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SCN ADMIN (management)  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 27, 2020

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Omi  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 27, 2019
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Pfff are these clubs any good? How come the last comments are from 2016? Doesn't seem like people are interested, over here there are thousands of comments from as early as today lol, Portland you sound overrated as usually what a joke

CrimeStoppers  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on June 24, 2019
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kenston12  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 31, 2016
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I read somewhere online that this is the place were strippers go to die. All I can say is whoever wrote that review is a fucking idiot, out of all the strip clubs I've been to in the Portland area this has the best looking ladies and not with the dead inside look while dancing! Great selection of beer and spirits along with their steaks , I'm not sure how this place doesn't have a higher rating?

moneyman2  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on June 23, 2016
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This place is a Portland institition - at least my ex-boyfriend somehow convinced me it was so. And I will say that it's gotta be the best dinner deal in town - hands down. This place really should get 5 stars. The food deal is worth 2 stars alone! But they charge you $5 for the privildge of getting in, the drinks are not good (cheap juice?) and the dancers just aren't my fave. They're good - don't get me wrong, but all of the terribly skinny variety and just not quite enough variery in acts to hold my interest. But it's still fun to watch. There are 2 or 3 stages but we (a group of 7 of us) stuck to the front room. No official smoking area - just outside.For $7, I got the sirloin with a loaded baked potato and garlic bread. It was 3 meals for me - that's a little extreme, but still!!! Still having trouble trying the salad bar (or what we termed the j--z bar). Can you guess why? This place is quite awesome. What a deal! Titties & steak!

Angela R.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 13, 2016
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Good but not the best... Unless you want steakI don't think this is the best strip club in Portland. The stage is cool with a spiral staircase and the place gets busy on the weekends. Some of the hotter girls in the area usually work there but some of them have very rocker type vibes that can be off putting. The place is known for its steak. It is really good and tender and is so inexpensive because it comes from the owners farm. Any time that I eat anything deep fried from there I get bubble tummy. One time my husband and I were folding up airplanes out of dollars with a girl and she would bend over so we could target her... you know. That was awesome. But over all this is not the best club.

stripforme123  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on March 27, 2016
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Club was nice and service was great(especially for 1 bartender) and everything was going great until 1 particular girl came to remind us we have to tip... She single handedly brought this place down to a 1 star. We had been tipping all night and had no problems doing so but when someone tells me I must, then has the DJ call our group out... So we left and found a place that appreciated our generosity and I suggest you do the same

Colbys  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 28, 2016
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So i think there should be two separate reviews for this place. Its an unique place.. Entertaining and the steaks were super cheap. However they are absolutely terrible at cooking. It took over 40 mins for our food to come out and my medium rare stake came out well done. Such a waste of meat. But all in all, good experience. I dont think i willBe back.. Not for the steak at least

yanard12  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on January 16, 2016
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I loved the dancers and had a fun time for the most part, but the bartender was extremely rude to my party and cut my friend off because of his loud talking voice (apparently assuming he was drunk off 1 beer, when he's just from the south where they tend to speak louder). My bill was at least $30 more than it should have been, clearly as a "punishment". Absolutely unprofessional, that's no way to run a business.

dannyboy7  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on January 2, 2016
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Well, gotta drop a star. Just found out they've stopped offering the 16oz Top Sirloin dinner. They said it was "too good of a deal". Hell, I would have paid more. Now they only have the 8oz. So now the best steak deal in Portland isn't so great anymore. Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

nickstrip  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on December 7, 2015
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Definitely one of the best strip clubs I've ever been to. The dancers here are SO hot and they really know how to work a crowd. I'm used to the girls looking tired and lifeless but not here! These girls are ready to play! The venue is a little odd and could use some remodeling, but the layout makes it a really cool place. 3 stages and a full bar. You can almost see all the dancers from anywhere in the place! Also, beware of the bathrooms. They were filthy.Overall it was a really fun time and I will be coming back!

Burly B.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 21, 2015
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Great somewhat chill vibe that turns into rowdy fun. Thank you Trouble for a great night! Food is good for the price. We came on a Friday night, expect a long wait to order food. Awesome Beer tap list 60+

timmykilla  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on June 11, 2015
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Steaks + tits + 60 or more beers on tap = paradise. Dirt cheap happy hour and decent greasy food. If I could change one minor thing, fire the wait staff.

