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XXXbeast  on  Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on February 20, 2016
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Unfortunately this is not a review. I'm trying to get a hold of the club to see the hours but their number is disconnected???? Weird can someone let me know the hours of operation and the real phone number . I'm here for 2 days and want to try it out as an entertainer LMK

Harrison69  on  Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on May 29, 2015
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So I figured I should do this review as a pro and con review so that everyone can make their own judgment.Pros: there is a girl of all shapes and sizes so you can find one you like.Waitress was polite and on top of things, I never had to wait for a drink.Cons: the DJ only played little Wayne.The DJ plays the music so loud that it hurt our ears and distorted the speakers.Club was dirty.Girls didn't have many skills.The DJ absolutely sucks, I could jukebox DJ better than him.Its the only strip club in college station. So someone please open another one and put this one out of business.

fuckery12  on  Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on October 31, 2009
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I was SHOCKED last week when I went into Silk Stockings. It has improved immensely than what it was two and half years ago. They now have a nice VIP area, tables that have actual cloths, better bathroom, and a host of other improvements. The girls have improved as well. Dixie and Mercedes were especially divine. Once the place gets better girls, bigger/more stages, and food it will be a five stars for the Aggieland area. What was great about the girls is that they are very NON-Pressure which was surprisingly a vast improvement over the girls at the Rhino and OG in Las Vegas. Who would have ever thought a strip club 30 minutes from me would have girls who were much less pressure than the girls in Vegas? Come on Vegas get with the program.It cost $10 to get in after 5 I think? Not sure since I got there at 8pm. $20 lap dances and no drink minimum which is nice. You can get all the free tap waters you want. I am not sure how it is on slow nights though. I was surprised they had NINE dancers. I had been there before years ago and they had TWO dancers. Not one girl asked me for a lap dance which was nice! Nothing worse than having girls ask you repeatably for dances once after another. It makes the guy feel like he is in a high pressure car dealership. Worth a visit. Not bad at all for a strip club in the B/CS area. Considering that this is small college town area.

bonerman_09  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on May 25, 2009
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this is by far the worst strip club i have ever been to. not only are the girls hideous but the bouncers are complete fags. they do not like money! if i got on stage and jacked off in front of everyone i would make more money than any of the strippers did. i gaurantee if i cumfarted on any of the girls it would make them more attractive.

pink  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on October 5, 2007
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although i wanna rope you, i might get away with that, we'll see ya!

Charger  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on September 4, 2007
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There is a hot red that goes by the name Robin that works there. She alone is worth the price of admission. She can work the pole like she had been dancing on the circuit for years. Her lap dances are fantastic also. She has a great personality. There are a few other girls that can make it worth while also. There are girls going and going all the time, after all its in a college town, so few girls are work there steady.

xplicit  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on August 9, 2007
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well i've danced at silk for over a year we don't have the most attractive women but we have a few that are over the top. it is a no touching club so many of u will leave disappointed but for the gentelman who prefer a bit more tasteful lap dance (not being groaped) this would be the place to go. there are quiet a few of us who are just trying to pay our own way through school. but if u are in town it is the only club for 100 miles so u take what u can get.

Allen  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on April 1, 2007
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Michelle is by far the best dancer at The Silk Stocking in College Station, Texas. She was very good on stage but epecially lapdances. She was curtious and nice and when I told her it was my first time at a strip club she showed me the ropes and I had a great time. Thanks Michelle!

MARIAH  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on March 1, 2007
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Aggie  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on July 27, 2006
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This club is a shit hole. We like to call is the "Dirty Sock". Please do not waste your time.

go aggies  on Silk Stocking Exotic Dancers

posted on June 5, 2006
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I've been to clubs all over the country and this one was by far the worst. There were about four girls in total and none of them were above 5 over 10. Also, none of the girls ask for VIP dances to guys that they don't know. There were only two tables out of ten, where the guys were getting all the company and the VIP dances. The remaining folks were all ignored. If you add the awfully bad stage lighting, you end up with not getting anything out of your time. Save your admission fee and time for something else and avoid this loser club.