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4508 Vernon Boulevard

Queens-Long Island City, New York 11101

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Transportation  on Riverhead Inn

posted on September 30, 2007
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Hi I am a female driver who is looking to bring up to four girls to CT to dancer however they will have to pay me $50 round trip. That's $25 to get there and $25 to get back. You have to pay me $50 before we leave NY. I drive a BMW so you will ride in class. I am available M-F we will meet at 6pm to get to the club by 8pm and leave the club at 2AM. Guaranteed work I know the bouncers. No DJ to pay. More details call me and leave a name and phone number. No name no number no return call. Ask for Tanjee 917-418-9890 Oh yeah and Saturdays from 12 NOON- 6PM OR 6PM-2AM or combine and work the entire day from 12NOON-6PM

holler123  on Riverhead Inn

posted on March 4, 2007
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hows the mileage at this place?

visitor  on Riverhead Inn

posted on February 8, 2007
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this place does have potential. there are avg 10 girls there, mostly former USSR and east europe, most are prety hot. I have been there a few times, gotten 2 real phone numbers (i called) but didnt take it anywere because of a girlfriend. Go there on a slow day, like monday or tuesday, dress like you r going to an upscale nightclub and have a good attitude :)

svnstrng  on Riverhead Inn

posted on March 3, 2006
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If you're into russian chicks this is the place.Some girls are simply amazing and some are just average..it depends on the rotation.Despite what others say i've had a very good connection with these girls maybe it's because I know the biz and treat them with respect..therefore they take care of me and I do likewise.And it does yield results I mean the physical kind. Perhaps these other guys just don't know how to get a chic going.But i've been molested there a few times !!! LOL seriously it depends on the girl and your chemistry ..let's just say I've seen third base more than once.Enjoy gemtlemen.

Lefty  on Riverhead Inn

posted on August 30, 2005
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I've been checking out this place for a whiloe. Dancers are all Russian. Lap dances are mostly air dance, except for one dancer named Emmy who gives you a good grind. She looks asian, but she was born in Russia. Champagne Room is $120 for a half an hour, not worth it, no extras available; cameras are installed in the CR.

JOEY  on Riverhead Inn

posted on January 30, 2005
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how about a recent review?

Jay Wood  on Riverhead Inn

posted on January 25, 2005
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YMMV= You Mileage May Vary

rich  on Riverhead Inn

posted on January 21, 2005
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i keep seeing the letters "YMMV". what does "YMMV" mean?

T  on Riverhead Inn

posted on September 25, 2004
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is this place still cursed with russian girls?

low milage  on Riverhead Inn

posted on May 5, 2004
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1 Asian girl spoke english but with a accent, no roaming at all but she uses her ass the right way. Very pretty and if you buy her a drink she's like a kitten rubbing and leaning on you, like someone said she's very friendly. There was some old grand mother there too I just gave her a buck to get rid of her. Unlike most places only about 2 of the Russian women were hustleing dances with the hard sell.

Milage  on Riverhead Inn

posted on May 5, 2004
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Came here last night. Lapdances here are mostly grinding. I didn't like how the LD room was set up, a long U shaped couch. I got a couple of dances from various girls. They kept their top on but depending on the girls YMMV but it never goes very far. 1 Russian woman looked to be mid - late 30's said it was her first night. Great body, T & A were smoking average face long blond hair. LD was ok she dry humped me for a bit then turned around and light roaming until I got carried away.

Eric  on Riverhead Inn

posted on May 2, 2004
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There's a beautiful Black girl here during the week, can't remember her name though. I haven't seen her past midnight though. Met Emma last night. Very pretty face and super accomodating. I got 6 LD's from her then we went out to eat after the club closed. Wonderful personality and all around sweet but she could use a bit more ass.

victor  on Riverhead Inn

posted on April 22, 2004
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Just went to this place and it's a nice upgrade to what it was like 3 or so years ago. There were 2 latinas here whom I tried and they gave a nice LD. Not much roaming above the waist but they didn't mind rubbing on my hands below the waist. Hand in my lap, palm up and they rubbed all over. Saw Emmy she's half korean half russian. The dance wasn't as good as the lantinas. No extras to be had in the club but better mileage than the LD's at CS or Scandals.