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10723 Composite Drive

Dallas, Texas 75220

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CrimeStoppers  on Fare East

posted on June 24, 2019
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richard95  on  Fare East

posted on May 5, 2011
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This place is full of crooks. The VIP room is advertised as $30 but the reception may charge you 40, 50, 55 or whatever they please. The dancers are butt ugly and the atmosphere is depressing to say the least.The chairs in the VIP room have cum spots and have not been cleaned in ages. I believe my dancer's name was Alexanna and we agreed on 5 songs at $20 per song, but after 3 she wanted me to pay her for 5! When I refused she threatened to call the bouncer who's her boyfriend kick my ass! Can't believe this place is still in business!!

KRYSTAL IS HOTT!!!  on Fare East

posted on March 26, 2010
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Went in there about 2 months ago when i stopped in liked the club very much...had a good share of dances w/ krystal...hot hot hot brunette!!!!!! definetley coming back here

MACK-10  on Fare East

posted on June 16, 2009
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Is there a cool gentelman's club in Dallas that charges less than $20 for a lap dance? These ladies earn $20 for a one minute song. Thats $1200/hr. I'm a Medical Doctor and I don't earn that. LOL

Question for any  on Fare East

posted on September 8, 2007
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Any good clubs in dallas for couples, wife loves woman just as much as I do... Thanks Visiting from Michigan..for 6 months

Dixie  on Fare East

posted on March 1, 2007
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big easy  on Fare East

posted on April 12, 2006
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I went there this past Sunday afternoon and was not impressed at all. There were only 6 or 7 girls there dancing, none of which were really attractive and some of which didn't even take all the clothes off. I would NOT recommend going here, your money is better elsewhere.

uncle tommy  on Fare East

posted on November 29, 2004
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stayed in dallas over a weekend and went fri &sat. u walk in and its just like a party that goes on til 6. vip has big tvs and they got Mindy & Tiera as their two hottttttttttttt blondes!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!! make sure to bring you own alcohol. its byob.

Hanger  on Fare East

posted on October 21, 2004
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I went to the Fare twice last week since I was only in town for a few days. I was awed by a few dancers, although I seem to forget the names, I had to come back again. The first night was a little slow, but it picked up as the night went on. I came on a Friday the second time and felt like I was just another sardine packed in a can. I had no choice but to go to the VIP room to get some breathing space. I was very pleasently surprised. Friendiest girls and some real lookers too. I will definately be back if and when I will return to Dallas. One bad stroke was that there didn't seem to be enough time to spend with your favs for the girls had many stages to do and kept disappearing to do their act.

cowboy  on Fare East

posted on September 1, 2004
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thank you! fare dancer!

fare dancer  on Fare East

posted on August 28, 2004
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it's next to cabaret royale on composite drive in "CONCERT HALL" it's now called fare room at cabaret royale

cowboy  on Fare East

posted on August 18, 2004
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where is the new location? Does anyone know the detail address?

Sting  on Fare East

posted on April 11, 2004
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This club has moved. It lost it's lease at the old location. It moved next door to the Cabaret Royal on Composite. Still Nude, Still BYOB, Upstairs for the best dances. $10.00 cover before 7$20.00 after. Ask for Suzanna. Again, My, My, My.

Tommy  on Fare East

posted on March 8, 2004
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O my, Suzanna is back at the Fare. Ask for her, you will be in heaven. My, my, my,

Big Dizzle  on Fare East

posted on January 19, 2004
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Man i went to the FARE EAST on saturday January 17 2004 and the were alot of fine ladies but when i got my lapdance this ladie sucked man i swear b/c i saw other ladies giving real real good one's but this ladie sucked she dident even turn me on all she did was jump up and down and grind on my lap i wanted booty in my face and scrubing on my lap