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8810 springdale

Austin, Texas 78724

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sickened  on Rick's Cabaret - Austin

posted on May 21, 2015
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The city should be ashamed & shut this place down!!! this club may look decent, but the managers are paid by strippers to turn their head to severe indecencies, like $20 hand jobs, $40 blowjobs, $200 f#cks in the vip. guys/girls whose gfs/bfs work here should be afraid of what they will catch & ashamed that theyre with someone like that. girls who work here, you should know that this is not what stripping/dancing is about. there are many clubs out there that do not allow touching & you make more money! you are a human, treat yourself as something better than ricks cabaret!

To Manager Help  on Rick's Cabaret - Austin

posted on November 9, 2011
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Is victoria working here, i met her last nov, at l'il darlins downtown seattle she was dancing here last feb. i am from buffalo ny, i fell out of touch with her i lost her number, last i new she was in texas, austin, my friend from seattle think she's gone. he makes the rounds of all the local clubs in seattle and have not seen her in almost a year. she a nice girl, also knew her from honey's. but have not seen her since. here my cell 716-715-7547

Even open anymore?  on Rick's Cabaret - Austin

posted on October 19, 2011
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Hello, how's the cash here? From out of town and need to make good money. Are you guys open anymore? Thanks