Johnson12  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 26, 2015
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My other half and I decided to get to go food from the take out window.I got the old fashioned cheeseburger, and he got the larger cheeseburger. Holy cow.Probably one of the best burgers I've had in Portland. For $11, we got two huge burgers and fries with each one. They were both cooked to our liking; well, and yet they weren't dry and crunchy as most places seem to over cook a well burger.

Selena N.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 16, 2015
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I had a friend in town, and after 7 years of living here..we were curious enough to check this place out. I drive past it all the time. It was a very interesting experience. I would never eat the food here...yuck. All the women were really pretty though and too thin if you ask more curves...Just to watch all of the men and women there as spectators was entertaining enough. Some of the dancers were pretty It was for fun and it was definitely interesting. I'm good for years now. Thx

Desta S.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 17, 2014
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anti-semitism is one thing... you get used to the bad Jew jokes about copper pennies. But one of the dancers actually yelled at the Israeli patrons that she wished Hitler had finished the job and that she hopes Hamas wipes them from the face of the earth. and so on..(btw not all Israeli's are even Jewish!...I mean most of you know that right?!)...Yes, a couple of them were not tippers. Cheap is cheap. But one of them was tipping and buying drinks with panache. And foreign is foreign and maybe they just don't get the custom?! (btw not all Israeli's are even Jewish!...I mean most of you know that right?! Regardless, the stream of racial epitaphs was as impressive as it was horrifying...who knew that ignorance could be so well-versed in offensiveness. Then the bouncer came and threw a few more "Dirty Jews" around and the Israeli's left. I will never go here again and I will make sure that everyone I know hears about this...repulsive ignorant offensive. Find another way to make broke-asses off your rack lady...cuz this Jew was a good tipper.

Teresa W.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on October 20, 2014
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Apparently if you order breakfast at 1:50 they won't serve you even though the kitchen is open till 2. Very poor representation for the food. Oh but the girls are in fact gorgeous!

adamrod  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on September 5, 2014
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It was a rainy Thursday night, my friend and I were ready to brave the rainy streets of Portland and went on a bus trip to the Acro. We were so confused as to where we needed to get off the bus, and this guy heard us talking and he was like "Oh, you're headed to the Acro? You get off at the next stop and it's right there." Portland hospitality at its finest!We came for the steak and the strippers, and we definitely indulged in both. I'd never been to a strip club before, but I came with a lot of $1s and hungry stomach. We had to pay a small cover to get in, and then we sat down and ordered food. I got the center cut filet mignon, and when it came, it was wrapped in bacon! I couldn't believe it. We also got to go to the salad bar, which was average. The steak was perfectly medium rare, and it was well seasoned. The fries were really good, and the garlic bread was great. It was one of the best meals that I had during my time in Portland.The strippers were good. They all did crazy pole tricks and they danced to mainly rap and hip hop. If I ever come back to Portland, I will be back here.

Alex T.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 1, 2014
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Wish I could have had a chance to eat the food. The service at the bar was absolutely terrible, (like "Bar Rescue" bad). They must not work on tips as the only thing we got was the chance at being ignored and loads of passive aggressiveness. The people next to us left angry and we followed them shortly after. If I ever go back it will be only to the take out window. Shame.

Colin P.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 6, 2014
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I was in on a thursday night. There was a 4$ cover and I got a big steak for pretty cheap. Food was pretty good and the place has a nice setup. The girls were nice and the servers were nicer. I highly recommend Acropolis to anyone!

Harrison69  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 22, 2014
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Ha ha ha!! Want a show and some steaks? Cheap steaks? This place isn't bad at all. Came here after running a marathon and we weren't really picky on where we could have "celebratory steaks" after the run. Friends recommended this place if we didn't mind the "entertainment". They serve up 8 ounce steaks (cut of your choice) with a side of baked potato or fries and all you can eat salad bar. The owner owns his own ranch so the meat quality is not bad at all. We stayed away from the salad bar though. The servers were replenishing it using their bare hands. Sketchy. At least the steaks and potatoes were cooked! Pretty decent steaks considering the environment. As for the entertainment. Well what can I say. There you go. Sets last about 20 minutes for each "entertainer". They were entertaining. We chose not to sit right at the bar area just to make sure our food stayed sanitary. Entertainers sure like to use the bar counter. Very talented ladies pulling insane acrobatic moves. "Trouble" sure was a lot of trouble. Tee hee. The place looks more like a dive bar but heck..what you need all that fancy crap for? Go to Vegas and pay crazy money then. This place also has about over 80 beers on tap. They serve RC cola too! Go boobies!Enjoy :-p

