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Slade T.  on Perfection

posted on May 1, 2015
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I haven't been to this place in a while about a year or so, so this is from that time I actually went and what I experienced at the time. First things first this place is expensive, well getting in is. I went here with a friend on whim and just to walk in the door it was $30 each lol insane. Once you get past airport security though nothing inside is worth the high amount of $$$$$$ Cah-Ching you just parted with. This place is nothing more than a hip hop night club with strippers inside not an actual bonifide strip joint. It gives off a vibe like if you're not Jay-Z, Diddy, Dr. Dre, Floyd Mayfeather, Lil' Wyane, Fiddy Cent with paparazzi all over you wont get a second look. Nonetheless, there are strippers inside and they're thicker than 50 newspapers stacked together mostly black and Spanish girls and maybe 1 or 2 white chicks. The stage is behind the bar and it's far in behind it. The chicks do come up to the bar station sometimes. It seems that the girls only come up when they're less endowed than the other dancers on stage with them or they share the stage and it has multiple dancers on it and they don't want to get their tips mixed up lol. They do come up to the bar station and you can spank a wad of bills on that fat booty most likely a tactic they do if they not getting enough tips. I only drank beer when I was in there it was $7 a hit, so I don't know the price of mixed drinks, then again why the heck would you come to a strip joint to get those kinds of drinks anyway is beyond me. They have hookah and they do have a section to sit down and lounge at a table and get bottle service I guess. There's also a section where you can get a private dance/lap dance of course that's $$$$$ Cah-ching more greenbacks.Oh one more thing the strippers do walk around from the stage but they do not come up, you gotta flag em' down and pull em' over the to get a dance and of course that's more $$$$$ Cah-ching, or else they're gone in 2 minutes if you don't tip lol. The liquor store, your local jumpoff or half naked girlfriend, and some downloaded Hip Hop mixtapes from where ever you get your music from, and playing it on your Bluetooth stereo would be a better option. If you're bored with nothing to do knocking round, you like Rap/Hip Hop big booty video vixen looking chicks, like paying an insane door fee, and don't mind bumping into Lil' Wayne, and 50 Cent and the like then this place is for you.

Gabriel M.  on Perfection

posted on December 21, 2013
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It all depends on the girls you get. Some clubs are like a brand, where every girl has the same strip club brand culture. Not this place. It's literally a collection of random independent contractors. Stay away from the black, Hispanic, and older (over 33) "girls." They are all business. Just mechanical. Make you feel like you're throwing you're money away. Try to find younger Russian or Eastern European girls in there. They will actually put in some effort into their dancing, they'll talk to you before, during, after, and between dances; heck they'll even just sit there and have a drink with you and talk with you if you're not some creeper. Plus they smell good. The music is lame, very generic and basically a pop radio station mixed with classic strip club tracks. Nothing gothic or dark, no rock, no trance, very little new age. The cops are constantly up in this place's business, so if you're thinking of going in here, make sure you have your ID with you, make sure it's valid and not expired, and make sure you're not touching the dancers, because you never know which one is really a cop. If you're going to come here, train it because parking is a b*tch!

winston12  on  Perfection

posted on September 30, 2013
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Sooooooo........I went for a bachelor party and paid $40 to get in (never again). We walked through a metal detector (huh?) and then my bag was searched. The bouncer then took my gum out of my bag and threw it away. Highly pissed off, I began to argue with her (I just brought that pack of gum Dammit!). She calmly explained to me that gum would get stuck to the carpet and for that reason the owners no longer allows gum into the club. WHATEVER!!!The interior is nice. I'm not sure if the club is really big or if its the mirrors playing tricks on my eyes. The bartenders are nice and they do tricks (ex. I put a dollar in her cleavage and she made her chest muscles move until the dollar popped back out. Although I was a little disturbed, I was still impressed). The groom-to-be had a VIP section and lots and lots of bottles. As time went on I noticed more and more unfamiliar faces sitting in our section. I began to ask who they were and no one seemed to know. Apparently the bottles had magical powers and attracted females from across the land (moth to a flame kinda effect). You would think Perfections would have some type of security blocking off the VIP especially since we were spending well over $3000. I instantly turned into a human fly swatter and got rid of all the flies (thirsty women).Now on to the strippers:-Lazy (They barely touched the pole, just stood next to it and shook their butts)-Old (I swear one of them looked like she was my mothers age. I think it was her first and hopefully last night there)-Boring (They came to VIP, sat down next to us and then expected us to throw them money. NEWSFLASH: Your sitting here drinking my liquor, fully clothed and you want me to pay you? Your a stripper, strip dammit! Or at least shake something)-Unskilled (Like I said, no one touched the pole and the few that did pretended they were on a carousel. They kept spinning in circles around the pole instead of climbing it).I came with the hopes of learning some new tricks but instead I got drunk and fell asleep on the VIP couches.FYI: Be prepared to stand unless you have a VIP section or are drinking. The seats by the bar are reserved for drinkers. Once your cup is empty they ask you to move.Overall: I might come back (Hey I like strippers! Don't judge me)

