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938 East Burnside Street

Portland, Oregon 97214

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CrimeStoppers  on Union Jacks Club

posted on June 24, 2019
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XhXeXy  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on November 23, 2016
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Dancers here are beautiful, honest, and very likeable.I wasn't even planning on being there long, but those ladies roped me in!

Mistercap12  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on October 21, 2016
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My personal favorite when it comes to strip joints. Tattoos galore and very personable women, I came here for my buddies bachelor party and wasn't disappointed.

Fabian B.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on July 27, 2016
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great fries!!! friendly environment, excellent bartender!! went on a sunday night, had a fun time!! cover charge was $5, but it was worth it!

winston12  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on May 5, 2016
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Its kinky and edgy, decadent and slightly uncomfortable, seating wise. The girls are pretty, but sure I wouldn't want to rub one the wrong way. some are pretty bad ass. I like the long narrow suffocation feeling to this joint. The bartender was a passionless douche. And the parking lot is a rubik's cube.

Luna L.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on September 12, 2015
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Hot ladies with loads of talent. Tip and don't expect super fast bar service on the weekends.Heated smoking patio and great food.

StripClub431  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on August 9, 2014
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Ladies were average, nothing jaw dropping by any means. The food was good,Cover was cheap "tho I think that was a scam the doorman pulled on us". Drinks were fair priced... Overall it be decent to maybe swing by once every blue moon but not a place you wanna frequent regularly.

Katlyn H.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on May 17, 2014
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Wonderful club. The girls are very talented with acrobatics which is refreshing since lately most just crawl in circles. Laid back too :)

Harrison69  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on June 28, 2013
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This place just gets classier and classier and I haven't even returned since my last review, which was over TWO years ago! One of their fine *chuckle* female strippers decided to register an account today and message me to tell me to go suck a d@!k.I know there aren't many new reviews, but most of the ones you see are correct - they are extremely pushy and will pressure for tips like crazy. This establishment and its strippers could learn a lesson or two from other strip clubs around town.My tip, since this is Portland and we have a bazillion clubs around town... walk a few extra blocks and find another club.

Lorisin W.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on May 4, 2013
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Ive been to Union Jacks quite a few times over the years, it always seems to be a hit or miss with this place. Ive had crappy experiences here and good ones... Talked the old man into coming here on our latest excursion to p-town, and we had a *great* time! It was a awesome way to end the night after the Anthrax show at the crystal;-)

Johnnyboy123  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on June 21, 2012
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I went in on a tip of a friend who told me about it being the best strip club in Portland. The girls were pretty hot, really talented dancers.I know I'm going back again!Hung out on a Sunday evening at the bar and was served by a gal named Julie.Great bartender and great drinks.

maxxy1  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on July 12, 2011
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This place is awesome. The best dancers in Portland. They also have some of the most friendly staff and bartenders that make a great drink. The only reason I'm not giving this place five stars is that the building is too small and it tends to get crowded in between the stage and the bar area which is only about ten feet wide.

jaxxx-jasmin  on Union Jacks Club

posted on March 19, 2011
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i was just working at union jacks in portland!!!the most awsome place i ever laid eyes on!!the dancers were all tatooed and peirced and not the cleshay type dancers all very very hot!!and very very good at dancing each one had a class act and every one seemed to know how to pole dance on a professional level!! it made me melt and i was working there!hands down one of the most fantastic shows ever!!!..but note to dancers whom want to work here..it is hard to shine here unless you are extremly good!!

Tim W.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on November 2, 2010
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Cool place to hang with your friends when you're in Portland. They serve alcohol and have cute girls. Young ones and older ones. Sucks they have a cover at this one. We stayed at the Thrift Lodge across the street in the summer of 2009. So it was nice to walk across the street to see naked women and drink beer when you got nothing else to do. Walking distance to downtown Portland where they have all the other bars like the Tube and other strip joints.

