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2232 Rockwell Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44114

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CrimeStoppers  on Alibi Inn

posted on June 24, 2019
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samantha  on Alibi Inn

posted on January 18, 2017
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just went to mpcreations omg they have the cutest dancer outfits mariad new location is 2723 mahoning ave youngstown ohio they even do hair make up and free tanning!!

DAN  on Alibi Inn

posted on January 18, 2011
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Vanity columbus has $1.00 bottle beers all day all night all domestics. no cover before 9pm. come join us for our super bowl party feb. 6th

someone  on Alibi Inn

posted on October 3, 2009
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well since you didnt like that spot and you said u missed the stage 2 u should check out the million dollar club on 43rd in clark.even though tey majority black women u will like these girls. check it out and reply back.

Abby  on Alibi Inn

posted on August 13, 2009
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Has anyone ever been to Dayton? I heard Diamonds Cabaret down there went to open schedule and was thinking about checking it out. Heard it was nice there. anyone ever been there?

Gentleman Joe  on Alibi Inn

posted on July 2, 2009
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well im a regular at the New and improved Alibi Inn and the place is fabulous, they've gotten rid of the monsters that used to call themselves dancers, and now the girls are beautiful and have class, unlike most strip clubs in cleveland here a lap dance is a lap dance they can get up close and personal, its legal there.The girls are fun the atmosphere is 100 times safer now, security checks cars, its under much better management now and they treat there customers like a part of the family.They have drink specials on most nights, with good food....Try the bbq wings!!!!

FYI OHIO...  on Alibi Inn

posted on January 22, 2009
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Cheerleaders gentlemen's club will be opening january 28, 2009!!! this 16 thousand sq ft adult entertainment complex offers state-of-the-art light, sound and we have hand-selected hundresd of the area's hottest ladies!!! come down and play with us!! we're at 3100 liberty avenue pittsburgh and open daily noon till 2am beautiful entertainers: we will be open january 28th 2009!!! tons of you have already applied at cheerleaders gentlemen's club, but in case you're still on the fence, come down & see what a spectacular establishment you could be working for!!! we are taking applications m-f 10 am till 6pm. give us a call & come down today!!cheerleaders gentlemen's club 3100 liberty avenue pittsburgh 412-281-3110

julio  on Alibi Inn

posted on October 16, 2008
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I went for the first time last week. thepat down was a little over the top, inexperienced security plus an out of the way location can lead to it . There was alot of nice looking ladies that friday but not enough good customers; I did what I could. I had a very enjoyable time with SO FINE, she is a very good table dancer, I had to leave before she had her turn on stage, bet she can work the (dancer) pole like nobody's business.

Larry  on Alibi Inn

posted on October 1, 2008
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Scary place... Shady neighborhood. I was afraid for my life. Ordered one beer, guzzled it down and got the hell out. First titty bar that I have ever been to where you get patted down when you walk in. 2 black chicks were dancing, looked to be 40 years old each. Skip this place... Damn do I miss Stage 2

No experience  on Alibi Inn

posted on May 31, 2008
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Just curious are you talking about Baby is she dark skinned look like she got down syndrome if this is who your talking about then she dance at the Smoove Night club on 93rd in Nelson on M-T-W-and Th 7:00- 2:30 a.m. If this is the baby that your talking about if not then by all means please disregard this message

EM  on Alibi Inn

posted on March 1, 2008
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I wish Baby come back dancing again. Miss you baby!

tom  on Alibi Inn

posted on November 18, 2007
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hey me at clevelandrocks01....and aol address

Home dance w/ autum  on Alibi Inn

posted on October 28, 2007
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hey guys dont be upset that me dance show is over for right now.. how bout we hook up and put on pur own show? contact me yahoo messenger autum2130 now....

Mercedes  on Alibi Inn

posted on August 24, 2007
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Jessica and I have been working at Diamonds Cabaret in Dayton all week. WOW!!! Wish I would have known about this place sooner. I made more money in one week than I made all last month.

jessica  on Alibi Inn

posted on August 23, 2007
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If you're ready for big time bank, check out Diamonds in Dayton, just paid my bills for the one night!! This place is for real the best club in Ohio, maybe the country!!

Reign  on Alibi Inn

posted on August 22, 2007
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I don't dance anymore...and I'm not in OH. It still tempts me but I'd have to be certain that the customers were respectful.

tauras  on Alibi Inn

posted on July 18, 2007
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Reign where are you?  on Alibi Inn

posted on May 31, 2007
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whatever  on Alibi Inn

posted on April 22, 2007
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BACE  on Alibi Inn

posted on April 15, 2007
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Ohio Senate State and Local Government and Veterans Affairs Committee: Gary Cates -- 614/466-8072 Tim Grendell -- 614/644-7718 John Carey -- 614/466-8156 Larry Mumper -- 614/466-8049 Tom Niehaus -- 614/466-8082 Bob Schuler -- 614/466-9737 John Boccieri -- 614/466-8285 Capri Cafaro -- 614/466-7182 Shirley Smith -- 614/466-4857

Gentleman  on Alibi Inn

posted on December 9, 2006
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Hey Reign- I was one of those few guys who tipped, agree with most of your comments- but the real problems are Bob, the owner screwing some dancers, and Joe, the bullyboy manager, who takes all his frustrations out on the girls, and is buddy-buddy with the drug/thug crowd. What girls were hustling? I only ran into one, ever.

REIGN  on Alibi Inn

posted on December 3, 2006
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Used to dance there, VERY short time though. It was my first gig. Quite a homely looking place, even homelier looking crowd, and quite disrespectful and disgusting. Most of the dancers were hooking on the side so hardly any of the men tipped, they just wanted to pay for sex. One rude bastard even tried to steal my tip out of my garder! He put it back when I confronted him as if he was giving me a tip. A few nice guys would roll through, but not many. The girls, all I can say was I liked a girl name Kitty and one other girl that came after me... all the others were pretty much staright looking with the lights off only.

E LO  on Alibi Inn

posted on August 22, 2005
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Just went there for the first time with a friend. Kinda raunchy place. Not the place to go for drinks and to hang out, but better for really having a woman grind on you. Don't look in their faces, however, you might get scared away. I give the place a D.

????  on Alibi Inn

posted on December 30, 2004
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where do you buy your dancewear from to work in????

INSIDE INFO  on Alibi Inn

posted on September 24, 2004
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Black club few nice looking sisters. small club no touching. lots black punk hanging out trying to everthing for free i got pay for that.

CHLOE JEN  on Alibi Inn

posted on February 27, 2004
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Are you working her !!! ????????? i love you blondey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!