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3501 Andtree Boulevard

Austin, Texas 78724

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CrimeStoppers  on XTC Cabaret

posted on June 24, 2019
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marlonmoney12  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on July 25, 2016
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well been going to these clubs worldwide for over 45 years today at xtc austin was a first. I was asked to leave and never to return. Some background in the past week I have been there four times and spent m nearly $1k. this includes a bbbj in the vip. today a young lady was rubbing me during several floor dances and wanted to go to vip. once there she said to relax and let the boys out, I did and we had a good time e. However when leaving the manager Confronted me and ask me to leave. words were exchanged as I felt he was trying to intimidate me. He threatened to call Travis county police. I said sure. he didnt. he asked if I wanted to see the tape. I said yes. He never delivered again. bottom line I never got to pay the girl and supposedly banned from any future visits. since there is no way I found to contact the owners , I am reporting my situation here for all to see.Sad but will avoid this club a d I recommend you do also

brandonresh  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on July 12, 2016
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I did not really like it these girls came up asking me I wanted dances every 2 mins and then got mad when I said no

hung h.  on XTC Cabaret

posted on October 7, 2015
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Pretty cool strip joint they let you bring your own liquor and beer. They'll charge you for ice in your cooler but the lap dances are $20. Yes, they get fully nude. Admission was $25. I wasn't expecting much but surprisingly this place came through. I was here in Austin for a bachelor party and the dancers were pretty good.

mathewater12  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on July 27, 2015
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Came here on a Thursday afternoon with a friend. It was my first time in an Austin strip club. We wanted to go to a strip club that opened relatively early. This was by far the earliest I have ever been to a strip club. Cover was $15 and there's no alcohol but it is BYOB. Dances were $10 today and if you come in the early afternoon, you'll get a "five minute" song dance. The length of the dance decreases throughout the day. It felt fairly long because it seems like most strip clubs play half a song and it's not like they're playing Thriller. I got one dance and they will take you somewhere in the club that's more private but you're still in the general floor. They do get fully nude.The place itself was quite spacious. The mirror covered walls and handful of guys there added to this. Apparently there were only seven girls there this early but only one of them was actually going around and giving out dances. So you would only see one girl in action since the others were hiding in the back. Some of the girls dancing didn't seem like they wanted to be there. Around 2 pm it seemed like more girls were coming in and around this time is apparently their "lunch rush." They do have a VIP area which costs $20 to get in and $20 for a dance. Touching is not really allowed on the main floor and some girls may get angry if you do. But in VIP you're more likely allowed to touch since there aren't cameras there. I would say to get a dance first on the floor so you could judge the girl and get a feel for what she may be willing to do before you go into VIP.Be cautious of some of the girls that don't speak English or just generally ask the girl how much is a dance because they may try to hustle you for more. There are some girls who solely speak Spanish apparently. A lot of this information is not all from what I experienced here but information I learned in my short visit. The girls were okay. Might not have been their prime lineup on Thursday afternoon. One fat chick too. Would I go back? Yes. Cover is a bit high, especially in the afternoon but it seems like you can get more bang for your buck here.

Joe  on XTC Cabaret

posted on June 30, 2015
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Overall great club. Fully nude. Kalie is amazing!

XXXbeast  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on May 20, 2015
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This is a review that will be written for two different types of people who come here: customers and dancers. Customers:Your experience is going to drastically change depending on when you come in here. While you may have luck on a weeknight or Sunday occasionally, if you're looking to see what the club has as it's best offer, come on a weekend after 11pm. The club is open till 5 am so you're bound to have a good time and run into some quality girls. Weeknights are hit or miss, so be warned of that. Day shift is generally hit or miss as well. If you're looking for more than dances, the majority of girls there do not offer that. You may get lucky and fond one, but hey, you could get lucky with the clap too. Up to you. This club is not cheap, despite being all nude. VIP is reasonably priced at 20 for all night, but the girls often vary in their dance prices for VIP. Some girls charge 20 a dance, some charge 40/50. Bring ones, this club has amazing stage and pole performers. Some of the best routines I've ever seen, and I travel all over to dance. It's byob, and the mixers aren't terribly priced.If you're coming for a bachelor party, be sure to do the chair of pain. It's a hell of an experience for the bachelor, and the party will have a blast watching the guy whose going to make them suffer through a wedding get his ass beat. Overall, it's a quality club if you're looking for a variety, I mean, wide variety, of girls, if you're with a bachelor party, if you're just going solo, or just want to have a great time with a gorgeous entertainer. Management is top notch and will take care of your needs, and the girls will make sure you don't have too many needs left wanting. Dancers: This club is a great money club. The girls are friendly after you've been there for a day or two, thieving isn't a huge issue and overall the customers are great. Management is fantastic, always on your side and will take care of you. House fees won't kill you and they don't take a percentage. If you know how to hustle, this is a great club for you. If you're more of a sit and talk kind of gal, you won't enjoy it there. Great club to start at, even better club to make your home club. 10/10.

