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1030 State Highway 99 North

Eugene, Oregon 97402

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ryan123  on  The Nile

posted on March 1, 2016
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Overall this is a decent strip club, and the Egyptian theme is fairly well executed.One glaring issue: the stage *sucks*. There's a 3 foot high wall around the whole stage. From the chairs up against the stage, you can barely see anything unless the girl is climbing on the pole. Any floor-work they do is impossible to see without standing up or leaning way forward in an uncomfortable, awkward manner. This wall also prevents much if any contact with the dancers - perhaps this is on purpose, or even a legal requirement within the city of Eugene for all I know. But at the gentleman's club in nearby Springfield, there is no barrier on the stage, and every girl on the main stage practically does a mini table dance for all the guys sitting up close.

XhXeXy  on  The Nile

posted on January 2, 2016
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The best strip club in Oregon by far. The day girls are very friendly and treat you like a human unlike some other clubs I've been to. I've been here 4 times in the 2 months my wife and i have known about them. Shout out to Pixie for the best lap dance I've ever had and for making me feel at home. Thank you to the bartender for being quick and not ignoring me. More clubs should be like this one if they want couples to frequent them. Instead of having girls that are so bitchy they have resting bitch face. My wife and I will be returning very soon.

Jason A.  on The Nile

posted on October 4, 2013
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I went to the Nile strip club last in Eugene while i was in town traveling the Oregon coast. not a bad place i spent about $200.00 on tips and lap dances. i found one sexy chick in there, i wish i could remember her stage name she had a tight little body on her. she told me she was moving to Florida i wouldn't of mind to get to know her better. there was a stripper in there name Jen that was hustling dudes for drinks which she got one out of me for $10.00 not to cool.then Jen's lap dance wasn't that good. the club has no cover charge and they serve food. the best thing is that there lap dances are only $20.00 a song which is a full song that's a plus.!

Brandon B  on The Nile

posted on October 30, 2010
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Is my girl Asspen still there, hot blonde with a tight body. Get @ me gurl wherevas u is.

jimmy  on The Nile

posted on July 16, 2007
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A lot of girls to see...some really beautiful ones, maybe the best in the Springfield/Eugene area. Best one imo is Lilly: real tall, extremely pretty and is a great dancer. Had a lap dance from her and she was great.

Regular customer  on The Nile

posted on May 13, 2006
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The beer is cheap but most of the girls who are 21 and over are constantly carring around shot classes containing some alcoholic or some other form of mixed drink. Also some of the girls there are high on drugs. I had a dancer there ask me if I had some cocaine and if so if I could give her some, I dont do drugs. I wont say her name but she she has short black her and tattoos. Plus there is a girl who works there who is under age her name is Sophia. She has fake I.D.

Doc  on The Nile

posted on January 25, 2006
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Visited the club for the first time. Lots of regulars, cheap beer ($2-$3), no cover, and table dances are only $10!!!! Girls get totally nude!!! Seem to like working there. Girls are friendly and generally attractive. It IS Oregon, so you can't expect a lot of contact sports, but the view is quite good!!