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10860 Southwest Beaverton Hillsdale Highway

Beaverton, Oregon 97005

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williamr  on  Dolphin II

posted on December 11, 2015
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This place has come up a notch haven't been here about year & half. The girls are so beautiful & personable especially Chanel & Armani Bo the hostess & bartender rocks the bar as the DJ jams to the best of the best hot beats from oldies to straight up hip hop , R&b & reggaeton we all want some Latin & chocolate ;)

Nova  on Dolphin II

posted on May 11, 2015
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Anyone seen Nova lately? Just wondering if she is still working here at Dolphiln II...

joseph1k  on  Dolphin II

posted on July 24, 2013
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Update date for July 4-5-6-7 2013 visit. Stopped by on my tour though clubs in P'land. Great new or new to me bartender with BIG UM,ER,ah, oh heck you know. Cold beer - very friendly dancers - about time. Maybe a new manager since they had plenty of dancers ( not just one) and I enjoyed a few 20 buck dances. I do not do the 100 buck three song backroom since they have VIDEO CAMERAS back there. I do not do anything to worry the dancer but who want to be watched - NOT ME! Recommend for a quick stop. One thing I do not like is the 2-dollar bills they give for change. I don't get a stack of bills any more- just enough to get by. Then go to other clubs and dump those elephant 2-dollar bills there.

ryan123  on  Dolphin II

posted on January 22, 2013
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This is the nicest club that I've been into. It's has a beautiful lay out, a wonderful stage and is very relaxing at the same time. The girls are all very beautiful too! I highly recommend this club!

Franklyn  on  Dolphin II

posted on December 29, 2012
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This is the worst strip club experience ever had in my entire life..I went to this place couple of hours back with my friends and the worst part is I am the driver for this night :(...but after entering this place immediately I liked a girl (Lora) who is on stage and asked her for a lap and she suggested me VIP room instead of regular lap dance and charged 100$ for that and it was just a below average lap dance..after coming out from the VIP Room..I was just sitting at one of my friends table for 5 mins and looking for another girl..meanwhile my friend went for a lap with an Indian girl during this time manager of this club came to me and stated saying I can't sit here without drinking..I told him that I am not drinking tonight as I am the driver..immediately with harsh words this fucker replied my saying you can't just sit here by spending 5$..I am completely freaked out with his words and told him that I came like 30 mins back and I already spent 100$ in VIP room and waiting for another girl..he sent one more guy after me and asked to leave the place..If you guys are planning for a good night..I don't recommend this place as you will be freaked out by their customer service/response

richard95  on  Dolphin II

posted on May 7, 2012
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So wife went out of town for a week, so I took it upon myself to get reacquainted with the Portland Meat Market and check out some places I haven't been to before. Heard good things about Dolphin II so I went in for lunch. Wow, it was just me and two older gentlemen in there. Only 2 dancers were there, but it's all good I really just wanted some lunch anyway.Ordered the Chicken Teriyaki and the BBQ wings. Teriyaki was pretty good, but the wings could've been better. The cook just poured some BBQ sauce over them instead putting them in a sauce bin so they are fully covered. Anyway I could see this place being decent when it's night-time. Chatted it up with one of the strippers and got two lap dances from her. I'd have to say it was one of the better lap dances I've gotten since I've been in Portland. She also told me about a few other strip clubs that aren't well known but give great lap dances. Only minus is that it's right across the street from Target. Kinda feels weird going in, knowing that soccer moms are right across the street.***Also, just as a side note, I just LOVE reading reviews where people give bad reviews to places they haven't been, or people who refer to the other customers as "dumb asses or retarded" for spending money there. Yes we all know the girls don't like us and are there just to get money. But guess what, you're in the club too, so doesn't that also make YOU a dumb ass as well?

Nimbasath  on Dolphin II

posted on June 7, 2008
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Does a dancer who goes by the name Lisa [long dark brown hair, dark complexion] usually work here?

Steelerfever  on Dolphin II

posted on September 2, 2007
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The girls working behind the bar (Shelly and Kristin) on Friday and saturday nights are worth the visit...There are some girls who dance there that are fairly cute....Gracie is probably the one I have the most fun with whether it's sitting at her stage or going back for a dance....Oh and apparently they changed some things around....Now the girls don't have to have a pillow on your lap while giving a couch dance and they have new stages...Check it out!

Hi Visitor  on Dolphin II

posted on June 13, 2007
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It's very much worth your time. The girls are the best looking in Portland.

Visiting  on Dolphin II

posted on June 7, 2007
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Anyone been there recently? It's near my hotel and I was thinking of visiiting it but don't want to waste my time.

fencingforpasttime  on Dolphin II

posted on July 2, 2006
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FYI--My roommate used to work for Dolphin for about six months, but then went to work at Stars Cabaret and is making a lot more $$ and management at Stars far surpasses Dolphin. Just to let you know...Stars has a lot nicer staff.

