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6425 South Padre Island Drive

Corpus Christi, Texas 78412

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CrimeStoppers  on Club Cheetah

posted on June 24, 2019
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Would your life be better without the Bikers, Mafia and drug dealers you know? Tired of being bullied? Stand up (anonymously) and be rewarded!

Provide it anonymously and receive up to $2,500/$5,000 for a tip that leads to an arrest and indictment.

Submit a tip today by calling: 1-800-222-TIPS

What does anonymous mean?

We will never ask for your name.

We will not record your call.

We do not trace phone numbers or tips submitted online.

You will not have to make a statement to police.

You will not appear in court.

Dont wait! Someone else might report them and you wont get paid!!

billtheguy12  on  Club Cheetah

posted on October 30, 2015
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Bad experience.. staff rude waitress asking for tip and offering sexual stuff!.. lmao! They overchrged my card and then i was told it got lost!... never hoing back again!..thinking about filing a police report worst place on Corpus!

james1412  on  Club Cheetah

posted on January 5, 2015
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nasty STD ridden girls

XhXeXy  on  Club Cheetah

posted on March 28, 2011
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My friends and I went there for a 21st birthday and got to put the birthday girl on stage! Seriously the girls there are really nice and pretty cute too!

Shooter  on Club Cheetah

posted on November 16, 2010
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Has anyone seen Midori I hear she is pregnant. Due late this month.

CC  on Club Cheetah

posted on January 23, 2010
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Good place to watch a game and the stage. You can skip the dances.

Dknight  on Club Cheetah

posted on September 2, 2008
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Was there on business back in Feb of this year and ran into a dancer named Bobbie. I would love to se her again. Great attitude and very friendly. Anybody know where she is these days?

AD  on Club Cheetah

posted on June 7, 2008
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Cassandra and her heavy cologne will drive you nuts and horny. Money talks with her, the more money the more action. Pleasure is a tall black girl who also listens very well to money. Play your cards right and something always develops with these girls.

AD  on Club Cheetah

posted on May 4, 2008
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If Cassandra don't give you a rise nobody will. She works just about every night and she loves money. What you need all that money for? Give it to her and watch her perform. She will be in your dreams for a while.

L  on Club Cheetah

posted on April 23, 2008
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I visited on 4/23/08 while on business. Upon arrival, I was waited on quickly, however, that's where the service ended. I never saw that waitress again, she was too busy chatting up the guests (hmm, I thought that was the stripper's jobs). Talking about strippers, yeah they had them, one every ten to fifteen minutes with breaks in between. What the hell is that? Hey management, WAKE UP or you will continue to lose good paying customers.

pleasure  on Club Cheetah

posted on October 8, 2007
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via las vegas, this'll be the best feeling you'll ever get.

pink  on Club Cheetah

posted on October 5, 2007
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four! watch out watch tour head. oops i did it again.

Cali  on Club Cheetah

posted on April 12, 2007
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I am looking for a new club to dance at since my move to South Texas from Southern California, and I really liked Club Cheetah. The atmosphere was friendly, fun, and there were not bouncers looming over everyone. I was a little surprised at the door when I was charged a cover. Most clubs, I have found, let girls in for free when they are with a man, and I was. I don?t know about how management treats the girls, but they seem to have a nice dressing room (I accidentally walked into it looking for the bathroom) and they keep the place clean. The girls were relaxed and beautiful. I think I will be stopping by for an audition later this month! ~Cali

Egyptfun  on Club Cheetah

posted on March 21, 2007
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Outstanding club. Great waitresses and very fine and friendly dancers. Be suprised if you don't enjoy this club. It is very entertaining.

MARIAH  on Club Cheetah

posted on March 1, 2007
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Billy  on Club Cheetah

posted on December 4, 2006
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Well I finally found my love...Ms Aries here at Cheetahs, cant believe Richard is such a piece of shit...the palace misses you, hopefully Richard will be gone soon, so you can come back

lovelapdances  on Club Cheetah

posted on November 23, 2006
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alls I can say is ask for Ms Aries, one hellova entertainer

yo momma  on Club Cheetah

posted on June 25, 2006
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this club blows goats just like all the other wetbck infested corpus clubs. fuck corpus & fuck all you toothless wetback whores

Cheetah Grrl  on Club Cheetah

posted on June 15, 2006
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Yes, Scandal still works there. She comes in late. Call beforehand around 11pm to find out if she's there. Never heard of Paris. (I've been there since 4-14-06). We love bowlers!!!!!

cody  on Club Cheetah

posted on March 21, 2006
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Does anyone know if "Paris" still works at club cheetah? I live 6 hours away but would like to go if she still works there. Thanks

Bowler  on Club Cheetah

posted on January 26, 2006
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Going to post this same message in a few of the boards - so can anyone post stuff about CC strip clubs in general? Looking for stuff like - VIP rooms, lap dances, contact level, visitor friendly vs. local clubs. Since a lot of us bowlers will not have access to gambling (except for the dog track?) - we'll be looking to drop some bucks on other vices.

Fangs  on Club Cheetah

posted on May 4, 2004
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Scandal still work at Cheetah? If so tell her i'll be "flying" into town later this year.