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justinlk  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on October 22, 2016
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Hot wings are as advertised! Hottest wings around! And all the food has not disappointed yet! Not to mention bar is excellent and even caught dj in past st pattys day! Great time every time! Drive an hour every time I go so you know it's worth it!

rodneyerm  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on September 25, 2016
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Food was not cooked thoroughly and flies were everywhere this was my 1st and last time coming here. the drinks were watered down and had to be returned multiple times the waitress Morgan was exceptional she tried every effort to make our 1st time great.

marlonmoney12  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on July 4, 2016
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really good food and service one of the best bars on Austin to watch game lots of TV I recommend the chicken fried steak and ribs is the best big portions and very delicious the big red margarita is very good

Jay A.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on June 27, 2016
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Hey guys. I'm not here to complain about prices or mistaken charges. What happened to me was overtly rude and disrespectful. I was sitting with a group of friends at the bar watching the NBA championship tonight. Everything was fine until a manager approached me asking that I move because a couple wanted to sit down. She said because I was only drinking water and not eating that I had to stand. I told her that I could not drink because I was Islamic, and that I could not eat because I was fasting (Ramadan). She said "I understand it's your religion, but you still need to order or move." The kicker was her tone, which was VERY coarse and disrespectful. (Through some Freudian slippage she called me ma'am. I have muscles and a beard.) I asked if it was really a battle she wanted to fight. It went on and I ended up staying, primarily because I refused to budge. But I felt very offended and as if the couple was being put before me, even though I'd arrived long before they showed.

fisherdex1  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on May 25, 2016
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Minus the hair in the salsa we had a good meal here. Really enjoyed the pineapple and bacon burger and beers. Waitress was very friendly.*most definitely a hair...waitress took it back and said that is so "bleeping"sick, so sorry y'all and took it off our bill.*

Jordanp  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on May 7, 2016
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Great atmosphere, plenty of cold beer, good food and AWESOME Staff...I see myself visiting here frequently.

danielson  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on March 19, 2016
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Food and drinks were good, if overpriced.Service (if you can call it that) was reprehensible.We sat for 15 minutes before our server, a young black woman, even came to our table. She finally took our drink order & left. Twenty minutes (and no drinks) later, we flag down a different server, a young blond woman, explained the situation, and asked if she could help. She apologized profusely, took our food orders, and returned a few minutes later with our drinks.The original server finally came back over to ask why we were using a different server, and if she'd done something wrong. I said, "Yes. You were non-existent."We ended up being there three hours, but not intentionally.All the eye-candy in the world isn't going to make up for a lousy overall experience.

Capt. S.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on March 2, 2016
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Note to bartenders & management. If a bartender breaks a glass in the cooler, it should not take FOUR customers saying that do not want a glass from that cooler, before someone starts cleaning it up. Cleaning it up being taking every glass out, cleaning the cooler, then the glasses. Again, something a customer should NOT have to point out.

Harrison69  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on January 19, 2016
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This is a nice place to come after a long day. Beautiful sights to see and lots of tv's! There's a server named Brittany that's pretty awesome. She's very attentive which is a biggie for me! Definitely would recommend this place to my friends!

DexterRexter  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on October 23, 2015
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I love this place- I have been a customer since it was opened and will come back- but damn, really??? The men's room has no working urinals and the waitstaff is getting "not" friendly. Of course I will come back because there aren't that many choices in round rock but come on management- get the restroom fixed

Felipe S.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on October 14, 2015
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Look, I get it, it's a "breastaurant", they don't have craft beers pouring out of Bottom line: the food is actually pretty good. Sounds like a ringing endorsement right? Regardless, if you are nearby and looking for some late night grub this is your place. If you don't like waitresses/bartenders in short skirts with their tatas hanging over your papas then find a Trudys or Torchys to eat at. At least here you can be pleasantly surprised by how good the food was. For the record, I do not like g-strings in my chicken wings!

winston12  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on September 9, 2015
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What were they thinking? Apparently the guys who brought you Rick's Cabaret, the dirtiest strip club in north Austin, wanted to try their hand in the Breastaurant business. Bad idea, even worse execution. The girls are lower quality than even Hooter's, and the food is pretty blah. The place is military themed, and the menu has all of the food listed in laughably dumb names. Don't waste your time unless they have midget wrestling or something going on.

