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4134 Felter Lane #B

Austin, Texas 78744

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curtis17  on  Hot Bodies

posted on June 1, 2015
Joined 6 years ago
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Really bad idea. VIP is not worth paying for. Out of 10 girls, only one might be worth the 20 dls cover. Got towed while being inside!!! Never going back.

AssnTits5  on  Hot Bodies

posted on April 18, 2015
Joined 10 years ago
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I love the laid back atmosphere of this club. The girls are very friendly and the BYOB is awesome. Its a great place just to chill out and drink a few beers. The prices for cover and dances are unbeatable and very worth it. I have made this my number one club to go to.

james1412  on  Hot Bodies

posted on October 27, 2014
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Never again fates dirty and worst packing I got towed with in 5 min of walking in I will never return

To Manager help  on Hot Bodies

posted on November 14, 2011
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Is victoria working here, i met her last nov, at l'il darlins downtown seattle she was dancing here last feb. i am from buffalo ny, i fell out of touch with her i lost her number, last i new she was in texas, austin, my friend from seattle think she's gone. he makes the rounds of all the local clubs in seattle and have not seen her in almost a year. she a nice girl, also knew her from honey's. but have not seen her since. here my cell 716-715-7547

george  on Hot Bodies

posted on November 13, 2009
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Does anyone know of a dancer named Vanessa? She is a cute little red head. I knew her when she danced in Pittsburgh and wanted to get in touch since I will be in San Antonio next week.

MARIAH  on Hot Bodies

posted on March 1, 2007
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jmh  on Hot Bodies

posted on September 4, 2006
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This club is now called Hot Bodies. 512-389-0182 They have done a lot of remodeling.

Austin Local  on Hot Bodies

posted on January 3, 2006
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This club is under new ownership and is operating temporarily under the name "Hot Bodies" and soon to be "Scores Mens Club". The cover charge is $20, it's BYOB, and the dances are $10 and $20. It is both totally nude and topless (at the dancers preference). Lots of remodel going on, it's worth a try.

Gabrielle; FT Wayne  on Hot Bodies

posted on September 13, 2005
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I am trying to find Ashley (Dawn). I am a friend of her's from Indiana and was hoping to find out where she is. I lost my cell a while back. If anyone happends to see her, please tell her to contact Brandys showclub. We all miss her!

Traveler  on Hot Bodies

posted on February 8, 2004
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Is there really a $50.00 cover and $65.00 dances at this place or is someone messen?