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2602 East Highway 80

Abilene, Texas 79601

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richard95  on  Cloud 9

posted on 16 April, 2013
Joined 9 years ago
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The parking lot looks like a mine field. The girls are bored to be on stage and it shows. The club itself is small and not real clean. The staff was nice and made us feel welcome, the dancers not so much. They were more "natural" girls, a few extra pounds and looked like the girl next door... if you live in a run down neighborhood. We sat through two songs with no dancer on stage, we left at that point and went to Jaguars.

Mariah  on Cloud 9

posted on 1 March, 2007
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Buster Cherry  on Cloud 9

posted on 23 October, 2006
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Went to this club back in July, you know it is going to be a good night when 2 mexicans are in the parking lot blowing up a doll, but i can see why, the doll was more attractive than the women working inside. When we got there about mid-night there were about 5-6 girls working, but over the next 30 mins or so all of them left but 2. Of the 2 left, one was missing a tooth. The other wasn't all that bad, but she spent more time bs'ing with the DJ that with us. All in all i wish we had purchased a blow up doll and just stayed in the parking lot with the mexicans!

DADDY  on Cloud 9

posted on 30 May, 2006
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Damn this club sucks!!! Go to Jaguars!!

Big Brad  on Cloud 9

posted on 19 January, 2005
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why was my last post removed, i was complimenting one of your girls!

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