Ariel G.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on July 4, 2015
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Not a bad place. Burgers are really Good!!! Sometimes service can be slow!!! If you sit at the bar for sure service is way much better!

Michelle M.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on June 18, 2015
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I visit this place frequently and service does suck most times I will admit.... IDK if it's because I'm a female with kids and no man with us. lol.. The wings are ALWAYS amazingly delicious! I had been there several times before I was told they give a military/veterans discount. Last night though, by the 'general manager' my VA card looked like "I worked at the VA NOT a Veteran" .... Well.. I will NOT be going back to this place again... Reason NOT being because I didn't get the discount, I could almost guarantee that If I had been a man handing him the same information he would have NEVER doubted him.. BUT because I am a woman... I must NOT be a Veteran BUT work for them! That is what angered me!!! Being a "military themed" establishment, I would think that they would know the difference... that's what I get for assuming.. In retrospect I could have shown my D.L. that does say Veteran on it BUT I was seeing red at that point that I wasn't thinking straight. Michelle Martinez, LCpl, USMC

felixnada  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on June 17, 2015
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Food was great especially the M2 wrap, chili has a similar one but this one has more burst in your mouth flavor. Good and fast service they have live music and an outdoor patio and that's a plus. Would I recommend it yes also had the don't ask don't tell shot and it was yummy lol

Jeff K.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on May 5, 2015
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Been here multiple times during football season. Tend to focus on football and prefer being left alone.... which worked then when I got mostly poor service then. Have tried it a few different times because my other half likes the philly cheesesteaks here.... and almost every time the service has been atrocious. Recently returned for the first time in a couple months and it was the worst experience yet.Started off with a trashy hostess not even glancing at us as she asked how many then asked if we preferred a booth... once we said sure, she took off at an incredible speed, dropped the menus on the table and turned around and headed back to her stand without a word.... did I mention we were still about 10 feet away from out table at the point she passed us coming the other way.... what the hell???Then... our waitress mostly ignored us while flirting with a few others... forgetting we existed when we asked for ketchup or needed drinks refilled. Food quality has also went downhill, which was what made the bad service somewhat acceptable prior, and made football fairly enjoyable... Maybe if i was a single guy looking desperate, we would have had better service.... who knows.

John S.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on March 24, 2015
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If I could only give zero stars. Gave the place a second chance and it was two chances too many. The service is horrible. Seriously! Please read the reviews. The highlight of the place was the band, Vallejo. Great stuff from them. Hope this helps.

rogerrab2  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on March 19, 2015
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Such horrible service. Waited 10 minutes in between each time our waitress came by. My beer was empty pretty much the entire time. We were there for 2 hours, only had 2 beers and cold food. Then it took 30 minutes to pay up! I almost walked out, it wasn't even that busy. It seemed like mgrs had her doing a training session around the corner. Never ever going back.

Jessica K.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on December 23, 2014
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Good happy hour but everytime I've ordered food it sucked. Over cooked and salty and over priced.The wait staff is okay but sometimes they huddle around and don't attend to their customers. Probably won't go back unless for a beer.