Katlyn H.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 12, 2014
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For all its great reputation, this is probably one of the worst clubs I have ever been to. The dancers don't really dance at this place - or do anything except crawl around the stage using the same moves over and over. The setup with three stages sounds great on paper, but in reality the club's layout creates an extremely awkward ambiance. The bar is unapproachable because of a scary-looking buffet that sits in the way. I would never come back here

Andrew T.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on January 8, 2014
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I went here because of I heard of their infamous steaks. Apparently the owners have their own cattle farm. Surprisingly good food and very cheap prices. Service is a little slow but what do you expect?!

K E.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on December 22, 2013
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only $10 for a t-bone steak! comes with garlic bread, baked potato, and salad at the salad bar. what more can you ask for. blows the $27 ribeye from deschutes out of the water! oh and the scenery is nice here too. :)

tonycluber  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on December 3, 2013
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We went on Sunday morning; I don't think there was a cover. Maybe ladies get in free? Anyway the place itself looks pretty worn, but you're not coming for the decor.The dancers were ok to great. One was very technically proficient and flexible, but did not seem into the performance. A couple others just seemed bored or hungover. The best dancer was really into her music and worked the crowd well.Food was cheap and plentiful, and the steak is pretty good. Tasty bloody Marys too!

james1412  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 28, 2013
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Really awesome food! Really good prices and nice size portions. Just went up to the walk up window for food so i cant comment on the inside. The steak $6 special is amazing!!

maxxy1  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on June 21, 2013
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$twenty-five total cab fare from downtown portland...acropolis known for cheap steak and entertainment...out in the sketch and random seating and about three stages...tables filled with steak eating customers...$six steak?...can't say a steak would be appetizing in this environment...but, customers look happy and look to be enjoying....poor looking self-serve salad bar cart in the and uncovered....feeling uneasy for consumers...past the front section stages and to the back by salad bar...a bar to order drinks and watch...dancers quite athletic in the acrobatics...wouldn't give high marks for appearance...bit crowded and not feeling the place...few drinks and cab back to the city...disclaimer: bachelor party

Kal C.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 4, 2013
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This is an A-OK spot, for sure. The servers are like a fucking ray of sunshine. And they're HOTTER than the dancers. 5 STAR SERVERS. 10 STAR BARTENDERS.*I can't complain about a $6 steak with fries and texas toast, but I should've gone with the baked potato.Also, I was hoping for more real boobies.I had nothing better to do on Sunday. Nothing.*sarcasmgasm

Ana R.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 27, 2013
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Where else can you get a quality steak for $8? Nowhere! I'm Argentinean, I KNOW steaks. The meat in this place is incredible. Plus you get your drinks in "classy" mugs. No cover charge during the day. Great for lunch.It's my Hubby and I to-go place when we want steak and don't want to break the bank.

adamrod  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 17, 2013
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Great for steaks....not so great for a first date.I have nothing but good things to say about the steaks at Acropolis. They are tender, juicy, thick and prepared to perfection.I met a young lady at my church recently and we got to talking about how much we both loved sitting down to a quality steak dinner. It's rare anymore to find prime cuts of meat at a reasonable price but Acropolis has managed to strike the right balance of gourmet quality without the pretense or the fanfare.And aside from the limited parking, the only other complaint I would raise is the apparent need for better janitorial service as the restrooms were less than sanitary, but really that's about it for the negatives.I would only caution that in addition to the great food, Acropolis also features women taking their clothes off for money which I found to be a distraction. So, although I do recommend them for the food, I do NOT recommend them for a quiet "getting to know you" sit down dinner with someone.

Tyron S.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 22, 2011
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I never been to a strip club where the dancer has to plug their own ipod in to the stereo to dance, so lame. But I really was here for the ribeye steak. The food here is great for the price, can't beat that, the drinks are reasonable also, there better strip clubs out there if you want to see dancing, but for cheap eats that's great in quality, there's few that are better.

