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3701 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road

Austin, Texas 78722

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CrimeStoppers  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on June 24, 2019
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To Manager help  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on November 14, 2011
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is victoria working here, i met her last nov, at l'il darlins downtown seattle she was dancing here last feb. i am from buffalo ny, i fell out of touch with her i lost her number, last i new she was in texas, austin, my friend from seattle think she's gone. he makes the rounds of all the local clubs in seattle and have not seen her in almost a year. she a nice girl, also knew her from honey's. but have not seen her since. here my cell 716-715-7547

maxxy1  on  Chicas Bonitas

posted on October 14, 2011
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Came in at last call. Still paid for parking, still paid admission. Two beers and two shots, that will be 26 dollars. But at least I got to see a ladyboy dance to bad spanish pop! Best 20 minutes of the night.

shooter  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on August 8, 2011
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This was, at one time, many incarnations ago, the first titty bar in central Texas. Originally named The Chart Room before it moved to the present location under the name "The Body Shop." This was because it was a three car body shop before conversion. It is small and not a great location for extras. No dark cornors. But if you have a feeling for the history of Go Go then you owe it to yourself to have a beer. Notice the bar. It is the original. The original owner's name was Phil Cuney. Phil died in San Antonio in the early 90's.

Roger  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on December 18, 2010
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Now called Chicas Bonitas (Latina) Parking is a problem. Only 12 spots. Afternoon is fine. I like latin girls and latin music - this strip club fits well. Afternoon - $1 beer, $10 dance ($25 VIP didn't try that). Cocktails are $6. Bobbi, Paradise, Monica, Liz, Thai - all give sexi dances.

MARIAH  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on March 1, 2007
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Trey  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on October 29, 2006
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Anyone know what happened to Stevie? I have not seen her in a little while? She was the only reason I went!

jmh  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on September 4, 2006
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This place is now called "O Cabaret" NOthing else has changed.

Leo  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on September 1, 2006
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This is a very nice place. I really enjoyed it, not too big and very relaxing! It has a great location in the center of town and a variety of girls that are dynamite, (Stevie was my favorite)! The drinks are not at all over priced, like other topless bars I've been to.

Ch  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on July 20, 2006
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love the club check out a blonde named stevie great dancer very xct to the tee

Honeyhere  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on June 29, 2006
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This club is under new ownership and a new name. It's now called O'Cabaret. The dancers are better, the drinks specials are awesome, and the crowd is spending more money. It's been totally revamped and hopefully the clientel will keep getting more white and blue collar.

ez-texan  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on May 4, 2006
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Owner is rumored to be a former party-animal. That spirit flows down to every one - down to the babes in the trenches (i mean stage). They try to stay barely legal. One UT pre-med student danced here. Her conversation turned me on. Her lap dance had my cuckoo throbbing in my underware. I explained the situation. At 7 pm, she invited me to ride on the back of her motorcyle to her apt. My penis had a permanent hardon as I clinged to her racing down austin byroads. Ever since I revisit the club every 2-3 months. Never saw her again. God bless her!

Austinite  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on March 5, 2006
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This place sucks!!!!!!! There were very few girls. They were all ugly and without energy. The music was very bad too. I went it to have a godd experience and came out feeling robed. To summarize, don't waste your money or your time, there are far better places in austin.

wow  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on January 12, 2006
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if you like chunky black women with runny noses, this is the place for you. If you want very attractive women that can carry on a conversation and dance great, try expose.

hott ny  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on January 9, 2006
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where are the nice black clubs or black friendlly clubs that a nice light skin new york girl can work at if i move to austin

Gabrielle FT Wayne  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on September 13, 2005
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Trying to find ashley(dawn) please contact brandys showclub. we all miss you here!!!!

Jason  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on May 17, 2004
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Most of the girls were very attractive, and all of them were very pleasant indeed. This is a four stage club with girls rotating through the stages then onto the floor to offer more private entertainment. While they are on stage, they will put on a special show for anyone who tips them - this usually involves extensive physical contact. Drinks run $4 a shot or $5 a beer, premium drinks more. It's $20 for a lap dance and well worth the money.

Chicago_Guy  on Chicas Bonitas

posted on April 4, 2004
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This club looked very good to me...a 9.5. I had a good time. I think this is a better place than Landing Strip or other clubs they have in town in terms of quality of ladies available. However, dances are $20....not $5 as this website shows. Thanks Ladies. Thanks All !!!