Ben H.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on September 28, 2014
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Complete let down.Three of us from my office went. All three of us were unhappy with the food. The appetizers we got were ok.The furniture was pretty crappy. Normally I wouldn't have even noticed something like that but the chairs were very low budget and uncomfortable, I was ready to leave after 20 minutes to be honest. The place in general just seems kinda half-assed and rushed. It's got this "warehouse" type atmosphere, coupled with the non-stop buzzing of I35 just 100 yards away. It just didn't feel like a very welcoming establishment. Maybe that is what they were going for, it being a military themed place.The staff... not very hot at all. Maybe 1 girl that should have been working in a place that advertises scantily clad women. They were pretty friendly though so not all bad.It was a bit pricey, especially given the calibre of food. Drink prices especially.. it's certainly not a place I would go just to drink or watch sports. Just too many far better sport's bars in Austin to warrant going to this place, due to location, food quality and pricing.Location... very poor. It's a place I definitely wouldn't be going to after work or on weekends.. It's close to our office so it made sense for lunch... but nobody is going to want to mess with the traffic in that area after work or on the weekends, that's for sure. Honesty a bit surprised someone would invest in a place like this and choose a location like that. Makes me wonder if the owners don't live in Austin.I'd say to everyone, give it a try at least but do not set the bar high going in.For us, we'll be sticking with Twin Peaks.. a bit further from our office but we've been satisfied every time we've gone.

Dayana N.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on September 27, 2014
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I've had better waitresses. When arriving she promptly asked for our drinks, of course. We let her know there was more to our party, she went ahead and took down my appetizer in the meantime. When our group arrived no one but I was ready. She took my order, no one else's. She circled back around, took another's order. Left. Came back, took another order. My food came first, 10-15 min for later everyone else's. I had to endure my friends picking at my food until their plates came in. Overall, her service was a 3/5. The food was amazing, no complaints.

igor34  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on September 17, 2014
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I was invited by a friend to visit this establishment because the cheese fries were supposedly phenomenal. From the moment we walked in I was displeased. In the hostess area there were three young ladies talking amongst each other and giggling. It was evident that they were just killing time, mind you no one has greeted us or at least acknowledge that we had entered the restaurant. After clearing my throat to notion to them that we were waiting to be tended to one of the young ladies grabs two menus and begins to walk to the seating area. She did not ask how we were doing, you simple small talk that a hostess should we received none of that. We were escorted to a table that had stool chairs, I have a bad lower back so sitting on a stool with no back support is not ideal for me. I kindly asked the hostess if we could be moved to a booth (there were plenty available) she looked annoyed that I asked for change of seating and rudely with an attitude asked if it was just going to be seating for two. I told her yes and when she escorted us to the booth with an attitude she asked me if it was good enough for me. At this point I'm becoming annoyed with her attitude so I just sat down in the designated area which was right next to the kitchen so there was heavy traffic.Once our waitress greeted us we order the cheese fries my friends was raving about. My friend ask the server to bring ranch along with the fires because the last time she came it was a hassle to get any. The waitress informed us that the fries did not come with a side of ranch. After my friend showed her on the menu where it states that it comes with ranch she said ok and placed the order. When the fries came to our table there was no ranch present. We mentioned this to the waitress and she said that the ranch was mixed in with the fries. Once again we referred her to the menu where it states that the ranch comes along side the fries not mixed in. It was clear that the waitress was unfamiliar with the menu and the time before when my friend had gone the waitress from before was also unfamiliar with the menu. Finally she brings us a little tin cup with ranch and my friend mentions to her that the last time she had come the come was bigger it became a hassle to get an extra tin of ranch so we just said we would pay for additional ranch which was .25 cents no big deal. While we were eating the GM approached us to ask about our experience we informed him of everything that had occurred and he said that he could immediately take care of the hostess situation. About 10 minutes later the whole atmosphere changed towards us. The hostess that I had complained about began giving us nasty looks and pointing towards our table when speaking to her co-workers. Honestly I felt like I was in a scene out of mean girls. The waitress' also began to give us nasty looks.This treatment was unnecessary especially, because we were paying to eat there. I should have taken my business else where. In my opinion if the girls there don't want to be nice and treat people somewhat kind without an attitude they need to find another place of work because that is not a good fit for them. Also the waitress' need to be fully familiar and comfortable with the menu before being put on the floorto avoid conflict and being corrected by a customer.Needless to say I will not be returning to the establishment ever again.....the cheese fries weren't even out of this world good.

