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4417 Crawford Drive

Abilene, Texas 79602

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Rudy and Joyce  on Dixie Rose Cabaret

posted on July 17, 2014
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My husband and I visited the Dixie Rose tonight and had a great time.The drinks where fairly priced and the waitress was very nice and took care of us very well. Some of the dancers sat and talked with us off and on throughout the evening. They were fun, entertaining and we will be back to see them again soon.. I think we have found 'our place" to relax and unwind. We were just comfortable there. The music was a mix of country and rock.. I hate rap.. and there was NO RAP!!! Yea!!. We loved this place and I bet you will too.

larry1  on  Dixie Rose Cabaret

posted on December 9, 2010
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The only reason this place gets 2 stars: We had passes to get in free (not that big of a deal because cover is only $5) and they played decent rap/hip hop most of the night.This place is for lack of a better word boring. On a Saturday night they had THREE dancers! Not only that but the stage would be empty for up to ten minutes at a time, and the girls would be called on by the dj and not even come up to dance. He would actually have to call on them 3-4 times before going on to the next girl. I don't know how you can call this a strip club. It's more like a pool hall/bar. I got a good laugh from the decor, it's like a time warp to the movie Scarface. Picture included.

GoddessWillow85  on Dixie Rose Cabaret

posted on February 7, 2008
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I've been to this club and its pretty nice in my opinion, plenty of different girls, and a very nice atmosphere.I will probably go back soon.