Lance P.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 9, 2011
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Safe/OK/Got boring...And what is the deal with the heel smacking??Girls are generally hot with a mix of natural breasted and enhanced dancers. Skin art ranged from silly college tattoos to full on sleeves, etc. The dancers tended to have good muscle control, but generally did not "dance" or work the pole much. Lots of walking from one side of the floor to the other, ass slapping and loudly clicking 5 inch heels together. Side rant : The heels makes a sound like elk locking horns. Not sexy and distracting in a bad way. Also, too many of the dancers had vacant stares on the night I was there. I know it's a job, but pretend a little... Got a little boring after awhile.The food is cheap and "OK", but not great. For some reason there was a mad dash to the salad bar when I was there. Don't understand the excitement over the food. Eat before you get here. Lots of couples here when I went and the place seemed pretty safe for a strip club. Might be an OK starter club.

Rhadford C.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on April 4, 2011
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The food here is OK. I went on a Sunday, at like 5pm. They had like 4 girls working. Only one was decent looking. It was crowded, at first, but a hour later, most of everyone left. I didn't get a lap dance, so I can't really give a accurate rating. There isn't a D.J, just a CD player for the strippers. There were a lot of flies, flying around. I just didn't like the setup in here. I didn't feel comfortable here. I felt like the new guy in prision; where you are waiting for someone to come to up to you talking shit. This place really SUCKS, compared to the strip clubs, I've been to.

Greg W.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on March 3, 2011
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I was attracted to you when I first saw you approaching me. Ecstasy served on a silver platter. Your scent tantalizes my every sense. Sure you're a little dark, but I like it that way. Presented in front of me, I can't resist having you. Taking you into my mouth, each succulent taste is more orgasmic than the last. I can't stop until I've savored every little bit of your juicy pink flesh. And when it's all done, my mind's eye replays the experience over, and over, and over . Other people may think that you are cheap, but I thought that you were a pretty damn good steak.The Acropolis, the second most revered Portland institution (only after Mary's Club), is the quintessential Portland gentleman's club. A row of beer taps lines the bar as far as the eye can see. The service is slow but the bartenders look at you curiously when you try to tip them.Don't expect Cirque Du Soleil high-flying acrobatics (I actually saw a near pole-dance disaster when one was actually attempted). What you get here are real ladies and a minimum of fake breasts. Just pray that their iPhone doesn't receive a phone call while they are dancing - lest the music be interrupted midstream.The only thing that I want to know is, when is the crusty old bartender lady going to get up on stage and shake her booty?

Hui K.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on September 18, 2010
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"Go for the steaks, not for the strippers."Background:- It's a strip club that's more famous for food than their strippers.- Opens at 9am. (You saw right, 9am...).- No cover before 5:30pm.- Cover is $3 after 5:30pm.- There is a "drive-through" for food in the back. Just park and ring the bell and order. You don't even have to come in.Pros:- Any food item on their menu.- Their House Special Steaks ($6 for a full steak meal, includes a steak, potatoes, and an additional side).- Big place!- Plenty of seating.- Plenty of other items on the menu.- A GIANT hamburger for about $8.- Salad bar. Yes, a SALAD BAR! Lol.- A filet mignon for $10.- Plenty of beer on tap.Cons:- Strippers are not that great.- Strippers can get bitchy (I don't want to hear you talk, just get naked and dance for me).- Lap dances are not good.I recommend:- Go eat dinner here.

Peter M.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 16, 2010
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The ONLY reason why I cannot in good judgement give this place a full 5 stars is for the following 2 reasons:1) They need a good FULL-TIME DJ!! Having a dance play a CD or what not is not sexy NOR is it entertaining. Any great strip club has a full-time DJ. A DJ adds to the experience, not only by playing the music, but by introducing the girls.2) They need a bigger place! It is no fun to get a lap dance in an almost open area right by the entrance. Honestly guys, expand to a larger venue, and heck, maybe make the upstairs the private dance area.Again, those were the ONLY 2 negative things I have to say about the place, either than that, having been to over 100 clubs in California, Arizona, New York, and Oregon, I have to say Acrop was by far ONE of the top 3 best I have been too.

