females with clothes on. I highly recommend to all the men out there though!

harryharry  on  Nassau Bar

posted on July 31, 2012
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The only good thing about this place is the happy hour special between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm ($3 shots and beers). Yeah it's cool that the bartenders are in bikinis. But the place is divey and just a real hole in the wall. If I wanted to stare at girls wearing barely nothing, I would go to a strip club and get dances. The bathrooms are disgusting and it seems like they never wipe down the bar. If you're tight on cash and want to get a good buzz, then go for it. Otherwise, there are many other bars with a much better atmosphere than this place.

Kenneth T.  on Nassau Bar

posted on November 30, 2011
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this is a neighborhood bar and a regular for most of my co-workers. the girls in bikinis are ok looking and have pretty good personalities. the bar is nothing fancy, it's cheap liquor, dirty, and crowded with guys drooling over the bartenders and trying to get their attention. we probably stop by here because it's the closest bar to the office, we know all of the bartenders, and it ends up being a default place for us which makes it easy when we can't find each other -- everyone is normally in here hanging out.

Harmony I.  on Nassau Bar

posted on November 24, 2011
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Yeah, I'm a fan.First of all, the bartenders are in bikinis. That alone deserves a good amount of stars...and they are nice, too. I already have a favorite. Happy hour is quite good, cheaper beers and shots - ALL shots, even top shelf - are only $3. It gets crowded after work, but that is the sure sign of a great bar. I am knocking off one star because of the ladies room. The mens room is downstairs, but the ladies have to cross a wire gate, head upstairs, through a weird dressing room and then finally get to the 2 bathrooms where one of them has a door that refuses to close.It's completely inconvenient, but hey - female customers aren't really plentiful I suppose. I came in one afternoon with a friend and did not order anything because I had to go back to work. The bartender told me that it was a one drink minimum, but the owner was there and told her that I could stay and that it was fine. That was really gracious and I appreciated it. In the words of Toby Keith, I love this bar!

Elizabeth J.  on Nassau Bar

posted on May 22, 2011
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I laughed my ASS off at the reviews written by women that had no idea what they were getting into before they wandered in.I LOVE this place! The AMAZING bar staff keep the assholes out and the good times in!Shun the naysayers and let them go to John Street which smells like puke. The bathrooms at Nassau Bar may not be stellar but I have never walked in to find it reeking of beer, vomit, pee or anything vile. Just everyone having a great time.

Nate S.  on Nassau Bar

posted on April 24, 2011
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Great unpretentious attitude here. Bartenders are friendly if you're not a creep and they have live music sometimes too. Good times with an edge:)

fuckery12  on  Nassau Bar

posted on April 2, 2011
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only problem is most people dont know what to expect when they walk thru the door...if you have an idea of what your getting into its not bad...happy hour is insane and thats because everything is like $4 bucks but by 630 everyone leaves and it's actually ok to catch a quick brew and shot while not missing the 8th inning waitresses are friendly bouncers are cool, i'm usually toasted by the time i walk out and then i realize i only spent about $20 bucks which in my eyes makes this place a gem in the rough

ryan123  on  Nassau Bar

posted on March 28, 2011
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What more is there to say? super friendly chicks in bikinis serving cheap drinks. Does it get any better? the bartenders are very pretty but not the least bit snobbish...then again how can they be since they work in a dive bar lol they also have a great jukebox ... Single ladies take note - this bar is FULL of Pace students and union workers - translation - I was only one of 3 women in a bar filled with men. Granted they werent all lookers but there were certainly lots of cuties to choose from had I been single. Their only downfall is the bathrooms are DISGUSTING bring your purell lol

XhXeXy  on  Nassau Bar

posted on September 1, 2010
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It's ok. But five bucks is a bit much for a High Life. Maybe I just wasn't there at the right time. The girl in the bikini was a nice touch.

maxxy1  on  Nassau Bar

posted on June 13, 2010
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I stopped by this place during happy hour and I was NOT impressed. First of all THERE ARE NO HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS HERE......unless you consider $5 bottle drinks a special. Not in my book anyway. It was crowded and all the patrons seemed to know each other. I entered the place by myself and I was already getting dirty looks from the regulars as if I wasn't welcomed "in their bar". I simply ignored them and ordered a drink anyway. The bartenders all dress in "G rated bikinis", so I'm not sure exactly that their theme is supposed to be. It's NOT a strip bar and they don't even dance on the bar to get attention. It's just silly if you ask me. Their jukebox was digital, but almost everyone was playing this boring whiny rock music from the 90's, which was horrible. I ended up leaving after my one over-priced drink, and went to The Patriot where I had a much better time!

what good is this place...  on Nassau Bar

posted on July 17, 2009
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if the girls just serve drinks while in bikinis? I want to get off and I can't get off in a shithole like this. Once in a while a rel nice one works there but most of the time blah or bleh!!

Jack  on Nassau Bar

posted on July 16, 2009
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Not a stripclub. Not a bikini bar. Regular bar with bartenders who wear sexy outfits - shorts - tight tops - occassional bikini.

Mike N.  on Nassau Bar

posted on July 23, 2008
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Decent place to go for a few drinks. The bartenders are hit or miss.

