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CrimeStoppers  on Mary's Club

posted on June 24, 2019
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Phoenix A.  on Mary's Club

posted on December 1, 2016
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I did it. I can check this off my list.Those 2 stars up there are for the girls only who were very engaging as well as entertaining.Yeah, I understand that it's a strip club from last millennium but this place needs an overhaul already. The poor girls hardly have any space to dance and really work the pole. The space around the dance area is limited and I observed that most of the clientele that was not seated at the dance floor bar were not getting up to tip the dancers.Having frequented the SoCal & Vegas clubs, I just find the PNW clubs in general totally odd especially the lap dance booths. But hey, whatever. If I'm entertained the girls get my dollars.

larry1  on  Mary's Club

posted on November 1, 2016
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Love this place its a fun way to chill out for a few while having a few brews. Ive been here several times over the years and have never had a bad time. Everyone here has always been friendly and non pushy. One of the girls last night had a really hilarious routine making goofy faces and being silly.

Corrie C.  on Mary's Club

posted on August 3, 2016
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It's a strip club, but the oldest one in Portland. The dancers are friendly and talented, would like to see any other strippers do what they can do. Took my little brother there for 21st and skater girl gave a dance, she was fun! Only gave it 3 stars because it cost to get in and there was nowhere to sit down so only stayed to give my little brother a 21st birthday treat.

brandonresh  on  Mary's Club

posted on December 22, 2015
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One stage, one bartender, and 3 hot chicks dancing! Not bad for a Thursday happy hour! Drinks are stiff and cheap... And you get an awesome view! Beth, the bartender, was awesome, very attentive to us sitting at the bar. Met some awesome "regulars" and good conversations! Ha, who would've thought I'd have a good talk in a strip club. We will definitely be going back for Friday happy hour!

dannyboy7  on  Mary's Club

posted on November 20, 2015
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My friend and I hit this place up because it was on some Thrillist list as one of the must-see strip clubs in Portland. Sure, it's one of the oldest in the city, but after visiting two other strips clubs following Mary's, I can't really say too many great things about it. It's probably only worthwhile for the historical significance of it all, but from the girls, to the vibe, and disgusting bathrooms, Mary's Club is all but mediocre.First and foremost, the atmosphere didn't seem right as soon as we walked in... like no one was at the door to confirm whether or not we should even be there. Okay... Also, I get that this is a strip club therefore very male dominated, but the ones here were so creepy. They all had their chairs lined up facing the stage, but far enough back so none of them had to tip at the TINY stage area. We ignored the uncomfortable gazes from all the males watching us walk in (probably thinking they're going to score their next threesome, because OF COURSE two girls in a strip club must mean they're lesbian/ bi... nice try). I've never been to a strip club before, so the fact that there was a naked girl was initially entertaining enough. But, as the night wore on, I quickly realized that all the girls lacked any type of skill in both pole tricks and seductive appeal. My friend and I quickly lost interest. On a positive note, the server was very prompt in clearing away our table and taking our beer orders. Otherwise, with nasty bathrooms (with a wide swinging door into the toilet area that doesn't lock), untalented girls, and a sketchy crowd, I'll take my dolla dolla bills elsewhere.

yanard12  on  Mary's Club

posted on November 2, 2015
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This place is fantastic I have my favorite bartender Miss Tracy behind the bar ladies looking good , tacos next-door what more can you ask ?Portland Oregon !

Michael B.  on Mary's Club

posted on August 5, 2015
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Man, I'm from the strip club capitol of the world, I walked in expecting to see old hags with floppy tits. I was wrong. Missy and Ivizia are 2 orlf the most amazing dancers pice ever met. NO VIP room shenanigans, these women are sheer talent. Some people have a job, others hone their craft. These ladies excel at defying gravity. They are artistic in an intimate environment, and just a sheer joy to watch.

Jess P.  on Mary's Club

posted on May 30, 2015
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Such a fun, cool place to hang out and see naked ladies. It's a DIVE with history. Cheap beer, a bomb ass Mexican restaurant next door, what else could you ask for? The girls have personality. Sit at the bar and they will chat it up with you and it just doesn't feel fake. The bartender was an older woman - really nice. I love Portland!

billtheguy12  on  Mary's Club

posted on December 9, 2014
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I have been taken here as a joke... My friend really wanted to buy a sweatshirt just to say he has been here. The second I walked into this establishment I wanted to kill myself from the immediate depression.

rogerrab2  on  Mary's Club

posted on November 13, 2014
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The strippers were cool, but the waitress was pretty rude. Yea, the owner waitress....bitchy

Sue N.  on Mary's Club

posted on October 29, 2014
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Read the reviews on here and thought we'd give it a shot... There were 3 dancers who took turns and we got the gist that one is clothed, secondIs without a too and third nude... I had high hopes for the gal with the hot body but damn it... Had no moved to save her life... My husband talked the whole time so he was either bored or just bored... I only spent $2 on the one girl who did a few tricks and drank the rest....

