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545 Southeast Tacoma Street

Portland, Oregon 97202

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Dug M.  on Riverside Corral

posted on June 9, 2016
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Pretty handsy women and appear to have some big jugs. All women there have back titles also. Lap is pretty awesome in the champagne room, is pretty good, wide hip range includes Renee and Tonya who don't seem like they would. Eventually when you're with Wanda long enough you can go over to the water bed which is awesome too. Overall great place.

adamrod  on  Riverside Corral

posted on October 1, 2012
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Glynis is the highlight of this bar. It's like some sort of Gylnis vortex you just get sucked into. I go here to stop by and say hi, have one drink and leave. I end up stumbling out 6 hours later having made five new friends and having a beer belly contest with three drunk guys on the back porch. I don't know how this bar works, you walk in think hummm....ok just another Portland dive bar, you walk out think, what just happened to me? and when can I go back? But be warn, Glynis doesn't put up with crap so if your a stupid drunk, this is not your bar.

J.H  on Riverside Corral

posted on January 24, 2005
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This place is very friendly and I don't agree with James at all, the girls there were very cute. Even the bartender was great. Renee is very sensual. My favorite. Maybe if you tip the girls will actually dance for you. Just a thought there.

James  on Riverside Corral

posted on August 2, 2004
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This place sucks ass! They have one stage and the unattractive dancer they had spent her time bullshitting with people and not dancing. Two thumbs WAY down.