Monica A.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on September 4, 2014
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Food was mediocre and barely warm. We had to flag down a bartender at the bar to place an order. We were basically ignored. Several "management" trying to look intimidating. Finally for a breastrauant, their wait staff lacks sufficient eye candy.

Greg M.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on August 23, 2014
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I watched them build this place and was actually getting excited about it. We finally got a chance to go on Saturday Night, and arrived about 6pm. We were seated right away in a booth as there was no wait. However we sat at our table for 20 minutes before I had to ask a passing waitress if anyone was assigned to our table. Finally someone came over and took out drink order. Once we ordered food it was another 30-40 minutes before it came. Now at most restaurants you can carry a conversation with your friends and family while waiting. But not Bombshells, you see the music in this place is louder than your average strip club so conversation is completely out of the question. I ordered the TANK burger and it was good but a little on the greasy side. So the food wasn't terrible which is why I'm leaving them with 2 stars instead of 1.

Ian R.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on August 18, 2014
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Service was friendly, music was loud and the food good (at first). Unfortunately, I've had food poisoning for 4 days now. It came from the pineapple burger or fries I ate.

April M.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on August 13, 2014
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Seriously what is to not love ! I pretty much love everything on the menu and have a hard time just choosing one thing! Queso, southwest egg rolls, fries and the boneless wings are off the charts! Hooters use to have mr favorite boneless wings but bombshells has them topped! Our waitress" we've had every time we go are very friendly and personable ! Great atmosphere and love the decor !*************one downfall is service is slow so be prepared to wait*************

harryharry  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on August 8, 2014
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I ordered a double boneless wing plate for 19 bucks and was served a single. I told the bartender so she grabbed a manager. The manager came over and said that's a double and they check by weight. I did not see her go to the back and check with the cook and she didn't weigh my dish. So she walked off. As I was paying I asked to speak to her and she was not pleasant. She rolled her eyes twice and flicked her hair. So a order of chicken and a diet coke with tip 24 bucks. What a joke of a manager. I give it 2 stars because the bartender was nice.

Catalina M.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on August 1, 2014
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curtis17  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on July 25, 2014
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BAD SERVICE. 1st time there the waitress would forget things we ordered and would have to come back and forth repeatedly.. 2nd time we sat down and received no service for 15 minutes (while waitresses walked around looking at us) so we got up and left!

ryan123  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on July 24, 2014
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It's just like hooters and Twin peaks except it's newer, nicer, and the food is pretty damn good with a wide selection to choose from. Cons: Alcoholic drinks are terrible. You can pay $100 on drinks alone and just start getting a good buzz. $9 a shot but it's not a full size shot. Margaritas are just a hint of alcohol. This place will do much better in the long run if they fix this problem.

Derrick S.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on July 23, 2014
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I've been to this sports bar a few times. Best burgers and wings I've ever had and the menu has a good variety. The girls are young, hot, and FUN! Also they have like 50 TVs so watching the World Cup there was cool.

Jeanette H.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on July 23, 2014
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I live very close to this place & I was excited and curious to know what the empty building would become. I'm a frequent visitor of the Cheddar's next door. I wasn't overly thrilled that it's a bombshells. I'd prefer rather look at half naked guys but apparently that is not what the rest of America wants. Moving on. I came here for lunch on a Friday. It was busy but not so busy we had to wait. We were seated right away. I love the decor, atmosphere & plethora of tvs! There was a TV at our booth and the manager was kind enough to change the channel on it for us. So I don't think the service is the best I've had but certainly not the worst. I can see how others might find it problematic but I was taking a long lunch break so I didn't mind. I enjoyed watching some sports on the TV in our booth or looking around at the other screens. As for food I ordered the gunner burger which consists of burger, onion straws, cheese, and BBQ sauce on Texas toast. Anything on Texas toast sign me up! Our food arrived in a somewhat timely fashion. As I said I was in no rush so it may have been awhile. So if you're in a rush you may want to go somewhere else. The burger and fries arrived. The fries were HOT & delicious! However my burger was just a small notch above warm. Not sure what's up with that. I still ate it. I was hungry & it still tasted good. Next time I go I will make sure I'm not in a rush and I will try an adult beverage. I'd recommend people to give this place a fair chance as it is new to the 'hood. I'll go back as there are some other menu items I want to try.

