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404 East Highland Mall Boulevard

Austin, Texas 78752

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Luna Q.  on Sugar's Uptown Cabaret

posted on February 27, 2016
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Depressing strip club. Nasty looking white females. You know not everyone likes looking at white girls. Hire some melanin and non of that weave crap but some natural hair beauties... (I think that's too much to ask for haha).Management sucks, door girls are rude and nasty. You got nasty cheap strippers giving blow jobs in VIP for $20. Strippers doing lines in the bathroom. Dope dealing. Ghetto people wearing Jordan's. Frank is the only real one in there!

dannyboy7  on  Sugar's Uptown Cabaret

posted on November 15, 2015
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Sugars isn't downtown. My fiance and I just moved here and we saw it when we were leaving the mall. They have half priced drinks and appetizers between 7 and 9 every night and we don't really know a lot of places here so we decided to check it out. I got wings and my fiance got pot stickers and they were reasonably priced. They have some local beers at good prices and we like beer so we got some Shiner Bock bottles and they have Ziegenbock on tap so we tried those. The dancers were sweet and cute and the waitress was really nice. We'll try it out again.

Mia fan  on Sugar's Uptown Cabaret

posted on January 26, 2014
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This SCL page has been down forever -- I'm glad to see it working! Does the exceptionally vivacious and bustaceous Mia still work there? If so, what days? I would go a long distance out of my way just to spend some private dance time with her!

Franklyn  on  Sugar's Uptown Cabaret

posted on June 13, 2012
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A dancer plowed her butt so hard into my chest that I thought I was dying.Otherwise, it was okay.

fuckery12  on  Sugar's Uptown Cabaret

posted on October 30, 2009
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I went there for a friends birthday and there was only ONE attractive chick there. The others had mama stomachs and one actually tried rolling my friend right in front of us. I guess her co worker that she drugged and left in the restroom wasn't enough, yeah, we walked in on the same thief stealing another dancers money right off her while she was passed out. Never go here..the waitresses try to add more drinks on your tab than they bring to your table. It was all around unsatisfying and I've gone to a fair amount of strip clubs here, Houston, and New Orleans and this was by far the worst experience of them all.