Kristy G.  on Nassau Bar

posted on May 4, 2008
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great place .. i go to this place all the time .. happy hour drinks are $3 and bartenders in bikinis there is nothing better ... its not the most glamorous place to go .. but an after work bar indeed

to traveller  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 29, 2008
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If you are going to mention a club on the Nassua Bar posting please have it be a club located in the NYC area not somewhere 300+ miles away!

traveler  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 25, 2008
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I have to say I have been to alot of strip clubs I travel alot and I live in the city. I just recently visited Elmira N.Y. and tried out a club called ODMar's located at 306 East 14th street Elmira Heights N.Y and although it looks a little run down the place is huge the girls are fabulous and if you like great lap dances this is the place to go! Check out 2 girls Shay and Lizzy. Shay has an awesome personality, hot as hell, great booty great lap dances Liz is really tiny but also great to watch on the pole! Check it out.

to bar 21  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 23, 2008
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no friction dances, but there is a curtain although i've never seen any of the girls go behind it.

bar 21  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 21, 2008
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any friction dances over at bar21, or just a bar to look at girls?

Bar 21 fan  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 21, 2008
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Girl 4: Is a tall, thin Asian looking girl who is actually from Russia, she has only been working there for two weeks there but seems like a nice girl but no curves. Girl 5: Is a tall, attractive black girl I actually haven't spoken to her and have only seen her once (first visit) on four occasions! Girl 6: I've only heard about as i've not seen her, apparently she is part Brazilian and part Puerto Rican and is named Christina she is supposed to be the best looking of the bunch.

Bar 21 fan  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 20, 2008
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Girl 1: I will call her "Ghana" as I don't know her real name is a Black women approx. 25 yrs old from Ghana, Africa she is about 5'4" and is a little on the chunky side but very voluptuous! and has a great smile and for me has the best personality of the girls. Girl 2: Barbara, very cute brunette with an Italian accent she has a fine plump ass with small breasts, doesn't have the best of personalities. Girl 3: Erin, she is New to bar 21 she is a tall white girl and I don't knowmuch from one conversation but she seems very nice but a bit like a fish out of water in this dominantly Dominican neighborhood. (Ironicly none of the girls are Dominican)

Bar 21  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 19, 2008
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Since no one posts here for this bikini bar, I will be posting for: Bar 21 up in Washington Heights 184st & Broadway. Hours 7pm-3:30am As I am new to this bar (been there 4 times now) It seems that they employ two girls Mon-Thur and 3-4 Friday through Sunday. As far as the girls are concerned I've seen 5 different ones and have heard of a sixth.

Jay G.  on Nassau Bar

posted on February 20, 2007
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A bikini bar a short walk from the office? Thank god. This place is a dump. The 'bouncer' is always some big fat gross meatball complete with rotting teeth and poorly fitted glasses. To illustrate, the doorknob to the men's bathroom has been 'missing' since 1999, just the hole remains. The brands are basic, nothing fancy, but we are talking about girls in bikinis. Not girls that look like your sister or your wife, the one that 'lettered' in debate.... We're talking smooth skinned, cute, juicy, bulging melons in neon fabric, stretched to the borders of your violent imagination. To quote Huxley, "what treasures her's promised.." They have a happy hour, 5pm to 7pm. Mixed drinks are like $3 !!A great place for the guys in the office to visit. It builds morale...

red  on Nassau Bar

posted on December 14, 2006
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Both Juventus and Liverpool officials had objected to the venue because of the state of the building. Uefa had also decided to allocate a large portion of tickets to the people of Belguim who in turn sold them on to Juve & LFC supporters making it a potential hostile area. At about an hour and a half before kick off both sets of supporters had started to throw emty cans of coke etc. at each other and it soon escalated to the throwing of sticks and rocks that they picked up from the crumbling terraces at which the Liverpool supporters broke through a chicken wire fence

Dive or strip?  on Nassau Bar

posted on August 19, 2006
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So is this place a strip/topless club or just a place w/ scantily clad bar wenches? Every other account I've seen says this is just a bar but here we've got VIP, etc. listed

Billy  on Nassau Bar

posted on August 16, 2005
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Any gossip on the current bartenders?

Tanjee  on Nassau Bar

posted on May 28, 2005
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Seeking dancers. Transportation provided and furnished NYC apartment along with all other needs. Only serious dancers please. (212) 696-7388 ask for M. Tanjee.

visitor  on Nassau Bar

posted on December 5, 2004
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coming in this week, is this place any good?

got2go  on Nassau Bar

posted on November 29, 2004
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are there any hot bartenders here, or strippers? which are the best ones?

Lookin 4 info  on Nassau Bar

posted on September 5, 2004
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Can you get any dances here?

barguy  on Nassau Bar

posted on April 14, 2004
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so who works there now? haven't been there in a long time.

sparky says  on Nassau Bar

posted on March 1, 2004
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mary lover she works this wednesday night mary rules

Mary Lover  on Nassau Bar

posted on January 22, 2004
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Is the rumor true??? --- When would she work? --- I thought she had a day job. ...... sounds too good to be true..