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73 Richond St

brigport, Rhode Island 

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doesn't exist  on Lipstick

posted on September 2, 2009
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This club does NOT exist. It's location is in a regular nightclub area of the city with one massage parlor nearby.

DavidB  on Lipstick

posted on November 3, 2006
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There is no "Brigport" or Bridgeport in RI for that matter. Where is this club?

tip  on Lipstick

posted on June 3, 2006
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The Gold Club-Philadelphia Ladies and Gentleman, IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY PARTY !!!!! WEDNESDAY JUNE 21ST THRU SATURDAY JUNE 24TH !!!!!! Dont miss the party of all parties with a surprise special guest feature entertainer each night as well as a lavish complimentary buffet. There will be coor's light and heineken giveaway's adn buckets of those beer's discounted as well as chance's to win free couch dance's and champagne room's. There will be a special price all week to purchase a VIP Membership as well as champagne toast's all night. Call to RSVP table seating ! Dont miss the event everyone will be talking about for a long time to come ! Also appearing will be Ms. Sadie Sexton

Open for action???  on Lipstick

posted on January 2, 2005
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is dis place open open for some booty call?

i heard dat  on Lipstick

posted on March 12, 2004
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anyone whos had it with the CD posts on others boards. head on over to their's and add your name to the list of people who are sick of them!