Ben D.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 2, 2010
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This place has a huge beer selection, great onion rings, and a wide array of other cheap eats. The beer pricing is pretty low too. I think they offer something else that some other bars don't offer, but I can't remember what it is. I'm sure if you stop by, you'll figure it out.

Adam S.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 24, 2010
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I had to pay to get in, which I don't like to do at ANY PDX strip joint. The food is great here, I recommend the steak bites. Make sure you get a stamp if you are a smoker, because if you go outside for FIVE minutes, the giant moron at the door might forget your face. The girls are very nice and they like to to chat with you while showing you their bits.

Elliotte B.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 9, 2010
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This place is awesome, I'm from the Seattle area and this place easily trumps any strip club experience I've had in WA. $10 Filet Mignon wrapped in bacon, $5 pitchers of beer and some hot women dancing on your table. Was it the best steak or strippers I've experienced? Not quite, but definitely nothing to complain about especially considering the prices!

Laura G.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on January 19, 2010
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i used to live about a 5min drive from here and i can't say how many ones i have lost in this club. you know, im just doing my part, the economy is tough right now and dancers need to eat too right?! right? haha. So my last escapade here I did my usual, ordered a beer on tap from the generous selection, sat and played a few rounds of erotic photo hunt (ladies only forget those hunks!) and mowed down a gyro. My favorite part was when I took my 60 yr old uncle in-law up to the stage and watched him sigh, grasp his bald head and slumped back in his chair, surrendering himself to the hot young ass waggling inches from his face. THAT made his trip. thank ya lady, you earned me major brownie points with that move ;)

Jessica N.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on December 2, 2009
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Everytime I go here, people are mean to me! I don't get it, I work in the industry and treat every worker with respect...but...My first time I sat at the rack with about 5 guys. They piled about 50 dollars in front of me but the girl refused to dance in front of me!!!! She just skipped over me, and the money. Strange.Another time the bartender was so mean to me I didn't know how to react! I still tipped her but she continued to be awful..Another time I was waited on by a male who was very nice.I got the feeling they don't like women here....On a good note the dancers were all really hot and the food was delicious! I am sure I will try it again!

Martin  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 12, 2009
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Is this place still open? Do they have lap dancing?

ryan123  on  Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on September 1, 2009
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The food was decent, 10 dollars for some filet mignon and then boobies while you eat it.

Sam M.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 24, 2009
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A-Crop. its not a coincidence that their name represents their dancers. This is the A-Crop of strippers in portland. The bar is good, with fair prices. The atmosphere is good. Parking can be slim. The ladies on the pole are the finest in town.

Husband and Wife  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on June 20, 2009
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Hot Girls espically Holly, the red head with knee high socks!!!

Anna A.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on December 3, 2008
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I can't believe we went here, but we did.It was a surprise. I didn't see it coming. My friend said, "get in the cab."I couldn't object. I'm from out of town after all.Oh, dear lord. Trashy stripper poles and naked pierced tattooed gals doing things left and right. A lesbian bought me a bloody mary, which I later gave to my boyfriend. We sat at one of the stripper picnic benches like everyone else and my friends gave us a wad of one dollar bills to tip. I was thinking, "Do we know her or something?" More friends from UP showed up. Wait, these people were all goodytooshoes and they're HERE??!! Oh fuck it, let's have fun. And we did, closed the damn thing down and I have no idea how?

Larry A.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 22, 2008
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On the last day of our Northwest tour, Hellhunter and Passive Aggressive decided to find a great steak and egg breakfast before leaving Oregon. Someone from Motorthrone suggested the Acropolis. That was the best suggestion this whole tour.

Lindsey K.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on September 30, 2008
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How does one say goodbye to P-town? One dons their best dress and heels, hits up a burlesque show, and then hightails it to the outer SE for some steak'n'booty. Honestly, I just wanted some $3 steak bites I'd been hearing about for four months. And they were goooood. Well, good and cheap. Came with toothpicks and two kinds of dippin' sauce! That's my kind of appetizer. And nothing beats watching people slowly chew their steak while keeping a dead eye on the lady doing splits in front of them.The ladies were faker than I'd like, but one can't be too choosy when there's more hogs than cars outside. If you like gently aging bikers and mustache rides, looks like you won't be going home alone tonight! Multiple low stages complete with poles ensure you will have a good view of that crotch shot no matter where you cower in the shadows.Overall: a little dirty, a little rough, but great for people-watching, steak-chewing, and biker-cruising.

