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248-58 Rockaway Blvd

Queens, New York 11422

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Platnum Club?  on High Heels

posted on November 19, 2009
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Now it's called the Platnum Club, is there a board for it?

P  on High Heels

posted on November 17, 2007
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did this place reopen yet.

Transportation  on High Heels

posted on September 30, 2007
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Hello I am a female driver who is looking to bring up to four girls to CT to dancer however they will have to pay me $50 round trip. That's $25 to get there and $25 to get back. You have to pay me $50 before we leave NY. I drive a BMW so you will ride in class. I am available M-F we will meet at 6pm to get to the club by 8pm and leave the club at 2AM. Guaranteed work I know the bouncers. No DJ to pay. More details call me and leave a name and phone number. No name no number no return call. Ask for Tanjee 917-418-9890 Oh yeah and Saturdays from 12 NOON- 6PM OR 6PM-2AM or combine and work the entire day from 12NOON-6PM

JON  on High Heels

posted on July 11, 2007
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does anyone know where hershey is working or if she will be working there when it reopens as platinum??? i'm not usually into black chicks but shes hot and has a really good personality, never 2 pushy 4 a dance and when u do take her its well worth it. really would like 2 know where she is working. thanx


posted on June 2, 2007
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High heels is officially gone, will now be called the platinum club, should be open within the next week or so, i heard the owners of vip in manhattan bought it............if so it will be more upscale than it was before

ralphpal  on High Heels

posted on March 13, 2007
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i thought it was open i know someone who just went to get a job

high heels is closed  on High Heels

posted on March 6, 2007
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as of last nite high heels is closed til April 1, 2007. the club has been sold to a new owner...... it will now be called cheetah's

Dancer here  on High Heels

posted on May 1, 2006
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i have worked here for 2 years. out of my 2 years this club has went threw many changes as do many clubs. this club gets a bad rap just because it is not advertised enough. yes they do have a few coke heads just like any other clubs top notche 1's @ that.. yes they did have a period a few months ago where the quality of girls went down. it's all changed... they have newier prettier girls there that are much classier. and 2 the dancer that said she hated working at this club its probably bc u dont know how to make money or carry urself... if u come from a ghetto club such a daydreams, kalua, sexydancer etc... this is not the club 4 u.

not a bad club....  on High Heels

posted on April 30, 2006
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myself and a few friends went there last night... had a good time... drinks were good music was okay girls 4 the most part were friendly and not too pushy.... they had average looking girls and a few hotties didnt really see any ugly faces. prices for dances are a bit pricey though $20 4 1 song/$100 for 15-20 mins $200 for a 30 min $300 for the private champagn room. they should have something in between the $20 to $100 dollar like maybe a $50 dollar dance.. other then that the place is worth a visit atleast once.. i would come back to visit again......

its improving.......  on High Heels

posted on April 25, 2006
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went to this club about 4 months ago and yikes!!!!! quality of girls went down drastically since it 1st opened. i went there twice last week and i must say i say some new faces and better ones at that........... a girl told me that they fired alot of the trashy girls... and i'm glad that they did.... keep up the good work and turn high heels back to how it was aboyt 2 years ago...............

WHOS THAT GIRL??????  on High Heels

posted on March 4, 2006
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all i wanna know is who was the black kinda punk-rocker chic wearing spikes, and all black, really nice asss, extremely good dancer???? i think someone said her name was hershey i'm not really sure i wanted a dance with her but as soon as she got off stage she got busy.. please some1 tell who she is and when she works... well definetly be back to see her. overall the club is a nice place

AJS  on High Heels

posted on September 5, 2005
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i thought the place was really nice with really hot girls, but the price for a lapdance of $100 was a bit too much for only 30 min or so...overall it's a good place to come to every once in a while, if prices were a little cheaper...i would come more often...

Piranha  on High Heels

posted on May 25, 2005
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A friend of mine went last weekend and said it's expensive but the girls are really hot! He chose a stand up booth to get a dance in that cost him $25 for 5 minutes but said there's a 30 min lap dance room that will cost you $100. They need to give the patron a choice in between. $100 is more than I'd want to spend with one girl, $25 is almost too little and not enough time.