Hector B.  on Mary's Club

posted on August 22, 2014
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I went here because of a show on Nat Geo and the "history". Can't unsee what was seen. It's small, dark and dirty. There was even some (what appeared to be) drug dealing outside. Scary place. The dancer demanded $ and when I said no because I was just sitting, I was told to leave. Don't know what possible value or "history" is there. I literally felt like I had to run away. Avoid the place and save yourself. There are good places Tugboat and Bailey's near there.

joseph1k  on  Mary's Club

posted on August 10, 2014
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Bring your dollars. They bring the history. You have to give Mary's Club 5 stars, you'd be rude not to. They've been around for some 45 years and you feel like you're walking back in time and a circus act (in the kindest way) when you make your way to the main stage seating. A single stage with a pole, mirrors, jukebox, and a secret talent ridden dancer...not sure there's much more you need. A great place to take out of towners for entertainment that won't leave anyone feeling creepy but will actually be looking at each other like "DAMN, did you see that?". Dancers are engaged with the crowd, bartenders hold down the bar. Don't be surprised if the ladies make an announcement and ask you to cough up your $1's...ya cheap skate, there's only 1 stage, they see you sitting there...starring.

igor34  on  Mary's Club

posted on July 2, 2014
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430pm and this place had about 10 folks, 8 of them being women with their guys eating food. one girl had a nice body but requested $ for the jukebox; i think she wanted to get some $ for showing off her body since the place was EMPTY! the other girl walked in with a guy who sat right in front, danced directed to him, and left with him. plus, where are the mirrors and why is the pole so darn short? let's just say, i've seen better. maybe the night girls are more worth my time?

Drew D.  on Mary's Club

posted on November 19, 2013
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Popped my Portland Strip Club Cherry here at Mary's!Weird layout at this place, kind of theatre-feeling for some reason. Also I thought it was a little awkward that after the song ends each dancer has to go over to the juke box on the end of the stage in whatever she is wearing and put quarters in to select the next jam. Time consuming and I felt that the quiet transition kind of lost a lot of the allure. Apparently it is female owned though, which is always nice to hear, and really old! I should have just stayed here instead of going to Sassy's strip club where we were manhandled by a bouncer. Strong powerful women over roided out bouncers all dayyyyyy.

Diem L.  on Mary's Club

posted on July 29, 2013
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My Dear and I stopped by this spot after our late night eating at Santeria...That night, there were 3 dancers in rotation, the whole night...THREE!!! I know, right!?! There is no DJ--no big deal...The girls pick their songs on a jukebox--no big deal...Drinks were a bit watered down...I had a wad of singles ready to tip the ladies...I ended up spending $20 after 2 rotations of the girls...I went to tip babygirl while she was bouncing her booty and I guess the $1 bill touched her back & she reached back and twisted my arm was like no touching...ARE YOU SERIOUS!?! I wasn't even touching...Enough said, we closed our tab and took the remaining $60 in singles to another club!

Trey F.  on Mary's Club

posted on July 8, 2013
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If you want different come to Marys!! that means a nice pole and old school jukebox on stage where the women will play their songs themselves! Ive been there about alot times and for me it was great for a looooooooong time, but this place is one of a kind with the old lady at the door after nine from Friday after 5:00 to SANTERIA thats hooked next door and its MEXICAN food "YUMMY" I love BIG Booty and weird ECCENTRIC chicks....If you are looking for something out of the norm.......this is the place for you!!

eddyL  on  Mary's Club

posted on March 4, 2013
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I was told that a visit to Mary's was an absolute must while in Portland. They were right.With its dingy exterior, I was expecting a shady experience. Far from it. Greeted by a bubbly server, we ordered some PBR's for $3. Mixed crowd with a decent female ratio, this place had a cool vibe.There is no DJ. The dancers pick their songs on a jukebox mounted to the wall. Between songs the silence is an awkward but intriguing experience.The dancers we saw were 'real' women, well mostly. Real curves, funky styles, but most noticeably, some of the happiest, most passionate performers I've seen. They really love crowd interaction. I laughed as a guy in the front row was bobbing his head to the music.No cover, just a one drink minimum. For $3, you can't go wrong. No pushy waitresses, just friendly all around. Heck, the dancer thanked us for coming as we left.Rock on Mary.