Jana B.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on July 19, 2014
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eddyL  on  Bombshells Austin

posted on July 16, 2014
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Well we came back again to give it another shot a few weeks down the road and they're still having problems with their waitstaff responding to the customers fast enough food and drinks for great atmosphere was great.... Get with the program on response time to your customers and you'll be a success

Amy H.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on July 11, 2014
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I live in south Austin. I came to visit with a friend for the World Cup. We got there an hour early and had the pick of the place for a spot to sit. We chose outside on the patio. It was certainly not busy and the staff was plentiful, yet we waited 30 minutes to be greeted so I just went to the bar to get our drinks. No problem with me as the bar was close. However, wanting to get something to eat was a another story. Trying to get a waitress to even glance at us to get some service left us feeling purposefully ignored. We were not the only people on the Patio, just the only ones not getting served. We went to the hostess to bring it to her attention. Nothing happened for 20 minutes. We tried to order from the bar and was sent back to our table with the promise of a waitress. Still nothing. With the game fully underway at this point and three trips to the bar for our beers, this service was a complete fail. Looking around we saw waitresses buddied up and strolling around the bar with empty hands and chatting with each other pausing to watch the game. So why did we have empty beer glasses? Why did we have to go to the bar for half ass service? We finally got a hold of a manager. There were two of them there. The tall Mohawk manager seemed quite creepy in a greezy boss sorta way. The other guy was quite nice and corrected the situation immediately. We were assigned a very reluctant waitress who abandoned us toward the end of the game for 30 minutes. She came back and literally said to us, " I hope I didn't abandon you too bad?" HUH??? Now as a woman, I do not expect great service from places like this and usually have to go to the bar for service, but I had my male friend with me who actually showed up 15 minutes before me and still didn't get any service. It's a very young waitstaff, the latest of generations to enter the work force and it looks like the entitled ones don't like to "work" much. Gone are the days of thoughtful, pleasant, and speedy service. The good thing is, we will all spend less on tips. Now despite the lack of a willing server, I may come back. I love the layout!! I loved the plethora of TVs! The food was good! The beer was cold! If they could convince their staff that working and serving is what they are paid to do, this place could be worth the trip up form South Austin. I want to thank the manager who helped us. I didn't catch his name but he is the shorter of the two with dark hair and tattoo sleeves. THANK YOU! I'll try it one more time.

Gary K.  on Bombshells Austin

posted on July 2, 2014
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New restaurant and bar in Pflugerville next door to Cheddar's on I-35 with a sexy wait staff, many of the Hooters and Twin Peaks girls are now here. The first question is do I like it? Yes!They have a large outdoor patio with a stage for bands and other activities, the decor is military themed and done with great care to make it a pleasant place to go eat or indulge in your favorite beverage. They have tall tables, booths and low tables and a large bar inside and another smaller bar outside. The service is great especially since they just opened and a lot of customers are checking the place out.The food is standard American with burgers and pizza and many other items. I like what I have tried so far including the very large piece of chocolate cake.Would I go back? Yes many times, also if on a hot afternoon in I-35 when you are in the stalled traffic at rush hour stop in and have a beverage and wait for the traffic to lighten up. Also watch for the girls to stand up on the patio ledge and practice hula hooping.