Karl H.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 24, 2008
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God Bless America... this is the reason why our country is so great! Home of the $10.00 steak and the $20.00 lap dance!Oh and cheap booze too!

Mike F.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 16, 2008
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I'd been here 4 times before I realized it was a Greek restaurant. $5 steaks, and over 20 beers on tap! Fun place to go with an open minded group.Parking can be a drag. If you can take a cab it's worth it. Then no designated driver. Try a gyro. Let me know how they are.

Lily S.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on June 23, 2008
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"So THAT'S what it looks like from that angle, huh?"(I heard that come out of a gal's mouth there years ago)Ya know, the last time I was @ the Acrop was when I lived in Portland and that was 4 years ago.I'm a bit older now.But I still loves me some boobies. Not the fake ones, though.I'm not one to order steak while sitting @ the rail tipping the dancers, however, I will order a drink or two and have short, light conversations w/ them. Entertaining to say the least.I do have an issue w/ the fact that most clubs in PDX haven't banned smoking indoors, which left me smelling like a dirty ashtray last nite & sinus congestion this morning.Otherwise, I have to say that if you're in PDX and you want to check out a fairly decent strip club, or centre for modern interpretive dance, as I like to call it, go here. You can get meat w/ your meat and a stiff drink.

Amy P.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 29, 2008
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Ok, first off, let me preface by saying that I went here to investigate a cheap steak followed by can you not want to check out a $5 steak with a side of ass?All of my male friends drug me here because they claim " You get more girl action in front of you with a dame at your side" Whatever, after a few jack and soda waters or some good scotch, I may just let you stuff your dollar bills down my bra to let the girl retrieve.I did torture the men near me by chatting with the girls. I was astonished that many of them are attending college not to mention 2 in Law School, I guess shaking it pays well.I skipped the salad bar, as I don't know what those men have been doing with their hands, or if they washed..hee hee.All in all, go before $5 to avoid the cover charge, eat your steak and boogie...Unless your male friend guilts you into staying because he is "doing research" for his brother's bachelor party..yea, right!

Danielle  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 27, 2007
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is the acrop ever hiring for non dancer pos.? i would love to work there but they dont take plus size dancers:(

Latinas  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 2, 2007
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I moved to oregon from philadelphia and miss going to new jersey to great clubs with brazilian and other s. american girls. Are there any places like that around here?

Ge O.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 13, 2007
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[note: i am a tourist]steak and tits.what more do you need.(AND erotic photohunt, which is THE most ironic thing to play at a strip club. andy warhol would be so proud.)

Randy A.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 24, 2007
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This place has to be seen to be believed.I can imagine the conversation the owners had when they wanted to open this place."So we have all these cows, and we want to open a steakhouse... now how do we get people in here to eat 'em?""Good question...""Hey, I know- boobies!""Yeah! Boobies make EVERYTHING better!"And lo, the Acropolis was born. Honestly, a concept this ridiculous has to be experienced- descriptions (even mine) fall far short. Just go and see for yourself.

Steve S.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on April 18, 2007
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Come for the steak, stay for the meat. One of the best steak's I've ever had. I don't care if it's $4, it's as good as Ruth's Chris.

Jannie  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on March 25, 2007
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Attention dancers really windy's gentlemen's club is looking for fresh faces!! really windy's is now under new management and is looking to upgrade their image so if you're just looking for a new place to dance for a weekend or a week come check us out don't believe the hype... check us out for yourself easy going management, good customers, and money to be made club will pay for 1/2 of motel for traveling dancers call jan for booking info (406) 223-0707 or (406) 564-4109 really windy's gentlemens club vaughn frontage road great falls, mt (406) 727-3800

