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2965 Batesburg Hwy

Batesburg, South Carolina 29006

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mIKE  on Stiletto's

posted on 31 July, 2009
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Is this club still open. No comments in a while

Bad Boy  on Stiletto's

posted on 23 March, 2009
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I went to this club last weekend. It was cool. Very laid back atmosphere. The girls were cool and entertaining. I will come back again soon.

terry  on Stiletto's

posted on 20 January, 2009
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i know the club and girl u talking about.what noone knows that the blonde is really the georgia mofia princess, her daddy was the godfather now she is over the family.dont think this girl is all sweet and inoccent shell kill you

steven  on Stiletto's

posted on 3 January, 2009
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the girls are nasty, the man behind the bar lets them do what ever drugs, butt faced drunk, suck them finger etc.i suggest anyone that do not wont to go to jail stay out of that place.Why doesnt the owner do something about all of this going on?this is not a strip club this is selling ass and a bunch of drug dealers.and i saw the blonde everyone been writing about but her hair isnt long anymore and she is a clubs ownier also she owns 7 clubs in georgia that brings in over 3, 000 one club alone.i just cant figer out why she coming there.

casey  on Stiletto's

posted on 4 September, 2008
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Man charleston it sounds like you have done gotten on that girl bad side.Dont be haten because she may be laying the owner and not you.Hell ive seen her i want to hook up wiyh her.And why do you keep busting on the man like that he just tryn to run a business and run some game.Personally i been there selveral times and i liked it and planning on going back soon.Do you got something to say about that?

RE:charleston  on Stiletto's

posted on 2 September, 2008
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on the rate the club you put it isnt worth 10 dollars.i will pay you 10 to keep you ugly stank axx out.your looks will ruin the business.

Mason  on Stiletto's

posted on 1 September, 2008
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Tell it like it is girl.I go there and see you all the time.I love it too yo the guys are cool as hell.But the girls that work there needs to tame down alot.You keep standing your ground and if you think this guy the owner jeff is cool and down so do me and my boys.So are you go be there this weekend?

BLONDE  on Stiletto's

posted on 31 August, 2008
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what is it with you people?you dont have a life and just get on a computer and slander for charleston i thought you was a jerk, but now i think your an plain out asx.and the girl who use to work for jeff, you are a drunk you sleep with your own family for beer.Jeff isnt a bad person he has alot to deal with you skank and dip wad.and its not any of your business who he sleeps with.I think stilettos is a great place to go and hang out, i love the guys who work there and i know all the people who come get off your sorry axxes and get a life and leave me, jeff and the bar alone you scrubs.I would work there just one night just to kick your ugly axx when you come back.

RE:BLONDE  on Stiletto's

posted on 31 August, 2008
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Your the one who gave me the wrong number.why did you give me the police number instead of yours?They cant be much to you anyway hanging at the bar jeff has something to do with.Let me guess you mess with him also.I saw you i was watching you while i was there. i know what you drive, that pretty little red mustange.That night i talked to you, you seemed really smart why dont jeff get you to take care of his place i believe you would do better than any of those idiots there now........

the blonde  on Stiletto's

posted on 31 August, 2008
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thanks for trying to look me up.I live in saluda.I go to stilettos almost every weekend.Its a great place to just go and chill out.I hope i'll see you there soon.

RE:To Charleston  on Stiletto's

posted on 31 August, 2008
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I just ran across this i didnt know that there was a web page for stilettos.But your right it is a messed up place i use to work there.I started the day it opened and jeff is a real dumb axx.he sleeps with all the strippers and one girl i know whom never worked for him.I know there is prositution going on and drugs.They had the nerve to fir me for drinking to are also right about him not having anything to do with the place.I havent seen or heard from him sence he took me to a concert and he saw afterwards he wasnt getting laid.You'll never catch jeff up in that place during the nights its open.Hes to sorry and stupid to work or run a business.

charleston  on Stiletto's

posted on 31 August, 2008
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Great job jeff another fucxxx up club.i heard you had one in that little rinky dink town so i went and checked it out.same old stuff.fat, ugly drug selling prostitution girl.not to mention all broke out on thier axx and between there legs.the whole one hour i was there i saw only two beautiful girls one was black skinny kinda short and the other was fine as hell.white blonde tall long legs.but to think of it she had mentioned she doesnt work there.way to go the ones that will make you the money they no work for you, you must have treated her like shxx like you done the ones here.she a smart axx bitxx.I asked for her number she gave me the police dept.number instead of hers.and it the same one advertise on that chat line.

curious  on Stiletto's

posted on 27 August, 2008
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I was woundering if anyone knows who the white female is that comes there on the weekends.shes got blonde hair blue eyes and tall.what town does she live in?

To-The-Manager  on Stiletto's

posted on 25 August, 2008
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I went into stiettos saturday night with two friends and we spent over $400 on girls.I liked it there i could relax and have a great time.But my concern is why isnt there only one girl on stage instead of three or four?That makes the other girls tired and then like the other night noone was dancing they all was to tired.And the white female who come in with those hispanic guys, I couldnt keep my eyes off her.If she worked there i would never leave, man im telling you, yall would make a killing.Shes got the personality, looks, sense of humor and smart.Thanks for a great time and hope to see your friend there this weekend.# 1 PLACE

ex-employee-dancier  on Stiletto's

posted on 23 August, 2008
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this club ant shit.i dance there for awhile and they treat me like shit.they fired me because of a trick that the manger is sleeping with.she stole my money and of course he go take her side because she ride home with him.the girls are whores they have sex and they nasty.

richie  on Stiletto's

posted on 17 April, 2008
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$2 bud lights all night long and $10 table dances w/ just a $3 Cover, now at least I can afford to come back. Keep the prices low guys, thanks I'll be back.

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