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alexis  on Private Fantasy

posted on October 29, 2011
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hello crystal i was wondering if you were ok after all these years. it wasnt your fault that the club close down but all good things must come to an end. hope you got your issues together by now tiffany said hey take care. alexis

new yorker  on Private Fantasy

posted on June 7, 2006
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i went to college in nashville and used to go to private fantasy about onmce a week. like the one post said it was on dickerson then and it was the coolest joint i'd ever been to. better than any i've been to since for that matter.i liked the whole "getting comfortable" thing that when on there and the girls were generally veryu helpful if u know what i mean.

crystal  on Private Fantasy

posted on March 7, 2006
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Hi, I used to work for this club when they were on dickerson road. I was wonderin if its the same owners. Hope theres no hard feelings cause i didnt cause any of the crap that happened. I hate that it did but for some reason i feel like i was blamed. It sucked i know. I hope you guys r well. I just want you to know i think a lot of you. Just wonderin what your club is like now. Man, If i just couldve gotten rid of my problems then. Just wanted to say it was a great club then and im sure its excellent now. love you B & J. Bye Bye, Crystal ps hows Ivy doing, if youve talked to her?

Jim  on Private Fantasy

posted on August 11, 2005
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Don't know about Private Fantasy. Thought I knew every club in Nashville. Anyone know about this one?

dancer  on Private Fantasy

posted on April 18, 2005
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What is this place? Is this suppose to be under Anthonys Showplace or something?