barry m.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on February 25, 2007
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I attempted to get a steak breakfast and lap dance here on my last day in Portland, 1/21/06. I showed up at 7 AM with my roommates just as the place opened. I was operating on about four hours of sleep (going away party the night before, and lots of frantic packing). We arrived, ordered our meals, and waited for the girls to show up. They were horribly late (Strippers who aren't punctual? Merde! Next you'll tell me they all love cocaine!) and so we ended up finishing our meals and our beers and going home.Fast forward to yesterday, 2/19/07. I made my triumphant return to The Acrop, lady friend in tow. The girls were there this time (the trick is to get breakfast in the early afternoon) and I had a pocketful of money. I proceeded to do everything right this time. The lady friend ordered the bacon gyro and a couple bloody marys. I had the steak breakfast, which consisted of a well-prepared 8-ounce steak, eggs, hash browns, and a pile of toast. I couldn't finish it all, despite a valiant effort. It cost a whopping $5. I generously compensated the ladies for their acrobatics and interpretive dance skills. They were all very polite and friendly, and quite attractive. They picked out their own music, and I was suprised to hear my favorite Sonic Youth song playing.From what I understand, The Acropolis was started by a cattle ranch owner as a means of selling lots of beef. Looking at the menu, this hypothesis makes perfect sense. They offer a wide variety of affordable beef products, from t-bones to filet mignon and everything in between. It's also hard to argue with 50 beers on tap, something unremarkable in Portland but after living in LA for the last year it was paradise.

To the non-tippers  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on December 8, 2006
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Just to let you boys know, since there has been a trend of stareing and not tipping here... it costs the girls money to work at any club! Not only that, but the girls are lucky to cash a hundred here anymore. And men expect these women to get naked and be happy when they can't afford to even pay rent, let alone the outfits to look sexy for you in? Guys, a little kindness to the ladies and next time you might get a smile when you throw down your buck! Because with as little as the ladies are making here, there may be no ladies to come visit pretty soon. Also, I don't think you would want to get naked for free. Try your luck, put down a buck... and keep the tips and smiles rolling. It doesn't cost much to make the girls smile.

Lester W.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 15, 2006
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Let me reiterate Dave's 3 pillars, and of course footnote him: *All nude *Full bar *No (or cheap) cover The ladies in this place generally have tattoos and piercing. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Very fun place to go, and I recommend that you go on a Thursday as it's a little bit easier to get a seat. The salad bar is a great place to walk by on your way to the bar. The real bar has about a million beers on tap and the full run of liq. You should order the steak. Surf and turf is where it's at.

David P.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on November 3, 2006
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The Three Pillars of Wisdom: *All nude *Full bar *No (or cheap) coverAdd a good inexpensive steak and good "talent" to the mix, and everyone wins.

John H.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on October 30, 2006
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Don't know about the rest of you, but when I hit a strip club, it's about chilling and having a good time. I really don't need some obnoxious DJ yelling "awww yeah give it up for Britney!" while Candy rubs my chest and gives me some sob story about her 3 kids and how her Acura NSX just got repossed, while a Hell's Angel in a tuxedo peers over my shoulder, ready to drag my ass out in to the parking lot the second I get on someone's bad side. It's nights like those you wonder what the heck you were thinking, and remember you have that thing called a penis which causes you to make silly decisions at times, for example paying $20 to get in to a place where there's no serenity, no food, and despite being called an "Upscale Gentlemen's Club", somehow manages to always smells like a cross between bad perfume and old tacos.Enter the Acropolis, where there's no DJ, seldom a cover, lots of food, lots of beer, and no one will judge you for wanting to eat,drink, and oggle naked chicks at 8 in the morning. Be forewarned if you order steak or a burger, you will not finish it (good thing it only costs $5 eh?). The Gyro salad is my favorite way to get the 4 food groups for $4. And yes, the food is good. They actually get a takeout order every few hours, which has to the be the most ironic thing I've ever heard. Now on to the drink - beer fans, prepare to flip as you peer up and down the 50 taps (HOLY SHIT THEY HAVE IRON CITY!!!), priced no more than you'd pay in a normal bar. No DJ to worry about, because they choose their own songs. And yes, these ladies can actually dance. I've seen the girls here pull moves that look like the CGI effects from the Nutty Professor, all the while talking sports, jobs, and the meaning of life. You'll more than likely leave feeling good, feeling, full, and thanking that it didn't damage your wallet in the way you thought it would.

Bob  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on October 26, 2006
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What a great club. Very attractive dancers (especially Tawny), good food, friendly service, drinks at low prices and a low key non-confrontational atmosphere. This club definitely became a quick favorite. I'd definitely stop back if I get out to Portland again. Keep up the good work. You have a formula that works well.

