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1850 South Sheridan Road

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112

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CrimeStoppers  on Lady Godiva

posted on June 24, 2019
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XhXeXy  on  Lady Godiva

posted on February 1, 2011
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Not impressed. The crowd looked rugged and the women matched that crowd. I didn't really feel comfortable with those girls touching me since they seemed........dirty, and not in the good way either. I brought my wife so we got a couple of free rounds. That was nice but the beers were extremely tiny and the bar was very limited. The prices were too high for the quality. Music was way too loud and I'm like 50% deaf. The stage was small and the dancers were mostly below average.

A  on Lady Godiva

posted on May 3, 2009
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Is this club worth working at? Did they put the VIP area back in?

Steve  on Lady Godiva

posted on September 26, 2008
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This club is now back to Lady Godivas.

GMAN  on Lady Godiva

posted on October 1, 2007
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This club sucks owner is an idiot to cheap to hire a real manager so he lets the d.jays control the club. also who gets rid of your vip area to put in a pool table ? if i wanted to play i would go to a pool hall. used to spend alot of money there now you couldn't pay me to go there. all the good girls have left there for a better work enviroment.

Marsha  on Lady Godiva

posted on June 16, 2007
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went here for my birthday in May and had a great time. Mety Georgia, beautiful girl, and soooo hot! I have Georgia on my mind! would love for her to be my first girl!

Arron  on Lady Godiva

posted on March 9, 2007
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Hey! When dose China doll work? She's a sweet heart, she looks good for a black girl. Want another dance.

Giuliano  on Lady Godiva

posted on February 4, 2007
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This strip club is the shit.

CA.- GMAN  on Lady Godiva

posted on January 21, 2007
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I was in town last week for chili bowl and stopped in the club it is pretty good for a topless club. but while iwas there met a fine little blonde named shay you guys dont know what your missing if you dont go see her.

Michael Brooks  on Lady Godiva

posted on March 30, 2006
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This place is awesome. All the girls are very attractive and the atmosphere is great. The club was packed last wednesday for amateur night and the newest girl Heidi did her first dance, She is amazing. You dont find girls that look like her around much when it comes to strip joints...all the girls are great and it is a classy place.

Out-of-towner  on Lady Godiva

posted on March 26, 2006
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Was in Tulsa on Wed..and found this place. Even though I felt like a fish out of water, the place is looks good, and the girls were uniformly very young and attractive. Not a clinker in the bunch. Maybe it was just a good night. No touching and no private area that I could see, but the lap dances were quite good from Britt, and Sunrise looked really into it. And several good stage dancers - particularly Candy, who has the potential to be a super show dancer (B'way as well as L.V.), with or without a pole. Britt - if you get to visit NY, post here and let me know. And for the amateur dancer Platinum, if you decide to do this regularly, post where. If I'm travelling between NY and Boston, I'll make a detour to Tulsa. - J