maxxy1  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on September 3, 2010
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Union Jacks was...OK. The interior is great; it's a really spacious club. The girls are all pretty, and there's both a front and a rear stage so if you don't feel like what's going on at one, there's another one you can check out. Some of the girls were EXTREMELY talented dancers and it showed. The others were still fine, and I can say on the night I went (Sunday) that there was really only one that wasn't very good at it. Out of something like nine girls, that's an accomplishment. The door guy was friendly and chatty, and Jesse, the bartender, was super polite and talkative and poured good drinks.So what's the beef? Ehhh. The club is well-known, the layout is semi-fancy, the girls are all pretty and are all talented, so it's like one giant building with Golden Pussy Syndrome.I'm not knocking or judging the dancers for this -- it just seems to be how the place has worked out. If *most* girls make minimal contact and overt hustle, then all it takes is ONE to fuck it up for everybody else, so there is an implied pressure to "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" when it comes to giving patrons attention outside of the private dance rooms. And, you know, if you can make good money doing *less* work, then definitely, more power to you. That's awesome.But... it just isn't what I look for when I go out to a club. I will ALWAYS tip the dancers, and I will ALWAYS tip additional for extra attention, and that's just *not* going to happen here. The main stage is laid out in such a fashion that a dancer can't even prowl along the rack and get flirtatiously close if she -wants- to; she has to lean immensely forward and over it and risk knocking over drinks she can't see. Not so hot.Private dance hustles were.. rote and mechanical. There was little conversation or flirtation, just, "wanna dance? no, ok, bye," with the exception of one girl (probably the cutest one) in there who my friend and I decided to call Inuyasha girl, on account of the fact we couldn't understand any of the names the DJ was loudly blaring into the microphone (she was cute, had white hair, looked nerd-hot, so...)I'll go back -- the place is fun, and the girls REALLY ARE super hot and fantastically talented -- but it really isn't as fun when they can just shoot fish in a barrel due to their reputation and not really have to work for attention. As a customer, the deficit is more fun the other way.

me  on Union Jacks Club

posted on April 26, 2010
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is this place still open?

Libby W.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on February 12, 2010
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We had a blast here. If your visiting put Union Jacks on your travel itenerary.The girls are are beautiful and natural. The bouncer was kind and friendly as long as you are, and the drinks were decently priced.

ryan123  on  Union Jacks Club

posted on November 26, 2009
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This is one of the best strip clubs ever! The girls are crazy talented. I mean, personally, I would fall off the pole in a second. But this is not your ordinary pole work. We are talking about contorting yourself in ways unimaginable, around a pole that is tall as hell! Also, the girls are hot. Awesome hair, crazy tats, and everything else. ;)The thing that sucks a bit is that it takes forever to get a drink (there are no servers) and they are really overpriced. Obviously, we expect to pay more in strip clubs, but these are pretty stiff prices for weak drinks. Overall, it is totally worth it to pay for overpriced drinks to see these beautiful girls..

Kenny H.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on June 9, 2009
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The two Douche Bags that likely just turned 21 planting themselves in front of our table by the stage...THE WHOLE TWO SHOWS by some nice looking women ...as I was at a table...that was (very) annoying. The girl who pretended to be our friend...some kind of host I assume(?) at the bar getting us drinks quicker than on our own...that had a hissy fit when we wanted some $1's after giving her a $5 tip...she was a fricken joke. However, there was a couple really lovely girls. They were not all faked out, suffering from vommit diet, or fake titted out. Well...one blond had the FAKEST laugh ever and gave a somewhat lack luster lap dance (provided by my co-herts via bachelor party fun). $2-3 charge to get in was OK. Not a strip bar guy...really was a "gotta have the Bachelor Party experience"...and while I liked this place MUCH better than the "Cabaret" joint we went to 1st (girl shafted 2 friends of mine for $50 lap dance there!...and she smelled like dirty Vag too boot!)So I guess "comparably"...if I was to go to strip bars "again", YES....I would go back here. Just keep me FAR away from "Cabaret". Union Jacks was clean. The music was pretty good. The tables were nice to sit at. The bouncers are not all over your shit. A lap dance is $20 here. Decent.

Aleksandra E.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on February 14, 2009
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I recently patronized Union Jack's and was delighted by the ample seating, excellent bouncers, strong drinks and most important: yummy ass talent.We went around 10 PM on a Sunday night, which might be the reason behind it not being overly crowded, but I was pleased and will definitely go back. I stumbled upon a few douche factories, but they were briskly removed from my path by the attentive bouncers, who could obviously see that all I was trying to do was enjoy the view. NO ONE stands in my way when I'm feasting my eyes on a plump booty and two luscious mounds! NO ONE!!!Jack invited me back, and I accepted.

Hollyanna M.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on January 17, 2009
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I know I'm in the minority. But Union Jack's? Do not want. I know better than to go to a strip club at 11:30 on a Saturday night, but everyone seemed so keen on it after our Galaxy karaoke adventure, so off we went.Now, I've been to countless strip clubs over the years and I love the whole Suicide Girls-esque thing the girls have going on here. So what was the problem? That's just it, I don't know. I felt unwelcome and uncomfortable. Maybe it was the lighting. Maybe it was the fact that there was no where to sit. Ninety percent of the people in there were clearly not there to watch the girls dance. Most of them never even looked at the stage except for an occasional glance to see who was up there. One guy who had his back to the table was at least tossing some money up every now and then, but come on!Maybe what I didn't like was the fact that indifference seemed to be an attractive quality amongst the dancers and the staff. I don't know. It was just...eh.

