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520 North Watson Road

Arlington, Texas 76011

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Lo Plains drifter  on Flashdancer

posted on February 4, 2015
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This location be closed. Heck, 4 years ago gals at playmates, yes PLAYMATES said flashdancer had become a nasty place. Sad. It was a fun place 10 yrs ago.

Zoey  on Flashdancer

posted on March 6, 2007
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I used to work at flashdancer and it was the best club to work at. I worked there in 2001-2002 until I moved back to California. I loved all the girls and Ryan the manager. Its such a small club you can remember customers and you can get to know the girls. They used to call me the Barbie of the club. Thanks for the great memories and great money.

Dixie  on Flashdancer

posted on March 1, 2007
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Giovanni  on Flashdancer

posted on September 4, 2005
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Hello, i'm writing from Italy.....a week ago on Saturday 27th i met your club with a friend of mine. Very nice place...very nice dancers ! Say hello to Delicious (i'm really not sure about her name...may be Precious, but most probably Delicious). I sat down with her for a song. I'm dreamin' about talkin' to her and i'm making plans about flying to Dallas (maybe on Christmas time) to meet her and your club ! Bye !!

Barth Drooks  on Flashdancer

posted on April 19, 2005
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I'll certainly be back. Much better place than I had expected. The old and ugly dancers got to go, and black strippers deserve to have the DJ play "black music" instead of heavy metal when they're on stage, but the ethnic variety was nice, the staff was courteous, and the private dances were completely memorable. Thanks!

RedBoxers  on Flashdancer

posted on October 30, 2004
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WOW!!! The girls here are wild and great. Breezy was sweet and innocent until the lap dance and the....them best I ever had... There was another cutie that was definately a must see.... Definately the best place in the area.