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5125 W Skelly Dr

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74107

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Carrie  on The Jungle

posted on January 26, 2006
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I am currently working out at a strip club in Ohio and have made plans to move to Oklahoma do you have any openings for a 19 year old....I can do anything from take admission fee at the door to serving to dancing

Chester  on The Jungle

posted on August 14, 2005
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I can verify that Lacy is at the Ritz. What I can't verify is if she still plays. I've never known dirty mixing to go on at the Ritz.

Jay  on The Jungle

posted on May 20, 2005
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Well, thats just what I was told at the "place" Chester...she could be anywhere. Thanks for the info.

Chester  on The Jungle

posted on May 17, 2005
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Lacy from Showplace? Why would she work here? If she left Showplace, try the Foxhole.

jay  on The Jungle

posted on April 12, 2005
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Does anyone knows if Lacy works here?? Heard from her last job that she had moved here, but the couple of times I've been in I haven't seen her.

Troy  on The Jungle

posted on January 26, 2005
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This club does suck. Old Shanks that should have retired long ago. oh, and they come around with a music jar every 15mins. There is nothing good about this club avoid.

Visitor  on The Jungle

posted on February 23, 2004
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Never went to this club when it was the Westside, but I went for the frist time this weekend. This place is an absolute dive. Only a fe girls working and they were not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. On top of it all, the place smelled *horrible*. I'm not talking about smoke or anything like was definitly something else. Not worth going to at all. Tulsa has enough other clubs that are much higher quality.

phraze  on The Jungle

posted on February 3, 2004
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why do I keep coming back here? I keep hoping that it will improve somehow, get back to the place I used to enjoy, but no. In the past, I occasionally used my credit card here when I was hard up for cash; stupid move, I know, considering the sky high finance charges, but at these times, the big head is not always in charge. But now, they have a sign posted behind the bar that all credit cards are to be initially authorized for $1000. I've already had one incident with them where an authorization didn't get charged back, and the credit card company called my house wondering why I had this huge charge from a strip club on my bill. No way I'm ever breaking it out in this club again. It's like they're purposely trying to drive away business.