ryan123  on  Perfection

posted on August 22, 2013
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I went there on Monday night. Little did I know a rapper would be there. To my surprise, no one acted up. I'm a bouncer, so I was prepared for nonsense to flow. Bartenders: I had two who were looking out for me, and even though the place was packed, they took care of my "space" and drinks whenever I went to the bathroom, etc. I was also watching the folks who were going around with food and bottle service-they REALLY were taking care of the customers there. Grade: A+Dancers: I like pole dancers-and they only seem to have 1. The others, are really just twerking and clapping. No 10's in the group, lots of 5-8's, though. Lots of booties (a few were enhanced). None of 'em really came around to ask for tips, so outside of drinks, I didn't spend a whole lot. I'd give em a C+. Anyone can shake their butts, but I want to be entertained. Music: Good hip hop and r&b stuff.: a solid B. Layout/decor: I'll give it a 7. Overall-I had a good time. I'd go again.

fuckery12  on  Perfection

posted on July 14, 2013
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DO NOT USE YOUR DEBIT/CC CARD HERE!!! i recently went to perfections on 6/29/2013 and although the music/ dj /club was great the bartenders were terrible. Worst service i have ever received. I waited almost an hour for 1 drink because the bartender was too busy serving drinks to people she already knew. ( the hugs she gave them made it clear they were her friends) After getting someone else's attention who worked there (hookah guy) he finally called her over. I told her i have been standing in this spot waiting for a drink for almost an hour and she proceeded to give me attitude. I got my drink, chucked it up to it being a busy night, let it go and moved on. Until i wake up Monday morning and I see there is a $200 charge on my cc (although i only spent $33.00, obviously from my experience i wouldn't order from her again) from a place called " pure cafe". I was obviously confused, after speaking to my bank, apparently perfections goes by two names. She charged my card almost 3 hrs before i even left for a tab that wasn't mines. Luckily i saved my receipt which clearly shows i closed my tab at 9pm and it shows how much i REALLY spent. I am so upset and have already reported the club for fraudulent charges. Either way i would def go back because one person's incompetence doesn't represent the entire establishment but i will never, EVER leave an open tab. CASH ONLY!!!

joseph1k  on  Perfection

posted on April 14, 2013
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Spend your money SOMEWHERE ELSE!! I've started going to Perfections when they first opened and saw how the business has changed. It used to be real Gentlemen in there until the rappers got a hold of it and then it started to be full of just hood ass people. Anyways I went last night for my sister's 30th Birthday and honestly I don't think it's run by the same people. It was in the club next door to where it usually is. The strippers walk around and hang out until someone calls them over to dance, they walk around with pocketbooks which looks so corny and tacky, they literally were having pow wows here and there like they weren't at work, and they were looking so tired and lazy (not all but most). Some of them can't even dance or shake their ass they just jump up and down, they were doing nasty things with one another like licking each others private made me feel like I was in a whore house! Some of their asses were so fake they couldn't even shake it! The establishment itself was terrible it was dirty just like a club, NO PROFESSIONALISM at all!!! I been there 6x (but to the original club it was in) and this time I was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED I didn't even buy a drink!! There's people that have that one bad experience and say bad things about a place but if this is how it's going to continue I can honestly say go spend your money somewhere else because this just became a hole in the wall strip club. I highly doubt it's run by the same owners not unless they chose to move over into the next building because the people coming in are not worth the nice place they are usually in... But it's just not the Perfections it should and used to be! And even of it goes back into that building they still downgraded their overall service and professionalism! Anyone that enjoys this place has never been to a decent strip! Never again!

larry1  on  Perfection

posted on March 27, 2013
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BAD BITCHES EVERYWHERE!!!! This is the best strip club I've ever been to. i had so much fun when i went there, I cant wait to go back. The price to get in changes per hour, so the earlier you get there the cheaper. It was really live when i went. I don't know if it was because it was jim jones birthday and him julez was there or if thats how it is every night but its definitely worth it. These girls aren't lazy, they put in work and thats why I fucks with this strip club

Trisha W.  on Perfection

posted on January 16, 2013
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Finally made it back this weekend. Loved it! Had a great birthday. Two great lapdances. Got to see strippers hit the ground when dudes made it rain. Good drinks though it cost. Only one stripper tried to play me and my bestie, but I would only ask a girl once for a dance for me or anyone else. But will return again soon.

