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338 S. Front St

Wrightsville, Pennsylvania 17368

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sales guy  on The Dutchman

posted on October 20, 2006
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That's a shame... any other local low key place that you can look at females and have some low cost fun?

salem  on The Dutchman

posted on June 6, 2006
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ok guys, here's the scoop on the dutchman..its a friendly neighborhood bar that brings the dancers in 2 days a week..its been that way for the past 15 years at least..its more like a female review thats more up close than the strip clubs..the owners do it this way cause they dont want the bar to be categorized as a strip club.the girls are there on thur. between 6pm-10pm, fri. mornin between 8am-1pm and fri nite 4pm-8pm..regular hours of operation are as follows:m-th 11am-2am, fri 7am-2am, sat. 9am-2am, sun 11am-12am..

Local Patron 13  on The Dutchman

posted on March 25, 2006
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Wouldn't it be a good business practice for the owners to post their hours & dancer's schedules on here?

guest  on The Dutchman

posted on June 16, 2005
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Shayla is Back at the Dutchman!!! Let me say that again... SHAYLA IS BACK!! Oh my is she ever.. and she looks better then ever!! Don't miss this opportunity...