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2102 West Northwest Highway

Dallas, Texas 75220

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CrimeStoppers  on La Bare

posted on June 24, 2019
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curtis17  on  La Bare

posted on October 3, 2016
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I visited La Bare as part of a Bachelorette party this weekend and had a good time. The place was clean, the stippers were very attractive and friendly, and most importantly....our Bachelorette had a wonderful and memorable experience.

Harrison69  on  La Bare

posted on July 11, 2016
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James, our waiter, was the best waiter I have EVER had at a Dallas restaurant or bar. He knew all of our names, was quick and conscientious, made sure we were hydrated and entertained. He also made sure that the bachelorette was very well taken care of.

mathewater12  on  La Bare

posted on July 6, 2015
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Love getting the girls together for girls nights at La Bare. They always take great care of us and make sure we have a great time! Sexiest men in Dallas

AssnTits5  on  La Bare

posted on August 17, 2014
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So much fun! We went there last night for my friends birthday and had a blast! You can't go in there expecting it to be like a movie, this is real life and it's a real life strip club! The guys were definitely hot and lots of fun! Some of them were actually really good dancers too which was fun to watch! If you go in with a good attitude and a fun spirit you will have a great time!

g  on La Bare

posted on December 7, 2013
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Can guys make money at this club? if so i am looking for a good job. I was wondering if the guys at this club do full service. I was thinking about coming to check this place out but if full service is on the menu.

maxxy1  on  La Bare

posted on May 31, 2013
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Great place. It was a Sunday so it was a tad less professional, but fun! The guys were too nice & friendly. Will be going back on paydays :)

Johnnyboy123  on  La Bare

posted on April 17, 2013
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Oh man... what an experience! This was my first time and I certainly did not know what to expect. I was greeted with a man holding shots who promptly gave me a lap dance and stuck the tube shot in his pants for me to get out. HELLO! It was game on after that. We were all taking tube shots out of waiters pants by the end of the night. A group of us went for our friends bachelorette party and purchased the $250 party package which included 25 tube shots, a bottle of champagne, a free shirt for the bride to be and a skit including her on stage. The shots were kind of weak but still good. The champagne was delicious. The skit was fun and the bride to be really loved it. We had prime seating at the very front which was awesome. Once people began to fill in around 10-11pm the place really got going.The men are very sexy! They were all fit, very attractive, and very nice. As a frugal person that had me making it rain all night and thats saying something! The waiters were also attractive, nice, and mostly attentive. As it got busier we did have to track him down once or twice but we also had no issues with going to the bar if we really did want a drink. The drinks are expensive. It is probably worth it to pregame before you go (as long as you have a safe ride there and back!) so you don't completely break the bank. The drinks and shots we did get were pretty good.Part of the fun was all the ladies in the place as well! All of the other guests were dancing, drinking, kissing, and having a great time. I would definitely return here for another event in the future!

harryharry  on  La Bare

posted on July 14, 2010
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First of all, something important to remember is that Wednesdays are no cover, $5 dances, and it's dollar wells and domestic beers from 7pm - 10pm. Thursday through Sunday cover is $10 for 21+ and $20 for 18-20. Thursdays are amateur night which is funny the the first couple of times, but nothing really beats watching the regular guys dance. Fridays and Saturdays are Girls Night Out and there aren't really any discounts. Sundays are usually pretty slow, so if crowds aren't your thing, Sunday is a good day to go.The normal waiters come in all shapes and sizes. They know how to flirt and can usually tell when you need them or when to leave you alone. Getting your drinks via waiter can be a little slow, especially if you need to have your twenty-dollar bill broken into ones. The tube shot waiters are the fit shirtless ones that will give mini dances when you buy the shot. They're huge flirts as well.Yes, the drinks are a little weak, but if you're there on a Wednesday and downing all the drinks you can before 10pm, they should be more then enough. Otherwise, a Cape Cod is $6 and a Sex on the Beach is $7 (I don't really know how much the other drinks usually cost). Don't forget to tip your waiter and the bartender.Now for the guys. They are extremely fit and chances are there is at least one guy that will appeal to you. Their dance skills vary by guy but most of them know how to display themselves in the best light. There is generally one performer on the main stage doing a full routine and then other guys rotating around the smaller states. So if you miss a guy you like on the main stage, just wait a bit and they'll probably be on one of the side stages soon.The bathrooms are clean, functional, and contain plenty of stalls. Not particularly impressive, but they serve their purpose.There's valet parking and self-parking. I don't find anything wrong with parking my own car as it's just a walk across the parking lot to the building. The overall atmosphere of LaBare is casual and fun. Sure the skits can get cheesy and after several visits you recognize who does what skit but I always look forward to going to LaBare.

stripperella  on La Bare

posted on August 31, 2008
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went there last night never went to a male strip club im a stripper myself in dallas so i wanted to switch it up and go to a male rather then a female and man were the men sexy i didnt know dallas had so many sexy men but ill def be going back i fell in love with 2 dancers there and def got a lap dance from both :)

Jacquie U.  on La Bare

posted on March 9, 2008
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The most important thing you need to know about La Bare: free cover and 49-cent wells on Wednesdays until 11 p.m. 49-CENT WELLS, people. It's simply worth going just to get drunk for $2.50.Then there are the naked men (well, almost naked). I won't pretend that women get the same thing out of the experience as men do at female clubs; it's a little more hokey with all of the skits and and the costumes these guys wear. They've got everything from firemen to hobos (yeah, that one's pretty weird). But you can't say it's not entertaining. Most of it is somewhere between hot and just hilarious.The skits happen on the main stage, and then the strippers circulate around several smaller stages, so your main options are, of course, to tip at one of the stages or get a lap dance. Oh yeah, and those are $5 before 11 too.You'll probably leave the first night with one or two favorite guys, and it's always fun to look for them when you go back. Once you've been there a few times *ahem*, you'll notice you're seeing the same skits over and over, but eventually different guys start performing them. New skits and new dancers are kind of a big deal, and it's always entertaining to evaluate the new guys. Half of the fun really is discussing the merits of the various strippers and commentating on what's changed since the last time you were there.La Bare is great fun for a girls' night out. The only negative is that it's kind of out of the way. Definitely pick a DD so the rest of you can get your drink on to the max. Oh, and there's no self-parking; you have to do valet for $5.And about those drinks, order from the bar. Waiter service can be slow, and if you're anything like me, you'll be trying to fit in as many drinks as you can before the clock strikes 11.

kat  on La Bare

posted on November 21, 2007
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does anybody know if the la bare in arlington is still open?

SCARLETT  on La Bare

posted on March 1, 2007
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Amanda  on La Bare

posted on June 13, 2005
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The girls and I had A girls night out looking for a male strip club and all we found was LaBares. It was a cool club and all but i think since there are alot of female strip girls the we should have the same thing with the guys strip clubs. We girls need more variety.