The cool wife  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on September 6, 2006
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I take my husband to the Acropolis about once per month, more during the holiday season so I can shop. He loves naked women that are beautiful and the reasonably priced meals. His favorite, Best Gyro in town for 3.00 with fries. We took home some food for his lunches, so techincally 5 meals and a pitcher of beer for 23.00. The women are friendly and beautiful. It's kind of a dive with no DJ, however; the service and quality of dancers makes you forget there is not a DJ. These girls are hard workers working for tips. The cover charge is reasonable, the day crowd is much mellower and they still have the quality women dancing. By far it's my favorite club in Portland.

Guru  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on July 25, 2006
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I? m thinking about moving to the Portland area and I was wondering what the earning potential for a DJ is. Hourly and tips. I would appreciate any info.

ploughman  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 13, 2006
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I really like the place, too. The steak quantities and prices are really excellent, and having the huge selection of microbrews on tap is great, too. If memory serves, they had certain slow nights of the week with no cover...not sure if they're still doing. I think it makes an excellent ogling den for dispensing dollars and generally being mellow. Sounds like the guy from the east coast should try places like Thailand or the Philippines, as in some cases the all-night price costs what just one lap dance in any of his cities would cost.

Cosmolicious L.  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on April 20, 2006
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That's right baby. 5 stars. Like a David Lynch film, shot totally on location at Sizzler. This truly is the illegitimate red necked step child of Sizzler and any typical strip club most likely named something like Glitter or Sapphire or We Got Titties, down to the fried cheese toast and the Paris Hilton Look alike. Dances available, but only behind a lattice fence... so not really all that that private - but VERY entertaining to watch. Possibly more entertaining to watch the to receive. Full Nude. Full Bar. Full SALAD Bar. The night I was there the special was a $3 filet mignon wrapped in bacon. I have to say, even after hearing about this place for the last year I thought I was prepared for what I was about to see, but my jaw still dropped when I walked in and saw people diving into a steak with fully nude girl bent over, shaved beaver 5 inches in front of them. Oh, and they have the height thing all worked out so stripper ass and your steak chewing face are staring right at each other so you don't get a crook in your neck trying to look up. It's hard not to think of what the health inspector knows about this place, but still, I had the $4 house special (steak, potato, fried cheese toast, salad bar) and have to say, it was pretty damn good.

lanae2813  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on March 5, 2006
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I had never been to a strip club before so my husband took me to one and we just werent impressed then we went to Acropolis and we thought it was great! The girls there were all beautiful, the atmosphere was very pleasant and the drinks were reasonably priced. We live 90 miles from there but one of the girls named Jenna made the trip well worth it, she is so beautiful and she had such a fun personality that we are actually planning on going again soon just to see her. All of the girls are very talented and you wont get bored, they dont just roll around on the floor or swing on the pole.

Samuel4799  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 17, 2005
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I can't believe no one's leaving a comment about Acropolis. i have been going to acropolis for the last 5+ years. Still my all time favorite. Granted, the place looks a little run down, but I'm there for the f*cking girls and titties, not the achitecture!!! They have 4 stages and 8 girls per shift.They dance 4 girls at a time for 4 songs. ALL of the girls are hot. Most have implants. The ones that don't have a nice thick asss anyway so it's all good. The food is very cheap and they serve large portions. Some of the girls:

AssMatt  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 2, 2005
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This used to be the place to go, but I haven't been in Portland for 8 years. Is it still? If not, where else is good? Thanks.

Timay  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 7, 2004
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Hard to find a place you can get food this good for this cheap. $4 steak $2.50 gyro good stuff. The girls are hot but as is typical of Oregon clubs the lap dances aren't worth the money.

James  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on August 2, 2004
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I think that the acrop is great! I have been in there several Sunday nights and never paid a cover. The food and beer is cheap and very good. The dancers are beautiful and very friendly. Highly recommend.

Sparkles  on Acropolis Steakhouse

posted on May 30, 2004
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I think this is the one strip club that can make me forget that they even have a DJ. Modest cover charge and four stages to always keep your head spinning. Gorgeous ladies and plenty of variety to keep everyone satisfied. Food is great and cheap. Steaks top out at $10 and all beers are $3.50!!! Fun place even if it is a little out of the way for me.