Arthur K.  on Mary's Club

posted on February 17, 2013
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This place gets 3 stars just because it's an institution and the girls are friendly. They are not the hottest by any means and the place is old. It's definitely a dive bar that just happens to have a stage with girls dancing. The drinks are pretty cheap too so it definitely has that going for it.

Bailey m.  on Mary's Club

posted on November 23, 2012
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Mary's is my favorite strip club that I have visited here in Portland! Quick and super friendly bar staff, sexy dancers, great music played the whole visit and you can get delicious Mexican food from the restaurant next door to eat while you watch the show. All around a great experience! Thanks Mary's!

Mary C.  on Mary's Club

posted on August 21, 2012
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Mary's is hands-down the most awesome titty bar in the USA! I love the tiny, divey, family vibe- it's totally Cheers with regulars that have been going for 30 years or longer. Owned and run exclusively by women, there is no other place I enjoy more as a feminist and a lesbian. And all of the dancers are smart, talented ladies with lots of interesting things going on in their lives outside of the bar- musicians, DJ's, writers, aerialists and contortionists, burlesque performers, artists, even a restaurant owner or two! Plus, BOOBS! If only all sex industry joints were like Mary's...

Jason S.  on Mary's Club

posted on June 18, 2012
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Naked women, good music, stiff drinks.Life: Does it get any better?But seriously, this place is a blast. It's a local staple for a reason. The dancers are all about having fun and it's a very comfortable experience all around. This is a dance club owned by women and empowered by women. The dancers are not your garden variety bimbo, no. We're talking the kind of women more suited for a burlesque or fire-spitting show, and that's alright by me.Have a beer at Baily's and stumble over here for a scotch and a pair of DD's.

adamrod  on  Mary's Club

posted on September 24, 2011
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if you don"t knowyou betta ask somebody!-holla

cristian c.  on Mary's Club

posted on July 4, 2011
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seedy? yes... that is clear when you look at the entrance. if your looking for lap-dances go somewhere else. It is more like a cool dive bar with a random naked girl, never a line at the bar. I wouldn't pay a cover but it was a fun experience.

Katie H.  on Mary's Club

posted on June 2, 2011
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This place is an institution so respect needs to be paid. Who doesn't have a t-shirt yet? That being said it's not really the greatest strip club. The strippers tend to be more on the mediocre side, the stage isn't big enough or tall enough for cool pole tricks, and the dancers have to feed the jukebox. Also the creep factor is pretty high here. The last time I was here I saw a guy eating an entire burrito with nachos on the side at the tip rack. (The fact that you can get food from next store is a good thing.) Also....the bartenders have always been friendly and the drinks strong.Will I be back.....due to location I seem to end up there at least once a year. (Don't tell anyone....)

Franklyn  on  Mary's Club

posted on May 28, 2011
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Maddie C.  on Mary's Club

posted on February 13, 2011
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I gotta say upon learning that Portland OR has to the most strip clubs per capita of any state in the country I knew what I had to do once I made my move up to good ol' Oregon. Marys was the first strip club that I set foot in, and it wasn't the last.Marys is a great place to go to hang out, have drinks, chat, eat decent mexican food (sorry to be harsh but I am used to California mexican food) from the restaurant that is connected to the club... but lets not forget the dancers! There is one dancer in particular who can move her body in ways that should be deemed illegal. Most would describe such movements as contortionistic (is that a word? haha). She will keep you coming back time and time again, well maybe I just speak for myself, but every person I have ever brought to the club has not been let down in the slightest. Bottom line I love the uniqueness of this club, owned by women, run by women and only women work there...what could be more awesome than that?!? Oh and.....If you smell Fruit Loops you have definitely come on the right night and the right time ;)

Florence  on Mary's Club

posted on December 17, 2010
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I'm a hot spinner who needs a a man. Call me if you want to get dirty 503-977-0642

M B.  on Mary's Club

posted on December 9, 2010
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Have you ever heard the term "Fontrum"? It's feeling embarrassed for someone who doesn't have the common sense to know they should be embarrassed for themselves. I felt waves of Fontrum coming over me from the moment I entered Mary's--for the dancers who, partially clothed, flipped through the songbook for the jukebox to pick their dance songs--no skill, no tease, no fun, whatsoever, and then awkwardly jiggled while only two or three drunk frat boys paid any attention. I felt Fontrum for the sad, dejected bachelorette parties who came to get a good show, but just ended up in this awkward bar and couldn't even make the most of it. I felt Fontrum for the lady at the door who charged me the $2 cover, even though we both knew it made the dancers look even cheaper. I felt Fontrum because the lighting was terrible, the dancers were weird, there were drug addicts slumped outside, and everything about this place had the feel that it lived up to no-one's expectations. It's dank and weird and depressing--a total letdown. I almost feel Fontrum for myself for writing this.

