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3134 Two Notch Rd

Columbia, South Carolina 29204

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thikstik  on Fantasy Island

posted on March 21, 2010
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This club is not closed.... This club was open when I passed by on Friday March 19, 2010 I've visited this club a number of times back in 2004 and 2005 and had nice times there. It is a hole in the wall but had some nice experiences with some of the local and turing talent there.

a former dancer at this club  on Fantasy Island

posted on September 24, 2009
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just in case someone looks this up, i want you to know that this club is STILL open!!! fantasy island is THE oldest strip club in south carolina...and is still jumping!!!

Le Peach  on Fantasy Island

posted on April 20, 2008
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I worked here for uh, two songs one night while visiting... there was one chick with a belly ring in her eyebrow (lmao) and a stank ass attitude, one girl (cant remember her name) was cute and had a great personality.. I felt bad that this dude was touching all up on her shit. I made like 350 in one set, maybe because I was the only non black person in the place- period. Its the size of a shoe box and def. not worth mentioning to your friends. I dont see any hope for this place- EVER.

Kwan  on Fantasy Island

posted on June 7, 2007
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Is dis joint still open?

The dancing bouncer.  on Fantasy Island

posted on May 21, 2007
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Harpootlian, the dick, is a fool! Body: Finally, Jon Jon's killer will be punished! A man who has to pay strippers to lie for him can't be a very good lawyer. Hell, he's not a damned lawyer at all! Had their roles been in reverse, and Jon Jon shot Herring, Harpootlian the dick would not have defended him! Herring would have been the victim, and Jon Jon would have been just another brother with a hand gun! These events don't make gentlemen's clubs bad places! Herring is just a bad man! So is Harpootlian! He thought because he practiced law, he could beat the law! Yet, he could not stop true justice! May Herring, Harpootlian the dick, and those 2 backstabbing strippers burn in hell!!!!!! May Jon Jon's family know peace. ACE!

Coke  on Fantasy Island

posted on May 13, 2007
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I am thinking of becoming a dancer. I would like to come to this club to dance probably this week. It will be my first time dancing. Can anyone give me a ny pointers

Light Skin  on Fantasy Island

posted on January 31, 2007
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I work at this club. This club is str8 for customers and dancers. The girls are cool, no attitudes to deal with. The customers are mostly older guys in the early hours (9-12). Afta that the younger dudes come. My opinion older guys tip better. There are 2 stages. No tryouts or auditions. Tip out is up front. 2 vip rooms. Doors open at 9 n close when the money stops. You can touch. Good DJ...its a black club. mixed at times. good entertaiment from the grls. come visit. we'll show u a ood tme.

spontaneous  on Fantasy Island

posted on November 1, 2006
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i use to work here yeard ago just wanted u to know that i still had it xoxoxo

Out of town  on Fantasy Island

posted on October 29, 2006
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I was wondering if they have open adutions for women that travel from out of town.

E  on Fantasy Island

posted on August 8, 2006
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I like this little place laid back no security on you the girls are real friendly $10 lap and $20 private

HughGRection  on Fantasy Island

posted on July 10, 2006
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Coming to area 7/16 to 21. Convince me why I should spend my hard-earned money here as opposed to any other club in the area . . . Are there just black women here? Or multiracial? will I get rolled in the lot if I'm a white guy?

E-Double  on Fantasy Island

posted on May 5, 2006
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Let me get some more details TRUTH

THE TRUTH  on Fantasy Island

posted on February 20, 2006
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Go go go here. this is the hottest spot in the dirty. im at a loss for words. slum beautiful

SouthernComfort  on Fantasy Island

posted on February 21, 2004
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Is this in place still owned and operated by Lady Bug ? A 4 feet nothing black woman.

Big Country  on Fantasy Island

posted on February 6, 2004
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This place is truly a spot in the hood. The girls were all ghetto fabulous and old.