Johnnyboy123  on  Perfection

posted on October 27, 2012
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I have been here a couple of times. Here's the problem for me, I like big booty women and they definitely had them here. But some of them are some fake booty having women also so you gotta be able to differentiate between fake and real booties. Always see if the legs match the booty. Skinny legs and big really big? Fake. Also some women have almost too round booties...those are potentially fake as well, but not gonna front they look nice. I think the best time to go is Saturday and maybe Thursday. I don't think the women are ugly though. Most bars give watered down drinks anyway to save liquor so thats a given, I'm not really there to drink, matter of fact I don't drink so when I go there I order some kind of juice mix so it looks like liquor but it isn' or I tell people I'm in alkie recovery lol People look at you funny when you don't drink. Anyway, back to the program...the lapdances are $30.00! That is waaaayyy too much, and that's why I my ranking is kind of in the middle. Those three stars are for the women there would be more if the dances weren't so much. It's funny though when big rappers make an appearance and throw dollars on the floor, you see even the waitresses trying to get that money LOL I'm not gonna front I might drag a couple dollars off the floor with the heel of my shoe and then pick them up when no ones but then I tip a dancer with them so at least they are going back where they come from. And I'm preventing the waitresses from cheating the dancers who are sweating hard on them poles only to have someone carrying the drinks take their money. So I'm doing a public service, like that bear that tells you that you can prevent forest fires. It's just recycling don't hate. : )

richard95  on  Perfection

posted on October 19, 2012
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I like to hit a strip club before I have an early morning departure from either LaGuardia or Kennedy. You know, kill some time, pre game for a vacation. So I decided to go to Perfection or should I say Imperfection. You will understand why I call it Imperfection as you keep reading. My traveling buddy made the suggestion to go to Imperfections because it was close to his home. Okay, sounds like a good plan. He also said if it was wack there is a club called Pure that is around the corner. Right off the bat things are suspect. There is street parking but you better have LoJack. My suggestion is to Valet your whip at the night club around the corner. The bouncers are fat. Who are they supposed to protecting? They are more worried about your fitted cap than checking for hardware. Cover charge was standard. Coat check was unnerving, you knew the coat check girl was going to rifle through your jacket for valuables. If your jacket is expensive it might not be there when you leave. Now you are in the club, the music is decent, the bartenders are cute, the drinks are watered down and is standard strip club pricing which is overpriced. Here is where this club earns its 1 star rating. These are the ugliest strippers I have ever seen. Even the club lighting couldn't hide the ugly. A few strippers had BO (Body Odor). I tipped them extra to go away. One stripper wouldn't go away until my boy tipped her more. He said, "Why should I tip you more? You didn't even dance. The owner must be losing his eye sight because those strippers were tore up from the floor up. I took what was left of my singles and gave it to the bartender. We broke out of there in a record 30 minutes.Thank god that the night club was around the corner. I need to see something beautiful and quick. "Pure", made up for the bad experience. Plenty of fine chicas. Here is the odd part the club is connected to Imperfection. The irony is you have ugly women with no clothes on in one club and there is no chance of getting laid and fine ass women with clothes on in the other club your chances of getting laid is more than likely.Do your self a favor skip Imperfections and go to Pure.

champion  on Perfection

posted on July 16, 2011
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What days does work Laura?

johndoe  on Perfection

posted on May 31, 2011
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Is Laura daytime or nighttime?

Biga  on Perfection

posted on May 31, 2011
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Hey .....why isnt there champagne rooms in the back..? I was hoping to hook up a dance with Laura.....she is a hot columbian with a phat booty......I hear she is a great lapdance...worth the bucks !!

johndoe  on Perfection

posted on May 30, 2011
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how is this club during the day? Any asian dancers? Latin?

first tim customer  on Perfection

posted on May 10, 2010
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this club is great was there friday had a blast girls where hot music was great ill be back

james  on Perfection

posted on December 14, 2009
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hi its manny, i came i want to see adrianna again, when is she there?

customer  on Perfection

posted on November 28, 2009
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was there on friday night first time back in about 4 mounths seems ther getting a littlte better here nicer girls adriana my favorite and music was great will be back for my friends bachelor party

Jones  on Perfection

posted on November 27, 2009
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Yes Adrianna is so fucking beautiful!!!! She is hot, she looks like a Latin princess

mail man  on Perfection

posted on November 22, 2009
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theres a new girl, she is literally breath taking! adianna OMG!! She's not hot, she's perfect! and actually extemley smart!

unknown  on Perfection

posted on November 1, 2009
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this is not a stripclub its a joke overpriced admission to walk in to see an oversized beast walking around the stage 9 dollars for a beer?? Not even in Manhattan. Blaring Music.

hip  on Perfection

posted on September 30, 2009
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I'd like tplace is. Straight garbage dancers have lil boy bodies or look like bouncers I seen better girls in jail lol

honestly  on Perfection

posted on August 6, 2009
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how is this club honestly...dancer

mike  on Perfection

posted on May 30, 2009
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They have the most unattractive strippers in ny, and i am an avid strip club goer. If a club closed down in ny thats where the strippers ended up. I dont know if anyone has heard of the wedge in hunts point or krystal's in queens. but krystal's and wedge girls. They're mostly spanish and russian. very few black girls. bodies like pre teen boys. there are no girls with women bodies working in there. Very disappointing, overrated, misperception of perfection.

Frankman  on Perfection

posted on May 13, 2009
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beautiful club unattractive dancers not worth the cover!