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Salem, Oregon 

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brad  on Firehouse Cabaret

posted on January 22, 2010
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what days aspen works?

Joey  on Firehouse Cabaret

posted on September 9, 2004
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from spokane washington Visited salem ore. over laber day weekend. its ok but not that many dancers some good dancers are tyler and roxxey ;) they are both hotties ! the beer is spendy SO GET LOADED BEFORE YOU GO , great music, good dj.

Sven Jorgensen  on Firehouse Cabaret

posted on September 4, 2004
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read the good reviews, but maybe i hit an off-night. i visited in late june and got thoroughly ignored. i had cold hard cash. i smiled. oh well. perhaps i'm just an ugly bastard ;)

Out Of Towner  on Firehouse Cabaret

posted on April 30, 2004
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So what's the scoop. I don't know Washington's laws. Are the strippers, in bikinis, topless, or naked when they lapdance? Is there contact during lapdances or is there some 10 foot law? Is alcohol served. How much are dances, how much in the VIP? I travel to Vegas a lot will I have a good time if I go here? Are the rules any different in Seattle (I'm also going there).

Bill  on Firehouse Cabaret

posted on April 1, 2004
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Went in about 3:00 p.m. today. There was about four dancers all were HOT. Tall dancer with glasses was very flirty on stage and I wanted a VIP dance but she was hanging on a "regular"at the poker machines after the stage show and I didn't want to indrude. The music was good but it was too dark to really see more than 5 feet away. Probably a better show at night.