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750 Asp Avenue

Norman, Oklahoma 73069

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CrimeStoppers  on Sugers

posted on June 24, 2019
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Franklyn  on  Sugers

posted on September 22, 2014
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Cute bar, located in the back alley so you can feel as dirty as possible when you go in :D which is perfect. The place is chill and everyone is really friendly. I even got to see some boobs, which was stellar. 10/10 would like to see those boobs again. The decor is tacky and adorable and the drinks are stiffer than... the poles... Standard strip club music selection, rap and hip hop and top 40. Gag, but that's the only complaint. The girls varied from really hot to really not, though beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I feel that there is a stripper for everyone winkity wink.Anyway, I love Suger's. Great bar, great staff, cool atmosphere.

hump dog  on Sugers

posted on November 7, 2010
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This place sucked ca 1980 when it was called Walter Mittys. Anyone remember the Beaver Palace on Flood St?

Where she go?  on Sugers

posted on May 13, 2008
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Where is Candy go? I understand she left sugars at the beginning of the year. Any one know whe and when she is working now.

Tulsa Visitor  on Sugers

posted on October 10, 2007
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Hello, I will be in Norman this weekend and wanted to learn more about the club. What is the cover, is there a VIP room, and what kind of clientele does the club have? Thank you for your responses.

Familiar  on Sugers

posted on April 23, 2007
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I just wanted to tell the most beautiful Girl in the World, I met Her last Friday night, that She looks like Mariah Carey. Please just remember Me. I'll always remember U. Love U.

kari  on Sugers

posted on February 20, 2007
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Sugers is still open and going strong. Open from 8pm-2am. Have new dancers all the time. Some awesome, some average. You've got to see Veronica's pole shows. Right now they have a suicide girl from Ca. working there. Yes they are still topless..... No they aren't Nasty. The dancers that work at this club have class. I have been going there for more years than I want to say.... I remember Precious, Ally and many more of the beautiful dancers they have had over the years. They still manage to have the 3.50 pitchers of beer every night from 10-12.

eldonjon  on Sugers

posted on August 15, 2006
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I'll be in town this week, what are Sugers hours on Fridays? What time do they open?

Norman  on Sugers

posted on August 1, 2006
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I went there on a football game day (the biggest day for Sugars with all girls working), and I was disappointed. You have to sit through an entire first song, before the main dancer removes here top for a second song. Totally depressing. Whatever enjoyment you get from the main stage, leaves every other song... On a side not there was a very hot new girl there, and the next hottest was....40 years old. enjoy

Big Sexy  on Sugers

posted on June 15, 2006
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That's awesome, you remember those girls! I would go there and spend all my extra cash, way back when you could get a table dance for $5.00. Granted, they weren't worth a lot more than that, but it was still pretty awesome. Then I discovered the Valley of the Dolls, and Sugers suddenly changed for me. I couldn't go back. There was some pretty wild stuff going on at VOD back then. Wow!

Brian  on Sugers

posted on April 30, 2006
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This is the typical small town strip club. There were two drop dead hot girls, two cute girls and two average girls and one that had the right attitude, but just did not do it for me. The dances are no contact, but the good dancers work around that. Cover is $5 and beer is $3 a bottle. They have specials like pictures of beer for $3.50. Over all it is a decent club. You would think with Norman being a college town that there would be some college girls working there. If I am in town again and can?t get to OKC I will be back.

Def Leppard jacket  on Sugers

posted on February 8, 2006
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Yeah. Sugers ruled back in the early 90s. Toni, Allie, Precious, Angel, Kitten Karen, and so many others whose names I can't remember. The black girl that worked there for so long was one of my all time favorites, but I can't remember her name. The girls had great personalities, and they were great dancers. The music was great, the DJs were cool, and the atmosphere was great. Today it's only a shell of its former self. It's sad. But I'll never forget "a little tip on the hip...a little greenery on the scenery." Thanks for the memories, and long live Zamfir!

Big Sexy  on Sugers

posted on August 18, 2005
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Man, I can remember when this club was AWESOME! It was the first strip club I ever went to. Back in 1992, almost every girl was super hot, girls like Toni, and Allie, and Precious. I know you probably don't remember them, but they were stuff of fantasies for my early years. Too bad I read all bad stuff about it now. Oh well. Post a reply if you remember the girls I mentioned.

ou rules  on Sugers

posted on September 27, 2004
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i think this place is closed.

daveinnorman  on Sugers

posted on August 8, 2004
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went there on 8/6/04 sign on door says 8PM to 2 am. not 4pm to 2am. got there at 7pm and left.

SoonerSteve  on Sugers

posted on April 18, 2004
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if you like seeing girls of all shapes and sizes, you'll probably like this place. if your standards are pretty high you'll probably be disappointed. there were only maybe 1 or 2 girls I liked looking at. a few others I really didn't. one of the girls was practically kicking me to get me to look at her.