Corey G.  on Mary's Club

posted on August 16, 2010
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I don't know why it is, but for some reason strip clubs are places where I pick up cool new music. In LA, I heard Jack Johnson's "The Horizon's Been Defeated". In Portland, the reggae version of Radiohead's "Karma Police" by the Easy Start All-Stars gifted my ears (funny thing is, I already had this song on my iPod! I guess my brain needed a new envisioning to truly connect to it).This club served as the bread to our Portland Bachelor Party sandwich. Yes, this venue is a tad small, and maybe a little dive-y, but it adds to the charm---where can you go to a strip club at 11 in the am?!As we arrived in town on a Friday, we were walking around town and happened upon this place. Comically, we had to walk in & take a peak. A charming and sweet old woman greeted us and answered some of our questions. It felt pretty chill here. Mental notes were made & we amscray-ed.Before catching my train home on Sunday, a stop had to be made here. Once again the sweet old lady was there. Francine in her red-headed Betty Page persona was on the stage. I grabbed a chair at the stage--awestruck. I ordered an ale (they have a decent selection of brews on tap). There's a juke box right on stage--very cool. And yes, the music selections were deftly made. Bodecia was the 2nd of the two dancers on for the morning shift (she was the dancing-to-reggae performer). They were both from Minnesota (or was it Michigan?) (or was it a fib?)--and it got me to thinking of Buffalo Cody's "Candy Girl"---an excellent and totally funny read.Oh, and let's not forget the funky black-lit-painted art. It's a bit gaudy, but it totally adds to the Mary's Club experience.

Laura G.  on Mary's Club

posted on January 23, 2010
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like others before me mentioned, this is a must-visit at least one time, coin-operated jukebox, legacy of a strip club. i can't say i frequent this place as much as i used to but, i did love going to see satori the contortionist . . . seeing a girl come close to licking her own cooter whoooweeee that's what i call good ol fashion fun!

maxxy1  on  Mary's Club

posted on January 14, 2010
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I love strip clubs. Especially during the weekdays! From the nine month pregnant cocktail waitress to the coin-operated juke box to the dancer/people-watching (the people are as interesting as the dancers in my opinion) and all the pictures on the walls I reallllly enjoyed the time I spent here. The atmosphere of this place screams "I've seen it all. I've done it all."I understand the local landmark-edness of it, and I dig it. I just wish it had more of a presence here. I don't know if it would make sense, but as I was sitting there contemplating the world and all its complexities (which I often do in strip clubs...) I decided that I wished this place fancied itself that "seen it all done it all" sort of place. Take the pictures on the wall for example. Those were more interesting overall than even the dancers. It felt like history, maybe even a museum-type touch. It'd be awesome if they put more focus on that. Just my thoughts hanging out there.I didn't see much originality from the strippers really, but it was Tuesday, so maybe that comes on the weekends????I'll definitely go back. And I will definitely take a closer look at the pictures. :)

Don B.  on Mary's Club

posted on March 5, 2009
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Mary's the LEGEND? Rawesome (Rad + Awesome = Rawesome)Mary's the ACTUAL STRIP CLUB? MehMary's is one of the oldest strip clubs in Portland (the oldest of them all? I don't feel like looking up wikipedia right now, so sue me), and it has become a local icon. Situated right downtown across from the biggest, most stuck-up office building in town (big pink), Mary's offers a punk-rock shit-hole strip club vibe with an annoying cover charge and really no redeeming qualities. Mary's is small, dirty, and unassuming. You walk into a cave right off of Broadway into a dark, cramped space littered with chairs and flanked by a bar/stripper stage on one side and a pool table to the back. The strippers feed a jukebox for their dance music. There's a lot of apathetic strutting. Mary's used to sport some good mexican food (courtesy of El Grillo), but the Grillo is no more, and now it's just overpriced burgers and fries. This makes me sad. The clientele ranges from the douchebag set to the punk asshole set (I have nothing against punks, but I have everything against assholes). There is rarely a night that I have been in Mary's that I have not witnessed a fight or at least a lot of testosterone fueled chest bumping. Ok guys, we get it. You all have tiny penises and are compensating by acting tough. Now lay off, I wanna get drunk, play some pool, and see some girls in peace. Really, all this would amount to a 3-star standard strip club experience, but then comes the cover charge. A cover charge for a dirty shit-hole dive bar? Fuuuuuuuck that. I honestly have not been inside the place in years, specifically for that reason, so if they have changed that policy, forgive me. I found myself simply cutting through El Grillo to get into the strip club cover-free, but that got annoying. Now as a legend, Mary's is Rawesome. Why is that? Because the name alone has become synonymous with Portland's under-side; Synonymous with our Strip City chic. You can see Mary's Club jackets being worn with pride by many famous Portlanders (recently prominently worn by Gus Van Sant in an episode of Entourage). I have seen the jackets pop up in various places at various times, and it always reminds me fondly of home. It reminds me that the people in this town are cool enough to recognize Portland for being a stripper haven. This just happens to be one of those instances where the legend and the reality are wildly divergent.So Mary's, I am glad you are there as the poster child for one of the things I love most about this town - we don't take ourselves too seriously. But really, I wish you would actually bring your game up a notch, because as an actual strip club, you leave me with a bitter taste of meh in my mouth.