timmykilla  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on April 23, 2015
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I came last night (Friday night) WORST thing EVER I'm new to Austin and have been to a few clubs so wanted to try this one out.. Well where do I start with this piece of sh## place, they charge you an arm and a leg to get in I paid almost $30 for ONE person. Definitely not worth it. Management and a whore unfairly stole $400 from me I saw the girl give management a cut of what they unfairly took from me. This place has to be shut down they suck your pockets dry then kick you out. And a waitress kept on trying ro make me buy drugs. Hate it save your money y'all.

joseph1k  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on December 17, 2013
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The place as a whole is still a solid 2, but I'm bumping my review up to 4 stars solely because of a girl named Divine who made my night...I'm not giving away any secrets though ;)

To Manager  on XTC Cabaret

posted on November 16, 2011
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is Victoria working here, I met her last Nov, at little darlings 2027 Westlake Avenue Seattle downtown she was dancing there, last Feb she was dancing in Austin I am from Buffalo NY, I fell out of touch with her I lost her number, and last I knew she was in Texas, Austin, my friend from Seattle think she's gone. He makes the rounds of all the local clubs in Seattle and has not seen her in almost a year. She a nice girl also knew her from honeys. But have not seen her since.The Victoria I wants did work at Honey's (and later Little Darlings, where we met), but she has a dark complexion, dark hair, is small, and by no means thick. I think she moved to Austin, TX in the spring.

ryan123  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on September 28, 2011
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Let me start my review by saying this. XTC Cabaret in Austin is hands down the best strip club I have been to of all time. I'm currently writing this review in Vegas and last night I went to the number one gentleman's club in Vegas, and at the end of the night, I thought to myself "I can't wait to go back to XTC again". That's how good it is. Also, I spent the summer in San Antonio this summer and my friends drove all the way to Austin just to come to XTC! It's that good!Now I don't know why the price range says $$$$ but it is definitely more of a $ or $$ price range club. The club is BYOB so no money is spent there. The cover charge ranges from $5 to $30 and you can easily find a $5 off coupon near the club, on the floor, or in the streets of Austin.Good things about the club include hot strippers, great music, good ambience, cheap lap dances ($20 and sometimes $1 table dances!), good variety of girls and all types of races and body types. The staff here is also not very rude and they even gave me a free shirt when a stripper accidentally spilled beer on me. One tip though, before being persuaded to go VIP with a stripper, make sure she really wants YOU and not just your wallet, because it'll be more fun that way, and you never know what you might get back there ;).

eddyL  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on March 1, 2011
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Hott chicks and other scum like myself to kick it with = good time.

richard95  on  XTC Cabaret

posted on January 10, 2010
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Old and busted: Movies at the Alamo on Christmas.New Hotness:Meeting the stripper that runs Linux.

george  on XTC Cabaret

posted on November 13, 2009
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Does anyone know of a dancer named Vanessa? She is a cute little red head. I knew her when she danced in Pittsburgh and wanted to get in touch since I will be in San Antonio next week.

Stranger  on XTC Cabaret

posted on April 13, 2009
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Monday Night $5.00 Nude Dances and more action in the back!

XTC  on XTC Cabaret

posted on January 14, 2009
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XTC is still open!!!!!

CC  on XTC Cabaret

posted on January 10, 2009
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Still open? Still have the good dance prices on Tuesday?

Joe R.  on XTC Cabaret

posted on January 10, 2008
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Naked women and byob. My kinda place. Sounds like a recipe for a good time, eh?