A  on Dolphin II

posted on June 21, 2006
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I'm a dancer from Seattle and moving to Portland. Are there lap dances in P Town? Is this a good club to work at? I've heard mixed things about Exotica and The Viewpoint, but not much about this place although I know it's a pretty well known club. Lemmie know, Thanks.

Anonymous  on Dolphin II

posted on June 12, 2006
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The best advice I can give anyone is NOT to dance here. Some of the day management is questionable at best. You'll do better at another club.

dancer  on Dolphin II

posted on May 24, 2006
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hi i want to known how much money on a day shift....or night shift let me known i dance in florida thanks

Rallyracer  on Dolphin II

posted on April 23, 2006
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I'm planning a bachelor party for my buddy. Do you think this is a good place to get him his last taste?

Chris  on Dolphin II

posted on March 4, 2006
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I went on 3/3/06 and I must say....Victoria gives some of the best couch dances....Dolphin II is a really good club with sweet and beautiful girls....Totally recommend it!

gitrdone  on Dolphin II

posted on February 25, 2006
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This club was recommended to me by my oldest sister and brother in law as the place to go in Beaverton..and I must say they were right...I hadn't been to one since I was 18 so it was nice to go to one where you can have a cold beer and watch beautiful girls....I especially liked my private dance(s) with Shelby...I would totally go back again....Thanks Dolphins 2

Lelu  on Dolphin II

posted on January 15, 2006
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Hi, I dance at Pt's Showclub in Denver and have been dancing for eight years now. If anyone could tell me if they hire nice looking girls with (tasteful) tattoos I would really appreciate it (I could also post a photo if it is requested by hiring managers). I am moving to Portland in three months and am interested in working at Dolphin 2. Any other information you could give me would be greatly appreciated!

Gary  on Dolphin II

posted on January 12, 2006
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I just want to say thanks to all the customers of the Dolphin II, I do my best to provide you with the best dancers, bar staff, etc... I have alot planned for 2006, so please make sure you continue to visit us here at the Dolphin II........Thanks, Gary

smiles  on Dolphin II

posted on December 20, 2005
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Lightshow and DJ are generally obnoxious. They seem to think that having your retinas fried with insane strobe lights is a good thing. Dancers are generally good looking, but hampered by dance rules. For example, they get yelled at if they touch their tits. The club can't be blamed for this, OLCC and the city of Beaverton seem to be bent on closing down strip clubs there.

Club guy  on Dolphin II

posted on June 26, 2005
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Wow, what a let down the Dolphin II was! They DJ is posible the worst DJ EVER! Common now, the Cars, Van Halen and misc butt rock bands hardly constitute sexy striper songs. And when he yells to the crowd to stand up and make some noise, I have never seen a dancer more pissed off. People come to a strip club to have fun, not to have fun and be surrounded by the Nascar mentality of drunk guys in baseball hats. Portland is full of strip clubs guys, do youself a favor and save your money and spend it someplace else.

Pathetic Lu Sir  on Dolphin II

posted on March 7, 2005
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Well run club, steady client cash flow, treat dancers reasonably well. Not a bad place to work.

Franchise632  on Dolphin II

posted on February 6, 2005
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anyone been here recently and have anything good or bad things to say about it. I am planning on going back home to Oregon and am looking for new clubs to check out. Thanks.

Stephanie  on Dolphin II

posted on September 26, 2004
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I went to the Dolphin II for the first time last night. WOW did I have an awesome time. I went with 3 other girls and 2 guys. I sat at the stage for what must have been 3 hours, never saw the same girl twice! I had an absolute blast. I have a favorite dancer, but I forgot her name! Too many shots! Can't wait to go back!

Super Dave  on Dolphin II

posted on September 15, 2004
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The Dolphin II has a great atmosphere for people who want to have a good time with friends while beautiful naked women dance nearby. Louie the DJ is by far the best Strip Club DJ anywhere. Including Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and Maryland. Some of the girls are not very talkative, but all of them are beautiful. If you stop by, say hi to Louie and the UOP crew. Peace

BG  on Dolphin II

posted on May 22, 2004
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The Dolphin II is the best over all club that I have been to in the Portland area. The entire staff is very cool. The girl's are beautiful and super cool and don't pressure you to have a private dance. If you go there you got to check out Asia and Sarah! They are my fav's but that's just my opinion.

Out Of Towner  on Dolphin II

posted on April 30, 2004
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So what's the scoop. I don't know Washington's laws. Are the strippers, in bikinis, topless, or naked when they lapdance? Is there contact during lapdances or is there some 10 foot law? Is alcohol served. How much are dances, how much in the VIP? I travel to Vegas a lot will I have a good time if I go here? Are the rules any different in Seattle (I'm also going there).

For me to know  on Dolphin II

posted on January 18, 2004
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I am a girl who doesnt care for strip clubs, but been to many. I would have to say the dolphin 2 in the best in portland..bouncers are nice, cocktail servers and barstaff are nice, and almost all the girls are very pretty and hot and nice. A real fun atmosphere, you can be loud and have a good time! Drinks are good, but takes alot so drink up before you get there somewhere cheap so you can spend your money on the girls.