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15920 Southeast Stark Street

Portland, Oregon 97233

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CrimeStoppers  on Dream On Saloon

posted on June 24, 2019
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AssnTits5  on  Dream On Saloon

posted on December 9, 2016
Joined 11 years ago
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After reading the previous reviews, I am reminded why they make more than one flavor of ice cream. And I love what those other reviewers cannot stand. Too bad, because I am always right which makes them wrong.You see years ago I was a frequent customer at Dream On. And today was my Birthday and I was having a flashback. Sure the bar is a little worn around the edges... but so am I. Besides, I ran into some long lost gal pals that unlike ME.... have not aged at all. AND I met a couple of new ladies that at least pretended to like my long and often boring stories. They all had to join my special club and were given my special club card....which I have asked them to save in their delicate dainties drawer.Let's start with the bar. WHERE else can you find Ouzo 12 (much dryer than the much too sweet Metaxa) except in a bar owned by Greeks? And I lived in that part of the world many years ago. More people in the world drink some form of Anise flavored liquor (Raki, Zibdig, Pernod, Arak) than drink Jack Daniels. And HERE... they have Ouzo 12 !! My favorite.Secondly, where else on a Tuesday afternoon would you find the perfect woman like Anna Karenina to dance for you? Even bartendress, Brandy (probably not her real name) is a blast from my past. Alas, she still refuses my idea of a weekend in Reno (much more apropos than Vegas). And Alex... wanna trade that token for something in paper? Call me. (probably NOT goin to happen).Well, I had fun. And left with a smile on my face and walkin funny. And I should NOT write strip club reviews while still under the effect of Ouzo 12 .signed,Alexei Kirillovich Vronsky06 Dec 2016

ryan123  on  Dream On Saloon

posted on January 18, 2015
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When 7 out of 8 of the dancers are on the border of obese and severe obesity, it doesn't really get me motivated to start spending money...I also didn't care go spending nearly 6 bucks for a Jim Beam on the rocks. Security and DQ where cool but not impressed with what was going on.

Dancer  on Dream On Saloon

posted on December 23, 2013
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Hey, I am considering relocating from CT and I was thinking of potentially working at this club if I do move here. (It's still up in the air.) I was curious about what the fees were, if any. My club now has a 15 dollar dj fee and no house fee so the clubs with the lowest fees will probably be top choices! :-)

Visitor From Pa  on Dream On Saloon

posted on October 21, 2007
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I was just in Oregon and called Dream On looking for a friend Sierra and they said that she no longer tends bar there. Does anyone know where she is working? Sierra made this place and she is dearly missed. Sierra if you see this I hope you and the kids are well. I will be back in Oregon in May. Your friend from Pittsburgh

P.rick  on Dream On Saloon

posted on April 10, 2006
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If you are looking for a laid back, no frills kind of place, this is it. The staff is friendly, customers are there for a good time, and the largest percentage of the dancers are good looking with great personalities. Number one on my list when I just want to chill.

william kightmaier  on Dream On Saloon

posted on January 13, 2006
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so so joint. girl next door types with a few hotties

Timay  on Dream On Saloon

posted on April 20, 2005
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This club is a little run down. They had two strippers on duty one was fat the other was pregnant, thats not good in my opinion. The food prices were very reasonable as I am sure the drinks are as well. If you are on a low buget, I am sure you can feel like a rockstar in this club with 50 bucks. Overall I don't think I'll be back.