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17180 Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard

Oak Grove, Oregon 97267

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jimbo96  on Dolphin I

posted on August 30, 2009
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Dolphin 1 just remodeled, new menu with good food at very reasonable prices, $3.75 for a 1 lb burger w/ fries, steaks under $10, and they dropped the drink prices a bit too. Remodel is good, more options on dances now from $10 to $40 , depending on the options... New patio, new couches, new girls, and some old favorites, new paint and paving...once again a premier club in the Portland area...

not happy  on Dolphin I

posted on June 3, 2008
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NOT a good club...very hostile and poorly run. I'll never comeback here.

Herbie  on Dolphin I

posted on February 1, 2008
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I was at the Dolphin last night and it was simply amazing. The girls there had a lot of character and personality, but the 120 bills I laid down for Devious was absolutely worth it. OMG....her lapdance was very seductive, intimate and sensual. The more you spend, the more amazing she becomes. Nice job, Dolphin!

Traveling girl  on Dolphin I

posted on July 6, 2007
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Good club for all! Pretty ladies, great bartenders, wait staff. They have two different dacne rooms. Stages are a little awkward to work on, but guys tip well. Managers and bouncers are friendly and funny. All the entertainers are friendly and helpfull to the new girls! The gown dance is a little weard, but whatever.....and guys and ladies the video poker machines at this club pay out well!!! Have fun!

Justin  on Dolphin I

posted on July 2, 2007
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I was there Saturday night with the bachelor party for Jeremy. There were 14 of us and we all had a great time. I got a great dance from the beautiful Electra Blue, too bad we left before I got my second one.

Great Club  on Dolphin I

posted on March 8, 2007
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Had a great time yesterday. Set up with the girls practicing had some beers spent 75.00. What more could you ask for. I'll be back

Bryan  on Dolphin I

posted on September 12, 2006
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I must say I had quite the experience my first time at the Dolphin. Service was absolutely fantastic. The wait staff and bouncers were very friendly, but the girls are a different story. I am a married man and enjoy going to strip clubs for the atmosphere. I was approached by 2 different strippers offering sex for money. If thats what guys are looking for they can ask for Natalia and Dreamy.

Guru  on Dolphin I

posted on July 25, 2006
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I? m thinking about moving to the Portland area and I was wondering what the earning potential for a DJ is. Hourly and tips. I would appreciate any info.

Disappointed  on Dolphin I

posted on May 28, 2006
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I was very disappointed in my first experience at this club... $5 cover, AND I had to buy a Coke for $4.50 (I was the DD)! The girls didn't know how to dance very well, one of them had a sagging grandma ass, thank god she took her underpants off right at the end of her second song, I was about to puke! This was a total rip off, and the girls are nothing special... I will definitely stick with Union Jacks, hot girls and a friendly staff.

Out of towner  on Dolphin I

posted on February 10, 2006
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I thought girls were lazy, they only dance for 2 songs at a time, most the time the songs are cut short. First song completely clothed then at the end of it they take off their top, then at the end of the second song they drop tha drawers. Not impressed at all. Girls could not really dance either, just mainly walked around and repeated moves.

FromSeattle  on Dolphin I

posted on September 15, 2005
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Relaxed atmosphere and cute girls with some nice dance talent center stage. My personal fav was "Dana". A charming blonde with a mischivous smile, definetly worth enjoying both on the stage and on the couch.

Out OF Towner  on Dolphin I

posted on April 30, 2004
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So what's the scoop. I don't know Washington's laws. Are the strippers, in bikinis, topless, or naked when they lapdance? Is there contact during lapdances or is there some 10 foot law? Is alcohol served. How much are dances, how much in the VIP? I travel to Vegas a lot will I have a good time if I go here? Are the rules any different in Seattle (I'm also going there).

Bill  on Dolphin I

posted on April 11, 2004
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Went there last night (Sat). Place was busy but the crown was mellow. Alot of couples and alot of older guys 50's+. Anyway the dancers were all 8's and 9's and gave pretty good stage shows. I had a couch dance and it was O.K. The dance was fully clothed with lots of chest to chest contact and heavy breathing in my ear. Beer was cold and the server was as hot as the dancers. Had a good time but I like the Salem clubs better.

HIGS  on Dolphin I

posted on February 23, 2004
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Was there Wednesdayand ZIPPO right very nice place. It should be noted there is no contact at the stage of any kind and the private dances are clothed but with nice contact. Given these unfortunate restrictions it was still a nice night. Thanks Bliss!!!