Kohl Dude  on Union Jacks Club

posted on July 25, 2008
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Thursday 10 p.m. about a dozen girls. Lots of tatoos and piercings, no bolt-ons, but the girls were pretty. 6-9.5s. Serena was particularly tall and comely. Tucker did a great naughty girl number with lots of kitty peeks. Girls put a lot of thought into their dances, but weren't particularly friendly. Finally I got a smile from Tucker, and chatted, and got a private dance. She made the most of what she could with the limited touch policy, which must really drive down earnings. Thanks Tucker!

Dave L.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on March 20, 2008
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Have heard good things about Union Jack's so decided to check it out on a Saturday night with the wife and a friend of hers. The 3 of us found a table near the main stage and enjoyed the many talented ladies. These gals are truly artists, they can dance and work magic on that very tall pole. The gals were all very friendly, as a matter of fact one came over and sat on my wifes lap and introduced herself. The staff was all very attentive, keeping tables bussed and things moving along good. Great DJ that plays great music and very entertaining. The drinks were reasonably priced though a little on the weak side.Great place to spend an evening, relaxing and enjoying the great acrobatics.

Mike D.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on November 23, 2007
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Ok, strip clubs are really, really not my thing. I'd never go to a strip club where I live now, because I suspect the women would have high hair and fake boobs and smell like the Bath & Body Works. But not the girls at Union Jack's. They're like girls I'd know in real life. Which is really weird to me. I don't really want to see my friends shake their cooches at me. But they weren't really my friends so I came back a few times. The dancers were cool, maybe they just wanted my money or maybe they were stoked that my group was not being all gross at them. Either way. They were hot, that's for sure. Tattoos, piercings, cool hair. I mean, they still wear those weird-ass stripper shoes, but the rest is rather unique. Although, I did get pretty depressed when a girl stripped to How Soon is Now by the Smiths. Seriously. I'm too sensitive for strip clubs. But if you can disassociate a little better than me, like to look at hip girls and like some loud rock music, you'll dig this place. The drinks are cheap, but bring lots of singles so you're not the asshole who doesn't tip the dancers.

Marc S.  on Union Jacks Club

posted on August 21, 2005
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Upon arrival when visiting some friends, was whisked away immediately to this place for some $2 Pabst (if you drink another beer it will be taken as a sign that you are too snooty) and some amateur stripping. $3 cover to get in. Nude women in bars in Portland are like that Golden Tee golf game in bars in SF: they are everywhere and they are sort of just a side attraction to the main activity which is savoring your Pabst. A little too many piercings and tats on the girls for my taste, but I commend their athleticsm and timing. No hard sells for back room action at this place which is nice and I was told also is the law. Smoking galore in this town was annoying and also the law. Got some shots of cheap tequilla that I am fairly sure were watered down because they did not revolt me enough. Not enough help at the bar so the line took too long a lot of the time. Oh, and I just found this on another bar rating site. Classy!Ladies may enroll in CeeCee's pole dancing instructional classes (Th, Fri 12-2:30pm, $10).

DEAN  on Union Jacks Club

posted on August 10, 2005
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I took the G/F last weekend for her first visit to a strip club and she had a great exsperience, while she didn't partake in any lap dances she enjoyed the enviroment and sexy ladies... I appreciated the dancers not pressuring her for a dance. No idea of the one dancers name but she was extremely decorated with tatoos and blonde hair, she was incredible on the pole and a sight to enjoy, extremely sexy! Thanks Union Jacks! We had a great time...And hopefully will return when we visit Portland again. I loved being able to drink while enjoying.

Regular  on Union Jacks Club

posted on November 3, 2004
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Is Venus still working here? Was in last week and didn't see her.

Sparkles  on Union Jacks Club

posted on May 17, 2004
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Three reasons to not go to Union Jacks: 1. Cover charge.(there are many free clubs in Portland) 2. DJ.(One of those annoying strip club DJs) 3. Selection.(It's about a 1 in 5 chance the girl will be hot)

David  on Union Jacks Club

posted on March 24, 2004
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Union Jacks is the best freaking strip club in this city. There's a couple that come close, but this is the best. The dancers choose the music play list and they actually dance. They just don't walk around a pole or look like they don't want to be there. They also have the most intriguing selection of girls not just all blonde's. Their cover charge is also not so horrible that you have to chop off your left nut to get in. Also, they have a good selection of drinks and make them well. I highly recommend this club to anyone looking for some good fun.