Monica H.  on Mary's Club

posted on December 18, 2008
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This is one of those strip clubs that feels like a bar that happens to have girls stripping too. It's not uncomfortable there, it's probably a good place to go if you've never gone to a strip club and you're curious about it. Women are just as welcomed as men and there were actually a lot of women there the night we went. Yes, the little old woman was at the door collecting the $2 admission and checking id's... she was very excited to see that I was from NYC. And yes, Blaze, the contortionist stripper is by far the reason to come here. This place reminds me of Jumbo's Clown Room in LA which is another one of those "it's a bar and there happen to be girls stripping" places. After a long walk around Powell's Bookstore (it's a few blocks away) Mary's is the perfect place for a rest and a beer.

Angie T.  on Mary's Club

posted on May 6, 2008
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This place was not what I expected. It is tiny and dirty inside a true feel as portland's first strip joint. Come with low expectations, and you won't be disappointed. Once the sweet ol' grandma took our $2 cover charge, the first thing I saw walking in the door was the dancer...with both her legs behind her head! The next dancer was confrontational with one of the tippers. The girl watching didn't tip the dancer (which I must admit..she didn't do much to get tipped) the first round, but her boyfriend did. The dancer made a BIG deal about it, claiming that everyone sitting there has to tip her consistently. The next dance, she pretended to step on the woman's head. It was entertaining, but that stopped me from going up there and tipping her. Truthfully, the boyfriend didn't like the place much, he wanted to leave within 10 minutes. We compromised and stayed for about 30 minutes. We went to Acropolis right afterwards for some steak. I might come back someday, but probably not anytime soon and definitely not with my boyfriend.

Whitney C.  on Mary's Club

posted on November 26, 2007
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I thoroghly enjoyed Mary's. It appeared to be women-run, friendly service, cheap 2 dollar cover, and cheap PBRs for a strip bar (3.00). The girls chose their own music and had hot outfits. No implants and some hot pole dancing. I hear it is the oldest strip club in Portland.

to: cannes  on Mary's Club

posted on September 22, 2007
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and if you are male, you would be the right gender for that director's taste, moron.

I wanna go to Cannes  on Mary's Club

posted on June 9, 2007
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Maybe I should fuck a well-known director! That's the ticket!

Girl  on Mary's Club

posted on May 28, 2007
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I would like to know in what song Tom Waits mentions Mary's Club.

from baltimore  on Mary's Club

posted on April 12, 2007
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The girls were hot, flexible, and chose decent tunes. They dance to 3 songs and rotate. There were only 3 girls there, so that sorta sucked. The service is quick - prices are what you expect at a strip club. Some of the customers are a little sketchy.

Gregory L.  on Mary's Club

posted on February 22, 2006
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I feel like the true degenerate I am when I go to Mary's. But everyone needs a little shady strip club now and then.

Jocko Johnson  on Mary's Club

posted on November 25, 2004
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This place is a little scary when you come in, but worth a stay. No cover on weeknights, drink prices are reasonable, and $1 tips do just fine. I was there at 5-6 on a wednesday with two blondes taking turns on stage, both nice looking and showing plenty. Girls choose their own music and went with mostly rock and hip hop. Polite blue collar crowd. Nobody was getting private dances or food, just drinks. Waitress checked up on me frequently. Can definately recommend this place. About the cost of a peep show, but lots more fun and a lot less dirty.

Timay  on Mary's Club

posted on September 1, 2004
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Now don't get me wrong, Tom Waits rules. But this place really has no redeemable qualities very small and rundown.

Sparkles  on Mary's Club

posted on May 17, 2004
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I'll tell you what - Viva will kick your ass if you give her any shit! No joke! What other strip club can boast that they have a jukebox on stage and also sells lined windbreakers??? I didn't think so! No reason Tom Waits mentions Mary's Club, it deserves it!