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Hwy 47, Just north of Gregory

Gregory, South Dakota 

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lie lie lie  on Club 47

posted on November 18, 2010
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Hello club 47, This is Amir you dont know me and eaither does this frantic woman posting these comments about me and unique. I been here 4mths and have had no issues with any club except the hop scotch in pierre. This woman is spreading lies, we dont steal, deal, or trick for the 411. You may contact Lanie in lesterville to vouch she is an amazing woman with high standards like myself. I have never been to your establishment, but just had to defend myself. Hope you all have a nice day. Thank you. Amir ;)


posted on November 15, 2010
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Amir and unique are on the loose from racehorses in salem, they are whores doing prositution and selling drugs, and will rob your girls after work i will send eails out to all management of the girls there are 4 of them, just letting you know they dont make it a day anywhere, and they bring there balck pimps from wisconsin in the clubs with them , they will ruin buisness they look innocent and fat but they are wreckless and photos are not up to date, they will sell drugs and bring drugs into your location...

Josh barber's little helper  on Club 47

posted on September 21, 2009
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Josh barber who owns RPM Construction & had a short term fling w gina years ago & stalked lori & numerous other dancers over the years is advertising on the aberdeen boards for men & women to have sex w him he claims that his penis is so large he would slap the taste out of our mouths he only advertises there but we will expand his search & include all of south dakota heres to you Barber boy. btw no one is jealous of y0u lol.... your friend in vermillion

YEAH!!!  on Club 47

posted on August 25, 2008
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Nice picture of a blond chick with a nice pussy!


posted on August 25, 2008
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Fuck you asshole and all your homo followers

africa  on Club 47

posted on October 23, 2007
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Is this club still open?

hunter  on Club 47

posted on April 13, 2006
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there was an article in the argus leader a while back--the lady who ran this club said she couldn't compete with the 2 big clubs in Dallas only 5 miles away & the neighbors didn't like it so this has been a supper club/steakhouse for about 3-4 years

george  on Club 47

posted on September 14, 2005
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Are there any dancers from Wisconsin or Minnesota?

bri  on Club 47

posted on August 30, 2005
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Who?s dancing the week of Labor Day? Are there any out of towners

PSTONE  on Club 47

posted on September 24, 2004
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Has anybody seen Frankie. She"s a thin young lady. If you see this Frankie think Pierre.